Breaking: Malheur – Open Thread

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OPB: Harney County District Hospital On Lockdown; Sheriff To Issue Press Release Shortly

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KOIN: Highway near Malheur closed; reports hospital on lockdown

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OPB UPDATE (6:03 pm PST): A member of the occupation said he could not confirm rumors that Ammon Bundy had been involved in a confrontation.

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Roads, hospital closed after shots reportedly fired near scene of Oregon standoff

Santilli live vid stream

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Culper: Ammon Bundy In FBI Custody

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KATU: Leader of Oregon occupation Ammon Bundy, at least 8 others arrested

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Bundys in custody, one militant dead after gunfight near Burns


5 arrested, 1 dead in connection with Oregon standoff, FBI says: read the press release

NYT: Ammon Bundy and Five Others Arrested, and 1 Is Killed, in Rural Oregon

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LAT: Oregon militia occupation leaders arrested; one dead and one injured

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FB From Bundy Ranch w commentary regarding Finicum; reported dead

LaVoy Finicum — the Oregon militant beneath the blue tarp — killed in police shootout: reports


Oregon standoff spokesman Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum killed, Bundys in custody after gunfight near Burns



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Live Updates from OPB: The Latest On The Malheur Occupation In Eastern Oregon

Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum, killed in Oregon shootout, was Arizona foster parent and rancher

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NYT: Ammon Bundy and Five Others Are Arrested, and One Dies, in Oregon


163 responses to “Breaking: Malheur – Open Thread

  1. Still waiting on the ferocious 1% bikers to exact revenge for Waco.
    I think they suspect every other member is an informant and therefore are frozen.
    Were they all travelling in one vehicle?
    Lesson learned.
    The smaller the cell the better.
    Never put all your eggs into one basket.
    Have a goal and a plan.
    Don’t make it up as you go along.
    Never count on popular support until you have prepped the population before you act.

    The Statists in the population pressured the politicians who pressured the police.

    It will come down to rural and urban serfs verses urban Tower of Babel dwelling Statists that only value rural farmers people as much as they would the waitress that works in a restaurant.
    They believe that we only exist to serve them.
    We have to recruit the urban serfs to our side.
    They get shot in the streets too.

  2. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Now that this particular ‘anti-govt’ blister’s been ‘fortuitously’ popped in time for the incident to be exploited by Imperium media allies & brought up in Thurday’s Repub ‘debates’, keep a close eye/ear on the candidates as this will likely be tied to the ‘anti-establishment movement’ &/or the 2A in some manner & especially since MeGYN! Kelly’ll be there for the second go-round & Trump won’t.

    Trump & Paul’s reactions will interesting due to their professed ‘anti-establishment’ viewpoints w/ Trump being in a decided tight spot due to his conflicting statements about govt vs the private sector, his unbridled support for LE & the 2A.

  3. X, he was the person that brought a reasonable perspective to this crisis. I’m not discounting the Bundy’s, or the others, all involved have/had legitimate grievances against .gov, but when considering the positions of everyone there, after the Bundy’s and Shawna Cox, Finnicum was the person that would have been considered the most “threatening” to the .gov, because he was rational, he didn’t have Stolen Valor issues, he didn’t walk around trying to incite violence.

    My guess is that this was planned out at least one week ago, to the small details. As noted above, this happened inside a national forest, so the shooter was chosen or volunteered, and knew where to do this, and when.

    This is murder. And none of us will, most likely, ever know who the murderer is, unless someone in that group has a conscience.

  4. Karin Hildebrand Retweeted
    JJ MacNab ‏@jjmacnab 7m7 minutes ago

    Eye witness details what he saw happen when Finicum was killed and others arrested.

    So this guy was picked up by the Feds as part of the convoy then released a couple hours later? Rilly?

  5. Livestream from the refuge:

    Surreal, sad, kinda sick, but important.

  6. Open letter to FBI: Are you finished “seeding” highway 395 with inculpatory evidence? Will the official narrative have as many holes in it as Waco did? Or, did you refine your cover-up abilities from lessons learned, after Waco?

  7. Goddamned shame. The whole thing.

  8. Publius 2015

    This event barely pinging the national MSM today. Got one sentence on Fox News!!!!!! While they talk nonstop about Trump skipping the debate!!!!

  9. Thank you CA and others for this post along with those commenters who are providing updates from close proximity or relations….

    Those media’s who attempt to report this are so off-base right now it’s sad and pathetic, but of course, not at all surprising….especially so-called conservative media outlets.

    And yes, the comments from those who applaud what the feds have done are indicative of how this country has lost its way. Scary times indeed…

  10. Publius 2015

    I could write a 500-page comment. Do you guys understand the absolute horror show we are all now trapped in, including our fellow citizens who are employed by the FBI, other federal agencies, local LEO, and the military? Those of them who are white men do get it — the vast majority of them. We are all forced to work in the matrix to have any money to put a roof over our kids’ heads and food in their bellies. You farmers and ranchers out west are heroes. You are completely correct that the assholes in New York see you as cattle, merely there to provide them with food, as they sit there doing fake make-work all day, pushing the antiwhite agenda.

    Our world is entirely fucked. Besides the obvious, consider one “small” issue: feminism. It was created by communists who are loyal only to Israel as a tool to destroy the white family.

    Watch Fox News. Supposedly a “conservative” alternative. LOL. I don’t know if the folks in this community watch Hollywood movies, but if you do, you should know that we are living in the world of “Hunger Games” right now.

