Statement by Greg Bretzing, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Portland, 1/28/2016

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Via FlashAlert:

Clarification: We’ve received a few questions about the date/time stamp in the left corner of the video. Pilots use Zulu Time (also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)) when they fly. Zulu time is 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST)… thus the date/time stamp would show just after midnight for January 27, 2016.

Good evening. My name is Greg Bretzing, and I am the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oregon.

We have quite a bit of information to share with you tonight concerning the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

First, I would like to confirm that as of this morning one more person left the refuge through a checkpoint. We believe there are four others who currently remain on the refuge. Since the establishment of checkpoints, a total of nine people have left the refuge. Of those, the FBI released six and arrested three.

Secondly, I would like to confirm that the FBI and Oregon State Police have narrowed the containment zones. This was done to make it more convenient for those who live and work in the immediate area of the refuge to go about their business. To this end, Highway 205 is now open in both directions.

There has been some media reporting that the situation at the refuge is resolved. That is NOT true. Again, we still believe there are occupiers on the refuge. The negotiators continue to work around the clock to talk to those four people in an effort to get them to come out peacefully.

Thirdly, we know there is quite a bit of interest related to the events as they occurred on Highway 395 on Tuesday afternoon. We know there are various versions of what occurred during this event: most inaccurate, some inflammatory. To that end, we want to do what we can to lay out an honest and unfiltered view of what happened and how it happened.

FBI agents and Oregon State Police troopers were involved in this operation. During this operation, OSP troopers utilized deadly force due to their proximity to LaVoy Finicum as the situation unfolded. Because of this, the Deschutes County Major Incident Team is conducting the outside review of the shooting per Oregon State law and established protocols. Because of that on-going investigation, I will not be able to answer every question you have… but hopefully we will give the public some clarity as to what occurred.

At approximately 4:25 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, FBI and OSP began a law enforcement action to bring into custody the people riding in two separate vehicles as they traveled between Burns and John Day. The FBI did have a plane in the air, and what I am about to show you is a video from that plane. A couple of notes about the video before we watch it.

*The plane is following the vehicles, and the camera sometimes pans from one vehicle to the other… a white truck in front and a jeep in back. At other times when the vehicles are in a fixed location, the plane is flying in a pattern over that location. Because of that flight pattern, there are portions where trees obscure what is happening. The details that I am about to provide to you are based both on an analysis of this video and some ground-level observations of agents and troopers on the scene.

*Because the operation lasted more than 25 minutes, we are showing you two of the most pertinent clips today. The entire unedited video from the start of the traffic stop through the surrender of all individuals will be available to the media and the general public on the FBI’s YouTube channel.

*Because I am using some very specific language to describe what is happening, the entire transcript of my comments will be posted to

*I want to caution you that the video does show the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum. We realize that viewing that piece of the video will be upsetting to some people, but we feel that it is necessary to show the whole thing unedited in the interest of transparency.

The video picks up a few seconds before the FBI and OSP vehicles pull in behind the jeep — the second vehicle in line. The jeep quickly pulls to a stop while the white truck — driven by LaVoy Finicum — continues some distance up the road. Some law enforcement vehicles stay with the jeep while others continue following the white truck. Over a period of several minutes out of camera view, the following people exit the jeep without incident:

*The driver — who was not charged and will not be named
*Ammon Bundy
*Brian Cavalier

Looking at the white truck… about four minutes into the video … Ryan Payne exits through a back door. It’s difficult to see behind the trees, but in the lower right hand corner you can see him with his hands up being approached by the law enforcement officers and being taken into custody.

There is a period of approximately 3 minutes and 47 seconds where the truck sits on the road. We have edited it for time here, but it is available in the raw, unedited version on the FBI’s YouTube channel. Throughout this time, agents and troopers are providing verbal commands to the occupants to surrender. We can’t comment on what may have been going on in the truck at this time, but those details may come out later as part of the overall shooting investigation.

When we come back to the video, the white truck leaves the scene at a high rate of speed. It travels some distance… quickly approaching a vehicle roadblock in the roadway.

