Malheur: Lessons Learned – Bullet List


Sam Culper started here.

A la brainstorming sessions, suggest in comments a bullet list of lessons learned; I will keep moderation current as best as possible to reduce duplication.

Don’t start with the ambush and the still-ongoing occupation; start at the meeting to support the Hammonds.

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  1. We (the liberty/patriot movement) are balls deep in traitors.

    Traitors sb knee capped and sent home when discovered.

    Whoregone is a bad place to attempt a “stand” or “occupation”
    due to the extreme depth of it’s current communist structure in both
    gov and pop.

    Fedgov is struggling to provide wining narratives to counter decent folk
    like LaVoy.

    • It’s OREGON buddy, CENTRAL OREGON, and you won’t find better more hard working, conservative people anywhere. Conservative as in Dudley-do-right, Rule-of-law. When the current power structure collapses, as it surely must at some point, if you are still alive you will really want to be on good terms with the hearts and minds of people who live in places like Burns, Prineville, LeGrande, Vale, John Day, Mitchell, Ukiah, Fox, Enterprise, Redmond………

      • I’m not your buddy. I don’t need anyone that thinks this shit was ok and based on your comments on the other thread you can find Ritzenheimers bag o dicks n chow down skippy.

  2. Well if I have to do the following in my state and you in your state we will all be illegally carrying. Be careful who is now your chief of police.

  3. At least we know from the traffic stop video that Finicum’s shooting was justified, reasonable and warranted–i.e., he got what he wanted. So, lesson #1: Don’t use faux-liberty and sophomoric chest-puffing as a way to fulfill your death wish. It costs taxpayer money and might encourage other whackos and welfare cowboys to do the same.

    • Justified? Is that what “we know”. Who is this “we” you speak of? I saw a man murdered who offered a fight to no one. After Finicum was murdered, I saw the attempted murder of others still in the vehicle.

      I also “know” this. The “war on terrah”, as George W. Bush liked to call it, has been going on for fifteen years. Tactics, mindset and doctrine have infected Copdom to a large extent. Anti-terrorist doctrine is, 1., The terrorist is an unlawful combatant. 2., Terrorists are to be killed. 3., Any terrorist who is not in a posture of abject surrender is a legitimate target. Lethal force should be used. (mind you, these were the original rules of engagement, as written by Dick Rogers, as the Hostage Roasting Team deployed to Ruby Ridge).

      Sadly, these rules are being applied to the civilian population of the United States. I saw nothing in the video which shows Finicum offering violence to anyone. He was shot because his posture did not communicate abject surrender to the cops on scene. In other words, he was shot for “failure to grovel”.

      Lesson learned? Sure here’s one. If you behave like a free man in your own country, you are likely to be seen by Law Imposement as a terrorist and will be subject to the above new doctrine.

      Remember, the cops who murdered Finicum and wounded Bundy are proud of themselves. There were backslaps and high fives all around when it was over. The think they did the right thing. They will do it again at the next opportunity.

    • You pathetic fuck. NOBODY “knows” dick based on the video released attempting to justify this killing. Nice try though.

      • 23:48 lower right corner, back slap after looking over the body.

        He was a man not a Deer or an Elk.
        An executioner that enjoys his job is as depraved as the one he executes, possibly more so because the execution may be of an innocent person.

    • Damn It Paul, did you not get the message yesterday? (“Paul, I think I hear your mom calling, lunch is ready. Now take off your pajamas, put on some day clothes and go eat before she has to call you again. The adults are talking.”) Your mother called this morning and asked me to talk to you about ignoring her, she was actually crying. I don’t care how much $$ .gov is paying you (to be a troll), there is no reason to make your mother cry like that. Now be a good boy, go upstairs and give her a big hug. Remember, family always comes first.

    • Paul fuck off torrie…go suck an obama cock

    • “She was asking to be raped, because she was wearing tight pants.”

      That’s as wrong as 2 boys fucking.

    • “It costs taxpayer money….”
      The taxpayers pay for these parasites and the purchase and upkeep of their equipment whether it’s used or not.

