Malheur Link Dump/Open Thread – 27JAN


Am traveling, so this will be in lite mode until I get to destination and recharge battery:

BREAKING: Ammon Bundy In FBI Custody

Checkpoints at refuge access:

Oregon standoff spokesman Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum killed, Bundys in custody after shooting near Burns

Oregon standoff spokesman died defending beliefs, daughter says

FBI tells Oregon refuge occupiers to leave as authorities set up roadblocks

What you need to know Wednesday

Deceased Militant LaVoy Finicum: Rancher, Patriarch, Bundy Believer



WaPo: Authorities seal off Oregon refuge after leaders of occupation arrested. 1 killed in gunfire.

LAT: After weeks-long Oregon standoff, Bundy brothers arrested, activist slain in clash with authorities

NYT: Ammon Bundy and 7 Others Held in Oregon; LaVoy Finicum Is Reported Dead

Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum shot and killed while charging police, driver says

1030PST News Conference


Presser video feed:

Remaining occupiers broadcast from inside Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

The Ambush and Murder of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum

Malheur: The 3,025 FPS Arrest Warrant

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.59.16 PM


Airspace At Refuge Restricted:

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  1. Frank Pinelander

    In the end, this event was ill-conceived, not planned, poorly executed and unwanted by those it purported to be “helping”.

    It was and will not be a Waco/Ruby Ridge.

    “They”, gathered much Intel on the “patriot movement”.

    While the Amateurs, Children and Blowhards vent incessantly about how “someone should do something!”, without doing anything on their own, the Adults and Professionals are.

    To the Potholes and Speedbumps that will demand and answer to “What are they doing!” I respond with a proactive Fuck You. You’re a Pothole and a Speedbump, that you’ve self-segregated into. And will be used as such.

    There a many lurkers, that wish to learn and grow. Learn and grow from this. There will be/have been Adult conversations on this. Pay attention to those. Dispense with the rantings from The Tribe and Their ilk.

    • Be quiet.

      We don’t need you $hit stirrers making trouble for these brave men.

    • Thanks for the Monday morning quarterbacking.

    • THEBigFatPanda

      Yup. So called “patriots” gonna crawl back into your recliners and do nothing. Again. “No more free Waco’s,” my ass.

      • This was not close to a Waco.
        This was a carefully planned,choreographed,rehearsed, ambush/assassination.
        Make no mistake about that This was not discrete nor covert
        Did you not get the memo?
        Shut your fucking pie hole,Boy!
        Do as your told and maybe an alphabet agency won’t take your life from you.
        All you trash talking, bad-ass whammerjammers are in it now.
        Maybe Finicum was ,”The Guy.”
        Maybe he was that one guy that made a difference
        .He seemed to be the most mellow and rational out of the whole crew. Along with his old lady, he raised fifty foster kids. The flotsam and trash of society. He took them all in and gave them a chance at a life.
        This is as good as it gets boys and girls. You need someone to show you the way. This might be the guy. I would welcome any first hand accounts from people that knew him.
        Leave out the getting shot part.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Big fat Panda is saying the exact same shit on Uncle Bob’s Forums in a thread there–I suggest people here log in over there and tell this rat-fuck to go and suck the President’s dick.

    • FP speaks the hard truth. Emotions aren’t strategy. Feelings aren’t tactics. Cool your sensitivities and start planning. Crawl. Walk. Run.

      • This. Bravery is good but it does not imply strategic prowess.

        [Some of] These men’s hearts were in the right place, but they allowed themselves to be infiltrated from the beginning by men who
        1) faked military credentials to establish credibility
        2) are felons with sealed court records

        People among us who have long established their credibility (ie they have a history of being correct) flagged these men as informants/agents provocateur for reasons which are well documented and easily verified.

        Portraying this as “infighting” is every bit as simple-minded and self-destructive as those who actually do engage in infighting purely for their own ego appeasement. The sad truth is that our enemies do plant evil men among our ranks, and we need to be cognizant of this fact and weed them out.

        Is it difficult to do so without allowing paranoia to tear us apart? Yes. Now deal with it. Gather info. Think. Understand. Learn from those who have already demonstrated the ability to do so.

        Bravery without cunning will not prevail.

        #OREGON HOBO#


    Dark days are ahead for sure. Alea iacta est.