As the white truck approaches the roadblock, there is a spike strip across the road but it appears Finicum missed it as he attempted to drive around the roadblock. He nearly hits an FBI agent as he maneuvers to the left. The truck gets stuck in the snowbank.

Finicum leaves the truck and steps through the snow. Agents and troopers on scene had information that Finicum and others would be armed. On at least two occasions, Finicum reaches his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside portion of his jacket. He did have a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket.

At this time, OSP troopers shot Finicum.

Approximately 30 seconds after the shooting — law enforcement officers at the scene deployed flash bangs to disorient any other armed occupants. Shortly after that, they deployed less-lethal sponge projectiles with OC capsules. Those OC capsules would be similar to pepper spray.

Over a period of several minutes agents and troopers worked to safely remove the remaining truck occupants, and to take them into custody. Those people included:

*Ryan Bundy
*Shawna Cox
*And another woman, who was not arrested and will not be named

As soon as the agents and troopers were confident that they had addressed any further threats, they provided medical assistance to Finicum. That happened about 10 minutes after the shooting.
Agents and troopers did find 3 other loaded weapons inside the truck. They included two loaded .223 caliber semi-automatic rifles. There was also one loaded .38 special revolver.

Again, you can see the rest of this unedited video on the FBI’s YouTube channel.

Finally — again — I want to acknowledge the stress and disruption that the occupation of the refuge has caused has to the people of Harney County. We know this is difficult. We know that you want this concluded as soon as possible. We are doing everything we can to bring this to a resolution safely and quickly.

I have time for a few questions.

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Yeah, keep throwing that white wash around. It’s just bound to stick to something. I will believe: that a man who was a rancher all of his life, raised his own children and foster children, praised God and his Creation suddenly went violently and destructively beserk and tried to take out a posse armed with AUTOMATIC weapons waiting for him? Yes, I am just that stupid.
    Liars and murderers-everyone of you. Tell me those heroic stories again.

  2. Murderers and liars for money and power are the lowest scum on Earth.

    • I don’t believe a word this .gov scum utters, God help us all, in fact, here’s a prayer for this scumbag straight from Psalm 109: May his days be few;
      may another take his office!
      9 May his children be fatherless
      and his wife a widow!
      10 May his children wander about and beg,
      seeking food far from the ruins they inhabit!
      11 May the creditor seize all that he has;
      may strangers plunder the fruits of his toil!
      12 Let there be none to extend kindness to him,
      nor any to pity his fatherless children!
      13 May his posterity be cut off;
      may his name be blotted out in the second generation! From our lips to God’s ears.

      • I kindly would invite you to consider the following:

        The imprecatory psalms (that is, those which involve the invocation of a curse) are Psalm 109, Psalm 69:22-28, Psalm 40:14-16, Psalm 35:4 & 26, and Psalm 70:2-3. Similar statements will be found in the New Testament in Galatians 1:8-9 and Galatians 5:12. These appeals are future prophecies in the form of a prayer, foretelling the future punishment of all those who would hate and persecute gospel believers. Since the Bible is divinely inspired, it was God who wanted these words to be written down by his writers (1) to assure his believers of his intent of their defense; and (2) as a most severe warning to non-believers. These expressions are not sinful personal prayers desiring revenge and retribution. For example, David, who wrote most of these psalms, twice spared the life of his enemy, Saul, and also the life of Shimei (see 1st Samuel chapters 24 & 25; 2nd Samuel 16:9-10). The inspired writer of Galatians, the apostle Paul, wished he could trade his place in heaven so that his unbelieving countrymen could be there instead (see Romans 9:3), thus copying Moses’ desire (see Exodus 32:32). The same apostolic writer also was inspired to write: “Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, ‘”Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord'” (Romans 12:19).
        Consequently, the Son of God scolded his disciples after they had wanted their enemies to be consumed by fire (see Luke 9:53-56), declaring, “You do not know of what manner of spirit you are” (verse 55).
        Indeed, since the Lord himself urged his followers in their rolls as citizens and laymen, not in government, of course, “Love your enemies! Bless them that would curse you! Do good to them that would hate you; and pray for them which despitefully would use you and persecute you, in order that you may be the children of your Father who is in heaven!” (Matthew 5:44-45), his followers could and should pray simply and solely for God’s protection from their religious, political, social, and domestic enemies by whatever means God would see fit to use, including transforming their enemies into believers with new minds and hearts. Furthermore, in such prayers there must be an absence of malice, revenge, and retribution.
        This is how the Christian could and should pray for his enemies.

