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  1. Sent out a correction. That’s actually special use, not restricted, and it expired this evening.

    As far as an indicator goes, that red polygon covers or comes close to covering a town called Crane. The Burns Muni Airport is approximately 30 miles from the Refuge and has high visibility. There would be dozens of calls from locals if an FBI convoy left from the Burns Airport.

    Crane, on the other hand, is less visible and it has an airstrip. The first task would be to monitor how well maintained the airstrip is. The special use application for this area, from an intelligence perspective, could be an indicator of FBI/.gov air traffic or staging. Should get eyes on. Two cents.

  2. Johnny Walker

    Somebody needs to fire up FlightAware or better yet their own ADS-B receivers and do a little surveillance to see if anythings flying around nearby. The Feds may have figured out they need to turn off their transponders after Ferguson and Baltimore but never underestimate the stupidity or slowness to adapt of massed formations of federal employees.

    Even if they turn off their transponders you can still track them with some cheap SDRs hooked to some equally inexpensive low power requiring Raspberry Pi single board computers that are networked wirelessly. There are several open source and pay for software packages available that will do multilateralization aka. triangulation of the older transponder signals. You could use the free open source stuff to track anything with a transponder like civilian aircraft, military aircraft, digital P.25 radios with a bit of work.

    Educational videos from DEFCON on SIGINT and Traffic Analysis

    Cool low pro SIGINT gathering vehicle

    Relevant websites that are worthy of attention and quite possibly your support. As in wouldn’t it be nice to have a sub $500 black box that would tell you the approximate location and identity of every APCO P25 radio within ohhhhh say 5-25 miles? If you know how to write code, volunteer. If you don’t, throw some cash at them and ask for stuff on your wish list nicely. Nerds like cash.

    If you don’t know where to start try the following sites to start learning.

    Listening is at least twice as important as talking. ~some crusty old SF dude.

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  4. This is an incredibly detailed, thoughtful article. Well done!

  5. Latest world news. Will a time come (and soon) when even shitlibs are forced to admit that we are at war? These people have declared their intent to do these attacks, and they keep doing them.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. For those of you who wondered why I’m big on aeronautical band monitoring, and scratched your head during the workshops….
    Now you know.
    Two more left. Then I’m done.
    Get it while you can.