Buppert: Killing Cowboys – Death In The West


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Mr. Finicum will not be the last.

Finicum family statement and funeral arrangements here; related coverage from Fox.

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11 responses to “Buppert: Killing Cowboys – Death In The West

  1. It appears that they DO get more “Free Wacos”.

  2. “This is also very demonstrative evidence that whatever an empire does abroad, it all comes home.”

    Yes. Addressing this in the big 2002/2003 runup to the festivities cast you as un-American.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Bio pert is right. We haven’t done anything…YET…However, should we ever decide to have a night of the king knives, and go kill any law enforcement official we see, it would end quickly and badly for them. As long as we stay on the porch we are slaves.

  4. I don’t always agree with Bill, but. This is sadly perfect.

  5. Buppert writes with sordid accuracy of the totalitarian state, now existing in fUSA. He certainly does so more eloquently than I. Of course there will be the CON-servative statists and collectivists who ply their wares at WRSA and other blogs, who will pooh-pooh and denounce Mr. Buppert’s observations expressed in his essay.

    There ARE enemies amongst us.

    Anarchy is good.

  6. “I’ve got no dog in the fight with ranchers; most Western ranchers tend to get astounding below-market grazing leases that the rest of the booboise subsidizes for their cattle ranching operations.”

    Bill should understand the interaction of these two things: most of the subsidies are going to corporations rather than small private family farms and this is to keep the price of food low –and the masses of people fed and content. Fat happy people don’t riot as often and/or join revolutionary groups as frequently.

    Do a little research and you learn a single chicken could cost a week’s pay in ancient Rome. Supply and demand was an issue in this very crowded city and only the rich could regularly afford to eat meat. Hence the emphasis on shipping grain and handing out free bread. Look at your loaf of bread today –mostly air that could be squished into a ball about 1/4 it’s original size. You’re not going to ship animals/meats from all corners of the empire without the modern transportation and refrigeration we have today. Without it you get mostly grain, oil, wine, and dried spices in the caravan or ship.

    The booboise getting to eat cheap meat every day is a modern aberration from the rest of human history. Enjoy it while it lasts. Build your muscle and brains with it and not fat around your waist.

    Now add potable water to the equation and ask yourself who owns most of the water rights in most of the West? Corporations, some extremely wealthy individuals who never farmed a day, and government.

    Who owns the minerals rights? The same as above and increasingly foreigners.

    We’re the new Native Americans.

  7. It might be well for the uninformed to explore the nuances of a grazing lease with the blm or the forest service. Tons of wiggle room for lease modification annually for the gov with their mandates The ranchers must be choke down these edicts with minimal viable appeals options. Oh, and then the capital outlays: 1.initial fencing costs ($2 / ln ft) 2.fence maint costs: not just for the cattle herd, but vs elk who plow through the fence, not over as as would a mulie. 3.water development, storage, fenceoff of riparian areas, ditchdigging ($5-6 /ln ft) 4.stock tank purchases ($1000 plus /tank) 5.endless record keeping mandates to comply with involving mucho unproductive time.
    6.weed/undesirable plant control (you think herbicide costs for your little garden are astronomical?) 7.earthmoving constraints as in dam building,
    terracing, road/trail maint. 8.soil erosion mandates 9.endangered species
    mandates etc. 10. variable animal units/acre/ year depending on gov assessment or whim.
    This is just a partial list. I pity the families w/o deeded ground who get ALL the good deals and happiness. Get real, hive dwellers, cheap grazing maybe ain’t all that whippy.
    Lovies, Soapweed

    • Not to mention your supposedly private farmland can be at the mercy of the EPA, the Army Corps of Engineers (I shit you not), and environmental non profit groups like the Sierra Club. Go ahead a repair a ditch EAST of Mississippi and see what that gets you when it comes to water drainage, “damage to the watershed” and threatening plant and animal species that don’t even really live there.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Fellow over the hill bought a helicopter. He wanted to land in his yard.
    Each time he flew over the ranch and spooked the elk herd they would take down a quarter mile of fence.
    He said it wasn’t his fault or responsibility.
    Eventually he saw the error of his ways.
    When thirty families that live around you tell you that you are an asshole, you should probably listen.
    One small glitch in the cattle business.
    Soapweed mentioned many others. Ranching and animal husbandry are not easy.
    The most disciplined people you will meet are dairy farmers. No days off from tending dairy cattle and milking. Most people would not make it one week doing the hard work necessary to keep a herd.
    I hate to break the news to all the ignorant morons out there. Milk and meat aren’t made in the back room at Wal-Mart.