Roberts: Organization II


Organizational Considerations II
Bill Roberts

I mentioned in the first Organizational Considerations that I intended to use the U.S. Army Infantry model for organization. With perhaps some minor modifications early on, that will hold true from here out. Also, this will not be a Ft. Leavenworth Command and General Staff course. Just another overview but with some added specific detail to guide your developmental process.

Essentially, the unit of Infantry that most people are familiar with is the Squad. Doctrinally this is composed of a Staff Sergeant and 8 – 12 soldiers. The Squad however, is actually composed of Fire Teams. These are 4 man elements with a Sergeant as the leader. We will start this organizational build at this level. Now, if right out of the gate you have more than 4 members of your group, GREAT! Build a second or third Fire Team. If you have less, recruiting to the magic number of 4 will be helpful.

As previously stated, 1 of these 4 is the leader, the rest followers. You may choose to follow the Infantry rank structure or use other titles. I don’t recommend Comrade but to each their own. The other benefit of having 4 or more individuals it that our real focus is to build a cadre/staff to support the growth of the unit. With 4 individuals you have the Leader, an S1/4, an S2/3 and another, who at this point, I would include with the S2/3 as there is going to be a lot going on in that arena.

If you do not have much in the way of doctrinal resources it would be good to procure them at this point. These will take the shape of Field Manuals, Technical Manuals and the like that focus on the main issues of the cadre/staff. While most of these can be found in a .pdf format on line, having a printed copy or copies is a much better solution. Maybe you have someone with access to a printer and can simply print out the .pdf and put it in a binder. That is a satisfactory solution. Much easier to flip from page to page and tab the hard copy than try to sort through screens on the computer. Don’t forget about that whole electricity/dropping the computer thing.

What manuals should you have? I would consider the following list to be a start and definitely not complete or all inclusive. Also, don’t be too concerned about when the manual was published. Anything from the early 1980s forward is going to fine for your purposes. FM 6-0, Commander and Staff Organization and Operations; FM 34-3, Intelligence Analysis; FM 34-130, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB); FM 101-5-1, Operational Terms and Graphics; FM 101-5, Staff Organization and Operations (can be used in lieu of FM 6-0); ADRP 5-0, The Operations Process (not high priority but useful); from here you will be able to determine what addition manuals you would like in you library. There are some non-military manuals that are a compilation of several military manuals and are quite good. The cost in the neighborhood of $30.00 each. The 3 I would recommend are: The Battle Staff, The Army Operations and Doctrine, The Small Unit Tactics; all are authored by Norman M. Wade and published by Lightning Press.

Regardless of what references you choose, they will allow you to develop a unit and staff/cadre without reinventing the wheel so to speak. Do not get overwhelmed by the volume of information. I will be stepping through it from this end and you can follow that lead or go your own way. The choice is yours.

What do these folks that compose the staff/cadre do? What is their function? In a large organization the Leader will have a Primary Staff or Coordinating Staff, a Special Staff and perhaps a Personal Staff. While most explanations of staff functions are quite lengthy, this will be a synopsis. I will only be dealing here with the Leader and Primary Staff. For the full blown explanation of each area refer to one of the manuals I cited above.

I’ll start with the Leader. His function is very straight forward. He is the seat of Command and Control. By whatever virtue he became the Leader, he gained the Authority to command. Of course with that comes the Responsibility and Accountability for his actions and the welfare of his people. The Authority he can delegate to a member(s) of the staff if he is so inclined. The Responsibility and Accountability remain always with the Leader. The saying was: A Leader is responsible for everything his people do and fail to do. That is paraphrasing of course. The Leader should provide leadership and guidance to the staff, cadre or unit. As the unit expand there may be the addition of an Executive Officer or XO. That position is just a number 2 leadership position in most units and is available to take the primary leadership role in the absence of the Leader. Most usually this individual fills the role of Chief of Staff in a staff and coordinates all staff functions for the Leader.

