Bracken: Burning Down The House In 2016

Hold tight, wait ’til the party’s over.
Hold tight, we’re in for nasty weather.
There has got to be a way—
Burning down the house.

By now, it should be obvious to the observant that the ‘scoundrels-looting-the-treasury’ phase of our economic arc is about played out, and before the entire rotten financial edifice collapses, there will be a war ignited across Europe and the Middle East which will serve as a distraction for the masses, while the very worst of the scoundrels take to ground to wait for the smoke to clear before they emerge.

The gangsters actually directing the national governments that publicly front for their activities have nearly finished siphoning the remaining liquidity from the global financial system, leaving a hollow shell behind. The prostitutes who pose as our political leaders have been complicit at every step of the looting process. Now we are hearing the last wheezing notes of the calliope as the economic merry-go-round grinds to a halt. To borrow the expression from financial author Michael Hudson, the parasites have killed the host.

The world’s central banks – an integral part of the current cabal of looters – are out of even pretend remedies. There is no more smoke behind the mirrors. The zero interest rate creation of digital money can increase paper valuations as assets are traded back and forth between patty-cake playing looters, but the injected thin-air money cannot boost actual increases in productivity or even spur meaningful consumer spending. A global contraction is underway, and neither tap-dancing television hacks nor phony Soviet-style statistical trickery can conceal the emerging reality. Slapping another layer of pretty wallpaper over rotten termite-infested walls with another round of debt creation will have no greater curative power than sticking smiley-face band-aids over cancerous lesions. Whether or not (and how) the bellwether Deutsche Bank goes Tango Uniform in the coming weeks will hold many clues.

The global economy has finally reached the end of John Maynard Keynes’ famous long run, and while Keynes is indeed still dead, we who are still alive shall be left to harvest the bitter fruit of his profligate economic theories. We will test Ludwig Von Mises’ famous observation: “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”

Perennially pandering politicians trapped in reelection cycles consistently voted for later, until now Von Mises’ final catastrophe is at hand. As the economy contracts and family budgets are crushed, Americans will grow angrier and angrier. Anger will very likely carry a populist demagogue into the White House. Then the still outraged population will demand satisfactory answers delineating the causes of the unfolding financial disaster, and assigning blame. The demagogue in the White House will gladly lead the hunt for culprits and scapegoats, postponing the day of reckoning for his own handling of the economy. There will be congressional hearings and grand jury investigations. Special prosecutors will be named, and indictments handed down.

Imagine the gnawing fear that many financial scoundrels must feel when they contemplate a President Trump or Cruz naming a motivated legal pit bull like Mark Levin or Andrew C. McCarthy to be their attorney general, with clear marching orders to first sweep the cultural-Marxist social justice warriors from the DOJ, and second, to vigorously pursue all of the many accumulated cases that FBI Director Comey will hand over.

The stone wall of ideologically corrupt executive branch officials that Barack Obama erected to protect powerful Democrat insiders from prosecution will be demolished. Dormant scandals such Fast and Furious, with a Mexican body count in the hundreds, will be revisited. If there is no statue of limitations for simple murder, certainly there can be none for deliberate mass-murder as a secretly ordered national policy. Former Attorney General Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and many others could find themselves sentenced to long prison terms.

And there are many other wealthy, powerful and well-connected sleazebags with nefarious pasts who have a very strong motivation to torpedo the presidency of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. (Marco Rubio would bend as easily as a wet willow branch.) These crony-capitalist supposed financial wizards are accustomed to operating in the shadows, with secret allies backstopping their crooked moves in every department as they hop between Washington and Wall Street. But the curtain that shields them from investigation and prosecution could be torn away if either Trump or Cruz becomes the next president. For these as-yet-uncharged treasury looters, this is a nightmare scenario.