  3. Seems the feds cut the head off the snake

  4. Max posted this audio clip from Victoria, (recorded from her phone by unknown reporter interviewing her), Victoria was in the vehicle sleeping beside Ammond when ambush began, Victoria claims feds opened fire on them, they only had side arms in the vehicle, nobody resisted or brandished their pistols. She claims no one had a chance, that Ryan was shot as he had his hands and head out the window, as they all did who could reach. When the feds began shooting them LeVoy tried to drive out of the kill zone as they where being hit with bullets, they collided with a snow bank, Levoy got out with his hands up and was shot dead and as his body was lying on the pavement was shot multiple times, Ryan was further wounded as they lay on the floor of the truck, Victoria clams they where hit at least 120 times. She claims the woods where lined with agents, shooting came from two distinct angles, that there where more vehicles than you could count waiting when she and her friends where stopped.
    It sounds really ugly. Sounds like the feds bushwhacked them and intended to kill them if the account of all the rounds hitting them is accurate. Victoria’s account sounds as genuine as anything I have listened to.

    Video embedded here. Was running as of this comment post.:

  5. Dead pigs.

  6. While I am sure that the Welfare Cowboys are disappointed that not more people have been killed (so far at least), we can be thankful that their purported “leader” at least is behind bars. May the prosecution be swift and the verdict cleansing.

  7. Get it before the thought police drop it down the memory hole:

  8. And since none of you blowhard “Patriots” chose to Honor one of our fallen, or at least offer comfort to His family, because you were too busy Monday morning quarterbacking the Traffic Stop (murder)… here let me-

    They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember. –Laurence Binyon

    My prayers and support go out to Jeanette and all of LaVoy’s family.
    He is a hero in my eyes. And a good man.

  9. I wish I could say I am surprised but I am not. What did they expect? After occupying property that the fed claims is federal property, that they could drive around unmolested? Really? Did they ‘trust’ the ‘only ones’?Are they martyrs? Pinlander sya to learn and grow from this. What I have learned is:

    -Do not trust law enforcement in a confrintational situation, ever, under any circumstance.
    -Law enforcement is lawless, once they get a go-ahead from a pogue.
    -Be prepared to kill or be killed, or don’t show up at the party.
    -An occupied space is not an opperational base, it is a prison or a grave, if it is not planned with forethought to never leaving without a fight.
    -Choose your fight very carefully. (Vietcong come to mind.)
    -Don’t go to them.
    -Make them come to you. (more VIetcong come to mind)
    -Guerilla is better than fixed position.
    -These people, or many of them, never intended to fight it out, really. (see idea that if you aren’t prepared to kill or be killed, don’t come to theparty.)

    Many of you are more experienced than myself, although I do not think there are many who have actual experience in being a civilian in armed confrontation with government. My experience is only from living through the Vietnam war, never seing combat, but serving in the airforce at that time. (Probably an opsec violation for saying so.)

    Do I have any of this correct?

    • Correct as far as it goes, but you are missing the big picture. At this point it is a PR battle, for “hearts and minds”. With this vicious attack, at the cost of one life, more and more people are seeing what murderous bastards are running the government. Watch some of the vids out there of LaVoy – he looks like a man you’d want to have for a father or grandfather. This is a PR disaster for the state government.

      Someone should post a sign at that place on the highway, the “Kate Brown Memorial Ambush Site”.

      • Perhaps that is why it is received 10 seconds of coverage on Fox news today, while they spent 30 minutes talking to Dick Cheney about a solitaire game he has on his iPhone.

  10. Pinelander, I sort of agree with you, but: isn’t that something a federal provocateur would say, to discredit an enemy who was starting to get mindshare among the public? That’s not an accusation, it’s a rhetorical question to set the stage for some serious questions I hope you’ll answer.

    If this isn’t the incident folks are looking for, how are folks going to recognize the right time when it comes along? How are folks going to be sure, when it’s you and your adults acting, that the action isn’t “ill-conceived, not planned, poorly executed and unwanted”? I’m pretty sure that when your adults do their thing, we will see feds posting places like this, saying about you exactly sort of thing you said about the boys at Malheur.

  11. First off RIP Lavoy. I truly enjoyed listening to him. Condolences to his family and friends, May God’s Light Shine On You.

    To the forces of darkness and those who may be arrayed against them:
    Liver n Onions:
    1lb Grass Fed Liver (must be GRASS fed guys, and you know why).
    1tbsp of bacon fat
    1tbsp of butter
    1large organic onion
    You all know what comes once those are in place. Lot’s of B vitamins to be had by all. Enjoy.

