The Crisis Of Our Time

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As I write, the major governments of Europe are busy decrying “hate speech” by their own citizens. They are doing this in the wake of the New Year’s Eve assault and rape outbreak by Middle Eastern and African “refugees” against young white women. One official in Cologne, Germany, called the anti-immigrant responses from his fellow German nationals as bad as the rapes and assaults themselves.

Yes, you read it correctly. The governments of Germany, Sweden, Finland, Austrian, and other European countries are more concerned with “hate speech” against non-white “refugees” than with the safety and well-being of their own citizens. What sort of insanity is this?

This is the sort of insanity you get when you elect people such as Angela Merkel to lead you. Frau Merkel, and indeed most of Europe’s elected officials, are firmly committed to the leftist, anti-white, anti-Christian principles that now prevail all across the Western world–what we used to call Christendom. Indeed, most of Europe’s ruling class seeks the destruction of their own civilization in the name of political correctness. I admire the attempts by disarmed Europeans to fight back against the “refugees” in Germany and elsewhere. But I think their attention is misplaced by only going into the streets. A much more effective tactic would be to target the traitors among their own political ruling class. They need to be taught that treason bears a high price.

If you believe that my description of the crisis in Europe is hyperbole, consider this: A spokesman for the Hessen Interior Ministry confirmed the policy of the German police keeping quiet about crimes committed by refugees against native Germans. “The press office managers were advised that right wing extremists could exploit the issue of refugees in order to stoke sentiment against people seeking protection,” said the spokesman (from Das Bild, 8 January 2016). The same has been done in Sweden.

This reminds me of what a representative of ABC News told me back in the 1990s. I asked him why his network refused to acknowledge the ever-increasing number of black-on-white violent crimes. He said it would give fuel to right-wing “racists.” “So if the truth supports the position of right-wing ‘racists’,” I asked, “you simply won’t report the truth?” “Something like that,” he admitted. Some things never change, one of them being the left’s penchant for lying to advance their agenda.

Most prominent US politicians in both parties are cut from the same cloth as Angela Merkel. Therefore, we can expect the same things to be acted out on these shores in good time. In fact, the on-going epidemic of black-on-white violent crime, the increasing number of violent acts done here in the name of Allah and jihad, and the ever-porous US Southern border, all give a bitter foretaste of what is to come when the growing anti-white wave reaches our hemisphere. And even if that is years in coming (it’s likely to be much sooner), we already have enough problems with minority disorder. Only a fool would consent to give up his firearms with such a future looming on horizon. Yet the disarmament of whites seems to be a major part of the regime’s agenda.

Why are whites in Europe and America bent on their own self-destruction? That question has puzzled me for decades, and I still cannot fathom it. Anti-white whites are nothing if not suicidal, and here’s why. Being possessed by some sort of pathological altruism absent in the other races, they wrongly project this characteristic onto all others, regardless of race or creed. They believe, perhaps sincerely, that once they and their children and grandchildren become a minority themselves, then they will be treated with the same politically correct altruism they have shown non-white minorities. But to be blunt, that’s not going to happen. Other races take care of their own. If whites are to survive, we must do the same.

Other races have been taught that white gentiles are really “white devils” deserving of contempt and eradication. How else can one account for the prevailing attitude of non-whites toward whites? It is hatred of the purest sort, and it is demonstrated on the mean streets of Europe and America every day. Not a day goes by without multiple stories of non-white-on-white deviltry somewhere in the heretofore “civilized world.”

The anti-white program, writ large, is supported by virtually every government in the West, including the US government. Most whites choose to ignore this fact as far as they are able. But it has become too large to ignore in 2016. It is indeed the proverbial 800-pound gorilla in the room.

So what do whites do? In our case, we are particularly concerned with the plight of whites in the South. Yes, we still have some control at the local and State levels in Dixie; however, the feds have cajoled and threatened to the point that many Southern political officer holders either 1) desire to be like their superiors in DC or 2) are scared out of their wits by federal threats. Neither scenario gives folks like us much hope for the future. Thus, salvation by politics seems a very long shot indeed.

