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Via Twitter; ditto below:

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  1. Gotta keep those kids conditioned to the sight of guns and badges.

  2. keystoneconfederate

    These LE punks think they are the bee’s knees, don’t they? They look so cool next to school children. Real men of class and character.

  3. well,as they say, local, local,local. i sure as fuck won’t be packing up and travelling to another state to fight for anyone who doesn’t want it. feel bad as hell for LaVoy and the Bundy Family, but it proves a major point and shows why this country isn’t fixable…….your average american is a fucking useless piece o’ shit. i will fight and die in western arizona if need be, and that’s about it. fuck everyone. unless you got great IFF, you’re a target as far as i am concerned. fuck those people and their kids.

  4. Stop them from eating those laced confections!

  5. Cow Clan.
    Yes, Cow Clan.
    The fucking irony is galactic right here.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    Did they wipe LaVoy’s blood off before grabbing a cookie??

    • Man, that is classic and stolen. 🙂

    • Doubt it, they are getting a taste for freedom’s blood.
      They would be dunking their donuts in it if the 2nd Amendment didn’t exist.

      • I suspect they may change their minds about that if they ever manage to find an opponenet that actually has their shit in one sock.

        • Who can really say for sure about these things. I kind of have to take the philosophical perspective on what you said. One thing that is apparent, it is easy to kill people when they have no intention of killing you and your a trusted agent of the law expected to uphold the law in the first place. Killing LaVoy Finnicum was like shooting fish in a barrel.
          That makes the point you brought up a most salient point to make.
          Are these willing executioners of the state thinking about the possible consequences? It isn’t an unreasonable assumption to make in light of the growing divide between the citizenry and the federal government, that if extrajudicial executions continue, because they stack up in peoples memory, they begin to take on a collective propensity, and at some point people are going to start to figure out they have nothing to loose taking the fight to those who have crossed over into using violence to quell peaceful redress, and not only shoot back, but probably hunt down those who carry out these acts of assassination of defenseless civilian’s.
          It is a very ugly situation that is brewing, a tempest in a teapot on orders of magnitude. Murder is murder no matter how you slice it. Once you go down that road there is no redemption from it. It is what it is. What options are there when the ones who are entrusted with stopping murderers are in deed the murderers? You can’t take back killing a man. It is forever. There are no justifications for what those men did to Mr. Finnicum. It was cold blooded plain and simple. How can law enforcement as a whole even begin to expect from that moment forward to be respected and trusted as a civilized and honorable entity and institution?
          In many minds they broke the faith in a way that makes them all complicit by association. I haven’t heard a word among law enforcement questioning the execution of Finnicum. Its a forum of crickets. Who knows now who in law enforcement can be trusted to follow the rule of law from here on out. How can anyone be sure if you will be murdered in the advent of contact with a cop under the most be nine circumstances, from a traffic stop to just being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Never mind something like what is supposed to be civil lawful and peaceful protest? After all it is now your very life you must risk in forfeiture to know with absolute surety. So in that light, is it difficult to surmise some people will not be willing to find out the hardest way? And when that begins, where does it lead, or how does it stop?
          And those in law enforcement will in the harshest reality, will have nobody to blame but themselves. They will have lost the trust of the only people who matter, who are or where on their side. The common folk. We have never been an enemy by any stretch of fabrication or dissimulation.
          It is a terrible conundrum they have created. A bed of their own making they must now lie in.
          Lord love a duck. They have much to account for.

  7. True public opinion can be seen at the county fairs… Cops set up booths,and attempt to hand out little star stickers,litter bags and bumper stickers,..Parents hurry their kids past them. Cops just stand around and glare at the men, and attempt to chat with the females.. but mostly, they just stand around by themselves… The same kids baking cookies will be the same kids getting jacked up by cops a few years later.. Let them have their little victory.. if the best you can do is win a couple of little ones.. then loose them when they mature.. that aint really winning.

    • Good point.

      I raise it as a hearts/minds battlespace issue – if the work has been done right, the cops would be afraid to take any food proffered to them.

      • Brownies. Special. Brownies. Heh.

