A Kindness For A Friend


David Codrea asks freedomistas to be generous.

Do what you think is right.

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    I will send something. I have not decided on how much just yet. But I have a question and I would like an answer from somebody. For years, Mr.Mike has been crying the blues about his financial situation. Yet, he is sitting on a gold mine, vis-a-vis his book ABSOLVED. I have read the excerpts and consider it as good, if not better than the formulaic fairy-tale survival porn put out by Mr. Rawles. This book should have been published a long time ago. It would have been well received in the prepper/patriot community and would have been a financial windfall for him and his family.
    No one can ever take away this man’s efforts to expose the Fast and Furious scandal and to keep us all informed about the constant encroachments and attacks on our God-given rights and liberties. I believe family comes first, and I hope he has enough energy and acumen to get that book published and set up an income stream for his loved ones before he departs this vale of tears.

    • Agree with you comment re; F&F and much other vital info.
      I suspect that the book has not been completed because his “muse” for lack of a better word has been distracted by constant attacks from scum like the Kerodin character (and many others) and a lot of events that came up related to gun confiscation in NY, Conn and elsewhere.
      I think it is important to remember it was MVB who saw through the bullshit put out by the Kerodin character and recommended disassociation. He was called plenty of shitty name for his efforts. He received nasty wishes for a speedy death – and that, to me, spoke more about his detractors than anything else.
      He has also been at the front of pointing out the stolen valor thugs, tough-guy-wanna-be crowd in camp Bundy and has received similar mistreatment for speaking the truth….shameful for this community to turn on this man so viciously.
      I’ll be dropping $100 in his paypal and not a dime to the idiots/criminals/thugs in camp Bundy.

      • No that is not how it went down.
        I dont wish any ill on Mike. I credit him with bringing me further into the fold of the Liberty movement and it was through him that I discovered WRSA and became friends with Pete. I read Sipsey street everyday and followed Mike as I do with many other sites. He puts out a wealth of knowledge and information and his contribution cannot be denied.
        Dweezil is correct.
        Mikes incomplete novel would have solved the vast majority of his financial problems had he simply kept in his lane and finished it. The problem is that the Fast and Furious investigation came along and Mike could not resist the limelight that it potentially brought with it. Had he played a much lower level part in that story he would have been able to focus on his writing and complete the book. Secondly Mike is forever the sympathetic, down on his luck, shit magnet. People like Mike WANT the problems and subconsciously create many of them. They crave the attention that it brings. Ask yourself why, if Mike is so short of money he is always posting about shopping at the surplus and thrift stores. He should not be shopping at all, but he wants you to know that he is so down on his luck.
        As far as the shit with K, well Mike could have just dropped that thing and moved on after he gave his opinion. Again he could not do it. He could not leave it alone because he needed the strife.

        Cancer is a terrible thing and it will take Mike far to early but he is to blame for not completing the work that probably would have had a much larger impact on the Patriot community than the F&F scandal.

        • Ditto Grenadier. In 2009, I was part of the very first tea party in Birmingham, AL. Later that year, I realized the deepening doom that was coming and started seeking out better information. And ran into SSI and then WRSA.

          Met both these guys for the first time at the gun show there in BHM. Stood up with them at RTC 1 on 4/19/10.

          I have to agree that so many of the problems he has had in the time I’ve known him have been either directly brought on or magnified by the choices that he has willingly made. That being said, I hate to see any man eaten up by cancer. I’ve lost track of the number of people I’ve known who died from this.

        • Yes, Mike could have just dropped, or limited his time, on F&F. And no one would have been the wiser. And yes, Mike could have just dropped the shit with Kerodin. Kerodin could have just dropped the shit with Mike. You could have have just STFU about the Mike/Kerodin shitslingfest. But it is always incumbent for the one, of whom one has less sympathy for… to STFU first. Right? So Mike visits the surplus/thrift store on occasion. Many of those times, he donates items that he finds to “newbies”… ya know, for the supposed cause… that you… cause. There could be many reasons why Mike didn’t finish the book… on your timeline. Maybe just writers block? Maybe just the totality of life events in his life? Who knows. And why in the fuck do you care? Seriously, you think Mike was holding out on finishing the book to illicit your, petty sympathies? Do you battle cancer?

          And finally. And oh this is just so frikkin pathetic…

          …he is to blame for not completing the work that probably would have had a much larger impact on the Patriot community than the F&F scandal.


