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From over the transom; sent to recipient this am.

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  1. There is a really good comment to read over at Christian Mercenary. This is a link. It is titled “Mourning.”

  2. …me, I’m surprised as Hell that the Feds didn’t start wasting the entire bovine herd with .50 cals, claiming they were K9s attacking them…ah, “Freedom” and the “Rule of Law” in ‘Muricka today. TPTB even gotta keep the cattle in line.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Freedom!!!! Patriots should have names of the quisling traitors:)

    • Merely need the names of all agencies involved in the murder.

      Harney County Sheriff’s Office

      Any others? Burns Police Department? Federal Marshall’s Service? Oregon State Police? Army (Specific units)? National Guard (Specific units)? Air Force (Air assets)(Specific units)?

      The names of the agencies are sufficient, under their very own Rules of Engagement. The applicable term is “accomplice”. And those “accomplices” pay the same penalty as those who actually “commit” the crime.

      • Collaborator … a little more apposite than “accomplice”.


        • Merely complying with THEIR Rules of Engagement. I see no need to step beyond those for anything that may be coming. Their definition fits their acts sufficiently.

  4. Some Guy in OR

    Well, they are kulaks. Why the surprise?

    • You are all Kulaks now. Just wait your turn you worthless scum, we will get to you eventually.

  5. I would like the name of the aggrieved and the perpetrators

    • Ha, I haven’t agreed online with a mensan since compuserve. But I do now. The bad guys already know them; good guys ought to as well.

      Unassailable logic—either this shit gets stopped, or it doesn’t. And logic ALWAYS holds.

  6. Some day……….

  7. Due to the fact the FEDS have decided to take their intimidation, violent threats and armed assaults upon families, perhaps we should play by their book? The FBI showed it’s propensity for killing women and children at Waco. Why would anyone think they’d change? They won’t! It is institutional behavior. As one class of murderous thugs retire, another class of scum thugs go through Quantico to replace them. I’m sorry about your husband and mother. I have to think a day of reckoning is coming.

    • This is what war feels like. It depends on where you are if you get to “feel the burn” or just read about it in the controlled enemy media.
      Inside the fUSA is no longer “safe”. Not safe for you & yours, not safe for the families of “lawmakers” or “enforcers” until they get back to understanding and enforcing their Oath of Office.

      Got Tribe?

  8. “Blue Lives Matter”, the BLM and FIB are there to “protect you” from your evil instincts of liberty and private property. Kulaks are only good for stomping and suppressing. If you Resist then you are Y’all Quada.
    Eric Erickson’s “Red State” may be more “CommieRed” than conservative, and certainly not a site for Patriots.
    Is it time for “the enemy of my enemy” yet? Too bad Russell Means and Malcolm X have passed on, a flanking movement would be good about now. We have to let each tribe go their own way,with their own leaders, in their own areas, for their own betterment or decline, as long as they do the same for us.
    The USSA is going down of it’s own corruption and deceit, all on it’s own, irregardless of any support or opposition.These Feral Gov abuses are disgusting.

    • Agreed. Redstate has steadily gone down, especially since Erik left.

      Their ‘moderators’ are more akin to stasi than folks that support free speech.

      Done with them. Suggest patriot minded-folk do the same.

  9. are these ORCS really trying to paint a bulls eye on their sorry asses? keep this crap up and see just exactly what you reap.

  10. This type of behavior occurred regularly in NI with some incidents going far past that described. Eventually the behavior changed after those conducting road stops like this were recipients HVLT (high velocity lead therapy). Please pick up a copy of Toby Hearndon’s book called Bandit Country and study it carefully to understand where we are headed. I wish it were not true but after reading all the blood lust comments this weekend by folks who’ve probably never even hit another human i fear we will be there in short order.

  11. Roger Morris

    these thugs are really asking for a good old fashioned stomping. they will get one, but not soon enough……….. Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 20:39:43 +0000 To: exclusio@live.com

  12. HHH Old Vet.

    The Names of the Federal Traitors will be put up for all to see, they have families, some of them, too bad for them I guess.

  13. That axiom about the world looking like a nail when your a hammer… Fed leg breakers getting a bit frustrated and angry the slaves are resisting in increasing numbers? Is every white man with a cowboy hat now a deemed a domestic terrorist and use of brutality, threats of being shot, and shoot first ask no questions the standard?
    What are these thugs planning on doing when things get sporty for them?Because truth is they have it pretty easy, no one is shooting them in the head with their hands up, or at all, or violating their persons with violence and use of force.
    Are they going to shoot everyone in the head on some principle of special powers because the possibility they might “feel” threatened if people begin to protest and resist peacefully in larger numbers?
    Or begin to envoke NDAA diktat, disappear people by locking “undesirable persons” up in gulags and secret holding camps?
    If you can shoot nonviolent peaceful protesters in the head with impunity, burn to death all those children in Waco Tx., shoot mothers in the head while cradling their baby in their arms at Ruby Ridge, they where active participants in all the deaths and misery in Operation fast & Furious. Gulags are easy and secret prisons expedient. So is shooting lone farmers and ranchers in remote locations without moral cause. Or any cause for that matter. And no witnesses. No need to even plant evidence, you got the 5th column media drooling at the mouth to make up any story you require to cover up what you do.

    After Lavoy Finnican’s assassination, you got to ask the question why, why they didn’t murder this rancher and his mother in law. What kept them from charging them with some specious felony violation of some vague open ended change the rules as you go federal regulation, or spilling more blood for that matter? Is it some trigger behavior they require from a “subject” to create plausible deniability to kill? Are they under orders not to murder more ranchers and where out being armed bullies because they can? Where these private contractors dressed up as feds? Was it a case they mistook these people as somebody they where looking to make a hit on and where pissed because they fucked up identities or their intelligence was faulty and where being total idiots about it? Are they frustrated they can’t get revenge for being resisted and their power and ego has to be reinforced and stroked through the use of brutality and they get their rocks of making helpless people grovel for their lives?

