Ten Rules For Liberty Guerrillas

zoomie resist

The war has been going for some time now.

And the current battleground is for hearts and minds.

Frankly, if the Bad People were not doing such a fine job of defecating in their own mess kits, we in the freedom movement would be already cooked.

“Communicate” can be as simple as a post-it note.

Or posting these pix (h/t Buppert’s Twitter feed) and similar imagery in meatspace for public contemplation:









10 responses to “Ten Rules For Liberty Guerrillas

  1. Wow. This is powerful. It should be displayed in airports and other public places.

  2. Penny Pincher

    Scotch (3M) makes sticky note glue sticks. You can print something that has a lot of copies per page, cut it up, and turn it into your very own homemade sticky notes. It’s called Scotch Restickable Glue Stick. Could make it look like someone just wrote it with a sharpie, or could make it “nice” looking.

    One time at church I saw a fake church bulletin that some enterprising culture jammer had printed to look just like the church’s weekly bulletin. I wish I had saved a copy of it, it was cleverly written too, like a polemic to draw you in a bit before whipsawing you the other way.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. The entire US Army PSYOP manual is unclassified and readily available online. Might be a good time to learn how the 7 step process could be used against you and how you might use it in your AO. Of course this only covers “white” PSYOP, grey and black won’t be out of the question in the upcoming sportiness. You do understand the difference right? If not, time to study.
    FM 3-05.301

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Understood. I’m working real early this week. Just saying: could be a write up in the local rag about signs.

  6. of all these, only the second one down might be comprehended by our current K-12’rs. And I’m not sure about this one either…most of the college kids would find it triggering, macro-aggressive, and demand a puppy video

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  8. Lost Patrol

    I like it. More things to put on my calendar. And it does not take a group, just individuals who are tired and want to do something. We can call it the lone wolf sticky note brigade.