  4. 1. Malheur was a poor place to make a stand. No way to quietly disappear into the country side once government showed up with overwhelming force.

    2. The occupiers, due to lack of ingress/egress roads, were limited to specific lines of travel when moving in and out of Malheur. It was not possible to keep the feds guessing as to route, which allowed the feds to pick the time and place for their roadblock.

    3. The feds are using “overwhelming force” in this situation because they see the fundamental difference between the Malheur occupation and the Baltimore riots. Malheur represents a direct challenge to the current government, whereas Baltimore was merely a mob being a mob.

    (I’m new to this, so please feel free to critique and enlighten me if I have anything wrong or stated improperly)

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The feds are using “overwhelming force” in this situation because they see the fundamental difference between the Malheur occupation and the Baltimore riots. Malheur represents a direct challenge to the current government, whereas Baltimore was merely a mob being a mob.”

      More than that, Baltimore is a major city and it attracted national attention because people were expecting something. Thus, there was a media presence. Rural Oregon is much different. Plus, it’s easier to control media access to rural Oregon than Baltimore. Plus, the media is generally in ideological lockstep with the Feds on the use of force vs. crackers with guns.

  5. There was no effective PR campaign led by a PIO, as far as I could tell. Ideally, such a PIO is not present at the conflict site at all and is in communication with the conflict leaders remotely. He then acts as a bluster-buffer, possibly also collaborating with legal counsel, and pushing a framed narrative that counter’s the State’s narrative.

    Freelance rogues like Santilli created the legal pretext for the traffic stop by putting incriminating evidence on Youtube. This became part of the criminal complaint that led to the arrest warrant that was executed via traffic stop. Solution? Don’t give them incriminating evidence via rogue reporters.

    • Lessons can be learned by study of Northern Ireland troubles. Stop giving interviews. Have one spokesperson who reads a prepared statement. Your PR wing sb separate from your OPS folks. The message is now quiet in Horny county because they are all in gaol. BTW there are still 4 or 5 lads “in the field” who are being hunted like dogs atm.

  6. Small unit guerilla type action with close personally vetted associates is the only “safe” course of action should times dictate. There is no negotiating with the respect my authority types typical of our governments employees. None. Just read “pauls” postings and you’ll see the kind of cunt we’re forced to deal with. Fuck respect, how about they FEAR us as they hope we fear them. Nothing will change until personal accountability is forced upon their ilk and since we can no longer trust our legal system to make it so, it falls to the people to level the playing field. Consequences be damned. Ask yourself this. In 20 years, do you want to explain to your children why you did nothing?….

  7. The first mistake is the mistaken idea those boys made mistakes. The question is they had to start someplace, make a stand, and face what consequences.
    The second mistake is nobody but those boys are experts on what and what not to do, they where there, they had the courage to undertake protestant operations against the feds, and they did it. Not a single one of us outside that group of Ranchers have done that.
    Another mistake lot of us are making is we are putting those guys in our shoes. Wrong. We must examine events objectively from their shoes, so we can know what to do in our shoes going forward.

    I contend these ranchers did everything right, morally, possible. I think their intentions are genuine and as selfless as any man can accomplish. They held the moral high ground, that is number one. A great testimony to the authenticity of their operations, stated intentions, and actions they took. At worst their “mistakes” where ones of omission and limits of resources and outside support.

    Another question is what mistakes did we all make as witnesses and fellow American’s?
    Mistake number one:
    Not nearly enough of us went to morally support these men, as their cause is our cause, as Americans we are all connected and in this together.
    What would the outcome be if ten thousand unarmed people showed up as moral support? And shadowed these Ranchers as witnesses to everything visable?
    Let us begin with our own actions or inactions and what they led to as mistakes in concert with examining events and the people involved directly.
    Let us not make the mistake of ignoring the truth our liberty and freedom is a holistic endeavor. It takes all of us, and that begins with each of us first.

    • Good for you, Doug. You nailed it right down the line!