The S1 (Personnel) could also be referred to as the Director of Personnel. This position is responsible for all matters concerning human resources to include personnel readiness, personnel services and headquarters management. Some specific examples would include recruitment, retention and replacement of unit personnel and advising the Leader on all matters concerning personnel.

The S2 (Intelligence) is the principal staff position for all matters concerning intelligence, counterintelligence, security operations, and intelligence training. These will include but are not limited to: collecting, processing, producing, and disseminating intelligence and supervising the personnel security program.

The S3 (Operations) could be titled as the Director of Plans, Operations and Training. From the title you get a pretty good idea of what the duties of this position entail and just how critical it is to the success of the unit.

The S4 (Logistics) is responsible for coordinating the logistics integration of supply, maintenance, transportation, and services for the unit. This includes advising the Leader on the quantity of each class of supply required to sustain the unit for a specified period of time, the maintenance necessary to sustain unit equipment in operable condition and the transportation requirements necessary to move the unit.

The importance of beginning the organization with a basic functioning staff cannot be over emphasized. The staff will allow the unit to function and grow in a planned and orderly manner. Even a Special Forces Detachment overlays the basic staff functions on members of the team. It allows for easier planning and coordination with higher staff sections.

Now that we have looked at the very basics needed for the staff/cadre we must revisit these same individuals as the first unit or if the numbers hold, the first fire team. Here the staff takes on a different role. Previously they were the planners and now they have put on their other hats and have to be prepared to execute the plans they developed. This is where you will see if the Intelligence prepared by the S2, the Plans, Operations and Training the S3 developed and the Supply and Maintenance structure the S4 came up with actually works. Let’s hope the work was put into the planning that was needed.

This is where we are going to determine if the various levels established across the supply classes is enough, not enough, or too much. I imagine the first action is to identify the Classes of Supply.

Class I – Food, rations, and water
Class II – Clothing
Class III – Petroleum, oils, and lubricants
Class IV – Fortification and barrier materials
Class V – Ammunition
Class VI – Personal Items
Class VII – Major End Items
Class VIII – Medical supplies, minimal amounts
Class IX – Repair Parts
Class X – Miscellaneous supplies

All of these may not be initially required but most all of them will be eventually required. At what levels these will be stocked for the unit is a decision only the unit can make. For example, everyone’s favorite Class V – Ammunition. What is the unit’s requirement for ammunition? Depending on what the unit is preparing for it may be a few dozen rounds of “guard” ammo or it may be several hundred per individual. This same rationale applies to all the classes of supply. Quantity will be incumbent on mission requirements/plans.

This has been a simplification of the Staff/Cadre necessary to successfully begin a unit. In addition to all the “things” a unit needs the most important one is probably knowledge. Get the resources I sited to begin with, get intimately familiar with them and then start building. I am available off line for questions.

Until then be safe.

William David “Bill” Roberts II

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  1. outlawpatriot

    Ooo… dunno. Sounds kinda milishy to me. 😉

    Interesting change in tone there Bobbin’. Too bad you stepped all over your crank straight out of the gate.

  2. This is how wars are fought. Similar article coming up in the next Signal-3.

  3. Ok, great. Nice rehash of some military terminology. Nice recommendation to buy and read a bunch of FMs. Now, tell me how a citizen small team is actually going to make use of this? Critical thinking: how is this going to help you?

    It is due to articles like this and the identified need to get relevant and actionable information out to folks, to actually help keep them alive, that I originally wrote: ‘Contact!: A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival.’

    Of just go to the website, go to the blog , and mine the hundreds of free chicken articles on how to actually do things if you have to step up a tactical team.

    • Everything we put out about Infantry type combat operations is a rehash in one way or another, it’s just about the delivery. The best method is to “show and tell” the target audience. Barring that, there are a few good sources available, and some military manuals fall into that category.