    The FBI is public enemy number one. Just toss that Ten Most Wanted list in the trash boys. Your mugs belong on a new list.
    Open murder of the public is part of their operations. We all have to start asking these questions and find out and understand what the motives and base operating procedures are behind these acts of violence. And to understand the reality of where it is heading.

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  15. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  16. Hold them to their own rules, I think Alynsky said.
    Record any interaction with police, on multiple devices if possible. Audio only is still good. Stream it if connected. There are several apps that do this now. Do not assume since you are doing nothing criminal, that the police will be reasonable. If they delete the recordings, get with a tech guru and see if they can be recovered (if all they did was push the regular delete button they probably can be recovered). Lock the mike open on your FRS/GMRS radio. If you’re the receiving station be ready to record. Immediately after the incident, everyone involved (even kids) should write down what happened in detail, including any bad language, inappropriate behavior or if police tried to or deleted recordings, then time, date and sign it. It is important to memorialize this, the sooner the better. Take photos of any injuries or damages caused. Then complain to their agency and post to social media. We want popular opinion on our side. If the agency ignores you, that is just another point in our favor. We want documentation they’ve sent “swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

  17. Mojave Desert Patriot has a really good piece of opinion at his page, I recommend reading it.
    ***Please Consider*** RE: Ammon Bundy asked that everyone go home. Right, wrong, or indifferent, the field of battle is now in the courts. I know, I know, but being amongst the enemy on their home court doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. PRAY for a Joan of Arc moment for the defendants. In the English courts, Joan was asked if she really heard from God, so they could entrap her with heresy. This simple, uneducated French peasant girl said “If I am under Grace, I pray to remain there. If I am not under Grace, I pray to be there.” IMHO, a course of action would be to support the Hammonds, the Bundys, the Finicums, and the defendants. Also really get up to speed on ‘jury nullification’ and start aggressively putting out information. Continue to learn to Move, Communicate (securely), and Shoot. Above all else, PRAY for Guidance, Wisdom, everyone involved, and our country.

  18. Phil Ossiferz Stone

    Being upset and indignant and sqauwking like a wet hen and darkly brooding on some kind of apocalyptic bloodthirsty retribution at some indefinite point on the Internet is no substitute for REAL ACTION. And at this point, if this message is legit, then these people need to (a) find a good lawyer, (b) put up a web site detailing the entire incident, and (c) put up a PayPal button so well-wishers can donate towards the legal fund.

    This standing with our hands by our sides with tears in our eyes while stammering oh dear, how can this happen in America? while our Alinksyite-trained overlords beat and sodomize us with the rulebook has got to come to a freaking end, folks. It’s put up or shut up time.

    • Find a lawyer? You are kidding , right.
      That is an essential part of the problem.
      The criminal justice system and all of it’s ancillary business was hijacked by the legal profession long ago. It is the lawyers piggy bank.
      The common man has no business in the court rooms of the USA unless you enjoy prison gang rape.
      I would rather gargle with battery acid than step foot in a fucking courtroom.
      All LEO’S laugh outside the courtroom while they schmooze with the deputy’s and stenographers.
      Do you know why they are always laughing?
      They laugh because they know you are fucked.
      Waste of time,money and energy.
      You don’t have enough ammo.

      • That’s what HE said HE thinks ought to be done. HE is not YOU. Surely you didn’t miss the wider point of his comment…it’s in the first sentence and the last sentence and personally I think it’s spot-on.

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  20. Damn. Not in lee greenwood’s amerika!

  21. craigslistrr@gmail.com

    I Read the book, ‘unintended consequences’ a while back…when enough abuse is served up, the balance between those affected, that have been sufficiently beat down and those affected, who have not been beat down, will shift…… The treatment of Americans will drastically change. if for no other reason than law enforcement love their families as much as the people they interact with love theirs..I believe they just haven’t encountered that one person that has lost everything to their tactics, yet.. whether it’s the natural gas guy out checking meters, or the mailman,or the guy working in the restaurant the mark frequents, Or the contractor the Mark is forced to hire because his roof has blown off in a wind storm, boating accidents, skiing accidents, cancelled homeowner insurance, before the fire, infidelity, divorce lawyers,surgery…………. A world full of scenarios …. so many opportunities for those who have lost loved ones, It’s like waiting for Los Angeles’ ” big one” to hit…..You cannot go thru life destroying peoples lives, and expect to walk life unscathed.. Just as the criminal can expect to get caught given enough time..Time is always on the side of the unknown victim.
    There is a saying that people use who have been wronged in the worst possible way… “Revenge is a dish best served cold”… We live in a very cruel, unforgiving world.

  22. CA- 1/28/16 21:15est FBI releases LaVoy Finnicum footage on Youtube.
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAGxDWKrjPQ

  23. Senator_Blutarsky

    Sherlock Holmes once famously said to Doctor Watson: ‘You see but you do not observe.’

    Dont be drawn in to micro-minutae as to whether Finicum was or wasnt making a “furtive movement” with his hands.

    The issue should be the illegal roadblock – THEN subsequent fruit.

    “When men hire themselves out to shoot other men to order, asking
    nothing about the justice of their cause, I don’t care
    if they are shot themselves.” —Herbert Spencer

  24. TheRightSite

    Stay tuned, More to come…

  25. “My husband may be a big man, but he was in no way a threat to them”

    Well, that’s part of the problem, isn’t it?