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  1. This is outstanding!!!

  2. Impossible! This must be science fiction…..oh wait…

  3. Dick Summers

    The Dems candidates are a sociopath, a communist and Mr. Potato Head.

  4. …and the Republiscams only candidates are a gang of warmongering Zionist Cucks and a guy with an orange squirrel on his head

  5. and a group of demons that beheads, burns alive, drowns, and stones human beings to death are said to practice a “religion of peace”.
    Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s rainin’. Give up my weapons?
    Fuck you without a reach around. Bring it!

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    This is straight dope from PFC Serling, 511thPIR.
    Good enuff info for me.

  7. “And the best hope of the GOP is an arrogant, billionaire that used to be a flaming liberal”

    • Whos being worshipped like obama was in 08. Its nausiating.

      “Trump will fix it….”

    • Recon72:

      “And the best hope of the GOP is an arrogant, billionaire that used to be a flaming liberal”

      Thereby supporting the hypothesis that only a man who’s not a career politician is capable of appreciating the facts of reality, reasoning thereupon, and adapting his policies and proposals to such better understanding.

    • Trump may be all that, but he’s not the “best hope of the GOP.”

      He’s their worst nightmare.

    • Would you please prove that?

  8. Revise the playbook if you have not already done so.

  9. Wonder which pasty cracker running for the dem nomination will get the black vote.


  10. God said there would be times like these. Let’s no forget our one true and only God has a plan for us all. remember we are just mere men. screw them who think they rule over us and follow God. ask him for guidance DAILY.

    Scouts Out

  11. Well here are two relevant perspectives by reasoned and thoughtful people on the present day roots of that world above. They may not be the latest or most rebellious forms, they may leave something to be desired in terms of resistance to that world above, but they are a part of the dynamics of tyranny you can’t ignore:

    Mark Styen- “Merkel’s locked herself in the Lufthansa cockpit and flying the country into a mountain!”

    “…National Review’s Manhattan-based editors brand Trump as a “menace to conservatism” and even ding him for his “outer-borough” accent. But who really is the menace — the rough-edged Queens native or the smooth-talking GOP Establishment that has brought us open borders; massive giveaway trade deals; monstrous debt; bank bailouts; and a sprawling government that never stops expanding? The failure to ruthlessly oppose and defeat such existential threats to the country — and the passivity in the face of such peril — is the real menace to the credibility of conservatism.

    • Steyn nails it as usual. Also that sow Merkel is not even German. Family name – Kasner – . Mother was Polish and Grandfather on father’s also Polish. Not being critical of Poland , just saying . Her job in the East was director of AgitProp .Every wrecker of nations a foreigner , Napolean wasn’t French , Stalin wasn’t Russian , Hitler wasn’t German and Obongo isn’t American. We know where Trump is from and he seems to want to ressurrect the golden goose , and will probably be the last [peaceful] gasp at righting the ship.

  12. 92 private speeches raking in $21.7 million in just the past three years reveals.
    Anyone see anything on this list that represents your freedom or is defending the founding ideas and principles of our liberty and self determination?

    They all lie, from the littlest to the biggest.
    It is what they do.

  13. At one point, I would say ,”All politicians suck! It is just degrees of suckness that separates the Libtards from the Republiscams.”
    The part about degrees is obsolete. They all suck.
    “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”
    Thomas Paine

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Stealth Spaniel

    “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”
    Thomas Paine

    Well, for Christ’s sake, let’s get started!!

    Why are Trump & Bernie-kins so popular? They are the middle finger to
    >The Establishment
    >The Elites
    >The MultiCulturists
    >The Smartest People on the planet
    >The Overpaid assholes who shake you down for cash
    >Our Betters

    I am telling you, Revolution, with a capitol R, is smoking hot. It is in the wind, in Europe and The FUSA, Eastern (former Soviet) Countries, even the Former Venezuela. People are angry, frustrated, reawakened, and……did I mention angry? Fundamental Change? Our Betters have no idea how far fundamental change is really going to go. When I stop at Costco today, and another woman is looking at 10 pounds of chicken wings for $23 with me; who turns to me and says, “This GD country is in deep trouble”-then I know that all natives are restless. Wonder how much in taxes Hildabeast paid on that $22 million? Oh, wait! That’s right…. Silly me. It gets paid to “The Foundation” before she skims it. Frankly, every day that I wake up and the world is still turning normally, I am shocked. Everybody is looking for their favorite murder weapon.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      PS-I love Rod Serling! Twilight Zone marathons are the best tv ever. I have always thought of them as morality plays, rather than just science fiction.

  16. Trump builds buildings
    Politicians bomb buildings….

    Calling out the PC Nonsense. Gotta love it even f you don’t vote…