From The Bundy Prosecution


Doc 1

Doc 2

Read and pass on.

BTW, the Latin on the DOJ’s seal is translated:

Who prosecutes on behalf of Lady Justice

Think about that this weekend.

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  1. This just boggles my mind. Prosecuting him for what?! I tried to read the document; and it wasn’t clear.

    • 18 USC 372 Impede a fed official by threat, force or intimidation.
      Thats what they are being prosecuted for. Find a blacks law dictionary and then read impede, force, threat and intimidation. That is probably going to be an easy conviction unless you can convince a jury it was bullshit to charge them at all. But good luck with that. Juries are not informed and tend to believe law enforcement always tells the truth.

  2. Two years as a lawyer, then fed bootcamp and 1 1/2 years service and she’s running the show?!! You gotta be friggin kidding me…..

    • O’ My Lord! My jaw just dropped. At this time? I am having a very hard time making any sense of this at all!

      • from my research this particular law was established in the civil war era. Much hand wringing and vague definitions regarding what and “officer/agent” means technically. It has only been used a handful of times since 1900. Mainly for moonshiners and revenue agents. Since 1971 it has been used 2-3 times by the IRS trying to prosecute tax evasion cases.
        In other words it’s like illegal vs unlawful acts.

        That is unless you’re a leo or a politician.

    • I picked up on that immediately, too. In other words the higher ups not only in DC but also in her local office dumped this on the youngest/newest person they could find.

      Maybe she has no idea what was really dumped on her, but more importantly it shows the complete cowardice of the federal thugocracy. The socialists who believed in the decision to file the complaint still wouldn’t sign their own names to it (and told her to); but also that there weren’t enough Constitutional oathkeepers left in the FBI to make any difference (and stop it behind closed doors).

      This is the FBI that can’t arrest bankers who committed massive fraud leading to the 2008 financial crisis. The statute of limitations has now passed. All of the original perps are still free to do the same thing all over again. And they will.

      This is the FBI that can’t arrest Hillary. They’re waiting for the clock to run out on the statute of limitations for her too. Depending what the rest of the gentry decide, she’ll either be POTUS or allowed to quietly retire on her millions in shady gains.

      But, of course, the protesters in OR get hammered before the first month has even passed.

      Furthermore, according to both documents, reporters from alternative media do not enjoy the same wide latitude enjoyed by the anointed ones who serve the masters of the MSM. Alternative media is a “danger to the community” and arrested while MSM reporters are allowed to disclose national secrets (when given a green light by one of the oligarchical factions prior to the next round of horse trading behind closed doors). Even Sean Penn got a friggin’ free pass for consorting with drug cartels.

      Cowards in the FBI, every one of them, all the way to the top.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Yep, how do you spell “MEGA-GREENHORN?” Looks like none of the “Senior Staff” wanted to sign off on any of this malarkey.

      …wonder why that is, Hummm?

  3. After browsing the oregon district court website it appears the e-file is not publicly available. Could you ask your source if he could pass on the court order for the initial bond hearing and any other pleadings.

  4. Meanwhile, a public demonstration of the boastful criminality of the scum behind land grabs. Mind boggling.
    Pass it on

  5. Perhaps the boys should “Fugitive Days” by the national hero, author of classroom curriculum, & professor emeritus Billy Ayres.
    Billy & Bernadette set off +/- 30 devices, planned robberies of armored cars, banks, grocery stores & gun shops.
    Billy got off scott free(FBI misconduct & a slick lawyer), Bernadette got a $1500 fine & probation.
    The American justice system doesn’t care much for cowboys anymore.
    Where is Jesse James when you need him?

  6. What a bunch of shit!


  7. LaVoy Finnicum’s death is Waco and Ruby Ridge and Wounded Knee in a nutshell. Prologue. It is the total idea and principle of the fabric of this Republic taking a dirt nap.
    Stark cold reevaluation of everything is in order. Because the order can not will not is not evaluating what it is. That is a door locked then welded shut. It can only double down. The order is the Beast.

    This trial is Potemkin legitimacy.
    LaVoy Finnicum and his Brothers are token Kulaks. This is Potemkin jurisprudence. It is to be a show trial. The rest of Ammond’s band of Patriots are to be dressed up as fiends and diabolical criminal’s where the very idea of resistance and liberty are to be served up as apostasy against the state. It is also bread and circus for the corporate and free shit slave class. Where they can gaze upon the spectacle and feel secure in the knowledge as long as they submit, they are safe. They can secure their rations by sowing denigration and hate upon those foolish enough to resist, as any slave class knows, resistance is futile, and that right there is the source of the power of the state. Hideous consent it is. These are the totalitarians among us. Armed badged leg breakers on one end, these willing dupes on the other, and a cabal of psychopathic oligarchs in between. It is a statist sandwich.
    This is totalitarianism. This is how it is in living, and dying color. No pretense or fig leaf of legitimacy is required any longer. They didn’t cross the Rubicon, they are constructing a damn to stop it. This is the reality of the character of the power over us. How do you say it? To these people, there is only them. We do not exist as self determining entities with primal belongings of inherent rights that are inviolate. It is not that they believe we have no liberty, we are far less than that, we are non entities to them, there is no liberty. It doesn’t exist. To these people there is only their world, everything which exists is their oyster to be subsumed to their omnipotance. Nothing else is permitted to others but what is in accordance with their needs. Whatever is required to these ends is permitable. And only what is deemed useful is permitted as the only rules are those that benefit the totality and critically the preservation of that assumed power. It is the totality of it that is so hienous.

    These are the Nomenklaturer, they have become the old Soviets in structure. And the subjects they rule with impunity who are not afraid, who will resist. who will not submit and revolt are the Kulak’s.
    The entire function of the state is now predicated on its surviving its illegitimacy. It will now stop at nothing to survive.

    A Gordian Knot
    It is now up to Freemen to severe its strands.

  8. @ Gunderson…but RICO cannot be used against govt entities.

  9. As Frank Sinatra once sang, “that’s why the Lady is a tramp.”

  10. Funny legal twist…failure to prosecute Hillary would be a violation of the exact same statute, by way of “conspiracy to intimidate”…a ton more clear than in Bundy’s case.

    There’s no real crime here in any event—STILL no complainant has stepped forward to claim physical harm or theft of private property AFAIK. No complainant, no crime. Foundational.

    Who’d have ever thunk it—political prisoners in the USofA, with no bail. Y’all keep consenting; I’ll have been happily killed first.

    • The state is the complainant, the prosecutor, the judge and unless they retain their own counsel they will appoint that as well.

  11. Just another bullshit charge. Half the people in American prisons are political prisoners. We need our “storm the Bastille” moment (something that did also happen back in colonial days – I mean breaking people out who fell afoul of the ruling class).

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  13. StBernardnot

    I didn’t read all the bullshit, but I did see a man murdered.

  14. As I recall, the Gordian Knot was solved by a sword cut right through the middle of it…..