      This is NOT about “mistakes” and “tactical blunders” made by the “buffoon Bundys” and all the other endless analysis. Yes, we need to learn from this and said analysis is not without benefit, but a lot of it is an excuse for past, current and future INACTION!

      “Let us not make the mistake of ignoring the truth our liberty and freedom is a holistic endeavor. It takes all of us, and that begins with each of us first.”

      Mast Head of All Time!

      Get your priorities and allegiances right.

      Make your peace with God and your mortality.

      Prepare to defend yourselves and Liberty!

      • Left out: “It IS about the tyrannical intent and brutal tactics of fedgov.” Added to second paragraph, just after “INACTION!”


  8. 1. If you are planning any sort of action (like an occupation) have a clear plan.

    2. Know who is on your team and who is off your team before you start. Stick with the team you start with.

    3. Have a very clear communication plan and simple messages. “Three demands” etc. Have a good spokes person.

    4. Plan the end game at the start. (If everyone had evacuated the Refuge on day three, a caravan of cars trucks and horses with flags flying high this would have been a more successful outcome then where we are)

    5. Don’t expect OpFor to “play fair”. That’s not how they roll.

    • Pretty good stuff, relevant to the original posting’s request.
      1. includes prior division of labor based on skillsets available so batteries stay charged, provisions are organized, etc. And, if “catastrophic success” occurs and the stay is longer, the resupply must already be ready to roll when called for – you loaded it and know what’s to follow-on. See Jackson’s #4. (Not a plea for a bunch of stuff while showing off to the press about freezers of food on-hand.)
      2. Yup – no straphangers once you’re in.
      3. Consistency of message with a civil (not condescending) demanor. You cannot swim in a hostile people’s sea.
      4. Critical: future opns is part of the initial mission planning. “What does success look like?” “What actions does that trigger?” What other actions would make further opns untenable and trigger the need to abort?”
      5. Yup; OPFOR objective is not justice. It is, first & foremost, to demonstrate undeniable control and win.

  9. Don’t bring a shoulder-holstered pistol to a fight with a 100 LEOs.

  10. More important than documenting and sharing what works, is what didn’t work…..

  11. 1. Be clear about the nature of the beast. Do not discount reasonable doubts as to the motives, methods, and actions of those in your circle.

    2. Be clear about the nature of the beast. Do not seek support or permission from LLC’s, or political groups with decent or even great mission statements. Of any stripe. Do what you are going to do. You are going to pay the price, and they are going to preserve themselves, with decent or even great jingoistic justifications.

    3. Be clear about the nature of the beast. If it wears a badge, and is present, it is present to pursue its own goals, not to assist you with your goals.

    4. Be clear about the nature of the beast. If you are in a position to exploit documentary evidence, please have a plan to do so, early and often. If nothing else, it gives onlookers something to chew on. Red meat, as it were.

    • The nature of the beast is E.V.I.L.

      No mystery there. Be clear about that.

      Always and everywhere/when.

  12. This would have been a great operation if they kept it to “brinking” ……Occupy just up to but not over the lines of response. Then withdraw. Every time you do this you move the line itself further out.

    Because political power that remains unused especially unused in the face of a challenge declines.
    That’s why brinking is such a good technique to use.

    This is a well worn and successful method of purely political insurgency.

    Every time the center does not react it looks impotent.
    That’s why bundy ranch was a success and Malheur was not.

    Simple as that.

    As a community we need to become more sophisticated about the political tools we use.

  13. A_Spirit-from_Fiddlers-Green

    The so-called tactical people are not tactical at all, in that this ambush should have been avoided. They had some real 19 Delta Cav. Scout things they could have used to avoid this, such as a route recon, on several different routes and never get a particular route pattern developed. Never put everybody in the same convoy. Scouts ahead of your convoy. rear guard security. I mean really. I think the cowboys were just good ole boys and no fault on them, the so-called tactical people are piss poor amateurs.

    • In winter, in Eastern Oregon, there are no “alternate routes,” when the snow is deep.