But we do still have hope. The first thing we should do, as a people (truly, a “nation”), is repent and serve the Lord of Hosts again. Secondly, we should come face to face with the realization that we are in this fight alone from a temporal standpoint. I have said more times than I can count that if the great Muslim-killer Charles Martel should return to dwell among us, he would first have to fight his own (French) government. Only then could he turn his attention to the Islamic hordes. That is shameful but true.

The same applies to us Southerners when we try to stand against the on-going minority crime wave. Black criminals have made increasingly large sections of such cities as Birmingham, Memphis, and New Orleans, among others, no-go zones for white folks. And the more minorities—black, mestizo, and Muslim—are encouraged in the name of “civil rights” and “equality” by the professional political class, the more danger there will be for whites in trying to reclaim the civilization built by their forebears.

Once we realize we are in a war, that we can expect no help from the “authorities,” and that the foe is dead set on replacing us, then we can get down to business. We can organize ourselves for the “survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people.” And we can train ourselves to become Southern nationalist warriors. That has been The League’s mission now for over two decades.

Michael Hill
January 15, 2016

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  1. 1776 smeared its filth on Europe in 1789./ S//

  2. In 2000 and 2001 my German friends were telling me how bad the Turks were and how they would publicly assault Germans and the police would do nothing unless the German fought back in which case he was arrested. This is the same old same old by the German leaders who are truly bent on bringing the West to its knees. The same is true for our elites here in America. We are in a war and our leaders are fighting for the other side.

    • I remember hearing from witnesses after the fact about the thing the Turk’s did to their prisoners in Korea.. much like the things the libyans, iraqi’s and other muzzes do to theirs.. descriptive terms like homosexual rapists and butchers come to mind.. ala Stevens and Khadafi.
      Since hearing those stories I have seen nothing to make me think they are any different than as described.

  3. The Turks were Germany’s niggers. They were doing kamerad’s dirty work decades before 2001. Now they’re going to get their due.

    Look around you. See the similarity in fUSA ?

  4. It’s just Collectivism “doing its thing”.

    Limiting personal choices and misallocating wealth.

    In the absence of the Collectivist’ mindset, there would be no “migrant crisis” or other racial tensions.

    So, attack Collectivism where you find it. And the first place to look is inside your own head. You admit as much when you speak of Martel having first to fight his own.

    Immigrants are few and present no real problem, as they wield no political power. The real poison lies in the “system” … which incorporates collective decision-making, via the ballot. End that, and you will make a difference.

  5. 1914-45 killed the western European Whites will to Resist; then they handed in their guns in return for a cradle-to-grave, debt-financed welfare/illfare state. Finally, hammered by the Kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, and feminism – they stopped reproducing. These Whites are the walkling dead. The Judeo-globalist owned, Central Bank-dependant political class then took down the borders, enabling an ongoing Muslim invasion which will soon be vastly increased by the hundreds of millions of African Blacks now slithering northward to escape their own self-ruined countries. All of this also true for Whites in North America, though to a (temporarily) lesser degree. I’d actually rate the chances for White survival highest in the former communist countries of eastern Europe and Russia: because communism kept them insulated from the Kosher Culture of Death and Tikkun Olam globalization for a few extra decades

  6. colddeadhandsdays

    Finally. Someone is saying what I have been saying all along. It will get bad in this country if what is happening in EU comes here beyond what the native non-whites already do. People will kit up but he’s the first person to state in writing that it needs to be directed at the quisling traitors in Govt that caused this. There is NO political way out of this. I hope there are enough men in Europe left for their own sake. They have guns if they take them from the police and Military. I know there enough men here in the US. There will be blood I predict.

  7. Why are whites in Europe and America bent on their own self-destruction?

    Some are not.
    Only the rest are too stupid to protest the failings of their government. Even worse, they just don’t learn and keep voting in the same limp minds only wearing a different colour tie.

    That’s a failing of the well past their useful life political systems.