  12. They must have cleared the snow out of that cesspool on the Potomac, I can see the government trolls and agent provocateurs are back spreading their hate and discontent.
    What is the ratio of your man hours you guys, how do you split up your working hours between watching porn and trolling the media looking to do the bidding of your masters?

  13. I just thought of a new meaning for the letters F.B.I., I think it really stands for Fire. Before. Immolation.

  14. So the questions:

    Have the feds released dash cam/body cam footage yet?

    Have bodies and hospitals and evidence been released to be examined by independents to verify the stories?

    How does it sound to give say, a week from yesterday? Remember, this is not about Bundy, it’s about the feds. If the fed response was over the top, something has to give. If a jack boot is a murderer, hundred heads.

    Give them enough time to provide the evidence(but not fabricate, tough problem I know) and plan a local action in protest if it doesn’t happen. Probably an occupation. Remember to plan out the yin yang, and opsec opsec opsec.

    • “Have the feds released dash cam/body cam footage yet?”

      Good luck on that one. Remember the bulldozers after the Branch Davidians were burned?

  15. Anybody remember the Gordon Kahl incident from the 1980’s? Gordon shot some federal law enforcement officers after they stopped him. His adult son was with him at the time. The Feds shot Yorie Kahl (the son) and Gordon escaped to be hunted down and killed later. Yorie is still in prison, I believe. The folks in Oregon didn’t have a plan. They appeared to be very naive. Anybody remember the incident on Promised Land Road in southern Missouri? The Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord group had the same idea. They had guns and camo and a compound. What they lacked were brains and a plan. The Feds showed up with superior fire power and surrounded them. I believe they are all in prison. Remember Randy Weaver? Does anybody learn from history? Does it ever end? Think first.

    • Martin Luther King, Jr, and Mahatma Ghandi. There are other examples that could be cited, but they first tried all the other ways they could to TRY for a ‘redress of grievances’ first. Battle for hearts and minds. If nothing else, Bundy & Co. have started some people to start to question the tyranny in Oregon and DC.

  16. I am fascinated at the spinning of the arrest story. I just read an article that quotes the driver of the second vehicle. The story he tells makes no sense at least as its related in the article. He tells how he was the driver of the second vehicle but he was pulled over before LaVoy. LaVoy stopped his truck about 200 yards away. Then the article says that this guy hears LaVoy and Payne have a discussion about what to do and LaVoy peels out in the truck. He tries to avoid another roadblock and as the truck crashes into a snow bank he charges out and is shot. Now how da fuck does this guy see and hear all of this if he himself has been arrested at least 200 yards away? Makes no goddamn sense but this is the story that is being presented to shore up the progressive base.

    • G1,
      Totally agree. What concerns me about this McConnell guy is he is not mentioned in any news reports. Why was he not taken to Portland with the rest? There is something not adding up about this guy. I’ve never seen him in any videos or photos. Where did he come from? There’s an almost two week gap in his FB postings and then all of a sudden he is saying that he’s the only eyewitness?

      • There was the young girl there as well and I think thats her report above. It dont mesh with what he is saying.

      • Read the article again. He says he is recounting what Payne and Cox related to him regarding the discussion about what to do. So he is reporting that part third hand. So putting two and two together he was not present at the actual shooting so his account of it cannot be taken as completely valid. The young lady WAS in the truck with LaVoy so we have to put more credence to her account.

        • Totally agree again. I just can’t get past the fact this McConnell guy popped up out of nowhere it seems. He was not at the refuge when I was there on the 8th. Of course I didn’t meet everyone. Research his FB.
          I do not trust what he is saying.

    • At first his story was from a mile away. At least he made it a more reasonable distance for common super powers.

    • I have listened to Sharp’s and McConnell’s stories. Given their different points of view, they do not really disagree that much. McConnell neglects to mention the shot at Ryan Payne at the first stop, maybe understandable if he had his face planted in the asphalt with a cop on his back. But I’m much more inclined to favor Sharp’s story because she was actually in the truck they shot full of holes. I wonder what the other survivors in the truck would say.

      That other interview of Melvin Lee, who I think was in a following car, said Lavoy stopped a whole mile away from the first stop, not just 200 yards. Any way you look at it, McConnell must have got almost all his info about Lavoy’s vehicle second-hand, even if you discount that he is a provocateur.