      • When my daughter was very little, about five, we used to play “policeman at the door”.
        “No you can’t come in” “no I won’t tell you if my dad is home” “do you have a warrant”. It was great fun for her, she got to close the door in my face.

        Years later a nosy census worker who I had already told I was not filling out her long form census made her third trip to my house and found my daughter playing in the front yard.

        She said: ” my dad doesn’t want to answer that “. The census worker said ” but if you don’t tell me I will have to ask the family next door about you family “. My daughter replied, “go ahead”.

        She told me all this when I got home.
        Teach your children well.

  8. I woulda rubbed my ball-sack on them cookies before I delivered them.

  9. it’s the Boston thing. USA! USA!! USA!!! Most people love their oppressors. At Stalin’s funeral, they trampled each other to death to get near the body. 3% will do

  10. Walter Zoomie

    Pure class, as usual…..:) !

  11. Today they eat your cookies.
    Tomorrow they eat your lunch.

  12. As a retired Leo, I can share that these cookies went right into the back room, where they were promptly thrown in the trash. Now had these citizens taken the cookies to the fire department, those boys would eat them all without question.


  13. Looks like those pans are scrungy. Those cop lovers are not only bootlickers, they could use gamegetters hygiene class.

  14. Shinmen Takezo

  15. People have different attitudes toward firemen than they do “LEO”, formerly known as peace officers. You have more to fear from the citizenry than those local firemen who save lives.

  16. Rest assured they’ll be choosing sides soon enough. Peace, until it’s time not to.

  17. StBernardnot

    Should have dumped a ton of pig feed & a ton of pig shit. They can be the middleman.

  18. Shinmen Takezo

    So far they have arrested and charged 23 mena and women over the refuge standoff…. all of them, except Bundy Sr. will be put on trial in Portland Oregon it seems….

    Looks as though if you even cast your shadow upon the entrance to that refuge, the DC goons are going to charge you with some sort of federal crime.

    Having listening to the interview in the link below….

    …whereas within, Rhodes does mention the use of FIJA protests/enlightment (good start), these people would stand a better chance of demmanding to be tried together, than seperately. Seperately, the DC thugs can drag out prosecutions for years to come. I hope that Rhodes and the rest of the talking heads aret taking up a means of legal support for these people–and by legal support, I hope that someone along the lines of Jerry Spence (look that guy up–but he’s too old now, or perhaps not. He defended the guy from Ruby Ridge and he lives in Montana) to spearhead a legal defense for these people.

    And when the time comes, yes a jury nullification mass action should take place in Portland during jury selection and also the trial itself. FYI–it will take hundreds upon hundreds (a couple thouand would be optimal) of people to effectively pull such an event off–remember, only one potential juror (currently on our side, or not) needs to be educated about this “right” which the court system effectively cooerces out from you. There could be “Liberty Movement” minded people called up who are unaware of FIJA rights–and there could be people who can be swayed.

    I do not think that the “mass warrants” mentioned in the interview are happening–I think this was disinformation leaked to a Liberty Movement contact. As mentioned in an earliier comment–this was to put Liberty Movement people off balance

    If Rhodes contact you C.A. please give him my email –I’d like to relay my experinces with just one FIJA activist, and the effects it had on a State Court complex. Such efforts could blow up the DC goons entire prosecution strategy and make good headlines for the movement as a whole.

  19. Talk about “law enforcement” snapshots. Looks like the FBI doctored the LeVoy Finnicum execution video to look like something suspiciously misleading from what really happened. Things like LeVoy never once reached for something at his waist. That and a number of things where painted in or removed by very sophisticated digital editing equipment. Something the FBI possesses. It took some really sick minds and diabolically evil intent to fabricate the Finnicum snuff film if this is the truth. Not all is what it appears to be. Funny that.
    NC Renegade posted a link:

    Here are the links to 8 investigative pieces on the evidence of the methods used and speculative reasons why such editing took place:

  20. The children are unaware of the animosity between Americans and compromised LEOs. The innocence of their conduct should remain unquestioned.
    Our only concern regarding the children is the extent to which they are being mentally/emotionally manipulated by the enemies of freedom.

  21. That’s because the people like us…
    The fire department shows up and solves problems….not makes them worse. We also don’t drive around looking for other peoples fires to put out.