    • outlawpatriot

      Yeah, pretty much. 😉

  4. Most of this can be found on Mosbys site from front line to auxiliary, and same with Max’s writings. Both are written for the partisan in mind and not someone trying to re-create regular Army like this article.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. At least he’s trying this time. The last article was nothing but Statist drivel. I’m afraid the organized doctrine of old will not be in play this time around. Too much disparity in the Demographics. Maybe he sees the writing on the wall. All those young people he sent up the river, are now back on the street and want a piece of his old retired in-style ass. Too little, too late judgy wudgy. The horde is coming for your type.

  7. Mr. Roberts, figure your trying to help, but this stuff you wrote is terribly deficient in the harsh and stark realities most people will face, if for no other reason most people simply don’t have the money and resources to copy or emulate this doctrine of yours based on the US military which is funded by the tune of billions of dollars and resupplied by a system geared towards a never ending supply chain and support services.
    Get real man!

    If you think people are going to organize in this structure your not dealing with reality. It will be an austere environment, where the lack of all these pretty things you are promoting will dictate survival. Not the other way around as you propose.
    Let me ask you, have you been successful in doing all these things with a civilian defense team? Do you have stockpiles sufficient to run such operations? And for how long? Do you have a cadre so devoted and organized ready and waiting? What about family members, children, elderly, the infirm? How do they fit into your planning? How about long term food supplies? An area operations adequate and safe in suitable terrain to do this? Weapons maintenance? Scrounging parties? Farming, or medicine, heat in winter, drinking water, clothing, boots, how about caring for and schooling children while the adults are struggling to provide basic necessities of living never mind security and combat operations, where’s your basic comms to run a support auxiliary?
    Have you yourself been successful in real life in accomplishing any of what you propose here outside of the US Military with civilians in a civilian environment?

    • Sir:

      May I suggest a fresh read through the document?

      I know there are a lot of emotions involved, but a brief article on how to framework a team would seem to be a useful thing.

      • CA,
        I read though it three times with an open mind. I read through Mr. Roberts previous scoldings too. To be frank, because you posted Mr. Roberts notions, and that in itself requires, demands really, respect and the benefit of the doubt if nothing else does. I want to believe these military standard doctrinal methods of organization are viable to the reality on the ground, I want to believe in military experienced men like Mr. Roberts. Yet I have just watched this terrible tyranny unfold up in Burns. Where are these Mr. Roberts? DOL? Free From Repression? Solemn Oaths to defend all and protect The Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic? How many of these SF and other solders have gone through this oath in my 60 years? How many CA? How many have acquired these war fighting skills on my dime in 45 years out of my hard earned paycheck, men who I believed in with all my heart and never questioned, because I believed in them, because they are brave and commit to those Ideals that created the military they flourished in and supported and trained them. It was a contract CA.
        And when the chips are down, really down, and these monsters who run this country are destroying it piece by piece from the inside out, dividing us and murdering us, domestically, this guy is arm chair generaling us.
        Forgive me my cynicism, where are these guys? When we need them most, all I hear are crickets and read milque toast pablum such as above.
        Thanks for nothing.
        Maybe I’m a little disenchanted here. Or disgusted. I’m not sure which.
        Emotion doesn’t trump reality CA.
        The reality the US Military is just as much a domestic enemy of the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights as the rest of the federal government.

        Put your money where your Oath is Mr. Roberts. Lets see that organization for real. If you are the military genius you make out to be, do what you preach. Get your act together and get it going. I guarantee you men like me will come.
        Anything less is bullshit.

        • What if we are really, truly no-shit on our own?

          What if we are going to have to build our own defenses?

          What if it’s just you, your wife, your cousin, and the next-door neighbor?

          What if we will have to concern ourselves with threats from all levels of .gov, local felons, and the pissed-off neighbor down the street?

          What if someone asked a retired professional for the simple version of starting from scratch with the idea that maybe a few more good folks might get through the Big Die-Off through following those basic instructions?