    Right now. That movie does not depict the future; it depicts the present. Sure, we don’t have express drafting of kids from “districts” to fight to the death in a televised spectacle, but I’m talking about the purple-haired newscasters, the idiots in the cities. Completely clueless.

    Any smart man who watches Fox News for 3 hours should understand my point. It makes me want to vomit.

    We as a country (and the white nations of Europe) are so royally fucked right now, I just don’t know what comes next. I think things are 100 times worse than they were in 1776. General Washington at least got to have a fair fight, musket on musket. Now the government has drones, control of information, biological weapons, etc.

    The government won’t even bomb or use tanks on civilians the middle east, so will it bomb its own white citizens? Probably not, but the problem is that they don’t need to. We are all so far enslaved that nothing can be done. Each individual who even speaks realtalk truth lives in fear of being arrested for “hate speech.” It matters. Then one’s life is over; one’s kids never know the truth.

    Each man who speaks becomes a forgotten common criminal. Nobody will come to his aid.

    The very fact that Fox News is dominated by beautiful 28-year-old women proves everything, really.

    I’m a city boy. One thing I want to tell you men: I am not sure if you realize how many true conservative men are trapped in the East Coast cities. We get it. We really do. I literally wish that I was a farmer. If I may be a whiny baby again: it is not our fault how we were raised, and it is not our boomer fathers’ faults the world they had, too.

    Things were set in motion even before the “greatest generation.” The simple fact is that the system is set up to fuck rural people. 90% of men simply must live in a city to have any kind of job, or at least we were told that as kids.

    The country does not NEED 200 million men to be farmers — you few who do it make plenty of food for us all (obviously).

    If any rural man is reading this, perhaps I can cheer you up a little bit. Tens of millions of city men literally wish that we had a job that had us out in the fresh air all day, working our asses off (not belittling it, at all), our job would be our exercise — no need for a gay city gym membership. Doing a real man’s work, understanding where food actually comes from.

    In the meantime, we all made decisions when we were 18 year old kids, after 18 years of brainwashing that occurred decades after 1954 (Brown v. board of education). What did we know?

    And then despite antiwhite man brainwashing we might have managed to find a wife and have kids. We have jobs and mortgages. What are we to do?

    I want to move to a rural area and be a farmer? How do I do it? Who will hire me? Can I do that and have a roof over my head and food for my kids?

    Even if you say yes, I cannot get the Jew Judge in my city to “let” me take my kids with me.

    Tens of millions of conservative men (truly conservative — we get it, we understand the original constitution, the reason why only white land owning men who pay taxes should vote, the Bill of rights, etc) are literally trapped in the cities now.

    • “Even if you say yes, I cannot get the Jew Judge in my city to “let” me take my kids with me.”

      Irwin Schiff, the tax protestor the feds let die in prison just this last Fall, was a jew and a veteran. The patriot community barely noticed this.

      Keep in mind you’re being screwed by your fellow “white” man of Western European heritage. They’re the country club repocrats who don’t let blacks, jews, or mexicans in unless it’s to cook, play the piano or cut the grass.

      • Whites can attain high office, yes even the highest – if they renounce their people. Jews don’t have to renounce theirs to rise up. See the difference? Now who is really in control, as a group?

    • Free yourselves by becoming a Amazon seller. Live anywhere, send your products to amazon where they handle the customer shipping and collection. Amazon also has an item sells ranking system that let’s you know which items are in demand and at what price. Trick: buy new or used products from pawn shops, 99 cent stores, going out of business sales etc…. And Or import from China and let amazon do all the work after you send them your products for warehousing. While amazon is selling your products you are off on your sailboat in the caribbean or fighting tyrants in timbuktu. Your choice.


      Become an owner operator truck driver. Work six weeks on/ six weeks off.

      Problem solved.

    • More “Joo” hating. Yeah, that will help us get liberty. Sheesh…

  11. I know you’re all heartbroken that not more Welfare Cowboys have been killed (so far) in Oregon, but do please try to lay off the “white land owning men” crap, mmmkay? Talk about “gutter behavior.” Good lord.

    • Paul, I know you are now regretting your decision to send your favorite dildo to the refuge, but please do try to lay off the “welfare cowboy” crap mmm’kay? Talk about progressive fellatio. Good Lard.

      • The Walkin' Dude

        He got banned from Kerodin’s place for the same nonsense. He’s butthurt that his antagonism isn’t working. Decided to try a different forum.

    • Are you even aware, when you look in a mirror that there’s a reprehensible piece of shit staring back at you? Just thought you should know.

  12. Enter Valhalla
    Robert “LaVoy” Finicum
    A true Patriot.

  13. In Memoriam

  14. Eye Witness Audio Testimony of LaVoy Finicum Being Shot w/Hands in the Air.

  15. LaVoy was executed by these fuckers. They will rue the day.

  16. The comments are just scrolling like crazy at the Ministry of Propaganda (The Oregonian) story. I tried to post the interview of Victoria Sharp a couple times, but it was instantly deleted. Media black-out…

  17. Of course it will be a media Black Out. Never expect the population to be on your side if you don’t control the media or know how to manipulate it.
    The cities will have to burn because of their own issues before they come over to the Freedom side and I expect they will do their own version of tyranny first before that ever happens. A few Ranchers they have the numbers to handle. We saw how well they handled the riots in the cities last Summer. Same thing happened to the Kulaks. The Bolshevik mobs ran amok in the countryside. Not enough population density to create a counter mob to fight them.