Buppert: Turning the Tables on the Poacher – A Fourth Generation Warfare Vignette


Part of a work-in-progress.



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  1. Dear Almighty God and Father,

    Please forgive my sins, and find my prayer acceptable in Your sight…please grant us men and women of valor, and competence, and be with them as they undertake the tasks ahead of us. Grant me the courage to help where I can and wisdom to know when I can’t. And always, Father, know that your children may not acknowledge Whom they serve, so please, Father, rather take comfort in knowing that they know whom they fight.

    Stay with us, even unto the end…

    Your flawed, though always, loving daughter..


  2. I love this stuff. When does the movie come out? 🙂

    Moar, please.

  3. I’ve read this kind of internet fiction before. The authors, regardless of political persuasion, are in essence retelling the action footage they have have consumed via X-Box and Canadian produced live action shows immature wet dream fantasies of anti-establishment violence which ignores physical reality on all levels.
    One does not ram a curtain gate at 30mph and have associated support vehicles stream in along side. Go down to any large ‘derelict’ building and look at such an entrance. Is there enough room to accommodate three vehicles side by side, and what has happened to the wreckage of the curtain gate in the story, has it magically disappeared?
    As to the roof; dropping smoke rounds onto a roof followed by HE which will blow the smoke off the roof seems as backwards. BTW what assets were waiting on the roof w/ the Molotovs, and why, what purpose does attacking a roof serve other than notify the entire city?

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Shinmen Takezo

    I love these happy stories that Bill Bupert writes.
    I like to read them before bed time–they give me nice dreams.

  6. Marlo Stanfield

    Ah! The Sten family waiting on their mail. (LOL) A recent article from FLETC, says law enforcement are only 19% accurate at 3 yards. If they are stressed or the range is longer they accuracy simply falls off the chart. (They can’t shoot) On the civilian side they are 80% accurate if they have time to set up. Throw in stress and their accuracy falls off the charts. Sadly our military isn’t much better. Foreign troops who have even a smaller  budget for training can’t possibly shoot any better. Control the county you live in, starting at the DA’s office, Sheriff Dept.  city council, county managers, communications. Have eyes and ears inside those places, pay attention to the counties around yours. Get fit, carry concealed loaded with premium, sniper rifle in your vehicle. (Scoped rifle you can actually with) Don’t be so comfy with every one in your race. McCain was born in Panama, Cruz in Canada I think. The big O was not the first. If someone can build a Sten in left hand and in 40, 45, 10mm or .357 Sig…  

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  7. I hate to be the rainy cloud guy, but… snitches?
    An attack as complex as this drawing this many resources would inevitably hoover in a mole or two. If it went successfully then you would have to presume that the powers that be let it slide in the hopes of a larger roundup down the line.

    Sure, complex attacks like this make great fiction. It’s all very exciting. You can almost hear the pounding of hard guitar riffs in the background.

    That said, if I had a small team of 3 to 6 dependable men and the local movement contact said to me “we’re organising a thirty man raid on a secret prison involving purpose modified vehicles, a mortar crew and a logistics trail a half a mile long” I would say to them “I’m not sure what you’re talking about, good day, sir.”

    I would then walk swiftly away and contact my plastic surgeon.

    What? Too paranoid?

    • Hutaree militia, and Four Grandpas in a Waffle House, at very least. Their favorite tactic is infiltrate to incite and indict. And they are quite willing to inappropriately squeeze anyone they can intimidate. The Millers were sent to infiltrate the Bundys. When they failed, their LVMPD handlers were pissed, and let them know they would suffer the consequences. But like many other piggies across this continent, they were short on smarts. Millers managed to exterminate two maggots, and if not for the armed Mere Citizen in the WalMart who recognized something was wrong and shot Jared, there would have been many more dead pigs there. The Miilers’ plan was good. Bad luck did them in a bit early. They were on a suicide mission, of course, but they could have flushed out that pig sty fairly well first.

      • Bottom line, if you can’t account for just about the whole life story of your comrades in arms then you’ve probably got a mole or ten in your crew.
        Moreover the more people in your crew the higher the chances that one of them ends up being flipped by the Feds.

        Rolling up a large organisation of 60 people is a walk in the park for the Feds. Rolling up 20 individual cells of 3 people takes exponentially more manpower.

        Our greatest enemy is our ego in the end. We all want recognition for our efforts, and the more people that recognise us the better we feel about it. Tribalism and all that. Putting your ass on the line alone is by definition a thankless pursuit. It may be avarice, but it’s a fact nonetheless.

        Still, if you want to keep your ass out of jail then you better recruit quality over quantity.

  8. G.F. Owen, Trooper

    Resistance is fertile indeed.

  9. Do you remember the first part? Protagonist is an older black man.
    Do you think he cannot find some people he could trust back in the neighborhood?
    Certainly there are many that would give him succor.

    Operations in a city will be easier than in remote areas if you have the support of the population.

    Any recent events prove that to be an incorrect observation?
    The author has been there done that in an urban setting.