Malheur Link Dump – 11 FEB


UK Guardian: Remaining occupiers to surrender; Cliven Bundy arrested

Oregon Occupiers Will Turn Themselves in to FBI Thursday

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy arrested by FBI in Oregon

Oregon standoff: Protesters may leave Thursday; Cliven Bundy arrested


Oregon standoff: Last four occupiers surrender at Malheur refuge

‘Hallelujah … keep your hands up’: Last holdout surrenders in Oregon standoff

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30 responses to “Malheur Link Dump – 11 FEB

  1. YOYO. Local, local local. There is nothing else.

  2. If Old Man Bundy had stayed on the ranch he would not have been arrested. He was safe there. Him and his sons don’t have common sense.

    • And another advocate for submission is heard from.

      • outlawpatriot

        Why, Detroit, methinks that thou hast endeared me a trifle.

        That said, exactly how many of you are there? 🙂

    • Shinmen Takezo

      I suggest that Harp, upon encountering any DC employee, fall down hard on his knees and lick the boots of his oppressors aggressively.

  3. “Variable this is knife…over….”

  4. If Washington hadn’t crossed the damn Delaware, you wouldn’t be here running your mouth. What would you do if the government wanted the minerals under your land?

  5. “They all get to go to bed while we’re standing for their freedom.”

    And with that quote so ends this current chapter of the Patriot movement.

    Note for the next time around:

    If you plan to go into something armed, study up on the Law of War and learn the differences between Lawful Combatants, Unprivileged Belligerents, and Private Persons Who Engage in Hostilities. Learn what else is required to be a real militia or resistance movement such as an actual chain of command, visible insignias, etc.

    You can’t be a farmer by day, guerrilla by night.

    • Actually, you can and quite honestly must be a farmer by day and a guerilla by night. The fact for most of “us” is that we cannot stop living – earning a living, raising kids and grandkids, fixing broken shit around the house, training, and… etc. To say otherwise is to say we’re too busy to concern ourselves with the fuckpile shitstorm all around us. And if we are too busy… well, that’s what the fuckers are counting on.
      Nope. Just keep your hatchet sharp. Harden your mind, your body, and your heart. Loud and mean times are in the offing. Those you care about are depending on you.

  6. Reading the ‘comments’ to the newspaper post makes my brain cry. If anyone out there thinks that the words ‘liberty’ and ‘rights’ has the same meaning to everyone, you are dead (and quite possibly in the future) wrong.
    It is both frightening and enlightening (at the same time) to know there is a huge segment of the population who would see you either locked up or dead because you (the ‘liberty’ folks) want to live your lives unencumbered by Team Fed. This is in real time and not going away – take note ………..

  7. John SepulvadoVerified account
    just to be clear — Cliven Bundy didn’t want to go to PDX airport, or fly, but was convinced by @VoteFiore – according to carol bundy

  8. Us mere mortals have to wonder if the old skool “professionals” are thinking of more than defending in place at this juncture. “First they came for the Mormon cowboy rabble rousers, but I wasn’t a Mormon, a cowboy, or a rabble rouser, so I did nothing…”

  9. Now you know Cliven was on a watch list an allowed to travel over State lines and thus right into federal jurisdiction.
    What a shit show.
    Guys you need to get a hold of yourselves and understand some things.
    If someone criticizes the actions of the Bundy crew its not because they disagree with them in principle.
    These guys have made mistake after mistake and they placed themselves right into the lair of the beast. That does not mean that I think they are wrong from a philosophical standpoint, they just fucked it up from day one.


    So do not make decisions that lead you down the path to that court room.
    You will be…
    Playing THEIR game
    on THEIR field
    with THEIR rules
    and THEIR umpires
    Once you get in that game you are done.
    The larger war for you will be over and you will need to focus purely on your own survival. We cannot help you. We can only provide strong words and shed tears.

    There are those who will look at the risk of that game and still weight the options. They will take the risk because they think the outcome will be different for them. More power to them, occasionally we are wrong and you gain a public victory. Most of the time that is not the case and the odds are that you will end up in the Game.
    Now that does not mean that we do nothing!
    No, what it means is that we do everything we can to stack the pregame in our favor.
    There are countless ways to acheive what gains the Bundys made without resulting in all of the Bundy men in jail.
    How long before you think the Feds will show up at the Bundy ranch now and put that family into the street? I see a RICO case and the feds getting exactly what they wanted from the start. A stunted Liberty movement and the land.

  10. swimcoachmike

    Listening to the youtube broadcast last night and this am I find the folks there to be very emotionally unstable. Each have probably hearts in right place. however… living today for tomorrow is most important/

  11. Only one left, and he is high unstable, suicidal and talking about UFOs.

  12. David Fry just walked out unharmed. There is a real chance to move forward now that several Legislators are involved. Apparently, the time for violence is not yet.

  13. HHH Old Vet.

    Yes there was a cluster fugg, NOW, because Patriots sat on their asses, YOUR Kids, Grandkids on down the line WILL SUFFER at the hands of a criminal Government bent on Their Destruction. Way to go so called Patriots, leave it all to the chillens.

    • The 1968 GCA, the taking of private property by the feds to create unconstitutional national parks in the early 1970s, Roe v Wade, the complete loss of the gold standard in 1976, etc all happened under grandpa’s watch.

      We inherited the shit sandwich your generation crapped out onto our plates as kids and now you expect us to turn it back into the cake you once had?

      WTF were people doing back in 60s and 70s? Except for the tiny minority who served in Vietnam, it was the free love and me generation. Plenty of consumerism, but it wasn’t called that yet.

      Doesn’t sound any different than now.

      Guess we’ll all get what we deserve, but he who comes last will get it even worse. That last generation will curse all the ones who came before.

      • “We inherited the shit sandwich your generation crapped out onto our plates as kids and now you expect us to turn it back into the cake you once had?”

        And you, inheriting the paradigm of your parents, would have done differently, how???

        What would you lot have “crapped out'[ for your particular collective shit sandwich?

        Royally fuck your generational blame game. Hindsight is rectal optometrics.

  14. The sound of a big drum arose on the land , and an angel came low . Coyote preaches on his pulpit of bones . See you in the springtime blooming , Birds . Jesus is a turtle . Good-bye , Finnicum .

  15. For instance the idea of other gun laws in Detroit had been laughable since I was a kid.