But before that final curtain is pulled back to expose the sins of the wizards, not only will they have absconded with the loot, leaving the stage bare, but the curtain, the stage set and the entire theater will be burned to the ground and scattered to the winds by war. It is a recurring pattern in history that well-timed wars are used to clear out the accumulated mountain ranges of crushing debt that can never be repaid, while at the same time burning all of the dodgy double-entry ledger books that could come back to haunt the malefactors – not to mention the estimated 600 trillion dollars worldwide in outstanding derivative contracts that are more likely to blow up like a financial hydrogen bomb than to ever be paid.

Now, in February 2016, it might seem as if the financial ship of state is chugging along tolerably well, with no insurmountable obstacles ahead, (but then, the same could have been said for most of the Titanic’s maiden voyage). Talk of icebergs ahead is dismissed as gloom and doom, but in fact, we are already far past the point where a change of captains can save the ship. At this late date, not one of the current farcical crop of conmen, cranks, commies, crooks, carnival barkers and comemierdas (ask a Cuban) can turn the ship sufficiently for it to miss the continent-wide iceberg ahead in its path. This is especially true when the ship’s Keynesian operating principle holds that it must constantly increase its RPMs by more debt creation, or risk a complete loss of power.

But if feeding raw ether directly into the cylinders via quantitative easing can’t keep the engine turning, what can? When you hear discussion of “negative interest rates” and “bail-ins” (the government stealing money directly from your bank accounts to keep their merry-go-round spinning) you know that the game is nearly up. When you hear rumors of 500 Euro notes and 100 dollar bills being withdrawn from circulation by the central bankers, ostensibly in order to impede cash hoarding and curtail “black-market” (unmonitored) transactions, you can be sure that the game is nearly up. And when you read of countries abolishing cash and moving entirely to “digital money,” you will know that the game is, in fact, conclusively over.

If the global economy was an after-hours poker game, now, or very soon, is when the lights would unexpectedly go out, followed by rapid pistol shots and the overturning of the table. Always ask: cui bono? Who benefits? Whose interests, at this point, would be served by overturning the global financial table, and burning down the house with a great war?

Europe is a powder keg today, with a million new male Muslim “refugees” of fighting age on hand just in time to conduct the coming Great European Jihad. If any person or group wanted a bloody conflict to break out across Europe, importing a vast army of angry future jihadists would be the most reliable means imaginable toward accomplishing that goal. Nobody should be allowed to pretend surprise at the enormous explosion which is about to occur in Europe. Peel away at the onion: who is paying for the invasion?

Well played, Forces of Darkness! Well played!

Not to be entirely outdone, there are U.S. Army military advisors not far across Ukraine from Putin’s Russian armed forces. And just a short hop to the south, Russia and Turkey seem poised to go war over Syria. Iran looks to settle scores with their enemies in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and America, while designing nuclear warheads to sit atop its long-range missiles. North Korea is testing “satellites” to haul its existing nukes to target cities across oceans. China is militarizing its man-made “islands” in the South China Sea, claiming nearly every inch of that body of water, and the power to control who sails through it.

The next great war, begun largely to vaporize the world’s irremediably corrupt financial ledgers and launch a new world economic order, will begin soon. But when? How soon? At the near end of the predictable, a terror attack worse than 9-11 in Europe or America could be enough to initiate the wider conflict, and such an attack could happen at any moment. At the longer end of the scale, I believe that if it appears that Donald Trump or Ted Cruz are likely to win the American presidential election, the war will probably begin before November. If either Trump or Cruz is actually elected, the war will certainly begin before the inauguration of the new president in 2017.

In the atomic age, nobody can say where such a war might lead, or how the nuclear threshold would remain uncrossed, but anybody must admit that such a war could spin far beyond imagination. At the very least, the ragged fault line running from Scandinavia to the Straits of Hormuz would rip wide open. With Europe and the Middle East wracked by war, it’s difficult to imagine how the United States could sail untouched through the military and economic consequences of the catastrophe. Neutrality will not be an option when car bombs are exploding from Chicago to Rome.

