Are You?

From the Finicum daughters.

25 responses to “Are You?

  1. My God!! That brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Haunting.
    Well done.

  3. “ARE YOU” The Rallying Cry Of The Resistance

  4. I am strong and I do not cry but now I am…….my God I feel for this family and for this nation…………..gird up boys this is the rally point !!! ARE YOU ?

  5. LaVoy Finicum could be compared to Nathan Hale

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Yes girls, I will stand with you

  8. The song and its lyrics are….. haunting. Very intense in its simplicity. You have done your Father proud in this.

  9. Lavoy Finnicum is actually Ed Harris, actor

  10. I’m standing.

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  12. Unbelievably haunting and damning, all at the same time.
    Well done, ladies. Your courage and your dignity is a testament to your father, and an example to others of how to respond to this outrage.

  13. Ballad of LaVoy Finicum (by Jordan Page):

  14. Yes I do.

    LaVoy passed away on Devine Ridge.
    His daughters voices sound like Angels calling out for us to unite.

    • Yep, they’re Angels alright. But I think maybe you’re not hearing the response.

      You had it all along, that “plurality.” Maybe those folk are smarter than us in their apparent ignorance. They keep their yaps shut and just keep working and living.

      Were there to be a Hell besides the one we find ourselves in, I think a special corner of it would be reserved for “experts.” See, those girls are mistaken cuz their father was foolish. That’s the story, the narrative. Every eastern commie-lib knows more about ranching than he did, and every two-bit thug who ever wore a uniform knows more about liberty than you.

      Unite? All they hear is this occupational force instead of that occupational force. “Smash the self; go team!” The irony would be droll if it weren’t so damn tragic.

  15. Are the Bundy’s Judas Goats? How to See Behind the Abuser’s Illusion. 1 of my comments have yet to be posted on this site meaning it is censored and may be a propaganda site by the gov and or ngo
    I seen 1 of many video interviews with bundy before the occupation with 1 of them complaing that there is no more mining and lumbering and that he plans on taking it back.To mine and lumber by who him? I seen 2 made by Mr. Finicum and all he seemed to care about is keeping his land.I thought bundy was insane occupying the refuge .When I heard Mr. Finicum joined a feeling of dread came over me with the thought of the bundy getting this guy killed

    • Here’s the thing.

      Everything of value comes out of the ground.

      Everything you eat .. everything you wear … everything you use/drive/enjoy/live in.

      Farming, mining, lumber. These are amongst the few really productive industries. And, no matter how “Green” you are, you simply cannot exist without “taking stuff from the ground”. There is no life, absent the consumption of resources.