      • Larry, I live out here too. There will be “backroads” in the winter if necessary- maybe not automobiles… It just seems, sadly, that these good ole boys were set up for the kill by their “unknown” infiltrator. After the Nevada fiasco (for the feds), they had to take down the Bundys. The Hive now has it’s evil dessert; Satanic glee prevails at the death of a white “redneck” too proud to bend a knee. Forgive me, Lord, but- may they rot in Hell.

  14. Lessons Learned
    1. Find the nearest constitutional sheriff, release statement of constitutional sheriff. Gain support of as many Alt media persons as possible to advertise your grievances. Get supportive politicians to make a statement.
    2. Identify federal actors responsible and picket their homes and place of business. Alt media needs to advertise the protest and educate the public. Remember the people already hate the government. Education, Education, Education, Education.
    3. Have Alt media perform analysis of government actors to uncover some of their sins and bring those people to alt media to air grievances.
    4. Set up rotating schedule for protest of federal actors to continue into the future.
    5. Perform protest in town in support of aggrieved.
    6. Pressure must be constant on the federal employees and their sins must be exposed real time with video if possible.
    7. Train those being affected how to contact alt media to keep a record of maltreatment as it occurs.
    8. This is the play-book of the left and it works over time.

  15. Interesting Discussion.

  16. If it looks like a trap, treat it like it is a trap.

    • It’s always a trap.

    • The entire thing, starting with the outrageous railroading of the Hammonds was a trap in retaliation for embarrasing the Playmobil SS at Bunkerville.

      Who makes the next move?

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. First: FreeFor is, at this point, widely scattered individuals and small units who need a CLEAR INITIAL CATALYST to band together in sufficient time and force to counter a many times greater Regime potential. At Bundy Ranch, the Bundy family CHOSE TO STAND AND FIGHT FROM THE OUTSET and that, relatively quickly, magnetized c. 300 gunsels – militia, 3’pers, OK’s. Plus plenty of external financial and material support. Which # eventually proved sufficient to back off an initially surprised, confused, uncertain Regime. At Hammond Ranch the Hammonds themselves – whatever their constraints and motives – CHOSE TO SURRENDER NOT FIGHT. Without the right initial catalyst, only c. 30 gunsels gathered and this w/o substantial national or local support. I washed my hands of it from Day One and said so at the time. Many others stopped by, took a look around, and left

    Second: the Regime, by contrast, did almost everything right, operationally and PR-wise. Laid back a couple days to make sure the clans were not going to gather, then slowly and stealthily concentrated overwhelming force. Then waited some more until the Bundy brothers became complacent, applied solid intel, and captured them with (at this point) only a single death. The .gov comes out of all this looking kind and competent, and FreefOr – what there was of it – comes out looking like a gang of crazed, incompetent provocateurs

    Third: w/o competent leadership, the battle is lost before it begins. I think it’s just as well the Bundy brothers and certain of their associates will be out of circulation for awhile. A leadership cadre capable of assessing the psycho-political terrain – a Bracken, a Max V., a Rawles – would have considered the initial optics and said, “no, we’re going to pass on this one. It just doesn’t feel right”.

    • The above is the best I’ve seen of your commentary on this site. Thanks. Most all of your other contributions, I do not like.

  19. There is no single “Oregon”, anymore than there is any single other “State” within this clusterfuck of a tyrannical USSA. Political options are over and done, as noted by the occupiers.
    Bullet: They, (perhaps) chose unwisely to “make a stand” for the Hammonds- who didn’t even want the help. Lost cause from the start. Had to be a perpetrator in their group.
    Bullet: The OKs and PPNs tried to talk them away from their stand, they refused. This raises many questions, increasing the high possibility that a traitor among them continued to egg them on. The comment above in re cells is very important- and don’t talk to anyone you haven’t known since birth or in combat together.
    Bullet: Moral high ground has to occupied with common sense, and a knowledge of Sun Tzu.
    Bullet: Making “stands” might be really, really stupid in an age of drone warfare and full-press military-style response. Targets make stands.
    Bullet: it is good to know how long it took for the bureaucrats to set this ambush up- response time critical in different situations. Another important reason not to “stand” in one place.
    Bullet: if you haven’t already, start reading partisan four gee W books; if the wicked witch gets elected, white males with guns will be hunted down as terrorists. concealed permit holders first.
    Bullet: stop underestimating the demonic possession and satanic lust within the tyrants hearts, and those of their willing servants.
    I pray for our nation and our brothers in arms to resist the tyranny.

