FBI Video Footage

Draw your own conclusions.


1) Facts matter.

2) We are NOT the Michael Brown crowd.

3) “Died resisting tyranny” is actually a better write-up than “died via murder in cold blood by tyrants”.

4) Legitimacy is a function of credibility, and vice versa. Both are indispensable to achieving victory. Don’t waste either.

UPDATE 2315EST 28JAN2016: H/t Insty for this wrap-up timeline at Malheur; OPB says it’s not over.

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  1. So the cops formed a circular firing squad and killed the guy….. Lucky for the other cops, the one in the woods was able to actually hit his target. I guess lucky for the cops too, was the fact that they knew these dumbasses would leave their unguarded(from what I heard) cabin and drive down the miles long, single lane road with snow too deep to travel off road…..

    The cops appear to be murderers, but what the fuck kind of plan did the bundy people have ???!!!!!!

    • Call me stupid, but I can’t even figure out this basic question: regarding the tree cop on the left, is that his left arm sticking out and he shot a handgun with his right arm, or is the thing sticking out the barrel of a rifle?

  2. He was moving at a pretty good clip on that road, I think he was surprised as he rounded the bend at the speed he was going. Looked as if he took one out in the snow as he tried or avoid or go around. If he wanted to cause them harm he could’ve attempted to drive right through it I guess, but he didn’t. How can cooler heads prevail on any side at that moment in time? After that it happened so fast. If he stayed put in the suv they may have even shot it up since the vehicle is considered a deadly weapon to them. I think he panicked after hitting the snow at the speed he was going and was disoriented. I don’t get the flash grenades or sparks afterward toward the vehicle, anyone?

  3. Tough to tell from the vid what went down exactly, but I think we need to be careful about manipulating the facts/truth so it fits our agenda. That’s the kind of evil shit .gov does. I think Finicum & Co. are/were good people. And hard people. They were rightfully pissed. They went where few tread to go, and to think they did so unarmed (and not on their person) at any time is ludicrous. One thing is certain. These boys trusted what they were told by .gov and got fucked like house-cats. A lesson for us all…

  4. I could be wrong but the officer that’s facing Lavoy, his gun looks like it cycled just before Lavoy reached down.

  5. Tree shooter is using a taser, left hand, no recoil and then starts reaching right hand for pistol. Watch enhanced versions.

  6. Some Guy in OR

    It’s hard to keep your hands up when you’ve been shot while stumbling around in the snow.

    OSP dropped the hammer, not the FBI.

  7. No one went to help the man, or see if he was still breathing.

  8. No ambulances onsite. No aid given to the wounded man. I’ve seen videos of Taliban receiving better treatment.

    • That’s because the USA has been in negotiations with the Taliban to share power in Afghanistan.

      If the Malheur protesters had been Muslims, the Fed government would’ve allowed shipments in of halal lamb and prayer rugs while the call to prayer echoed from the watchtower.

      Obama would have a meeting scheduled to discuss the location of the mosque.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking…Providence that Bracken posted what he did…Problem with Bracken’s story is that he didn’t have another group of people(law enforcement) that were actively keeping the Moriori from defending themselves against the Māori like we have in Europe and here…To all you law enforcement that read here when the Muslims are raping and killing your wives, daughters, sons just remember you killed or enslaved all those that would of helped you defend against them but your paycheck and pensions meant to much to you at the time when you could of said no to your masters…

      • GS That is the truth. Muslims could have held that center indefinitely.
        Obama, Lynch & the CBC would be doing joint press conferences with them.
        The facility would have been redesignated a muslim outreach center.

  9. This entire Bundy escapade was a strategic and tactical fubar from the beginning of the occupation. I am not in disagreement with the liberty motives and the tyranny these ranchers face, but you can see this played out on your evening news almost daily as perps attempt to flee and evade police on the highways.
    Debate the tactics of the take down and death until the cows come home, but the Law & Order crowd won this one “hands down”, which is a set back to the liberty movement that many saw and said was coming.
    And I’m a civilian historian, no military experience, just don’t get so deep into the tactical weeds that you loose the entire war for legitimacy.

  10. I am not a gun fighter, never been in a gun fight or extreme stress confrontation as seen in this video.
    I am not going Monday quarterback what happened, but I am going to apply some logical reasoning to the situation.
    Now, all the high speed operators constany drum it into all training that muscle memory is what takes over in situations such as this.
    From all photos I have seen of LaVoy, it appears that he invariable had a revolver in a leahter holster strapped to his right hip.
    Logic tells me that, if LaVoy had intentions to draw and fire his weapon at OSP operators, he would have reached for his right hip, with is right hand.
    Why it appears that he is reaching cross body, with right hand to left coat pocket, is not for me to speculate about, but my logical mind says he was reaching for a weapon.
    I might be wrong. I might be right.
    Absent audio and clearer video, it is all speculation
    That he was executed by OSP operator with shot(s) to the back, is absolutely clear as daylight. Less lethal options are/were available, but OSP, with full sanction from the FBI, choose the most lethal and terminal option available
    Draw whatever conclusions you wanted from that.
    Make decisions and preparations accordingly.