All of America’s many enemies have its electrical power grid on their high-priority target lists. Mutual Assured Destruction worked during the Cold War because ICBMs arrive with a known return address, ensuring swift retaliation in kind. A sustained cyber attack against the United States power grid, or even kinetic attacks by sleeper-cell commando teams already in place, is a virtual certainty in the event of a war in Europe and the Middle East. And if our grid is taken down, it’s unlikely that we would ever definitively learn the true origin of the calamity.

And just as a war in Europe and the Middle East would obscure the sustained looting spree that had preceded it, a grid-down scenario in the USA could be used to mask other nefarious intentions. Any trained Marxist knows that before their socialist utopia can be built, the old structure must be smashed to rubble. This is Marxist Revolution 101.

The proto-Marxist Jacobins of the French Revolution put it this way: “Out of order, chaos.” But first the Jacobins had to create the chaos, with an artificially engineered grain shortage leading to food riots, which they exploited for their revolutionary ends. Vladimir Lenin put it this way, when told that bread riots were breaking out in Russia: “The worse, the better.” The better for creating the optimal revolutionary conditions. The Black Panthers, revolutionary Marxists of the 1960s, said, “Burn, baby, burn.”

The currently existing social compact has to be burnt to the ground before the new world economic order can be built up from the ashes. This will be as true in 2017 as it was in 1917.

Please watch the short YouTube video called “Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom” to hear Barack Obama, in his own voice, explaining how important Marxism was to his political formation.

Watching this video can help you to understand just how far President Obama may be willing to go, in order to finish and permanently cement in place his declared goal of fundamentally transforming the United States.

You might also like to read my short story “What I Saw At The Coup”, which describes one possible reaction to an attempted progressive putsch.

Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later in that year he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. Since then he’s been a welder, boat builder, charter captain, ocean sailor, essayist and novelist. He lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at

148 responses to “Bracken: Burning Down The House In 2016

  1. Trump and Cruz aren’t going to prosecute anyone. They are part of the game.

    Otherwise, another masterpiece from Mr. Bracken. The critical point I take from this particular essay is the critical nature of timing the fall. This is important, because I ain’t ready yet.

    • Even if they won’t, the Rats might be so worried about their exposure that they will try any means to torpedo their inauguration. All of the trends are pointing to war in Europe, and I don’t see how it can be contained to one side of the Atlantic, at least in terms of power grid attacks.

      • Matt, here are some useful dupes for ya.

        Rascal Scooter Zombies
        Look like cultural marxist cannon fodder you ask me.

      • I agree with Warpig. The powers that be already know anyone currently running will not expose them. Cruz and Trump are politicians and won’t rock the apple cart.
        Also, the peasantry won’t look for someone on which place blame. They will only want their checks (SocSec, EBT, etc) to continue.
        But my disagreement is only with the route travelled, Matt is correct that the destination is financial collapse and war.

        • 3:45 AM PST, @ the dispatch desk. only 7 local calls since midnite, and looking at just 3 4/5 AM timecard airport calls. Slow downward spiral continues. I don’t expect any major Aktion until after the Nov. election. Then things will happen rapidly

          • Intel—same thing here too. Record-setting, and that’s sayin’ something. “Leading indicator,” eh?

    • “This is important, because I ain’t ready yet.”

      No one, and I mean no one, is.

      That’s of no comfort at all. I struggle daily to try to decipher the code of what, exactly, I should be doing as opposed to what I can realistically expect to accomplish……..

      There are too many unknowns, many of which are literally unknowable; too little money and time, and far too little clarity, understanding, agreement and resolve for anyone to think they are or can ever be, prepared.

      Events will force many now unthinkable or unimaginable responses and not before… too late for many.

      • All you got to do 0-6, is keep in mind, when examining everything you do in the scope of your life, is ask yourself the one question:
        What can I do to keep the sonofabitches from being able to steal my property.
        Property as meaning what is yours, the fruits of your labor, your wealth in all forms, your prosperity.
        As Matt is pointing out so well, everything the bastards are doing involves creating instruments and vehicles, designed to convert everything we own, and could or can possibly belong to us, as methods to strip mine you and I of what belongs to us. And nothing is sacred nor beyond the pale to those ends. Everything is at the absolute best is secondary to those ends. If it means the deaths of millions of us, and destruction of everything we know and cherish, even that will not stop them. Only one thing can.
        Only you and me Brother, everyone who cares can do that.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Trump and Cruz aren’t going to prosecute anyone. They are part of the game.”