      • Yes McConnell relayed his story in a video I have seen posted in a couple of places. He specifically says that he was told what happened because it was a mile from where he was stopped and arrested. He says he heard it from Cox who was also in the truck with LaVoy, problem is we have not heard her directly so we dont know if he altered her story.

  17. FrozenPatriot

    Live video from refuge:

  18. While I don’t agree with their operational decisions. I do agree with their bravery. Our cause lost a good man. RIP

  19. Reading the public commentary on the various mainstream and alternate news channels is deeply disturbing. Whether or not there is an approval consensus on the strategy of the protestors, this is a tragedy. The vehemence expressed by casual viewers cements in my mind how polarized the people of this nation have become. We are so clearly beyond reconciliation as a people. My thoughts and sincere sorrow are with the families of those struck by this event. May the remaining protestors please find safe passage home.

    • Yes sir, the comments are disgusting.

    • could not agree more. what i find disturbing is clearly the leftist love the blood in the streets. while the so called crazy right wing gun nuts are very sorrowful… to me, this defines the state of the republic and her peoples.

  20. Condolences to the dead and his family.
    But the feds got even with the Bundys in spades. Bundy will be facing felony murder charges, someone died while he was committing a felony. That’s life in prison. Period.
    Wrong place, wrong time, wrong tactics, wrong strategy. In Nevada, the locals there were behind Bundy and he welcomed the Patriots help. The Hammonds didn’t want Bundys help and the locals were against him. Burns is a company town. 40% of the jobs there are fed jobs. Add in the county and state jobs it is almost total company town. Ranching is the only other business and they are almost completely dependent on federal gazing leases and in turn are at the complete mercy of these public employees. They were warned that if they sided with the Bundys, the feds would destroy them. What they don’t know is that the feds are gonna destroy them anyways. Not even Kerodin sent his bus there.
    Patriots need to be patient. The biggest battles will be between the public pension slugs and the welfare state slugs. Chicago and Illinois are next battle grounds. Go to Pension Tsunami and get depressed reading about the future, which with this latest market correction, is not far off.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      I am overjoyed at the prospect of the pensions melting down…. FYI–over 80% of the victiims will be government tit-suckers and collaborators in some fashion or another. There is no such thing as “public service” these day, it only means that you have joined a seemingly vast gravy train and are feeding at the public trough.

      • Yep. 90% of all government jobs in any city are given to Africans. County government is literally nothing more than free money for black people to do nothing but harass innocent white people with their incompetence. This includes the police.

  21. Agree. The saddest thing is the comments of so many. The hatred towards the protesters is amazing. I didn’t agree with either the ideals nor the actions of the “Occupy Portland” activists a few years ago, but neither was I hoping the police killed them all. I was quite content to navigate around the 10 blocks in the middle of the city they took over, and actually felt like it was good that at least they were involved in the issues of the day.

    I see little signs of such graciousness on the part of the left. Here’s a comment I grabbed off Facebook that typifies the attitude of many leftists:

    “those armed insurrectionists with their inability to understand decades of legal precedent and having a child like understanding of the Constitution are damn lucky the government didnt decide to treat them like armed combatants and drone strike them during their drive on that isolated highway”

    That’s just a disgusting comment, and it points out that we are sharing this country with a really immoral and unbalanced group of Statist fuck-tards. They have the upper hand, and increasingly want to treat us the way a pimp treats a disobedient whore.

    • Eh, I’ve heard pretty vile comments from both sides (depending on the event in question). It’s just tribalism, that’s all. It’s natural for one tribe to dehumanize the other. Kinda ugly, but what can you do? Appeal to their better natures, as best you can.

      Sure gives the lie to the notion of liberal tolerance though. These days I get the impression crusty old conservatives are usually more tolerant than the average liberal.

  22. The Sheriff was NOT “emotional” as they are claiming at the presser. That was the voice of truth and conscience being suppressed. Anyone note his handlers squeeze him at his left and right shoulders when he began to speak ready to grab the mic? He has tales to tell, and he knows it.

    • agreed.

    • I really think this is important

      The Ambush and Murder of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum

    • Heart attack’s are us will visit him if he even thinks about blabbing.