    Those systems never evolve into something better.
    All they do is apply the same old tired policies and thinking to new dangerous situations. Which (surprisingly enough) doesn’t work.

    Evolution made people evolve uniquely to live within their own lands.
    Their religions kept the people compliant within those lands.
    Their culture and value system a result of their religion and their land.

    None of those things are transplantable.
    None can exist in harmony with others.
    Thus conflict is inevitable.

  8. Wow, how far things have come.

    Only two years ago, this site would ridicule you if you mentioned the word “White” or spoke about racial differences in crime rates. “There are bad people everywhere” was the scream.

    As I said before, your skin color is your Uniform.

    Welcome to the fight.

    • O.R.I.O.N.

      Our Race Is Our Nation.

      I for one am tired of always seeing the bad people win.

    • Minorities don’t have the votes to control policy, no matter if the votes are with ballots or bullets. All policy is made by the White majority that votes, who are mostly Bad People.

    • Who keeps you from carrying a gun everywhere, and shooting spree killers with it at the moment of attack? Statists, who are your enemies even more than spree killers. You are hurt by voters’ attacks every minute of every day, as compared to being hurt by terrorists which is much more rare than being hit by lightning. The thugs who prosecuted Zimmerman were hired by and have their logistics supplied by the majority White voters, not the Black, Hispanic, Muslim, distraction-of-the-week minority voters. There are Bad People everywhere, that’s an observable fact.

      To a first approximation all the libertarians are White, so the skin-color-as-uniform approach misidentifies all your friendlies. To a first approximation all humans are your enemy; I think it’s easy to prove who your enemies are. Just ask them about a current event, and when they describe an outcome they expect a government to impose at gunpoint, then you know. When they reveal they hold humans in chattel or debt slavery, you should prosecute them on the spot.

      The Christian version of “Allahu Akbar” is “there outta be a law”. The Christians do their spree killing in a slower, more bureaucratized fashion, but that’s no defense at all. A death march in slow motion created by the Affordable Care Act is still a death march.

  9. This is so bizarre but it is difficult to believe. But is it really any stranger than what has already happened? It may well just be a logical extension. They are being trained to fight against the Native Swedes when they revolt – and in support of NATO troops. Thus they really are being “integrated” into the new Sweden and its future needs.

  10. I reread the last 2 sentences in the 3rd paragraph. Then I read them again.
    Then I read them again and again and again and again…………………………..

  11. Why are whites in Europe and America bent on their own self-destruction? That question has puzzled me for decades, and I still cannot fathom it.

    Too many Whites are afflicted with an irrational urge for self-loathing. I’m not sure if this is carried by genetics, or culture, or it’s environmental. I suspect it’s not genetic, because pale Christians and Jews worldwide are not as close genetically as their similar paleness suggests. An urge for self-loathing motivates the invention of original sin and global warming to “explain” it, to pretend to put a factual basis under it. So many of the White American liberal policies are self-destructive to the liberals themselves, because self-destruction is the goal. If you tell Whites they can be fruitful and multiply and live in abundance if they act libertarian, they run away. Maybe most Whites wanted to be fruitful and numerous and live in abundance in the 1950’s, but they don’t want to now. Maybe it’s the Fluoride in the water, or the high carbohydrate diet. In any case you have to stop seeking the blessings of the White liberals, because they’re sick.

  12. Your absolutely right, politicians are all made from the same recipe and the same problems are coming, or are already occurring, in the US. And while we know it can be stopped, how do we actually stop it? I recently read a comment that it requires several hundred thousand concerned citizens to have ESP and step outside their front doors at the exact same moment. Otherwise, it won’t work. That is the fundamental problem that needs to be solved – millions sitting in their homes fuming at the treachery, but knowing that unless everyone acts together, it won’t be stopped.

  13. The French Revolution was a messy one.
    I can’t think of any neat Revolution.
    So what is better, slow devolution or messy revolution?
    Turmoil all at once or slow cancer like death?
    Does evolution do a better job of selection when events move slowly or quickly?
    Slow moving selective pressure would probably select for sneaky bastards like politicians and lawyers and religious leaders.
    Fast moving might select for the quick and violent such as Warriors and Thieves.

