Internet of Things: Didn’t You Jackasses Read ‘1984’? Of Course Your Electric Shaver Is Going To Be Spying On You


UK Guardian: US intelligence chief admits USG might use the internet of things to spy on you


Dancing With The Bachelor! Toast! Frozen daiquiris!

Back massager!

Electronic scale!


19 responses to “Internet of Things: Didn’t You Jackasses Read ‘1984’? Of Course Your Electric Shaver Is Going To Be Spying On You

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. SMART = Tracking you.

  3. Samuel Culper

    Of course the IoT is going to be spying on you. The information your shaver, toaster, teevee and washing machine send back won’t be encrypted to lock them out. You can encrypt your emails and calls, but that means nothing when your Xbox and Amazon Echo (which recognize your voice) are streaming your conversation and keystroke-noise back to Meade.

    And this is from the man whom I admire(d) the most:

    “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,” Petraeus enthused [in 2012], “particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft.”

    “As you know, whereas machines in the 19th century learned to do, and those in the 20th century learned to think at a rudimentary level, in the 21st century, they are learning to perceive—to actually sense and respond. Key applications developed by our In-Q-Tel investment companies are focused on technologies that are driving the Internet of Things. These include:

    – Item identification, or devices engaged in tagging;
    – Sensors and wireless sensor networks—devices that indeed sense and respond;
    – Embedded systems—those that think and evaluate;
    – And, finally, nanotechnology, allowing these devices to be small enough to function virtually anywhere.”

    • Hah. I have none of these things and never will. We are only enslaved by what we embrace. I, and my large family, reject most non-sensical technology. I use the library for this communication but that’s the extent of my intertubz, wood cookstove, James hand washer and clothesline, wood and a little kerosene in the cooler months, X-box!!?? Screw that, I’ve got enough family for 2 four man fire teams! Paintball lets us train affordably. F#*# the IoT and the horse it rode in on. Tribe/Church is where it’s at.

  4. Its why they want ‘smart gun technology’ for the peons

  5. Revenge of the nerds. These were the guys who got stuffed in lockers in high school and now want to get even. Sad peeping toms the lot of them.

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  7. Log into your router. Find the display page of “dhcp leases”. Figure out every device that has connected to the internet through your router. Decide which ones really need that, and disable the rest.

    • MAC address filtering is what I use as well as encryption turned on. Turn off broadcast of router ID as well.
      Some people go so far as to re flash the router with a better more secure open source update.
      Never looked into that myself.
      Been running Linux Ubuntu for 6 years now.
      Opera Browser

    • I take a bit more draconian approach, which is to Deny All/Permit by Exception and then configure accordingly, session limits, MAC blocking of other devices detected in the area, limiting range of my own router. (I get the sense, by numbers that popup to my awareness, that most people don’t change anything out of the box in their rush to get to the game controller. The router makers put some neat stuff in there – if it’s used.)

      Visiting kids don’t get automatic access (they should be conversing with their relatives) – they need to be logged on & I will eval if that’s needed. Otherwise put the frickin’ thing away.

      And no kids, I’m not that old – your music really DOES suck. 🙂

  8. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, and that Facebook never collected your data.

  9. I’m sure Big Brother likes Internet linked home security cameras.

    • Yup. Just like cell phones. Make everyone think they’re cool, and pretty soon they’re spying on themselves…and paying to do it.

    • You’d be surprised how many of those cameras are left with default passwords. Or, left wide open. Was recently browsing available wifi hot spots and found one (not mine) LG_Smart_Refridgerator … now big brother will know when you open your fridge for a cold one, and probably what you are drinking.

      A blog post on reducing your Internet exposure would probably help a few here.

  10. what has been seen cannot be unseen: “personal massager” 666 reporting in commander!

  11. Tech is a tool. Not all tech is the same. I see so many rejecting all tech, but I think that puts them at a potential disadvantage. The enemy will happily use every last bit of tech they can get. Some can be countered by “low tech” methods, but the rest will require our own knowledgeable folks.

    You can have your tech and minimize the potential for spying. Its not hard at all. Like anything, its a matter of educating yourself. You can still buy “dumb” things like refridgerators and ovens. You can throw that cell phone under a pillow or pull its battery. You can have a second computer for any sensitive things, unconnected from the internet at all.

    As for “the nerds”. I can sympathize. I was one of them, though I didnt get stuffed in a locker. I fought back and broke the bastard’s shin in three places. We NEED our own nerds and techy types to fight back effectively. Those who joined slaveFOR? Well… I can somewhat see why they did. If someone stuffs you in a locker or dunks you in a toilet you’ll want some revenge too. To /that/ I’d say the bully types drove the nerds right into the enemy camp. Sorry for the rambling. Just the .02 cents from a lurker.

  12. Rod Serling tried to warn us about really bad machines
    over 50 years ago.

    “Get out of here, Mr. Finchley”