    • “Bullet: stop underestimating the demonic possession and satanic lust within the tyrants hearts, and those of their willing servants.
      I pray for our nation and our brothers in arms to resist the tyranny.”

      THAT is bullet no. 1.

      Begin all planning with that as the basic premise re: your enemy’s motivation, intent and limitations!

      Evil is basically stupid assuming, as it does, that it is invincible… because it is narcissistic, entitled, amoral and unprincipled. It’s adherents are, therefore, deceitful, disloyal and untrustworthy, out for only themselves, especially when the shit gets real, two way.

      No pay? Some of them get dead? Things are “getting outta hand?” Families are in jeopardy?

      “Hey, Man… this ain’t what I signed on for! I’m outta here.”

      These cowards fancy themselves a real warriors so long as they have it all their own way…………….

  20. OPSEC, COMSEC have written plans for both. Conduct solid Information Operations to craft the narrative. From a propaganda perspective, strive to win the hearts and minds of the locals and force OPFOR to be reactive to every message or idea you deliver. Benchmark the IOs TTPs of successful movements, regardless of nature, such as the Black Lives Matter, anti-WTO and the 99%. “The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.” ~ Mao Zedong

  21. HHH Old Vet.

    Hey FEDS, Patriots are gearing up with Jury Nullification, Helicopters, Drones, when you guys MURDERED Lavoy, you woke up a Million sleeping Patriots with More waking every day now.
    One day you will Not feel secure in your homes, that will be some justice, but only the start.

  22. 1. Learn to play Chess, or Othello (GO) so you learn to think at least 3 steps ahead.
    2. Never ever, ever, ever, depend on any LEO, FLED, ect., because they have been operating under an us versus them mentality so long they can no longer think outside of the “if you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about so how about you let me search you, your car, your house, your bank account, your medical records, your tonsils…” They have no honor, they have been lying and abusing for so long they know no other way. There “”may”” be some good ones out there, but make them prove it before trusting them. It is safer FOR US to assume LE is corrupt.
    3. Never fall into ‘pride of authorship’ because no one person knows everything. Listen to your people, people you trust, they may have a really good perspective you hadn’t considered.

    4. Picture a pair of cowboy boots with a lever-action Winchester and a cowboy hat on top of the rifle, like the Army does for a fallen soldier.

  23. Weather and climate technically falls under the Staff Weather Officer (SWO), who has daily input into the S2 shop. Ultimately, weather and terrain belongs to the 2. A slide detailing the weather is in every morning’s battle update brief.

    One reason why the FBI and OSP may have chosen that location for their roadblock is because the snow banks turned canalizing terrain into a choke point.

    I’m not saying that Bundy should have waited until Spring or Summer (maybe just until the Spring or Summer of 2000-never), however, weather and climate can play a very significant role in all operations.

    Keep an eye on the clouds, boys.

  24. “Protests” only work when they are actually votes: the various sides compare army strength, and the losers concede before anybody presses triggers. A vote is an armed military conflict where policy change is the least costly retreat. MLK had his Deacons for Defense and Justice, Gandhi’s supporters outnumbered the British thousands to one and rioted uncontrollably at his speeches. The point of a parade is to show you can lead that many people to march in formation; if you don’t concede then next time they will be carrying rifles instead of flags.

    All that talk by MLK and Gandhi about pacifism was just misdirection for government-school graduates. The idea that there is such as thing as a “protest”, where a formalized loud begging causes your lords and masters to be embarrassed and reconsider, is misdirection by the government. It is face-saving to pretend the people were never out of control.

    The badness will end when one million people decide to stop obeying bad laws, and refuse to be prosecuted for it. This could happen as soon as Monday. How is Monday, is liberty on Monday good for you?

    • I’m in !!