  11. Sorry, I simply can’t let this go. From Sam at Max’s…

    “He REPEATEDLY said that he was going to die before going to prison. That’s what happened.”

    Yes, these are both facts.

    “That’s why he left out of his vehicle, that’s why he was reaching into his jacket, and that’s why he’s dead. He knew what he was doing, and in the past three weeks repeatedly said exactly what would happen.”

    Sorry, these are speculations. That’s a VERY important distinction in the world of intel. That much I know.

  12. Has anybody else noticed the date stamp clearly reads 27, Jan. 2016?
    The arrest and shooting happened on the 26th though.

    I am not an attorney but is this admissable evidence? That’s a huge fuck up!

  13. Disregard last post. It may be set to GMT.

  14. Richard Yomouth

    I noticed that this
    video has edited out
    the footage of him “yelling
    and charging at the police.”
    Yes, all bloody sarcasm is intended.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. Well I had planned to lay out this event as I saw it and do a detailed account. Then I read Max V’s version of that very thing and I honestly cant improve on it. What he lays out is basically the exact way I saw it and I suspect he was reading some of my posts on Sam Culpers Face book page.


  17. I have to ask – does anyone else see the object in the road behind one of the vehicles in the second roadblock? Facing the direction of the oncoming truck, it’s the blocking vehicle on the left – behind the passenger side front wheel. It looks like a small ladder… Is it a device to reinforce the roadblock, or an elevated platform for a shooter?

    Might be good info to have down the road… lots of other useful info in the video.

    Perhaps a few people with relevant experience and/or training should study it and publish a report of their findings…

  18. So what I think I see in the video is “Law Enforcement” aggressively displaying their weapons, and training them on Mere Citizens in a vehicle. I then see said “Law Enforcement” shoot a man who was facing AWAY FROM the shooter.

    Sounds like they have further defined their Rules of Engagement.

    Fruits of their labors under their very own rules.

  19. Some details outside of the obvious that I made note of in the “full FBI unedited version”.

    Multiple vehicles staged on side road at very beginning of video.

    The initial place of stop had an option (armchair qb here) to take a side road with potential to buy time for backup and negotiations. It may have not been part of the posed trap. Turning around was also an option due to knowing where they had come from.

    Video is edited and missing parts of initial stop.

    2:00: Arms/head out front passenger window, then quickly retracted inside.

    Second vehicle (Jeep) stopped approximately 200 yards to rear.

    4:00: Ryan Payne (assuming), taken hands up to rear of van, and then on ground at 6:00, and again clearer @6:50.

    7:59, 8:11, and 8:13: possible flashes on roadway immediately prior to Lavoy speeding off. This could also be variation in the capture due to camera making adjustments. It needs to be looked at in better detail.

    During take off, smoke, possible result of impact, or at least something odd contrasted against left canopy window.

    Tracks starting from an ATV/s in snow to the left nearing road block.

    Vehicle in immediate pursuit.

    Lavoy separates himself away from the truck.

    I can’t really speculate what happens here since there is no audio and close-up footage released. He may or may not been going for a gun inside his left chest pocket. His movement may have been due to something else. I need to look at an enhanced version and with an editor.

    It appears to be an aggressive point blank intended kill shot by shotgun from woods guy.

    9:40: Lavoy raising his hand into the air prior to his last moment before being finished off.

    Drivers side door attempted to be opened?

    Sporadic various incoming projectiles, including flash bangs. It appears there is no care in the world for blowing the pretty girls face off and turning the occupants to swiss cheese.

    11:40: vehicles move in closer from rear. At some point in the video there is also a vehicle seen further down the road to the front of the incident, but I’m not going to go look for it again.

    12:19: Another barrage of obvious impacts to vehicle.

    Vehicle windshield with multiple impacts.

    13:31: laser on Lavoy’s head and upper body and clearly seen in the snow. MOA is large, so I assume this is from a longer range than the immediate officers. Dot is circular as well, so possibly from elevation.

    15:12: laser on front driver pillar (angle frontward).

    16:45-1701: multiple lasers on rear of vehicle.

    19:16: men moving in from treeline on right of screen.

    Conclusion: no sound or close-up video to analyze with verifiable facts to exactly what happened during the whole scenario.

    The strategy utilized by the federals easily allowed for this type of result. I have no doubt they didn’t want as peaceful of result as possible.

    I’m going to assume Lavoy Finicum died on his feet a strong man resisting tyranny. He gave it all he had. He paid maximum debt for his freedom. He will forever in my mind be a hero. He is a true American Constitutional martyr to the highest degree. May he rest in peace and never be forgotten.

  20. Have the Oregon State Police officers involved made statements (written or verbal) yet? Have they been questioned? Or do union rules prevent that for 3 days?