    Trying to see SFC Barry’s point.
    It will get worse before it gets better.
    No logic in cheering about that realization.
    Grim acceptance that it will not be glorious.
    Survival is its own reward.
    Upsetting the apple cart makes sense when you know for sure all of the apples are poisoned.

    Some people will still take their chances otherwise.

  14. Attention European Males:
    -Doing nothing, is, in fact doing something.
    -Stand up, man up, get out there and DO SOMETHING!

  15. Present and future politicians won’t save the US. With very few exceptions (like Sen. Jeff Sessions), they are made from the same recipe as the ones leading Europe into the abyss right now. But how to do what needs to be done? I recently read a comment somewhere saying concerned citizens need ESP on a massive scale, so everyone runs out the front door at the same time. Otherwise its the gulag one at a time. Millions are sitting home alone, watching the treachery, waiting for the fuse to be lit. Who will light it?

  16. This makes a lot of sense:

    The Ascendance of Sociopaths in U.S. Governance
    by Doug Casey

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  18. Cutting off the head is the correct course as opposed to cutting off the limbs.

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  20. The cooks analogy: Europe is a pressure cooker, where reaction from the heat is vented in one direction.. It’s in their collective minds, orderly anger so to speak…… Americans are more like the boiling pot.Individualism is the driver….. the reaction to the heat is spills over the sides in no particular form of fashion making a damn mess of everything around it…

  21. One key fact answers a lot of the “why are they so self-destructive” question:

    “They believe, perhaps sincerely, that once they and their children and grandchildren become a minority themselves,…”

    “They”, by and large, don’t have children. This is both cause and effect.

  22. Michael Hill mentioned that “The first thing which we should do, as a people (truly a ‘nation’), is repent and serve the Lord of Hosts again.”
    This is heartening to read. This is commendable of him to mention this.
    To be sure, God himself in his holy Scriptures divinely assures us that it is of utmost importance to repent of our sins, and to believe in his gracious, soul-saving gospel pledge in order to rescue the sinner from Judgment Day and from an eternity of punishment at the righteous hands of an insulted, betrayed, and rejected Creator by his creatures. See the Bible: Acts 17:30; Mark 1:15; & Isaiah 55:7!
    Indeed, our failure to be sorry for our sins and our rejection of God’s gospel pledge have been the core problem of all of our other troubles. That is to say, America, Western Europe, and the rest of the world as well must realize that the current social and political crises are only outward symptoms of a much greater spiritual problem: a failure to repent and to believe the gospel. Correct the spiritual first, then the political will get corrected! This is the only way that our political and civil problems will be corrected.
    That is, in order to clean a muddy stream, it will do no good to dip out its water along the banks. To clean the stream you would need to go to its foul source and to clean it there: just so with people.
    In order to transform people to behave themselves while on this earth in preparation for heaven, people will have to be pointed to what the Bible has assured them on repentance and gospel faith so that they may come under the influence of God’s mighty power contained in his words to turn their hearts to behave righteously and unselfishly. This is called “mission work.”
    For example, years ago, before America had fallen from its golden age of Christianity – away from repentance and gospel faith, in the year 1947, the community of Bremen, Kansas, had not witnessed a single arrest nor one court action in thirty years. Why? The community was made up almost entirely of Lutherans who believed in the gospel promise of sin-cleansing in Jesus’ blood. In fact, their Christian day schools made public schools unnecessary. Just think how safe this community must have been! Think also of how low their taxes and their insurance rates must have been! In the same year Frankenmuth, Michigan, had never had a crime of violence in the 102 years of its existence. During the previous twenty-five years its jail had been entirely empty. Throughout the Great Depression in the 1930’s not one person was on the public relief rolls. What would be the cause of this remarkable record? Frankenmuth was 95 per cent Lutheran. Thus the political and the civil problems will be corrected if the people would be transformed first through genuine repentance and true gospel faith.
    So how has the rejection of God’s gospel played out in this country and in Europe? You easily could see for yourself. Look at all of this self-inflicted misery! Yet this is what the common behavior and the thinking is like in any heathen, gospel-void society.
    All of this has only saddened and grieved the Creator. Yet for your sake he still urges, “Seek first the kingdom of God and of his righteousness, and all these things [earthly well-being] will be added to you!” (Matthew 6:33.) To be sure, following up on this, he pledges, “If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then, I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (2nd Chronicles 7:14).