    • “The badness will end when one million people decide to stop obeying bad laws, and refuse to be prosecuted for it. This could happen as soon as Monday. How is Monday, is liberty on Monday good for you?”

      Love it.

      Just do it.

  25. It’s evident that we haven’t reached “critical mass” in re-educating people about the Founding Documents yet.

    Until such point as that happens, nothing else really matters nor will be successful. If that never happens, we fail.

    Statistically, I’ve read that it takes around 10-12% of any group to be focused on one thing for that thing to actually take place. From that percentage forward things pretty much then move on their own.

    So that is our goal, 10-12% to be reached with the truth and knowledge of the Founders Documents.

    Sounds simple and in concept it is. It’s just not easy. It is required though.

    Surely with the technology of today we can find the way, the answer to making that happen and quickly.

    Surely that is something that EVERY Liberty group could get behind and pursue.

    Remember a penny a day doubled becomes 10.7 million in 30 days.

    Something like spreading this video is a start:

    Now THAT would make Lavoy’s death mean something if we accomplished that.

  26. Just imagine what freedom would bring:

    “National” debt is repudiated. Reduction in “national” credit rating means it’s harder for a new government to get started.

    No taxes. No tax filings. Your business is Your. Business.

    Women don’t get alimony or child support after they leave a marriage. You mean marriage is a partnership, and women have promised considerations such as sexual companionship in exchange for his paycheck?

    Officers of large corporations who commit heinous crimes like Love Canal prosecuted like the common criminals they are.

    No welfare, including social security. Welfare recipients forced to grow up by facing ordinary challenges of satisfying others in a marketplace. Statist generation gets to choose between starving, moving back in with children and being nice, or going back to work for a living.

    Uncompetitive military laid off: everything except submarines, missiles, satellites, some older airplanes that don’t cost a billion freaking dollars. Remainder funded by pledge drives on History channel.

    Credit card debt, mortgage debt, student debt, all debt to organizations To Big To Fail, is repudiated. If you occupy it you own it.

    No gate rape at the airport or the border. No borders. No iron curtain. Terrorists shot by bystanders at moment of attack.

    The very few government employees who would have a job in a free market (fire fighters, paramedics?) are invited to offer subscription plans, just like they used to do in the USA.

    Government assets given away (not sold, they were stolen to begin with), in proportion to recent tax payments.

    Non-violent criminals are freed, repeatedly violent criminals are killed. Prisons closed. Naked virgin girls may walk down the street unmolested, because men who assault them will be prosecuted by their fathers and brothers.

    No prior restraint on weapons. If you, a gay Black Muslim male with no criminal record of violence want to take one of the decommissioned aircraft carriers, paint it pink and operate it as a floating gay nightclub, well, you don’t need anyone’s legal approval.

  27. Chuck Goshdangit

    Jesus, we really are our own worst enemies. Calling people traitors, because they’re not wiling to call the shooting a murder. Finicum had ample opportunity to surrender peacefully, long before he drove into the snow bank. He drew his line in the sand. He stood by what he said, and died like he was willing to do. It is what it is. And I respect that. We need to take a step back and realize that not every fight is the right fight. The Bundy Ranch situation was a showdown, plain and simple. If the FedGov had decided to go hit it would have been shooting fish in a barrel. Same story with the goings on in Oregon. A showdown. Now why the actual fuck do you want to get into a showdown with a better armed, better supplied, enemy? How does that make sense? So…

    1. Don’t get in a showdown with a better armed, better supplied enemy (the FedGov).

    If the people you purport to be there supporting tell you they don’t want you there, and the community doesn’t want you there, then where is your support? How will you succeed if the community will not at least passively support you? If your presence is “tearing the community apart” what good is it doing the cause? So…

    2. If the people you are there to support, and the community tell you to go the fuck home, go the fuck home.

    And, I’m sorry, but these “leaders” in Oregon don’t speak for me. Not every patriot is going to make a good leader. That’s the simple truth. I suggest you compile a list of men you respect in the Patriot community, and decide who you respect enough to follow. It doesn’t have to be every guy who decides to “do something”. Personally, for me, my short list includes, but is not limited to, Bracken, CA, Kenny, TL, Sparks, and Danmorgan76. These fellows are serious individuals, in my opinion, and when they say it’s go time, it’s go time. So…

    3. Pick good leaders to follow, and realize not every person “leading” something is a leader you should follow.

    That’s all I’ve got. I’m sure that’s enough to brand me a traitor for some of you, but so what. If that’s the case you’re probably the type of reactionary fucks that will get good men killed needlessly, and I wouldn’t want to be involved in a bake sale with you, much less an operation.