      Even if they are part of the game, they may still prosecute. What does it hurt them to take down a Hillary (old and hated) or a Holder (served his purpose), if it lets them keep a Gavin Newsom (or some other young, photogenic type) in reserve for the future and/or protect the money guys behind it all?

  2. Ole’ Matt is right. Been right about everything.

    “The currently existing social compact has to be burnt to the ground before the new world economic order can be built up from the ashes. This will be as true in 2017 as it was in 1917.”

    I think it began about 1812. Can’t forget 1860 either.

    Enough of us just refuse to be obedient slaves.
    No matter what they try to do we defy them.
    It is all come to this because of our defiance. We all know who we are, and who came before us.
    Very many say either Ammond Bundy and LeVoy Finnicum failed, they where not prepared, or are afraid of leviathan.
    Ah! But there is something indomitable and most noteworthy about defiance. It IS defiance. Look at the reaction by the regime to resistance in Burns Oregon. A tiny little band of Refusniks shook the leviathan to its core, without firing a shat, a reaction that required the determination where the execution of the spiritual and virtuous leader of this band of Freemen required his assassination with extreme prejudice. Now that is about as extreme a reaction of the political regime as there is.
    The sonofabitches sure are arrogant in the extreme, all cocky here you go look at this video of LaVoy being executed in ice cold blood, but brother underlying all the strutting we are the sate and resistance is futile message they put a public face on, they fear disobedience like nothing else. They fuckers wouldn’t have executed LeVoy and detained the others on specious made up “crimes” if they didn’t fear something. They would not be importing musloids by the plane full daily, opened the borders, installed a psychopathic magic negro in the oval office and a carpet munching pantsuit wearing homicidal maniac as secretary of state if they where not afraid of the motive power of Freemen American’s and their Liberty, and how that power is all but impossible to exterminate and extinguish. Remember, this has been a 250 year war. Two and a half century war. Think about that. We are still here. And the icing on the cake is there are more of us Freemen than there ever was regardless of circumstances, in fact in spite of circumstances. And then there is the matter we have not only excellent arms, we have more arms than ever.

  3. Nice, but I have a quibble with this passage —
    “But before that final curtain is pulled back to expose the sins of the wizards, not only will they have absconded with the loot, leaving the stage bare, but the curtain, the stage set and the entire theater will be burned to the ground and scattered to the winds by war. It is a recurring pattern in history that well-timed wars are used to clear out the accumulated mountain ranges of crushing debt that can never be repaid, while at the same time burning all of the dodgy double-entry ledger books that could come back to haunt the malefactors – not to mention the estimated 600 trillion dollars worldwide in outstanding derivative contracts that are more likely to blow up like a financial hydrogen bomb than to ever be paid.”

    What many don’t realize, which causes the passage to be in error, is that at least for the US, war has only once cleared away debts. Folks the USG is still paying off WWI debts! All the rest are still on the books as well. Until the US loses we will continue to keep paying. The lone exception? The Civil War. Confeds lost so their currency became moot and the USG floated worthless greenbacks to fund theirs then flushed them soon after hostilities ceased.

  4. “We have to help each other. Nobody else will.”

    “The 3rd reason” Ragnar wanted the gold in the
    right hands after the collapse.

    Fed: Opportunity, not a threat.
    Western Lands: Opportunity, not a threat.

  5. Warpig, Cruz and Rubio I get, But on Trump I’ve got to take the Missouri 5th. SHOW ME..

  6. outlawpatriot

    Hmm… Mark Levin as AG. I’d pay cash money to see that. 🙂

    • Have you read his article V freedom amendments? Between just Two of them his slight of wording legalizes the entirety of the illegal fed beauracracy that exists today. Sorry, but Levin is one of them.