          What if the inescapable conclusion was that smaller and local was better?

          • Pete …embrace it. We are really truly no shit, on our own.

            If these experts are not true fucks, it is on them to prove to the contrary. So far…they have taken the check. They are laughing their asses off right about now. Every single one of them, with “retired” “former” and a resume built at tax payer expense is suspect…until they actually “DO” here and now, what they are advising tax payers to do, they aren’t worth the risk they pose to any of us.

            • “A resume built at tax payer expense” spoken like a true civilian with an “I wish I had done that” chip on your shoulder. The “resume” you speak about was our own blood and sweat you imbecile. You had the same opportunity to live the “high life”, in the lap of luxury, known as a “field problem”, yet apparently (I don’t think you’d say that stupid shit if you had earned anything ) you chose not to put in the effort. How’s about you take your “Taxpayers expense” and shove it up your obviously chapped ass!

              • .”Lovely dear sir…spoken like one still earning via tax payer. Touched a nerve, did I?

                You have no idea what I have and/or have not done. Not your fault really.

                But “civilian”? You bet. By choice…and I had one. Didn’t take long to understand what the military indoctrinates about civilians. I don’t make the charge without having a foundation…unlike you…who just shoots first and asks questions later. Hint: that is another dead giveaway as to your mind set, there. You must wear a uniform for a living. You do, don’t you?

                Tax payer? Sure…spent many years paying taxes. Stupid then…not now.

                “Chapped ass”? Hardly. Grew out of that moronic mind set a long time ago.

                I gave you a chance MDT…and you’re a hot head. Instead of considering what I said…you jumped. Like another brave soul here, who assumed I was implying “cowardice.” I wasn’t implying “cowardice.” I was implying “complicity.” Big difference. As in, knowing what side their bread is buttered on, at the very least, “complicity”.

                How did things get this way without such complicity?

                • I don’t know who’s worse, you or the hypocrite. “Square dick” Mullinex. Obviously, being female, you never had the opportunity to do the things the men did. As far as the term “Civilian”.. “Civilian” isn’t a disparagement, it’s pointing out obvious ignorance.

                  • I see you haven’t bothered to answer the question.

                    “Disparagement” like “ignorance” takes many forms.

                    Thank you for your consistency.

              • outlawpatriot

                I’m gonna ask you to back off there Daffy. The woman is loved in certain quarters. 🙂

                • All y’all understand that the Fusion Center kiddies who read this shit are elbowing each other and saying “Get a load of these losers”, right?

                  We’re fucked.

                  Totally and absolutely fucked.

                  I fully expect a shipment of dildos to arrive at WRSA HQ in the next few days.

                  An embarrassment and exemplar of just how badly I am wasting my time here.

                  • outlawpatriot

                    Aww, who gives a fuck what a fusion center thinks.

                    Better to know and understand the man to your left and right.

                    Know what a Hassa is? 🙂

                    • My point is that our conduct allows all who watch to make assessments.

                      Being adjudged as non-serious gives the evil ones more leeway than they should have in fact.

                      Re hassa, no understand:


                    • outlawpatriot

                      Sorry. No reply tab for your post, Pete.

                      I’m not serious? Do you think for a moment that I give a fuck what anybody thinks. I do what I do. Don’t like it, move on. There are plenty inside the wire that do.

                      With reference to “hassa”. May not be spelling it right. From “Scarface.” A pig that don’t fly straight.

                    • My point is that by indulging your spleen, you cut against your own perceived effectiveness.

                      Not your actual effectiveness- but the perception of it.

                  • You are not wasting your time here. The fusion center kiddies think we are losers already…why else would they be there?

                    You have no reason to be embarrassed.

