After Cologne, Feminism Is Dead

Hauptbahnhof Koeln - Empfangshalle bei Nacht

Good riddance.

As Islam triumphs across much of Europe, so too will be many feminists.

And so it goes.


24 responses to “After Cologne, Feminism Is Dead

  1. In his 1991 memoir, Breaking Barriers, journalist Carl Rowan writes that in 1964 congressman John Rooney told him that he and his congressional committee had heard J. Edgar Hoover play an audiotape of an apparent orgy held in King’s Washington hotel suite. Over the sounds of a couple having intercourse in the background, according to Rooney, King could be heard saying to a man identified as Abernathy, “Come on over here, you big black motherfucker, and let me suck your dick.” Horrors, King was gay! (Rowan thinks this was just ribald repartee.) In his account of the same episode, civil rights historian Taylor Branch attributes a couple more quotes to King: “I’m fucking for God!” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!”

    After MLK …. something else is dead. Not sure what. But it’s hellish to have a holiday to celebrate this man.


      Mr. Jackson: The whole reason to celebrate this man was to keep the Negroes quiet. The Republican-Democrat oligarchy needed to keep their useful idiots on the plantation and voting for the right political hacks. As far as holidays go, wait until the serial lecher-in-chief and Hildabeast meet the Grim Reaper.
      These two criminals will either end up portrayed on some denomination of our debt bucks, or they will have their own holiday. It will probably be April 1st. That would be appropriate because the honor would go to the millions of fools who voted for them and kept them in office.

  2. colddeadhandsdays

    Europe is hosed. I can’t see how it turns out any other way.

  3. “feminism”, given it’s Jewish roots and essence, was never anything more than (yettanother) hardLeft front operation. This is merely the latest in a long series of full-frontal exposures. And will change nothing. By and by, all the Jew-articulated Entitlement Groups – Blacks, invasive Orcs, sodomites, feminists – will be spoken to in a language they can understand

    I don’t see a page at wikli for non-Jewish feminists. Someone needs to get right on this

  4. Oh, good. That means females can be purged from all formally male institutions, disfranchised, and made to shut up. Of course, for feminism to completely end, the same would need to be done to women of the other sex.



    Havnt read about a good bra burning party since the days of that old dishrag Gloria Steinem.. There is a silver lining to every cloud.

    Should be interesting to see the desert dwellers utilize those nipple rings and clit piercings as a way of keeping their new sex toys under control in public..

  6. Key to understanding the modern western woman:
    1. View them as spoiled and brainwashed nine year old little children
    2. Don’t confuse their great memory with intelligence or wisdom
    3.Their daddy is the King over all the land (government)

    So when you find yourself embroiled in a stressful situation with one –> just remember who they are. You’ll not only amaze yourself with your ability to appropriately deal with them, but you’ll amaze your friends as well.

    Tweaking amygdala’s since 2005

    • colddeadhandsdays

      This is very close to the way that I can actually view them. Except I view them as 12-year-old petulant children. 9 may be even better.

  7. But she gives a good blowjob when she wants something, so she’ll always have a man on a string.

  8. My take is that feminists clamor for their self extinction (abortion) the cleavage between themselves and Western white men (abrogation) and affinity for moslems (suicide). One of the lefts’ most useful tools has been to spark as many divisions as possible between as many groups as possible, effectively causing them to war with one another, while leftists in govt. work their evil. Fifty years from now, possibly less, if there is any Western world to speak of, feminism will be laughed at, and derided for the leftist tool it always was, designed from its inception to create ill will between men and women, reduce the birth rate, and intone the most idiotic statements as accepted wisdom. If feminism were worth anything, it would be defended by its protagonists. Instead, it’s making up stories about racism, xenophobia, and somebody else attacking women, instead of who is really doing it.

  9. Feminism: poisoning the minds of young women and the relationship between men and women for 50 years, and that’s what it was designed to do. Think of the tens of millions of American babies who haven’t been born or were aborted since the 60s. Now think of all the tens of millions of Aztecs,
    Africans, Asians, etc who have been imported to take their place. Now you know why feminism was created.

  10. As my wife would say” A bride of the Govt.”

  11. Elias A. Nonymous

    Thus concludes our demonstration on the benefits of masturbation, seriously.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. The history of feminism, is that it was originally pro-life and pro-family; simply desiring equal rights to property and voting as men. This was a good and noble goal. It has since been co-opted by the communist left (as has the ill-fated girl scouts), using Edward Bernays and his politically correct allies to follow the communist manifesto, and push women into the work force to increase the taxation levels of the country, as well as break apart the family. As a woman I don’t have any problem with my husband being the head of our household, because he sincerely takes my opinions and ideas to heart (not necessarily doing them, but recognizing them and doing some of them…he is not condescending or misogynistic, in fact he protects and supports everything I do and so I do the same for him). Being overbearing in any direction creates strife, discord and animosity. There is a reason to be concerned over overbearing paternalism, but what feminism has done to society is much worse. I love this country, and it tears me apart to see what is being done to it in the name of my sex. Many men are being feminized so that they don’t have the warrior heart to do what needs to be done when the shtf, so they will cower at even the sight of a gun instead of standing like I know they can.

    I believe feminists in today’s world want to be men, many have been betrayed by the men who were supposed to care for them and protect them. So they become mistrusting of the gender in its entirety, if they become as powerful as men, then they are no longer vulnerable. The old adage, “the sins of the father are visited upon the son” works here. I am not looking for sympathy, only understanding in the sense of trying to help the male gender understand that which seems to make no sense. Many women, who feel this way, are so beyond hurt and bitter that they act out that bitterness, and hatred, and in turn reap more bitterness. It would be difficult to reach them without intense prayers.

    This has been taken to the extent that many women literally want to cut away anything that makes them women, because they see traditional women’s roles as simplistic and weak. I find nothing weak or unintelligent about caring for children and playing the fifty or so roles that a wife and mother plays each day. There is nothing easy about motherhood. The rewards are great, and the difficulties only make us stronger. There is nothing more powerful than being the “hand that rocks the cradle …. Because they… rule the world”; you teach your children and they are the ones that take on the next generation for freedom and virtue.

    Understanding, even though it may not change the outcome immediately, by changing your attitude, it becomes easier to bear, and a bitter war of the sexes can be averted, and in time I pray may be healed altogether.