    • That’s not what I saw… I noted the guy in the blue shirt & tie come over to the sheriff’s left side, I think that is “judge” Steve Gratsky, who is ultra-corrupt. I noticed the sheriff constantly looking down, looking around, as the other two guys before him spoke. If the Group had indeed been talking to the sheriff in early November, then the emotion I saw in the sheriff was one of suppressed anger at the ‘outsiders’ who dared to disturb his trough, er, neighborhood. I am forcefully reminded of the press conference wherein the former Fire Commissioner told the media of his following people to find out the ‘lurkers’ were fbi. His subsequent conversation with ‘judge’ Gratsky, who told him to back off, brings to mind the events of Athens, TN, back in August of 1946. I think this is another prime case of Athens at work.

      • Where you saw “suppressed anger”, I saw timidity. You can see it in his eyes. He is not trying to control “anger”. He’s been bitched. He knows he has been bitched, and that was the voice, and body language, of truth and conscience being suppressed.

        Watch him standing there in the background again while looking at everyone else. He is very, very, unsure of himself. Very self-conscious. His conscience is bothering him.

        Like I said… He has tales to tell, and he knows it.


        • And, that is not the face of anger, but the face of deep thought and reflection. And he is scared.

        • I have to learn body language. I’m going to watch it several more times, hope we can continue this discussion.

    • Wasn’t the sheriff the former BLM manager of that particular refuge area?

  23. Stealth Spaniel

    Robert LaVoy Finicum seemed like a nice man who passionately believed in The Constitution, Freedom, and The Bible and lived his live accordingly. My condolences to his family. It is hard to bury your parents, especially so before their alloted time from The Lord.
    As for the FBI; they are heros everyone, aren’t they? How many guns were these “interlopers” carrying? How much firepower did these “trespassers” have? Machine guns? Because the Exhalted FBI had plenty. Why wait for a trial by a jury when you can make sure that your “enemy” is carried by 12? I notice that the FBI had no qualms shooting United States Citizens for squatting at a wildlife sanctuary. Yet, the Muslim who was ready to wage Jihad at a Masonic Temple, purchased 2 machine guns (and had another) was carefully arrested and sent in swaddling to the local hoosegow. Greg Betzling, the FBI agent in charge (according to Fox News) is now blaming the “occupiers” for the shooting. Sounds reasonable. I wonder what happened to Negotiators at the exhaulted FBI? Nobody passed a class, lately?
    I feel sick. My country is disintergrating before my very eyes. My father’s family has been in America since the 1740’s, and we have put a lot of sweat & blood into this ground. Looks like there will be more. We need plans folks. Real, honest, focused, simple, thorough plans.

    • The problem is trust like I’ve said before… Why would you put your trust in someone you haven’t met and you have no idea what their agenda is…How do you gain someone’s trust?By knowing them on a personal basis, by sharing hard experiences with them, etc…So how does that happen by living in close proximity to them, training with them , breaking bread with them…It doesn’t matter if you have the best plan in the world if you don’t have reliable people to execute it then its all for not…JMHO

    • What Would Michael Collins Do?

  24. colddeadhandsdays

    All that matters is the came to a fight ill prepared to fight. Even worse they didn’t realize it was a fight. The days of nonviolent occupations are over for anyone who is a constitutionalist or on the right. The left can occupy Wall Street all they want with anarchists slinging stones at anyone who dares to defy them. But we evil liberty minded individuals who just want to be left alone and our rights not encroached upon? We are to be hunted down subjugated disarmed divided and conquered and any cost.

    Maybe this will wake FREFOR up. I don’t know, but you cannot fight the leviathan this way. They will simply wait you out and kill you or throw you in a dark hole for the rest of your lives. Irwin Schiff died in prison. They killed the Branch Davidians, they killed Lavoy, Randy Weaver’s family and many many others. This war is already hot. At some point you either do what our founders did or roll over and present your ass to be raped. And I’ll tell you another thing people. I’m 45 and a lot of you were older than me and we are the last generation who has the balls enough to do anything about this. 20 years it’s over so if it doesn’t happen it will never happen will die our children and everyone that comes after will be enslaved. Chew on that. And nothing can ever be done if we don’t come together under some sort of command structure with a concerted plan of action to take our liberty back. Otherwise we as individuals will be picked off here and there and killed or unable to do anything.

    • There it is, as real and true as it will ever get:

      “Even worse they didn’t realize it was a fight.”

      • Yes, and this is even more important:

        “And I’ll tell you another thing people. I’m 45 and a lot of you were older than me and we are the last generation who has the balls enough to do anything about this. 20 years it’s over so if it doesn’t happen it will never happen will die our children and everyone that comes after will be enslaved. Chew on that.”

