PPN Call To Action – 29JAN



If locals want it, they should have it.

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  1. Patriots should run from Burns as fast as they can. The Refuge and the Bundy group were obviously infiltrated. Who knows if the people left in the refuge are Patriots at all, or if they are all infiltrators doing a good job of making the Patriots look even worse. Burns is a gubmint company town, most of the work there is for either the feds, state, county or city. They don’t want the Patriots there. So don’t go there. Anybody who goes there will photographed. The feds will put GPS trackers on their cars when they aren’t looking. Anybody who goes there now will be part of a giant intel gathering project.
    This is a minor setback for the Patriots. They got a great Martyr out of it. You can’t win every battle. The Patriots underestimated the gov. in Oregon just like the gov. underestimated the Patriots in Nevada. The Patriots were never violent against the gov. The gov. loss at the Bundy ranch was far worse. It appears no one will be charged with felony murder. Lick your wounds, be patient, and retool your tactics and strategy. Whats going to happen to Europe by this summer, as so very well documented by Bracken, will blot out the sun and no one will even remember this little circus in Oregon.

  2. Stop, or I’ll say “stop” again! Is this a Monty Python sketch?

    Or maybe it’s peaceful like MLK was peaceful. Say “peaceful” in all public communications. Act peaceful towards bystanders, but veterans with rifles threaten KKK with MAD. If that’s the case then we may not hear about the rifles until it’s over, but some morality play will go on in public that would not be expected to succeed. Where are the Freedom Ranchers? Put the cattle back on the BLM land and go back to ranching. When the press asks why you’re getting away with it, just shrug.

  3. I am appreciative of Max’s help in analyzing the video, and as well his comments about perceptions while under duress. It helps paint a more nuanced picture of a very fluid situation for those of us who have never had to encounter anything similar.

    The FBI is, and should continue to be, held to a higher standard of conduct than any other LEO in the country. Their actions are inexcusable and indefensible. Huge amounts of resources are expended to provide them the best equipment and training precisely so these types of events don’t happen. To accept that it “did” and that there is any justification for it should.not.stand.

    A coordinated campaign is being conducted to manage the “optics” and “messaging” of this event. The timing of the release of this video, “in the interest of full transparency”, is one of those items chosen for management. I am not convinced that other video with audio isn’t available, but for some reason it was deemed important to get “this” video, without any audio, released first. Why? Understand that the FBI has huge resources devoted to psychological profiling and management therein.

    To reiterate the Intel points Partyzantski has made in the past – which also apply to Narrative Management:

    (a) why is “this” information being released and
    (b) what benefit does the releasing agency gain from doing so?

    The FBI is ahead of “us” on the power curve, as they knew what the video contained; they had control over the release of the video, after they had their messaging lined up.

    They want – and need – you to be drawn into the weeds on this as part of their control of the Narrative. Stay macro, and stay on the offensive.

    They were headed to a community meeting for an airing of grievances as arranged and which the public was assured was part of the “peaceful resolution” process but were deliberately prevented from doing so (Trust/Credibility Failure); Finicum is dead, in spite of the involvement of the most highly trained police agency in the country taking the lead (#LeadershipFailure); they callously watched a man bleed out with absolutely no effort to render aid. (Moral/Ethical Failure).

    The fact that there wasn’t EMS on station means that they did not expect/anticipate there to be a violent confrontation, which shreds the “violent extremist” lie part of the meme – so someone screwed this up completely, in spite of “hours of interagency planning and effort”. (#LeadershipFailure).

    Ask yourself what would have been the response if LaVoy Finicum and the rest of the occupiers had been African-American? Would the decision still have been made to set up the roadblocks and a kill zone, or would the group have been given an escort to the community meeting at John Day?

    If anything has been learned from prior national-level “events” (Trayvon
    “Aspirational Astronaut” Martin shooting, Mike Brown HandsUpDontShoot shooting), the first few days are critical with respect to the messaging. Which ever side can get their messaging embedded into the collective psyche first wins. The truth, sadly, then becomes irrelevant. The FBI had a head start, but are not winning the messaging war with the release of the video, nor should we let them.

    Just because there’s an exciting parade with a huge brass section and a Sgt Major leading it, doesn’t mean you have to fall in.

  4. “If locals want it, they should have it.”
    Am I to understand that the 60% of fedparasite residents have now made a 1-80 on the issues to support the cause?
    While they’re on social media lusting for more blood?