    Gene Urtel -The Rivertown Press

  23. “Why are whites in Europe and America bent on their own self-destruction? That question has puzzled me for decades, and I still cannot fathom it.”

    How can one even ask this question without at least a smidgeon’s consideration of the Jewish question?

    Who does the author think is Europe’s and America’s wealthiest, single most powerful ethno-racial group, controlling the debt-money system and, by extension, nearly all key politicians, mass media, mass entertainment, Hollywood, popular music industry, publishing houses, Wall Street financiers, and pornography (with increasing emphasis on BM/WF inter-racial cuckolding)?

    Who aggressively spearheads and massively funds the anit-White, anti-male, anti-Christian, pro-feminist, pro-gay, pro-multicultural, NWO agenda on all fronts and on all levels of our society, including public schools. Who benefits most from a de-racinated, heterogeneous, pluralistic milieu in which no one homogeneous group predominates to threaten their hegemony?

    Who were the non-Black, CPUSA lawyers and bankers who occupied all major offices of the NAACP from its inception in the early 1900s until well into the 1960s?

    Who comprise the “council” in the Republican Party which that each potential presidential nominee during the primaries has a Jewish billionaire sponsor? (except of course Ron Paul in the past and now Trump, who, like Paul, will be sabotaged and back stabbed by his own party because he does not need their money).

    Why is an unbiased history researcher who investigates the accuracy of the holocaust statistics put in jail for ten years for “holocaust denial,” while the massacre of 15 million Christian Armenians by the Ottomans and 20 million Christian Cossacks by the Judaic Bolsheviks warrant little or no academic interest and the incessant focus on the Jewish Holocaust has become, for lack of a better term, a kind of secular religion in the very country which defeated Germany.

    Of course, merely to ask the Jewish question is anti-semitic and merely to point out Jewish power incurs the risk of being economically and politically neutralized by Jewish power.

  24. Clearly the Muslim Brotherhood is the organized enemy of every “Non Muzzled” country. Europe has had it’s muzzle installed and the Americas are in the waiting. Anyone that would surrender their guns is complicit. A box of 5.56 out weigh’s any ballot.

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  26. Call me whatever, but I have trouble feeling sorry for them. I am not the only one who feels this way, but what the hell did they think they would get when the governments of Europe let in a bunch of third world dirt-bags who don’t adhere to western society.

    Like Aron Clarey says, this is the result of leftists voting for multiculturalism uber alles. Ironically, the targets of the “diverse people” are the very ones who voted to let them in.

    I say embrace multiculturalism, and enjoy the benefits of the very thing you voted for. For the first time in their lives, they are going to suffer the consequences of their actions.

  27. Cold As It Get's

    A little music to fit the mood:

  28. We are at war.. there is no difference between social, cultural, financial or militaristic.. the result is always the same. You have winners and losers and the losers always suffer for the failures.
    Until free people around the world and especially here in America begin to actually fight that war we stand only to lose.
    In the end we w ill get exactly what we deserve.

  29. Frank Pinelander

    Ordo Ab Chao in action.

    But hey, Making a Good Man Better, right?

  30. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  31. I’m in. Always have been.

  32. Stealth Spaniel

    There is no voting our way out of this. There will only be The Festivities on both sides of the ponds. Stop thinking that you can change someone’s mind if they are a Liberal, Progressive, Homo (either flip), trans-whatever. Those people do not change. They have one mindset and it doesn’t include you.
    Hard hard times coming. Stop apologizing for being White.

  33. Now is a good time to join the League of the South if you aren’t already a member.