                    People, even lowly civilians, who by the way are paying for every calorie consumed by fusion center kiddies and field generals alike, are cooked to the core over being slammed by the folks we feed, whose training we paid for or are paying for, who never shot a fucking round that wasn’t paid for by “civilians” and who never wore a stitch of clothing not provided to them at a lot of someone elses’ expense, and who don’t drive a vehicle, fly a plane, read a fucking manual that we, a lot of “we’s” didn’t provide to them, based on a notion of trust that we were the beneficiaries of such largesse in the form of an oath taken seriously, at the highest, and ‘remember where you came from’ at the lowest.

                    It is we who should be embarrassed and regretful indeed to have produced such well trained, and well armed tools of the state.

                    The biggest thing I see as the reason for all the discontent and discord is summed up by a woman I heard on a radio show…”An American was killed by another American last night. And he had the help of a “constitutional sheriff’ to do so.”

                    We have wasted…no let me rephrase that…I have wasted a lot of time waiting for OK’s and Constitutional Sheriff’s to grow the hell up, and they haven’t. You gotta wonder….if all these retired military were still in uniform…just who would be in their sites right now?

                    All this mockery of citizens didn’t just develop in the last 7 years…it was alive as a military institutional creed in the 1980’s that I know of, personally.

                    People who are finally awake need to expect better, and get better, or have none at all.

                    Let them show some respect for a change, and for a start.

                    • Ma’am, I get it.

                      I just think your ire should be directed at the ones who are actually doing us dirty.

                      For example, do you think there is a single solitary chance that there isn’t broadcast quality imagery from multiple POVs of the ambush site last night?

                      Why isn’t that being shown?

                      Where’s the shot-up truck?

                    • outlawpatriot

                      Pete, no reply tabs for your comments.

                    • I think we reached the limit on embedded comments.

                    • No tab to reply but here are my thoughts after a few hours of restless sleep interrupted alternately by images of Levoy Finicum and the talking point phrase “not the hill to die on” parroted by so many well meaning, perhaps, “spokesmen” for the patriots.

                      I am tired of “leaders” who don’t lead, and arm chair generals who deign to speak with us. More than tired…wearied, is a better word.

                      I have always gone my own way, with mixed results, but to no other’s blame or credit.

                      When this is said and done, it will not surprise me in the least to find the fingerprints of perceived “patriot leadership” all over it. My instincts are screaming this right now.

                      I am going my own way now. To be clear, if it has any smudge of OathKeepers Leadership or Constitutional Sheriff’s on it…I am steering clear of it. They have both bungled one too many times.

                      I appreciate this site, and association more than you know. I understand the reason for seeking the counsel of those who have war gamed us for decades.

                      It is my hope that people here, everywhere will stop looking to “leaders” and begin thinking, and acting, according to their own conscience, and keeping their own counsel.

                      It is also my hope that all that we do is submitted to the Almighty for His Counsel, but if we must submit, in His Care is the only worthy submission.

                      God Keep Levoy Finicum, and his family in the palm of His Hands.


            • That interchange was interesting, those two comments…very telling as far as it goes. ‘Course it doesn’t tell us much about infiltrators and so on, and we already know there are plenty of natural assholes out there.

              Me, I generally figure about 20% of groups like this are outright infiltrators, but I like to estimate on the high side. I’ll bet that’s not so high anyway, depending on the group. Assholes? Well, most of us are assholes one way or another…not sure what that has to do with anything.

              The article? Yeah, that was cool…useful in some contexts. Useful is good, but doesn’t tell us what’s going on in someone’s mind. Nothing does that, so it’s pointless to try and figure it out.

              Hey, whatever happened to Sean? Is he alright?

              Y’know the history books are going to look fondly on this place and it WILL get sorted out who’s who. It may take some time, but sure as shit the Informatoin Age is going to come up with those answers and peeps are going to wake up and understand. As someone once said, “I wouldn’t want to be employed by the state on that day.”

          • There is little utility in regurgitating FMs/doctrine. Drives me nuts when I see it. The information must be distilled with a healthy dose of experience, and adapted to an anticipated citizen SHTF operating envitonment. Most people, without experience, cannot distill the needed from the chaff from something like an FM or the Ranger handbook.