    I’ll pay for the live stream when they “escort” the feds outta there.
    Some would say “achievable goals”, no?
    Not that they shouldn’t try.

  5. Locals should have had it from the get go. Folks need to watch some of LaVoy’s videos to understand further what this was or wasn’t about. They were trying to get a movement off the ground vs. conducting a bone headed operation (I agree there was a strategic and tactical failure). I do NOT agree their intentions were poor or lacking in resolve. Seriously watch this video and tell me they should not have had a “real” escort to the meeting (who would have no doubt told them the meeting was a bad idea in the first place. But once you understand the context of what they were doing or trying to do you begin to understand that the local community of “patriots” prob should have rallied once momentum was achieved. But take some time, start here and it becomes clear why they whacked him. In fact when you watch this you realize this guy had lit a fire that was threatening to burn down the BLM altogether.

    • Nice work, Tom; thanks. My line with the share—“You can stop wondering and details don’t matter. This is why he was killed.”

  6. This is a good start. Now they can get to the business of database building the precursor of a networking system. Fins every supporter and get their contact info. Leave instructions for the new contact to gather data from others who want to support the cause. Establish a central location for that data to be sent to for compilation. Without networking a parade is ineffective. Build for future events and maintain an email/phone database so a call to arms can be automated. Networking is what the left is so good at. They use it to intimidate their foes.

  7. aka doubling down on a debacle (“no long guns”); alright, I’ll be there…with a pocket full of spitballs. Not. The wildlife have their refuge back. Let them enjoy it for awhile. At Guadalcanal, the Japs won 4 out of the 7 major naval battles. But they lost the Island, and then the War

  8. well there you go…….don’t bring a gun, don’t bring any ill will….don’t drive angry….if you want to be part of our PEACEFUL protest in front of these murdering , laughing, high-fiving bastards you have to take three deep breaths first and chant OMMmmmmmmmmm a boat load of times and if you won’t then “WE DON”T NEED YOU” you fucking pussy !!! grow a pair you phony patriot……….or better yet rent an auditorium and talk them to death so at least you and your lame friends can be warm while you waste everyone elses time…….WRS I cannot believe you posted this lame shit..!!!!

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    Excuse me for pointing this out.. but shouldn’t this have been issued about 1 1/2 weeks ago?

    Just asking.

  10. So far, at least in my estimation, the PPN has been the most rational of a generally rational bunch. Not sure why no long guns, but I don’t believe in second-guessing managers…in the context they’re managing, anyway. I’m an atheist alright, but I can think of nothing better than Dickens right now…

    First Line: Marley was dead: to begin with.

    Last Line: And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!

  11. If the Locals wanted it, they got it….Ferals up to their ears. This is just more “jousting at windmills”, imo, without a snowball’s chance of success.
    It’s “Still” the wrong location, wrong weather, no supportive infrastructure, no chance of popular support; sooo….. “The Light Brigade” Charges Again.
    The “demands” are juvenile and Quixotic, sounding like the collegians at Missouri University, and about as realistic too! Sheesh, the Gov Progs are ROFLTAO. It’s just embarrassing.
    Relocate to TX, or AZ; there is plenty of Feral Tyranny there, and ground support.

  12. Sorry, but no. PPN can stomp their feet and run in circles all they want. Demand the moon. Who does it help? The other side- functioning as a safety valve to let off steam. The other side was willing to use force and did so with the killing of a good man. Protest won’t matter anymore. Talking won’t matter anymore. Not calling for armed rebellion, just pointing facts out. The only way PPN and OK group could have effected the outcome is to go national, calling members to stand outside of every fibbie office and US attack dogs (fed prosecutor’s offices and just stare. Not a level of threat, but enough to make the their masters nervous. Didn’t happen. Just talk did not work. Now more talk? Again, no. Nog

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  14. Oh, here come the experts again, knowing just what everyone ought to do, including their host here…everyone but themselves, that is. Gee, kinda rings a bell. Oh yeah, that’s what happened the day Bundy and Co. walked into that cabin.

    Never fails…someone actually does something, and everyone else knows they’re doing the wrong thing. Really, it’s remarkable. I guess I’m too much the simpleton; takes all of my time figuring out my own damn life.

    Golly, I wonder what brought us here in the first place. Who could figure it out…it’s like rocket science.

  15. Remember when protests stopped obamacare?

    Yup. Im sure itll work again.