        With kind regards,
        Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

      • Is there nothing in Sacred Scripture that Judeo-Protestants will not mutilate via their “personal interpretation?”

        • Is there a subject, an area of knowledge, any at all, of which you are NOT in possession of The Final Word?

          Your likeness appears next to “arrogance” in PrickiPedia.

    • 1. Let’s see the truck.
      2. Let’s see the ground level video and audio.
      3. Let’s hear from your prisoners, the ones who were in the truck.

      • 1. Let’s see the truck.

        You never will, at least not as it was at the scene.

        2. Let’s see the ground level video and audio.


        3. Let’s hear from your prisoners, the ones who were in the truck.

        Before or after debriefing/intimidation/threats to family? You never will, again.

        May I ask, how is any of that a response to the thoroughly obvious and unimpeachable truth of my prior statement?

  3. Everybody is moaning about the shooting. But nobody asks the very simple question… why the fuck did he take off from the initial stop?


  4. After 30 years dealing with OSP in my job, I’m not disappointed. Cowards at the least. These assholes are, and have been, a bunch of jack booted thugs.


      Having lived in the SW corner of the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon for over twelve years, I can echo this sentiment. It is not only OSP. Oregon public employees as a whole are the trough-feeding tax-termites and the Praetorian Guard for the Progressive-Marxist legislature in Salem. They pay NOTHING into their PERS accounts, The entire amount is funded by the taxpayers with the full “legal” blessing of the state supreme court.
      There is some good news on the horizon. They are going broke. Their pension bomb is about ready to detonate. The only way they can defuse the bomb is through more wealth confiscation. The small cities are already moaning and groaning about having to kick in COLA money that they do not have. Stay tuned and keep praying for a DEUS EX MACHINA in the form of an economic correction. The system must self-destruct before any counter strike for liberty can be made.

  5. Sounds like SA Bretzing will feel right at home in the 2nd Clinton Administration: (h/t Majorie Haun

    “Special Agent Bretzing linked to National Security Breach” (mishandling classified information, access)

  6. “Since the establishment of checkpoints”

    This POS probably doesn’t even realize he’s as bad or worse than the stasi, cheka, or the nazis… Fuck him, may his entire gene pool be wiped from the face of the planet.

  7. Mr FBI Man,

    all this flowery speech and video does not change the fact that you and your posse decided to set up and execute an event of planned outcome. And you got your wish. And a good man was purposely killed.

    Do not claim to hold the moral high ground because you are the law and “his actions caused” excuses. The easy end to this is to show up at the John Day meeting and arrest them in the parking lot. You chose poorly.

    May God have mercy on your soul.

    • Except there were a reported 400 people at that meeting and most supported the group. This whole thing needed to be stopped right away, because very much like Oregon Senator Wyden said the “virus was spreading”.

      The leaders of the group could have been taken into custody any number of times in the days and weren’t. The FBI had close tabs on them at all times and including everything that they were doing and thinking at all times. They knew the posture of the group. They also knew the posture of the community. It was only a matter of time and it appears they were running out of time.

  8. Narrative = failing. Watch LaVoy’s video from 8/14/15 and it should answer most of your questions. And yes there are still at least 4 individuals who are still on the land the BLM stole. The fact that they haven’t been droned or bum rushed yet speaks volumes to the fact that the LaVoy killing is not going according to plan.

  9. Murderers and liars for money and power are the lowest scum on Earth.

    Amen and our “government ” has an ample supply.

  10. And I am still thinking how convenient a right-handed man who kept his pistol on his right hip kept a 9MM in his left jacket pocket.

    • sir, if you watch the video’s he ran a shoulder rig from what i could see. not uncommon for folks who ride horses in areas with real predation to carry chest rig/backup weapons. just my opinion on the second weapon theory.