            And none of it is any use without training. That ‘shoot, move and communicate’ seems easy on paper, until you try and go out and do it.

            I get a little tired of seeing this kind of thing regurgitated and trotted out again and again. We have moved beyond it!

            • Max:

              See my comment to Ought-6.

              You know your work is always appreciated and always welcome here.

              But it is simply not true that no one out of the 7,000 uniques every day here get nothing out of other peoples’ work.

          • Pete:

            “What if we are really, truly no-shit on our own?
            What if we are going to have to build our own defenses?
            What if it’s just you, your wife, your cousin, and the next-door neighbor?
            What if we will have to concern ourselves with threats from all levels of .gov, local felons, and the pissed-off neighbor down the street?”

            I believe that’s exactly what Doug is saying. That, and that guys like Barry and Bill do absolutely nothing but talk shit about and to us.

            Doug’s right and so is Liz just below.

            It’s Max, Mosby, MDT and the like who are making difference.

            The “quiet professionals” have had every chance, for years, to practice “De Oppresso Libre” here in their own country……

            Listing FMs and Old Army TO&E ain’t gonna cut it.

            • Jon:

              I personally asked Bill for these posts.

              He has been gracious enough to provide them.

              I have been brooding today about some of the hostility here.

              I believe some (many) in the freedom movement are looking for rescuers, rather than teachers.

              What Bill did in this post is teach the essence of a staff system.

              Teaching/training is the essence of the UW mission.

              And there is a bunch for folks like me to learn.

              I am grateful for what Bill, Frank Pinelander, and SFC Barry bring to the party, just as I am for everything that Max V, MDT, Mosby, DTG, Sparks, and every other trainer brings.

              And this weekend, I am going to work with my allies on getting our S functions up and running.

              • I repeat:

                “The “quiet professionals” have had every chance, for years, to practice “De Oppresso Libre” here in their (our) own country……”

                I keep seeing them mentioning that “The Adults” are watching the antics of the great unwashed, that would be the rest of us, with the patient humor of day care givers, all the while implying that secret planning is proceeding at higher levels which will be implemented when they deem good and proper. We are just supposed to trust ’em on this and sit at the knee awaiting further instruction.

                That quote above expresses a very good reason for my cynicism.

                • I repeat: What the eff do you think a lesson on basic staff organization from an SF officer is, Jon?

                  • Taught in meatspace, maybe, to folks actually doing the stuff…

                    Like Max. One could learn a lot more about all of this through Max’ two novels or his Contact! and Rapid Fire! books than a boatload of FMs, with examples of real world scenarios and the human toll they take, the burdens and responsibilities of leadership, teamwork and loyalty.

                    I sincerely hope that SF Underground is alive and coiling to strike but, most all my other hopes for my country having been dashed on the rocks of reality, I’m not holding my breath.

                    FMs on staff org seem weak tea compared to the urgent necessities of the times.

  8. You have to ask yourself, is this what the Taliban or Hezbollah are using?

  9. colddeadhandsdays

    I don’t see how this is possible and I’m going to tell you why. Where the hell you gonna find enough young people to be infantry? I’m 45 a lot of others in this movement or older than me I don’t know anybody young who gives a shit!! Millennial generation is 90% useless as tits on a hog. They are inferior in every single way physically mentally and emotionally speaking in my generation and certainly the generations before me. They can’t fight. They won’t fight. We can’t fight them as a military. I don’t believe it for one second.

    The only chance is to basically cut the head off the snake using dirty sneaky clandestine tactics to do so. There’s no way in holy hell that we could have a military military structured war against United States Military.

    • CDH
      If what you say is true, some of your exceptional generation(s) would have rangered up and made some arrests etc. of slavefor. as it stands you/they did nothing . Generational finger pointing is idiotic. Just keep planting the seeds when opportunity arises, and embrace the suck. 💀

      • colddeadhandsdays

        It wasn’t painful enough. Here’s hoping it gets there so we get off our proverbial asses and do what’s necessary.