        I’ve said the same thing here and elsewhere, many times. And I’m a LOT older than 45. For me to contribute, we had better damned well get started.

  25. FrozenPatriot

    Conversation via HAM with someone in Burns, courtesy of AMRRON:

  26. Where is Sheriff Glenn Palmer? Was he at the ambush, as reported earlier, or not?

    • He was at the ambush, er, traffic stop, and was photo’d carrying a shotgun.

      • Turns out, that the ambushers use military grade weapons and tactics against the american people. Actually, “waging war against the american people”. There’s a remedy for that.

  27. They have the heavy military equipment and troops in now. Here are a few pics:

  28. That type of helo has overflown me more than once in the last year. Once low n slow enough that I could see all the crap on the underbelly pointed my way. I waved cause I’m friendly n shit.

    Remember fedfellas you can always kill me, but you will never kill the idea of freedom.

    • The helo is a UH-60 Blackhawk. Not one of the MH60 special ops helicopters, just a transport. Army Helo Drab paint is pretty nearly black … so anyone claiming “black helicopters” is probably telling the truth.

  29. Shinmen Takezo

    I am going to post some comments again I made in the other thread regarding “jury nullification” –and the impending trial of the protesters who were just arrested….

    I think it is high-time to start gearing up the “jury nullification” machine–and have it ready to be put in place once these people are going up for trial. And by gearing up, I mean there should be thousands (not hundreds) of FIJA workers surrounding any court house in which a jury selection is going to take place for these people–and that means possibly covering several venues in Oregon with boots on the ground because they will try to sneak in people from outside counties, etc. to get a jury comprised.

    If there is a cocksucking cause to pull out all of the stops upon, this is the one to do it. We will only need to get one person on a jury to throw a wrench into their machinery.


    The FIJA organization has all the ammo on their site (no pun intended)…

    In fact, several supreme court decisions back up “jury nullification” and activism–although the currrent court system seems to ignore it all and actively work against it.

    I was awaiting selection on a jury trial when an activist showed up passing out FIJA cards/information…. and the whole building came to a literal stop and the Sherrif’s went from person to person rooting out the information. Later in the courtroom the Judge questioned the jury pool if they had any contact with the activist. Let me tell you, they do not like FIJA or the concept of jury nullification because it can literally fuck up their entire system.

    If the people who were arrested were smart, they would not waive their rights to a “speedy trial” so they can recieve a court appointed attorney–they should demmand a speedy trial, which would have to take place before the summer (optimal time/weather for FIJA activism). Also I believe that contribtions for a private legal defense would pour in like the Mississippi River.

    This trial would have to be held at a Federal venue in Oregon somewhere–most likely Portland…. again, optimal ground/weather/logistical support (markets/resturants/hotels) for FIJA activists.

    At the time of jury selection there is a call up just like in country jury selections–and the time and place is made public. It cannot be held in secrecy. So again ample time for ramp-up organization. Sooooooo…. I am saying to bring in several thousand pairs of boots on that ground to hand out FIJA material to any and all persons approaching this court house. The FIJA organization itself is small, with a core of true-believers. It is also the most undervalued and seldom used spoke in the large wheel of the “Liberty Movement.”

    What needs to be done is a broad call put out from everyone…. from Oathkeepers, to every III% group and sympathizer across the country–and to have them show up in a massive force during jury selection to protest and to hand out “jury nullification” materials. More could actually be done with internet media, radio and television utilizing contributions, connections with media (Savage, Alex Jones, etc.) to put the concept ande facts of the case forward.

    What you are essentially telling these people is: that you have a right to judge both the facts and the law of the case…. and if you think the government is out of line in any matter (even if the person is “technically guilty”) you can find them “not guilty.” The judges set up their jury instructions so that there is no wiggle room to decide the morality of the law, it’s actions, etc. Jury Nullification shit-cans all of this.

    Remember it only takes one person on a jury to fuck-up the whole process and throw it into limbo.

    Just one person. And believe me they have no way yet to read a person’s mind during jury selection.

    • Great idea. I’m all in favor of the Fija strategy. I’ll probably be out there, as I live near Portland.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Well Paul, I am no one to put ot a call for a FIJA activity–This call has to come from known leaders in the LIberty Movement. Oath Keepers come to mind, Sheffif Arpio, Sherrif Mack and anyone else that is a talking heads in the Liberty Movement have to make the call and plea.