      • What did the FBI say Tom?

      • Finicum leaves the truck and steps through the snow. Agents and troopers on scene had information that Finicum and others would be armed. On at least two occasions, Finicum reaches his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside portion of his jacket. He did have a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket. – FBI

    • I don’t give credit to what the FBI says, but as a right hander, I don’t doubt it was possible he had a gun and carried it like that for special circumstances considering concealment purposes.

      • Look, ya’ll come to your own conclusion. It just doesn’t make sense to me, or anyone I know, that being right handed, he would carry in his left hand jacket pocket.

        UNLESS… it was secret squirrel special circumstances considering concealment purposes.

        Is it POSSIBLE? Yes. But, I find it unlikely. I’m not going to stretch my imagination to make it so though with things like… special purposes.

        Don’t think for a moment that the FBI never said, “Oh shit. We need to explain that away. That’s it! He was carrying inside his left jacket pocket.”

        Now, you have Victoria Sharp’s version and Shawna Cox’s version of events, who happened to be direct, on the spot, as it is happening, witnesses.

        • “Don’t think for a moment that the FBI never said, “Oh shit. We need to explain that away. That’s it! He was carrying inside his left jacket pocket.”

          Now, you have Victoria Sharp’s version and Shawna Cox’s version of events, who happened to be direct, on the spot, as it is happening, witnesses.”

          I totally agree it’s likely the FBI did as you’re saying.

          I believe the occupants accounts over the FBI any day and everyday until proven otherwise.

  11. Oh, yes; one other thing. We’re going to be following the stories you’ll be filing VERY closely, as will the I.R.S. and Child Protection Services in every state where each of you lives, so if you know what’s good for you – personally as well as professionally – you’re not going to be reporting anything too much at odds with what we’ll be telling you.

    Everybody got that, hmmkay?

  12. Just like the 8 pigs that shot up the newspaper delivery women in LA and were found to have done nothing wrong, I’m sure they will investigate themselves thoroughly in this case before concluding we “dindu nuffin wrong”. It’d be amusing if they weren’t literally getting away with murder nowadays on a regular basis.

  13. you rotten murdering bastard…….keep telling your bullshit and you and your friends can high five after you kill more ‘mericans…….pew pew ha ha ha !!! pew…….sell this shit in DC where your facists friends and family hide ! at best you planted that weapon………..this was an ambush….cold calculated murderous ambush Lavoy was a REAL man and a true American… are …….”fill in the blank”………40 against one stop resisting stop resisting I feared for my life !!!!! nothing but a gang murder for hire

  14. HHH Old Vet.

    FBI== LIE, LEO==LIE . Ever trust them? NEVER TRUST THEM.

  15. So, the badged thugs shot and killed Mr. Finicum, not because he presented a weapon but because they had “information that Finicum….would be armed,” They never had a specific threat. They murdered him. Because they could.

    As I commented, not one brave, courageous, .gov ambusher will be charged with the ambush murder of Mr. Finicum.

    We live, as Max V. had written….in a “Banana Republic”. The rule of law is dead as is the Constitution If one thinks otherwise he/she is sadly mistaken.

  16. Special Agent In Charge, Greg Bretzing, is almost as smooth as Special Agent Bob Ricks was at Waco. The only difference I see is, Bob Ricks, on occasion, used phony attempts at humor to divert attention from the issues. Anyone else out there wondering how they can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning? Ever wonder what kind of woman it is, that would stay married to a sub-human POS?


      SWIFT: In answer to your question, it is a woman who is looking at a career federal bureaucrat who is probably making in excess of 100K/year, not counting medical insurance benefits and other freebies. She is probably just as big a parasite as he.
      The problem with any federal LEO is they have absolutely no ties with the community. They come and go to different postings, and move up the ladder by kissing ass, asking no questions, and covering their own ass. Portland is just another whistle stop on this Tory’s career until he retires and moves to the gated golf-course community in Palm Springs or Florida. There he will sit back and have a tall, cool one while he talks shit with the retired military types who did nothing to expose Billary, Barry, and the corruption of Mordor-On-The-Potomac.