          OMG! If Mike had finished the book earlier, you’d all be slurping on your libertard and freedumb by now after reading the… b – o – o – k! And you would have known the way in which you should turn the worm! Why, why, why… things would have been so much more different today for the… “cause” if Mike had finished the b – o – o – k! And, and, and… now look at us! We are so lost because Mike didn’t finish the b – o – o – k! Poor babies… did Mike rain on your parade?


        • G,
          Respectfully, have you ever written a novel? It takes a certain kind of inspiration to finish such a work. Writers don’t just whip this stuff out off the top of their heads. Time, inspiration, events and developments have to come together. And to say that his book (a fictional novel) would have had a greater impact than the revelations associated with F&F is ridiculous.
          Furthermore, to say that MVB should have played a lesser role in getting the F&F story out is silly. If not for him the depth of the conspiracy to smuggle guns to Mexico’s drug cartels likely would have never been revealed. The NRA didn’t do shit about it. MSM was surely going to ignore it because it didn’t fit the establishment meme. Sheryll Attkisson was way late to bring the story to the main view and she got her scoop from MVB and David Codrea.
          Now with regard to the Kerodin character; Mike had some inside dirt on the little shithead and he set it out there for all to see. The response from the K-douche was never to address the merits of the charges, never to try and explain the how and why of it, but rather to try to assassinate the messenger. The personal name calling, the cheering for Mikes ill health to take him from this world and Kerodin’s refusal to fess up all showed him for what he was, and yet, so many took Kerodin’s side on the issue. That is why Mike stayed on it. It became a personal match of wits and Kerodin was clearly not in the same league. There were people saying Kerodin was “the real deal” and Mike showed that he was nothing more than a cheap thug and con-man. Mike was right and few who disagreed with his assessment can admit it.
          Additionally, MVB showed that camp Bundy was infiltrated (remember the MIllers were asked to leave and what happened after) and the current escapade is being orchestrated by similar shitbirds as the Kerodin character; Payne, Cooper, this Booda asshole and others. Think about it. Guys with felony records, but the records are sealed, smells of a plea deal to save each of their asses. Prosecutors are notorious for cooking up deals with dirt-bags i.e. we have you nailed on various felony charges, but if you work with us to infiltrate this group and inform us of their activities, then, assist in fomenting and inciting an outcome favorable to the almighty government, we can go easy on you at the sentencing phase for your felony conviction.
          Lastly, I concur with your sentiment about the sympathy card played by Mike, but given the circumstances, it is a small flaw in the great scheme of things, especially when we consider the contrast between what he has achieved and the multiple scams of the Kerodins and their ilk.
          I stand by my position that it was shameless for those members of this community who turned against MVB in such a vicious manner. Telling a man who is sick from cancer that you hope he dies a slow and painful death is just such a classless lack of humanity that it makes me ill.
          I would stand with Mike, with all his faults (and there were many issues I disagreed with him) sooner than getting in with the likes of low-lifes like Kerodin, Payne and their crew. MVB never showed the lack of character or integrity these other clowns continue to demonstrate.

    • Waaaaaay back when, MVB regularly published chapters of ‘Absolved.’ It had to have been almost the whole book. It was very readable and well tho’t out.
      Sure wish he had published it. Maybe it’s in a pile somewhere waiting for it to be collected, organized and sent to the publisher.

  2. Very gracious of you CA, to run this.

    Whatever I send will be sent with a “Because of Pete” in the memo line.

  3. I second that Iceni26AD. And I was right there back when once.

  4. 50 sent. Mike and Rosey have earned their spot in Valhalla. Kevin III% is spot on in his comments.

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  6. Shit, nothing like a bunch of armchair commandos who likely haven’t even written a term paper, sitting at their keyboards piling onto a terminally ill guy who gave much of his life to the cause of freedom.

    Their gripe? That he didn’t sit on his ass and write fiction!

    Methinks many here are still smarting over being taken in by Kerodin, while Mike was right about him from day one.

    This author thing is a hell of a challenge. I’m involved in the writing of a book, helping a friend who is a published author several times over. Just spoke with him tonight, as a matter of fact, and much of our conversation centered around this project, which is the non-fiction account of massive government corruption surrounding a murder. (I couldn’t reach him back just now, or I’d probably be less vague…)

    This book has been in the works for over a year, with the help of a highly motivated co-author. Three close friends (including myself) finally proofread the beast right before Christmas, and the consensus was that if it was to attract the broadest possible readership and be attractive as the basis for a movie, it needed to be completely rewritten.