        I think there also needs to be a massive effort to raise $$ for these people arrested and get them some top notch legal help on the level of Jerry Spence or better.

        Once this gets into gear, then a FIJA effort can be organized and attempted. If Oregon is an ‘open carry’ state–then the entire effort could also an open carry activity on a massive scale unlike anything seen before. If these court houses can be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of determined, organized, agressive activists–I believe that one or more potential jurors who sympathize with the Liberty Movement can be empaneled and seated without ThugFOR being aware.

        I hope that someone here, or out there foward these ideas to the higher movers and shakers in the liberty movement for consideration. Jury nullification on this scale and for these stakes I believe has never been attempted on such a huge organized scale–and it is time to employ the tactic.

        • It’s gonna have to be grassroots and stealthy-like.

          Or the Feds are gonna be up the keesters of the ringleaders.

          • Shinmen Takezo

            Well it does have to be “grass-roots” –but it cannot be stealthy.

            It has to be big and it has to be completely in their faces. Since they/them draw upon voter registrations I would also suggest FIJA mailings to people on these voter roles which are public knowledge. The activism could be organized pubically well lin advance–it has to be, else if it is done on the QT who will show up?

            Believe me, I personally saw the effect that just one FIJA activist had on a court complex–they literally went ape shit over one chick passing out FIJA cards. Now multiply this with hundreds and hundreds of people holding FIJA.COM plackards (sp?) in the street, handing out brochures and plastering all the parked traffice within blocks with this information. You want to rat-fuck “the man” this is the way to do it.

            It will only take one person on a jury to toss it up.

            Should they move the venue–follow it. Live stream the reaction of the goons as they try to stop it. Push them to the edge of panic.

            No, dude–they have to know that the Liberty Movement means business and will back these people up. I think that you personally can float this idea to Rhodes and other LM talking heads out there.

            This cannot be done with just a few dozen people–this has to be done with hundreds and hundreds of people in a highly visible effort, with types of people who will scoff and ignore such things as “free speech zones” and so forth.

            If this starts to roll–count me in to be there in any capacity needed.

            • By “stealthy”, I should have said “non-fragile” or another expression meaning to not give Mordor easy targets. It will make them crazy, and thus will need to be resilient to the lashings-out.

          • Shinmen Takezo

            CA… if you want to chat personally about this subject, please email me at the addy I provided. I will contact you.

  30. This was interesting:

    On the BLM’s own site, no less. The Company involved – Oregon Energy, L.L.C., formally Uranium One – is *extremely* interesting, because it was (is?) wholly or partially owned by a Russian firm called Rosatom.

    Some of the players should be familiar.

  31. American Citizen


    For treason and for being the leader of a terrorist organization called the FBI.

  32. Finally the climax to this psyop. LaVoy Finnicum, what kind of name is that? Anagram for lavoy finicum….”My Uncivil Foe” …. “LaVoy Finnicum” is a fake name.

    • troll

    • I’m still working on it, but this is probably just moar of the same shit. Crisis actors need work too. What IF- Bundy was secretly indicted and allowed himself to be used by the Feds? Just thinking out loud… What IF – LaVoy is an actor?

    • You are sooo lame … what happened to the ‘a’ in LaVoy, and where did you get the ‘e’ from, Vanna White?


      Pathetic, eating the lead paint off the window seal again? This is the best our sperm has produced”.. people who focus on a name.. who says age is a bad thing.. No wonder old people have that grin on their face.. they look,listen, and smile.. Each Generation fucks the subsequent one..I just gets better and better..

    • I bet you’re a laugh riot at scrabble.

      Careful… your handlers may notice how lame and ineffective you are.

      You and “Paul” going shopping for furniture and a fashionable wine tasting later?

    • Please read it for yourselves, it is only one screen. The highlights are it is effective until 10 Feb, reason is to provide safe airspace for law enforcement operations, and any aircraft desiring to enter said airspace needs to talk to the FBI first. This really looks bad. The land area is surrounded and the airspace is restricted.

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    WRSA has the best and latest info on the situation. Please check out their post

  34. HHH Old Vet.

    ALL of you, SHUN ANY .GOV. Employee’s across the country, it has started here in Oregon, Make it a Shame to be in the .GOV. employ.
    This includes all LEO’s, BLM, Forestry, County, city, borough, if it’s GOV. connected in ANY way, let them know in No uncertain terms that THEY ARE THE ENEMY.