  10. If we can scare you enough by pointing to the army of the military dictatorship across the river, you will stop thinking rationally, revert to your monkey instinct, and accept our military dictatorship.

    If you accept the military dictatorship proposed in the article, then you will have two military dictatorships to fight, and this new one will understand your secrets and weaknesses much better. Meanwhile, the “opposing” dictator figureheads are out playing golf together, because delivering scary speeches to stampede the yokels is just their day job. How many of the British royalty were related to royalty in Germany?

    • Yeah, sorta get that. Have for some time now. But…it is not going to be as easy as you think. I for one, hope beyond all measure that stops looking for dependence. As far as I can see, mine are no safer with you than with those across the river.

      So, from an average American woman, who has seen the best that can be offered, by all those organized leadership groups, with lots of initials, (mostly “Retired) behind their names, please just fuck off.

      • ,“…all those organized leadership groups, with lots of initials, (mostly “Retired) behind their names, please just fuck off…”

        and die.

        Right again, Dear Lady.

      • outlawpatriot

        Liz, ya gotta have a little faith. It’s not as bad as you might think.

        This rat bastard motherfucker showed his face right out of the gate. I wouldn’t follow him into a titty bar if he was payin’ for the whole night. And what he’s talkin’ about can be had elsewhere from more… oh, shall we say, like minded folk. Or ex-military in general.

        And they’re out there. Take Max for instance. If I never heard or read another word from Bobbin’ or any of the Looney Tunes gang, I would be just fine. And I assure you, I am just fine. As are my people. 😉

        • Outlaw…I have a little faith and a lot of respect for you.

          And Max.

          And Pete.

          And Jon.

          I reserve my deepest faith for the Almighty, of course. I do wonder what He thinks about all this. He has surely heard what I think about it.

          • outlawpatriot

            Mustard seeds can move mountains.

            And thank you dear lady. I am rough around the edges, I know. Not as chick, swave and deboner as I should be. 😉 Your respect means more to me than you know.

            And God knows. He knows. We’ll be alright. 🙂

            • Authentic trumps ‘chick, swave, and deboner’ every single time.

              You are who you say you are, no matter the manner in which the message is delivered. There is no amount in which to measure the worth of that.

      • It’s really, really easy. It’s so easy you can’t believe how easy it is, because you’ve been told all your life by government schools that it’s over your head. Here is how liberty is achieved: one million angry Americans agree to stop paying taxes all on the same day. How about Monday? One million is too large of a number for the government to kill if they don’t volunteer to be killed. Others will stop paying taxes because they don’t want to be chumps. The logistics of government are broken, and can’t be fixed by printing dollars or any variation of making more war against the population.

        The Oregon protest was doomed to fail because it attempted to persuade a majority into agitating for liberty, which they never do. Being free is produced by acting free and getting away with it, freedom does not require the parasites to admit wrongdoing. What the protesters should have done is put their cattle back on their land, and defended them. The Blacks in MLK’s era did it when the Deacons for Defense and Justice stalemated the KKK/LEO into not killing the protesters. Why can’t the Whites today do as well as the Blacks did then?

  11. If any of you reject what Roberts advises in this article, then you are in over your head. He gave you the basic structure as to confirm that you function as a unit. I did not say ACT, I said function. You have to manage your overhead. That’s what these S2’s, 3’s and 4’s do. It doesn’t require money, it requires effort more than being a key board critic. The man gave you sound advice. If you don’t like it, move on and stop insinuating he’s a coward.

  12. Roberts is just pointing out a reasonable way to organize whatever the situation is or who ever is involved.

    someone has to take responsibility for supply, personnel matters, operations and intelligence.

    That seems to me to be all he was suggesting.

    Tactical and strategic operations aren’t the subject here.

    . These functions are still necessary no matter what the operating environment is.