  17. I’ll quote these again just to see if anyone is actually reading and interpreting the language:

    “We can’t comment on what may have been going on in the truck at this time [when they were first stopped], but those details may come out later as part of the overall shooting investigation.”

    “As the white truck approaches the roadblock, there is a spike strip across the road but it appears Finicum missed it.”

  18. from:

    ♦ The freedom continuum has two diametrically opposing forces on either end. On one end, the left, if you travel outward from democracy to socialism to communism eventually you arrive at totalitarianism. The absolute power of government over the individual. The maximum amount of liberty lost.

    On the oppositional end, the right, again if you travel from democracy to a constitutional republic and keep going, eventually you arrive at a place absent of any government. This is anarchy. This is law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. Mad Max type societal tribe formation.

    Neither path, left nor right, is good when taken to its ultimate conclusion.

    However, the freedom continuum is not linear.

    The freedom continuum is a loop, a circle, quivering like a bubble under the extreme forces of polarization and the customary antagonisms which result from oppositional forces in conflict. The circle closes the moment before the magnets clack.

    The events near Burns Oregon are taking place in the narrowest of spaces where the continuum meets. The space where oppressive government and the total lack of government meet.

    It is a tiny sliver of a space. A dangerous sliver of a space.

    Inside this space is where all of the arguments, counter-arguments, opinions and counter-opinions are taking place. Historically, millions have died over the ideological battles which rage amid this sliver of a space.

    Just like in nature’s delicate balance, the people within the Burns Oregon arguments, traveling from both the left and right – who live in/on this razors edge – are not always stable.

    It’s a sketchy proposition to choose to engage with the inhabitants who find comfort within this space as described. Not every voice is (mentally) stable, or possess the needed internal self-regulating (emotional) compass headings to stay stable.

    It is administratively very difficult and time consuming to try and keep the unstable minds out of the conversation as it is being discussed.

    Secondly, those who show up to view (or engage in) the discussion, are also not necessarily who they appear to be. Nor do they hold altruistic motives for engaging in the discussions. Those of you who remember the prior need for password protected posts will well understand what is directly implied in that statement.

    All of that said, if you want a safe place to hash it out – here you go. We make no promises about investing larger research time into this particular subject.

    Always remember, these visible events are a symptom – they are not the underlying disease. We are working earnestly to cut clear margins right now.

    Warmest best,


    • Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

      The Great Sundance Behind the Curtain makes his infamous “Unstable” judgement. It’s his favorite word when he can’t answer what is posed to him or chooses not to because it exposes him for what he is.

      The same Great Sundance Behind the Curtain who cut and pasted and screwed up almost all of the “Benghazi” specifics because he has no background in diplomatic or military operations and just ran with whatever else was out there, liberally plagiarizing other people’s works and unable to vet information because of his complete lack of knowledge about National Security operations and especially the chains of command and information flows between DoS and DoD. Because clicks. And his ego. There were many commenters who had experience in exactly this arena who chose to remain silent and then left CTH as it became so obvious what a fraud The Great Sundance really was. He should stick to compiling and analyzing crowd sourced information – something he is actually good at – instead of adopting this silly positions where he sets himself up as the All Knowing, All Seeing, Great and Powerful Sundance.

      “Secondly, those who show up to view (or engage in) the discussion, are also not necessarily who they appear to be.”

      Well, he should know, having gone back and reactivated privileges of known trolls other mods banned (myself included), some with groveling notes of apology to the known troll attached. Why? You would have to ask the Great and Powerful Sundance yourself that. It has been mentioned previously that some places on the internet are magnets for intelligence collection and threat assessments. Make your own judgments and determinations.

      “All of that said, if you want a safe place to hash it out – here you go. We make no promises about investing larger research time into this particular subject.”

      Whatever. I for one will pass watching the Nancy Drew Crew chase their tails on this issue egged on my The Great and Powerful Sundance because it brings clicks and cash – which is completely separate and independent from any efforts to seek actual Truth. “We make no promises…” because right now, Trump fanatics are bringing the clicks he needs to provide an income for himself in spite of his numerous public pronouncements that it was an “all-volunteer effort” and “no one was making any income for this effort”.

