Malheur Link Dump – 10 JAN PM


Perception Creates Reality

Call for supplies as Oregon standoff enters second week

Nevada, Oregon State Reps Meet With Armed Occupiers

There’s Another Armed Group In Burns And It’s Not The Bundys

Pacific Patriots Network has promised to remain in Burns until the occupation ends

Pacific Patriot Network Opposes #Malheur Occupation, Issues Call for Peaceful Resolution of Standoff (VIDEO)

Idaho Three Percenters show up at Malheur Refuge

Oregon standoff: Roseburg state legislator ignores local warnings, visits protesters

OR Governor Brown on 7 JAN to Illegal Burns-Hines Occupiers: ‘Decamp Immediately’; All Occupiers Promptly Ignore

Heavily Armed Oregon Patriots Lied about Actual Military Combat Service


Oregon standoff tension mounts as so-called ‘3%’ groups refuse to leave

White and exempt in the wide open West

What will happen if the Oregon militia gets its demands?

Unsolicited help flocks to Burns to ‘assist’ law enforcement

9 JAN: FBI stages at Burns airport


4 JAN: Armed takeover of building in Oregon puts feds in tough spot

Key things to know about the militia standoff in Oregon

Miles Away From Oregon, the Longest Armed Standoff in U.S. History Quietly Comes to a Close in Texas After 15 Years


17 responses to “Malheur Link Dump – 10 JAN PM

  1. does any of the below link sound familiar


  2. Pay attention, keyboard warriors, ” “You only have to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down.”

    Don’t have anything positive to say about the real fighters? Then STFU!!!!


    • A better message would be to support the men, even if you disagreed with the goat-rodeo that got them there.

      Kinda like the last 15 years in American life….

      • Based on one of your links ( some of those guys are full-on crazy. Or is it most of those guys?

        I don’t think the over-representation of high profile sociopaths helps.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Reading up on the backgrounds of some of the actors up there–your “goat rodeo” comment is understated. These are some full blown fools who seem to have captured the minds of the Bundy Brothers. And after reading about these fools, it does seem like the whole takeover sitation was a spur of the moment decision for Bundy. Afterall they did come with only enough food and supplies for a short picnic it seems–and now they are begging for re-supply.

        Payne it seems is the hot-head of the bunch and is working for someone or some entity behind the scenes. Riztmeheyer–seems crazier than a shit-house rat (I take back earlier comments about him). He’s teamed up with Neo-Nazis in the past and is looking for a cause to die for–he found one up in Oregon. And that fat feck with the tattoo on his belly–okay this guy is straight up a fucking, walking felon.

        It is speculated that Payne is a ThugFOR plant–and this not out of the realm of reality now. FYI–in the OKC bombing plot which was hatched out of a Neo-Nazi compound in Oklahoma (Elohim City)… the leader of that Nazi bunch was an FBI informant. There was also another DC informant present, Carolyn Howe (the Nazi babe) who informed the ATF what was going on. And let’s not forget Adreas Spasmehyer (nephew of Chancellor Helmet Kohl) who was on the DC take as informant, and who was involved with the plot.

        We can also go back to the first attack in the World Trade Center, and the FBI actually had the “bomb-maker” involved in the plot as an informant–and when he asked if he should use real or fake explosives, they (the FBI) told him to use the real stuff.

        So it is not out of the realm of thinking that Payne is an instigatior and that he is maniplating Bundy (who seems to be simple minded and non-discerning) into going along with the take-over of this minor government plot of land. The only worse move Bundy could have made was to take over a government building above the Arctic Circle or in Greenland…. yeah, that would be the ticket!

        The one thing that is tossing a huge monkey wrench into this plot–if it is indeed a plot, is the presence of the III%’ers…. and tis fucks up any ThugFOR scenario that might be present. Good for these guys in acting so fast and decisively.

        Hopefully the III%’ers will talk some sense into the skulls of both Bundy’s ASAP.

  3. Nice flag. Now get rid of the eagle. That makes it federal… See how they have everything covered?

  4. Protesters take over park, still allow people to enter, hold press conferences, shake hands.

    Feds secure airport, set up serpentine ECP, refuse to take questions, and tell people to keep out. Just need to add hesco barrister around entire perimeter.

    Actions do speak louder than words.

  5. colddeadhandsdays

    Man…all those frauds around Bundy…Not good at all. Bundys I do believe are sincere but the others…They may be unstable.

  6. I thought this was about what the BLM/fed government did to the Hammonds.

  7. The ranchers seem poor at doing PR, but that doesn’t matter. Liberty is not going to come from convincing the majority to vote libertarian; liberty is going to come from thwarting the majority’s ability to project power. Maybe the ranchers should stop selling beef to the East coast, that might get their attention.

    • “Liberty is not going to come from convincing the majority to vote libertarian; liberty is going to come from thwarting the majority’s ability to project power.”



      • Sadly.

        I don’t see it as “sadly”, I see it as a triumph of science (truth-finding) over millennia of carefully calculated lies. The majority want to be parasites because that’s average human nature; failing to talk them out of it isn’t a failure because there was no win available through culture.

        The military engineering of a small minority keeping the parasite voters at bay is a solved problem. There are no technological impediments remaining.

        What remains is for the libertarians to tell their family members they will not allow them to continue to oppress them and others. They can do this any week they decide to.

      • The Indian tribe, the example of instinctual great ape monkey troop politics best known to Americans, only looks like the best fit for the environment because it ruthlessly suppressed industrialization. I can imagine countless native American equivalents of Eli Whitney trying to invent the hand-cranked buffalo-processing machine, only to be placed on house arrest by “his” church and state, the medicine man plus chief. ‘The Great Spirit, who can see you naked yet only talks to me, says your contraption offends me and must be destroyed.’ Chief nods to ban the disruptive innovation which threatens his status quo.

        The industrial revolution happened in America when it did because the European settlers found a physical environment with rich resources, yet the physical barrier of an ocean to prevent Europe from ruling them. This military barrier gave the settlers enough time and space to climb the exponential growth curve of innovation. The Indians weren’t competitors because they had been busy suppressing industrialization so long they weren’t militarily competitive. The next increment in freedom happened in America for military defensive terrain reasons, it wasn’t about the Constitution or that the people were all that different.

        The garage workshop with tinkerers talking over the Internet is the new barrier-protected frontier where innovation can flower. I can imagine building my very own personal wing of air fighters, drones carrying a 9mm Glock with a 30 round stick magazine. I can afford it and it’s not hard to do. Imagine how this would change the game in Oregon. This disruptive innovation is ruthlessly suppressed by government, as it reveals government as having never worked as advertised. However, as with the protest in Oregon, government only possesses the logistics to suppress ten copies of it, not ten thousand.

  8. I watched the video of those III dudes rapping with the Fat Boy Institute cats.
    That took some balls for sure, but I wouldn’t trust the feds any further than I could throw them. Them fibbies in that video were nothing more than trigger pullers imho, and even though a couple of them acted as if they had a soul, I have no doubt most of them would “follow orders” and cut down fellow Americans wholesale.