Anatomy Tutorials


Here; h/t Maggie’s Farm.

In left margin under “Practical Resources”.

4 responses to “Anatomy Tutorials

  1. The narrator in those videos … I can’t cope with her diction.

    Lots of unfamiliar terms, spoken indistinctly … frustrating.

  2. bobeagle, I’m with you on that. She has that California Girl lilt that emphasizes what is first spoken, and drops off to an unintelligible mush mouth by the end of the sentence. In my experience, this is done to insult some one in the closing words of the sentence, so as to give the speaker time to disappear. Reminds me of a YouTube video titled, “Chango”.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    …also…get to know your local Vet real well. not only will they keep your stock in fine fettle, but once the festivities begin, they will be precious for treating all kinds of bodily wounds, equine, canine, feline, and humine.

    my vet regularly gets a bottle of cheer, fresh smoked ham, side of beef, or some such on a regular voluntary basis for no reason other than when I call him at 0300 in a blizzard with an emergency, he answers: “on my way…”

    he has saved many a life.

  4. HHH Old Vet.

    My Vet is the same way Cornelius, one of the Best people I know, we get along well, I have even gone to give him a hand ever so often.