    The reason why doctrine exists, at least on the tactical level, is because it works.


  13. Well, Here we go again Pete. The only thing I can offer is a thank you. You must look at the comments and just ask yourself “why do I bother?”. You have everything from haters to pimps leaving their take.

    There are many who are thankful for the lessons and who are putting such into practice. Mostly they don’t comment much.

    Mr. Roberts, thank you too. Don’t stop, there are many who appreciate the teaching and even the preaching. Hell, even families are laid out like this, your tribe should be too.

  14. I guess I have a different take on all this.

    This was posted in one of the threads here somewhere (not pickin’ on ya)

    “And nothing can ever be done if we don’t come together under some sort of command structure with a concerted plan of action to take our liberty back. Otherwise we as individuals will be picked off here and there and killed or unable to do anything.”

    Fedgov is not afraid, nor worried about the militia, the III, Frefor or any other group that forms up.

    Winning the hearts and minds of the general public, forget about it. You, me, the Hammonds, the Bundys, rightful liberty, whatever the hot button topic is for you… none of that matters to them. I was in a meeting tonight for a couple of hours. Only one person there even knew what I was talking about when I mentioned the death of LaVoy Finicum. As long as these people can maintain the status quo they will not move off the spot.

    So back to what to do, Fedgov is not afraid of Frefor and John Q. Public could give a fuck.

    Contrary to the whispered wishes of our supposed betters, you know the adults in the room that are the (retired) professionals, sitting back with a bag of popcorn, they aren’t really doing us any good and besides I’m not looking for a leader (nor followers) and the problem I have with tribe is being sure the guy you pick to have your back isn’t getting ready to shiv you.

    This is not a conventional battlefield and any group that forms and then chooses to make a stand at fixed or moderately static position has already lost.

    You want to know what fedgov fears? They fear the lonewolf, because there is no infiltration to be done, no chain of command to compromise, no orders to countermand, no cointelpro to pull off, no supply chain to disrupt, no benefit coming from the fusion center. Crap you guys are always worried about the eye of Mordor, hey it missed three little hobbits and fedgov has the same problem.

    Their only defense against an army of lone wolves is to hide and when they come out of hiding they leave themselves open to an attack not of their choosing, not of their place nor of their time.The wolf gets them in the dark when they didn’t even know there was a wolf around. They can not defend against it.

    I guarantee you this is the type of post that makes the fusion center pukes piss their pants because they can’t contain nor respond to this type of threat. Sure they’ll get someone here and there every once in awhile but the long odds are not on their side.

    This is a war that will not be won by amassing a million man army, it is a war that will be won by having a million armies of one. Stop fighting to their strength and start exploiting their weakness.

    So, I reject the label of militia, III, Frefor or any other you wish to paint me with,

    just color me one pissed off wolf.

  15. HHH Old Vet.

    CA, I am local to the area, within 120mi, I will do my best to get pics of shot up truck, even if it is inside a structure.
    I appreciate every one of you Gentlemen, though we have not met, don’t know any of you well enough to call ya’s Mfer’s, maybe some day.
    Best regards.

  16. I wonder how many see the giant metaphor here. A boatload of tough guys and experienced, highly trained Warriors, and one lady lays them all to waste.

    “But it’s just a blog, not real life,” you say? Dream on asshole, cuz that’s EXACTLY how it’s going to go in real life. Iceni26AD had so many great lines and great thoughts that it’s impossible to pick the best ones out.

    Face it, tough guys…you FAILED. One murder two nights ago proves it. Now you can either get on board with the Good Guys (and Gals!) or spend the rest of your lives knowing what you did–if you’re a crooked thug–or knowing what you didn’t do if you’re straight. End of story…the rest of us will simply have to take it up from here.

    Get on board or don’t…your life, your choice. One thing you can count on from here on out—that uniform that you think is covering your soul…well, it ain’t no more. Welcome to the real world.