  28. One lesson reinforced: surrender is not a good option.

  29. I’ll tell you again,

    fedgov is not worried about any militia, frefor, the III or any other group wearing whatever label you wish to wear. You are, for the most part, the wrong whatever – pick your favorite – race, political affiliation, gender, religion, belief system, etc. from a big list.

    Amassing a group of people to mount a stand, no matter how well armed and trained, how peaceful, how violent, from a fixed position is a sure way to lose.

    The only thing fedgov really fears is the lone wolf operator, no infiltration, no compromised opsec, no cointelpro, no crumbs on the interwebs to be tracked, no idea of target or time or method. They can’t fight this. Crap look what one man (Dorner) did to California Now picture 500 lone wolf operators across the country not making his very bad blunders. They would be hunkered down afraid to even peak out the door.

    Their only defense is hiding and when they come out of hiding they would leave themselves open to attack at a time and place as well as means, not of their choosing.

    How do you continue to be a popo when you can’t respond to a call for fear it will be your last. It would be hell to always be looking over your shoulder in fear.

    How do you continue when you can’t take your family on an outing for fear they may become collateral damage in retribution for your crimes. “Gee honey, we have to stay locked in the house because I’m a goon for fedgov”.

    The above two pressures would put popo in a vise and they wouldn’t be able to take the pressure.

    Note: I am not advocating the deliberate targeting of innocents, hell I’m not even advocating the deliberate targeting of popo, remember this is just an intellectual discourse.

    When they start feeling the pain you will be surprised at how quickly the blu flu will strike. This will leave their masters in a more vulnerable position.

    I know this is hard to intellectualize but when you are dealing with cancer or gangrene you can’t feel sorry for the damaged cells adjacent to the cancer or the limb that must be amputated if you are going to save the life.

    Just as with the above medical reference, you don’t go whole hog wild and slaughter everything within reach, you make a determined surgical strike of the appropriate target but make no mistake, if this cancer is not eradicated the country will die.


  30. I just watched the FBI 1080p edited version and am adding a comment here since the previous thread is shut down to further comments.

    It’s a pathetic attempt at fair evidence of anything. Why not release an actual uncut high quality capture of the entire footage? It’s already bad enough that it’s a cut up aerial without audio. I’m taking this as an obvious attempt to cover up something. This version is higher quality but further cuts out the initial stop and much of the final.

    What I was able to tell different during initial stop is that the unknown something during take off at initial stop is a unimportant reflection in the rear side window. Now with the killing of Lavoy I think the sneaky long arm woods guy used a taser and a handgun. The nearest other cop backing him had a rifle. I still can’t say what happened there for sure. Lack of audio and close in video makes it impossible to know IMO. It really doesn’t matter though, because we all know enough of the truth without needing the details. This style of operation and evidence provided is all the proof I needed.

  31. Consider reading Matt Bracken’s short story “What I Saw At The Coup” available at his blog for some ideas, especially the part about rope and overpasses going in and out of Mordor. 4 gee dubya …

  32. Back during the Revolution there were the Patriot militias and the Loyalist militias.

    If you look at the events of this past week through the lens of history the OSP are like the Loyalist militia to the King’s army (federal agencies such as the FBI) and then it all comes into proper perspective.

    Now taking this perspective, it was quite clear that the occupation that took place in Oregon this past month was deep into LOYALIST majority territory. Hence, the difficulty finding local support.

    Lesson learned: pick a place with a higher percentage of Patriots.