    This author stuff isn’t simple, or easy. Does anyone suppose that it doesn’t get orders of magnitude more difficult when you’re disabled, broke, in declining health and frequently traveling the continent trying to strike sparks of liberty wherever people are listening?

    It would be more that enough if all Mike Vanderboegh ever accomplished was to break the Fast and Furious scandal and shepherd it to the point where the media and Congress could no longer ignore it.

    Add to that the fact that Mike is the father of the III percent movement, its voice of reason and one of Liberty’s greatest living historians/philosophers. Would that not suffice?

    Mike also maintained the Sipsey Street blog at an outstanding level for years, and delivered a lot of superb original content along the way. (Original works, I must observe, involve a lot more effort than a bunch of terse posts like “Kerodin sends” followed by a link. Just sayin…) Again, the blog alone is one hell of an accomplishment.

    There’s more to Mike’s life story, but you now have an idea if you didn’t before. With his health in steady decline for the duration, this body of work would be remarkable, even if Mike had done it all by phone and never left his living room.

    Everyone knows that’s not how it went down. You must add to all the accomplishments above many thousands of miles of road trips, last minute red eye flights, twelve and fourteen hour days on location, and countless off the cuff conversations with people hungry to find the way. (You can begin to appreciate how draining this is if you consider that we, as a group, are so needy for leadership that a bunch of us were sucked in by the likes of Kerodin. That this was a labor of love on Mike’s part does not make this kind of interaction any less tiring).

    Then, add in the mesmerizing speeches, scrawled out in longhand on a yellow pad minutes before they were delivered. Finally, consider the balls it takes to break brand new gun laws, with advance public notice, in front of crowds and with law enforcement present, never knowing if someone was there to sell him out, have him beaten and thrown in jail hundreds of miles from home.

    If this fourth turning passes and liberty is lost, few will even know what Mike did. (That number will apparently not even include all those who witnessed it. Thanks to the powerful drug of butthurt, it seems likely that some smaller number of us actually appreciate his contributions.)

    If, by divine intervention (our only chance) liberty might again be briefly snatched from the gaping jaws of tyranny, Mike Vanderboegh’s life story must be told far and wide with the reverence we patriots reserve for when we speak of the Founding Fathers. After all, we’ve seen in Mike more than a bit of Paul Revere, some Jefferson, a healthy dose of Benjamin Franklin and a whole lot more.

    If ANYONE reading this has equaled Mike’s accomplishments over the last five years, while overcoming even half the adversity, let’s hear from them about how Mike could have done better.

    The rest need to swallow a big dose of STFU, re-read what David Codrea wrote, and take it (if you have one) to heart. Then, put your money where your mouth is and do right by Mike.

    Speaking of that “doing right by” thing, I’d like to ask Pete White where the hell he’s actually been through all this. He backed Kerodin to the hilt (I use “hilt” deliberately) and was among the vary last to acknowledge what a POS Sam is, long after it was obvious. (This from a lawyer???)

    I’ve watched this saga since day one, and frankly, every time I thought about it I wondered if Kerodin was a fed provocateur and if Pete was his handler.

    The Kerodin story was essentially over before Pete finally capitulated. Beyond being tardy, it was about as tepid an acknowledgement as one could write.

    Pete made NO mention of the fact that Mike called it right from day one, let alone acknowledging that he turned on Mike over the issue. (God forbid there might be an apology to the person who deserved it most, right?).

    How ’bout you man up, Pete? It’s long past due…

    You need to set the record straight on why you backed Kerodin so ardently. You owe at least that much straight talk to your readers.

    Then, Pete, take the initiative to make things right with Mike before time runs out. You owe that to yourself.

    • Oh, good.

      More of the “Pete is a fed” stuff.

      I was waiting for that. Kudos for the way it was done here – that way the groundless accusation just hangs in the air, long after MBV is in the ground. And surprise, surprise, surprise – from an IP address that hasn’t shown up before.

      Got through a whole day without any of that crap, so I cranked down the comment period to let the donation piece stand on its own merits.

      Buppert wanted to post some replies to his piece, so I reset to the standard two days.

      You snuck in.

      Oh, well.

      Here’s the punch line:

      Mike’s gonna die.

      And you fanbois are gonna weep.


      I am going to raise a glass of club soda and toast what could have been, but for the multiple character shortcomings of a deeply flawed man.

      BTW, there were to be three books – Absolved, Resolved, and Dissolved.

      They would have been classics – this generation’s “Unintended Consequences” x 3.

      Que sera, sera.