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I Didn’t Know Gomer Was In The FBI…Or The Manhattan DA’s Office Either

We Just Found Out The Real Reason Why The FBI Wants A Back Door Into The iPhone

WSJ: Justice Department Seeks to Force Apple to Extract Data From About 12 Other iPhones

Apple’s iPhone Dispute with Government Puts Focus on Centuries-Old Law

New York DA Says He Can’t Access 175 iPhones From Criminal Cases Due to Encryption

(H/t Jerry Pournelle)

Common Tasks Testing – The Army’s “Everybody” Requirement

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.34.03 PM

Read and do, then teach others.

Source manual.

Heed JC’s closing graf, please:

…Either continue making excuses for doing little or nothing of substance in your preparations (“Mom, the bad man called me a child!”), or get it done! You have no one to blame but yourself if you’re not even a speed bump in the thugs movement to power.

For God’s sake, at least be a Damned speed bump – you owe your family that much. Train and Prepare yourself Spiritually, Mentally and Physically, and get your logistics in order.

Instruction for each task is here.

No ‘Magic Soil’: You Can’t Have a Constitution Without a Nation to Go With It


Demographics, immigration, culture, and politics.

They seem to be related in some manner.

Who knew?



More from the master.

Local, Local, Local


Herschel sends:

A Touching And Heartwarming Story Of Violence And Revolution

Related film below:

Buppert Sends


Via Twitter.

Kathryn Johnston could not be reached for comment.


Decisiveness When Considering History


JC urges study and wargaming of the worst case.

Wise counsel.

How Tyrannies Fall


Wretchard looks at the regime collapse wave beginning 30 years ago.

Keep track of the checkboxes FUSA has already completed.

Tempus fugit.

Developed From Comments: What Is This ‘Constitution’ Of Which You Speak?

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.45.35 AM

In reply to a question in comments on this post, consider the following:

The preceding gent stated:

“I think the writer is losing sight of the fact that conservative values and fealty to our divinely inspired constitution are non negotiable, and are worth fighting (and killing) for.”

I replied:

“Should that murderous loyalty be to the ideals supposedly protected by the USC/BoR, or to the flawed expressions therein?”

Another (hopefully clearer) way to ask my question would be:

“Is the Constitution/BoR worth killing over, or is it the ideals supposedly protected by that document that are worthy of taking others’ lives?”

My premise for the question is that the USC/BoR does not and has not stood by itself for 200+ years.

What we refer to as “the USC/BoR” is not just the words of the document themselves, but also all of the words of all of the ratified amendments, plus all of the accreted ‘interpretations’ of all of those words by Federal courts (not just SCOTUS, but circuit courts of appeal and even district courts) for 200+ years.

That interpretative process has created the following monster:

all words of USC/BoR


all words of every ratified amendment


all published words of every court that has ruled on all USC/BoR/amendments since ratification of each


“the body of US constitutional law”

Now, restating my question with that info, it reads:

“Is the body of US constitutional law worth killing over, or is it the ideals supposedly protected by that institution that are worthy of taking others’ lives?”

I would argue that the body of US constitutional law, as a whole, is not worth a duck’s fart, in that along with ‘the good stuff’, it includes statements such as:

– the Feds can require private citizens to purchase health insurance
– any level of government can seize private property for virtually any purpose so long as there is some nominal adjudication process
– administrative agencies headed by appointed officials can promulgate rules that have the force of law
– laws forbidding a woman from directing a doctor to murder her baby are unconstitutional
– warrantless surveillance/seizure is acceptable in far more circumstances than a layman would believe reading the words of the 4A standing alone
– anti-sodomy laws are impermissible
– the $ taken by force by the Feds under the name of ‘social security’ ceases to belong to its original earner
– public displays of Christian symbols are forbidden on government land
– notwithstanding the ‘shall not be infringed’ language of the 2A, government at all levels can infringe upon RKBA in multiple ways as long as there are enough hoplophobes amongst the reviewing panels of judges for a particular controversy

and so forth.

This point is missed by most Constitutionalists, who without sufficient thought accept the body of US constitutional law as being worthy of bloodshed.

More importantly, those same well-meaning folks also fail to see that, as long as “The Constitution” is defined as the prize, it is very easy for supporters of the past 80 years of collectivist judicial activism to claim that they are defending the Constitution (as it is understood in reality by >50%+ of the American people) from evil white men who want to turn the clock back.

Let me repeat:

The people who will in the near future come to kill/imprison freedom-loving folks will say and believe that they are the ones defending the Constitution and the legitimate USG from those who would violently overthrow those democratic, 100% legal American institutions.

It is a huge problem that I have not seen anyone in FREEFOR address explicitly:

Is the USC/BoR/amendments/caselaw edifice worthy of our efforts?

Your person.

Your people.

Your property.

Your principles.

Those are worth defending to the final extreme.

Not the verbal vomiting-forths of elitist lawyers for the past 200+ years.

DanMorgan76: Ruck Sack Battery Charging System


Read and think how to apply to your field needs.

Tempus fugit.

SLL: The Empire Will Strike Back


Pyschopaths gotta psychopath…

Read the whole thing, along with this related post from Robert’s always-worthwhile SLL operation.

Money (heh) quote from the second piece:

…37% of the government’s total reported assets are student loans, which is now considered one of the most precarious bubbles in finance…

What possibly could go wrong?

Badthink From GVDL

fish bicycle


For the good freedom-loving women out there, this ain’t aimed at you.

Three Simple Questions For Trump Supporters

Fair questions.

There is a world of difference between “say” and “do”.

And there is this oldie but goodie:


“…Just think of all the GDP-boosting ‘broken windows’ that would result from a nuclear war….”

ZH: Caught On Tape – U.S. Test Fires Nuclear ICBM, Warns “We Are Prepared To Use Nuclear Weapons”




Mosby: Forging The Hero


An important announcement.

Details to follow.

An Open Letter To The FBI Agents Who Shot LaVoy Finicum


Old America confronts New America and its enforcers.

The FUSA is not at peace.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.


Harsh Medicine


But necessary.

Follow the directions given.

There is no cavalry coming to save you and your family.

There is no voting our way out of what is coming.

The only way out – and it is a way out – is to follow Admiral Stockdale’s advice and ruthlessly embrace reality:

“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

Then act accordingly.

More on the topic next week.

In the meantime, had a thorough physical (including dental) lately?

Tempus fugit.

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From Larry Vickers’ Blue Force Gear site.