World At War


Turkey, KSA could launch Syria ground operation: Ankara

US military deploys more Patriot missiles in South Korea

Russia-NATO relations have fallen to new Cold War level – Russian PM

Turkish president threatens to send millions of Syrian refugees to EU

14 responses to “World At War

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Hitlery & Co: “It’s all FOR THE CHILDREN!”

  2. colddeadhandsdays

    Blow it all up..

  3. Supreme Court Justice Scalia dead. BOHICA.

  4. Scalia is dead. I’ll bet $5 he was snuffed.

  5. Email sent

  6. go ahead, Erdogan. Get into a hot war with Russia, expecting NATO/’murka to come running. Won’t happen

    Putin will pray in Hagia Sophia

  7. Scalia (aka SCOTUS) approaches room temperature.

  8. All this turmoil in the ME must be George W Bush’s fault. Right?

    • He has plenty of blood on his hands. The worst Obama has done is continue the path laid by Bush SR, Clinton. Bush JR. Obama is just the guy to get it done. Can you imagine the smoke filled back room with Bush, Rove, et al, laughing their asses off at the thought that the American people will blame the black guy?

      Please…we have Obama almost completely because of the blessing and tacit approval of Bush, and the GOP leadership.

      We have been on the path in earnest since the close of WWII. There has not been a significant policy change across any administration since then. But to finish off America, they needed a real hater…and we have one.

      Don’t think for one second there has been anything but globalists in the Oval Office since Kennedy.

  9. Brilliant play by Putin. After Obama blew up the Ukraine, Putin was faced with huge nato forces and crippling sanctions. He was patient and supported the rebels in the Donbass. He saw his chance in Syria and took it. In a legal action, he supported Assad and struck the strongholds of ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria with his airforce. The world was stunned at how modern and effective this new airforce was and how brutal Putin used it. Assad didn’t have much of an army left ( Most of the men fled to Europe and are currently raping their way thru Cologne) and the Syrian army had to go slowly and pick their battles. With the help of Putin’s airforce and the excellent Russian advisors, they inched their way towards Aleppo, the second largest city in Syria. They feinted towards Aleppo, then went past and around it, cutting off escape and cutting vital supply routes from ISIS’s ally, Turkey. This created havoc and another huge wave of refugees, the last thing Europe needed. So Obama and Europe were forced into the cease fire agreement with Putin where I’m sure the sanctions will be lifted. They couldn’t possibly take the side of ISIS against Russia. I believe Putin only lost one jet and a few soldiers in this whole action.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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