Volokh Conspiracy: “New ATF guidance on gun sales is legally meaningless (or else it would be unlawful)”



Boob-bait for pajama boys and their feminist grrrlfriends.


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  1. the chocolate emperor issued another nuncio? That’s 80,001 recent federal rules, regulations, laws, etc. that I am unaware of and will thoughtlessly violate

  2. I reviewed all of the alleged changes and agree completely with Professor Volokh.

    The extra FBI and BATFAE agents aren’t even replacement levels, as with Air Traffic Controllers, you can only find so many people every year that want to do the job and can do the job.

  3. “Boob-bait for pajama boys and their feminist grrrlfriends.”

    And there lies freefor’s challenge. We must reach through the frilly lace that has been lain across the faces of the youth and help them understand what is being done to them and eventually where that ends. I can tell you that the absurdities of the feminazi left have reached such extremes on college campuses that it is possible to reach some. The socialist dog crap they are spoon fed can be defused if you do it mindfully. Hearts n minds.

    Punch a commie for mommy!


      You’re right, Tom. The main focus should be towards sons, grandsons and nephews. And to those of us out there who volunteer as scout leaders, substitute teachers, teachers aides or who even teach as a profession, get busy. One of my greatest challenges when I taught and substitute-taught was winning the hearts and minds of the young men who were my pupils about being men.
      I had to be subtle, lest the “angry white feminists” I worked for and with got wind of what I was doing. My technique was to use stories of simple courage from our country’s history and my own anecdotes about growing up in a real family of hard-working male role models. It worked.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yeah, POTUS sheds a tear–it’s just a “right of passage”… into complete failure and oblivion. Need we say more. …no hope..no change.

    Res ipsa loquitur:


  5. The Target and the Gun

    Obama saying that dindus in Chicago killing each other is the same as 200 innocent white elementary school children being attacked by a retard is beyond outrageous. https://thetargetandthegun.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/dindu-marine-shot-beautiful-college-woman/

  6. Want to get right down to where the proverbial rubber meets the road regarding the left’s campaign against firearms? Here it is . . .

    “For anti-whites [including, sadly, many anti-white whites], their hatred of guns is nothing more than a proxy for their hatred of whites. The whites that pose the biggest problem for them are the ones that refuse to self-castrate, roll over, and drown themselves in a river of their own white guilt. And those are the whites who also tend to be heavily armed. The left knows that their race-avenging wet dream of a whitey-free world will be hard to achieve if a bunch of uncucked [see the term “cuckservative”] whites have the capacity to defend themselves. That’s what gun-control is really all about: disarming white people–taking away our ability to defend ourselves. It’s a thinly veiled attempt to attack, displace, and weaken the white population.”
    (Thanks, Isaac Shelby Baker)

  7. Don’t worry Pat, most everyone has seen “Zulu Dawn”. And if they didn’t, they’ll get an update when the Ball Commences. It is important, I think, to remember that not every single non-white is a throw away, and that not every single white is a keeper.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Correct on both counts, w/ in the latter case the obvious exceptions of MA/NY/NJ/IL/WA/OR & especially CA since EVERYBODY knows that EVERYONE in those parts of the country is irredeemably tainted w/ genetic Leftism & therefore MUST be exterminated by the decent folk in the rest of the country as a preventive measure.

      Would that I was 25 again so I could properly appreciate the gift of a 360 degree free fire zone courtesy of the above mentality, nothing to worry about save a dearth of enemies, supplies, transport, shelter, & bonne chance.