      I agree that there are dishonest people with hidden motives and agendas over there, but I’m not sure it’s the visitors to the Treehouse.

      From the trenches,
      (allegedly) “Bitter and Unstable YTZ4Mee”
      Co-Founder and Former Admin at The Conservative Treehouse

      • He’s right. Balance is life. Endless expansion is ideology of the Cancer Cell. Margaret Thatcher occasionally said in interviews that Society didn’t exist. A Cancer cell in a grey suit. The death of Government means the rule of the Corporations – and that means no voting unless you’re a shareholder, which basically means being part of the Communist Party.

        The real question is one of centralization or decentralization. Late stage Capitalism is very centralized indeed. How could you not know this? And the answer to bad Government is good Government, not no Government. That’s just ridiculous.

  19. “Driver who wasn’t named and will not be charged.”. I guess we know who the informant is…

  20. One hundred heads.

  21. No one should be able to play the “I was just following orders” card. But you know it will be played often. We need to see some proof that will withstand scrutiny. This video could be heavily edited. Especially the shooting sequence, since the resolution and distance involved make clear judgement of the actions of Finicum impossible. We need to see the actual pickup truck so we can count the number of rounds fired into it. Lots of other questions as well.
    We are supposed to believe anyone from the government with their track record of less than honest admissions? I don’t think so. Saying one believes a real lie while a weapon is in his face is different from seeing facts and agreeing with the outcome. WE need facts.

    • I’d also like to see the 9mm gun supposedly found in his pocket, and run a full investigation on it, and the other weapons ‘found’ in the truck.

  22. Personally, I believe Lavoy was shot by a gittery cop. Picture yourself on the ground at the roadblock. This white pickup comes barreling toward you then plows into the snow. Lavoy gets out, hands up but drops his arms a bit. These cops were told God knows what about how violent Lavoy and his bunch were. I don’t believe that the cops on the ground were told to kill him BUT, the higher ups who came up with this roadblock plan knew it would happen. Many agents take courses in behavior and such and if they had a negotiator there they had a behavioralist.
    Don’t post Come Get Some crap on YouTube if you are holed up somewhere like these guys were. Some of the Fight Till The End videos posted by some of the yahoos there played right into the feds hands. Mistakes on both sides led to Lavoys death. But some of the big picture feds knew it would.

    • Yes, roid head comes charging over the berm blazing away.

      The tree cop is the one who saw it all, had the angle, knew LaVoy was trying to surrender, put down his long gun, charged in from the left hand taser shot while his right hand is going to handgun. He knew they could use non lethal force. Other guy was mr pew pew. This is all clear in the enhanced vid.

  23. I believe LaVoy knew that if he exited the vehicle he would in fact draw the fire away perhaps saving some of the occupants. That action would be completely in line with his character which was sound and solid.

  24. Well of course Finicum deserved to be shot down and left to die in the snow. He resisted the sons a bitches. The law of Unintended Consequences is a bitch, boys.

  25. To SFC Barry……….the reason they ran from the first stop is that when Payne put his head and hands out the window they shot at him !!!! he jumped out yelling there are women in the truck….. so since you are looking to give the pigs the “benefit of the doubt” ISN’T SHOOTING AT YOU FOR NO REASON A GOOD REASON TO RUN and notice they never pursued Lavoy did they , they new it was a premeditated ambush KILL ZONE and did not want to get in the cross fire they planned on killing these people and that is all there is to it.

  26. Anyone have the questions after his statement?

  27. The main difference between myrmidons of Leviathan like Hauptsturmfuehrer Bretzing and Sturmbannfuhrer Oskar Dirlewanger is that the Nazis weren’t hypocrites. Dirlewanger, Eichmann, and others of that ilk were proud to be murdering a-holes, while Bretzing and the rest of the
    Einsatzgruppen represent thenselves as servants of the People and the Constitution. Dirlewanger would have been proud to have such stalwarts as Bretzing in his unit.

  28. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

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