Malheur: Donations Information


From a commenter:


This comes from the official Bundy Ranch FB page. Not sure who is managing it, but it is definitely a real account and not fake like the @Ammon_Bundy twitter account that has been fooling the media.

The Sodhouse Lane address is the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge house where the protest is being held. It would appear that they can still receive mail.

Shawna Cox is a trusted supporter and family friend and is one of the protesters. Do a search for “bundy shawna cox” for more info.

Lisa Bundy is Ammon’s wife.


Copied and pasted below:


We have had many people ask where they can donate and/or send food and supplies for the Patriots in Oregon.
*We are not asking for donations we are just giving the info to those of you that have been asking.


Food and supplies can sent to:
36391 Sodhouse Lane
Princeton, Ore 97721
C/o shawna Cox


Financial donations can be sent to:
Lisa Bundy
P.O. Box 1072
Emmett, ID 83617


12 responses to “Malheur: Donations Information

  1. Thanks!

  2. It would likely be worth the extra money to send letters and packages with a return receipt requested (RRR) so that you know it got there.

    This is a good chance to write your thoughts to the protesters, as they’re not going to come here and read the comments.

    They may not have time to read letters right now, but any correspondence would be much more likely to be read by them than by your US senators.

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  4. Well done! Now get your ass out there tonight n send some support.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Thanks, CA.

    Support en route.

  8. I think we should send ’em flags from our individual states to show we stand with them. I wasn’t so sure this was “the hill to die on” at first, but I admire how Mr. Bundy is comporting himself, and putting his assets on the line to draw attention to a terrible injustice–and by no means the first one forced on stockmen by an out-of-control Federal / NWO government.
    Lived in the west a long time, ranching, cattle, and horses. Folks here in the East I think mostly have a hard time relating to the independence–and interdependence in the neighborly sense–of generational ranchers.
    It’s a different breed of cat out there, and that sorry “judge” and the bunch at the BLM responsible for this outrageous sentence deserve at least public censure in the highest degree. God keep the Hammonds, and those trying to draw attention to the plight of ranchers and farmers up against the decades-old cabal of Government greed and corruption. (Good, short read on this subject is the late Wayne Hage’s “Storm over Rangelands”, Free Enterprise Press).

  9. David Jones

    I just came from Jim Stones website. He has Congressman Greg Walden’s speech of January 5, 2016, posted. WRSA needs to post the text of the speech as a separate article. Try This is in his district.

  10. Ok; call me stupid. The address: 36391 Sodhouse Lane
    Princeton, Ore 97721 geolocates a bit northwest of the refuge center. Google maps places it close to a Google label “Black Ridge Ranch”; streetview doesn’t show much there (like a mailbox), and the sat map doesn’t show much south of the point (like a building sorta visible to the eye in streetview). Not seeing any Black Ridge Ranch on streetview. I’m wondering how USPS will deliver to someone at the center, if that is the physical address, even with a c/o, if they aren’t officially listed as a part of the facility (like a web change of address USPS would do). I’m actually hoping that the 36391 address goes off site and stuff (like clothing priority mailed) is relayed to the center. Any additional info on this?