      • outlawpatriot

        Well, we don’t have the Freedom Amendments, now do we? So what the fuck does that have to do with the matter at hand.

        How many of his books have you read? How many hours have you listened to his radio show? I’m bettin’ zero for both. You just read an article about his view on that topic.

        Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with him on all of his views. Hell, I don’t agree with anybody completely. But if I was picking an AG, he would be right at the top of my list.

        Ya gotta pull you’re head out of your ass. Quit readin’ short opinions about people here and elsewhere on the internet. Take the time to personally delve into a given personality. Both past and present ones.

        Ain’t nobody perfect slick. The people that pick up the pieces, assuming we get that shot, are gonna be just as human as the folks around now. Best to try and identify as many of those folks as you can while it’s reasonably quiet. 😉

        • Amigo:

          You can’t be saying that Levin is a freedom guy, are you?

          • I am sure that there is much to not agree with Mr. Levin about but he is correct in this assumption IMHO;

            “Utopianism is not new, It has been repackaged countless times—since Plato and before. It is as old as tyranny itself. In democracies, its practitioners legislate without end. In America, law is piled upon law in contravention and contradiction of the governing law—the Constitution….
            I believe to a great extent we now live in a post-constitutional country, where much of the Constitution is ignored or evaded,….”

            Matt, can you use a deck hand?

            • Not at this time I can’t, but there are plenty of boats around and I recommend them for the next few years.

            • Got any sailin’ skilz, Comrade? Or, perhaps a small O/B for the tender?

              It ain’t Bracken’s steel battleship, but it’s a seaworthy 30 footer…hankering for Belize.

              • I was just joking with Matt, but thanks for the invite jeffronimo.

                My partner in life knows that she & I would be at each other’s throats if we had to spend too much time locked in a confined space together anyway.

                It is my plan to die fighting against tyranny in one form or another with my feet planted firmly in the soil of my homeland. I have no higher desire in life than in death to be fertilizer for our tree of liberty.

        • Mark Levin is a brand, no less than just about any other public figger. He can be counted on to magnify and expand his brand’s footprint or image. Beyond that, one oughtn’t expect too much.

          Frankly, the recovering lawyer who calls himself “Concerned American” makes an infinitely better choice.

  7. It is very difficult “to be ready” spiritually, mentally, and physically …..probably “never really ready”. I’m not either, but I see IT coming, and quickly now, 2016 Requires a Crisis.
    The “details” are unimportant, or less relevant than the ongoing aftermath, and while occurring on a global scale, it’s more important on our local scale, where we will have to live and die on a day to day basis. This is how we live and die now, but with greatly diminished capacity in the future.
    After the devastation and conclusion of war in 1865, Southerners were faced with such travails. “May as well laugh as cry” because it will make no difference to the reality being faced.

  8. TC’s wife is a Goldman Sachs executive. DT is a New Yorker born and bred. His real estate career was built on making financing deals with the zombie banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, etc., etc.. DT’s various companies currently have hundreds of millions of dollars worth of loans outstanding booked by these same financing entities. A DT or TC appointed AG will no more go after the many criminal actors from the BHO administration than BHO’s AG went after criminal actors from the GWB administration. The table has been set. I don’t know when dinner will be served, any more than MB does, but I do know what’s on the menu…We The People.

  9. “At the longer end of the scale, I believe that if it appears that Donald Trump or Ted Cruz are likely to win the American presidential election, the war will probably begin before November. If either Trump or Cruz is actually elected, the war will certainly begin before the inauguration of the new president in 2017.”

    Another specific Bracken prediction. Once again, I claim and predict that this prediction is wrong. I have thus far been correct regarding Bracken’s European Tet claim (nobody has been breaking into private homes and demanding housing; instead, “refugee” centers are being torched). I feel quite confident in dismissing this also.

    More generally, Bracken’s argument here rests on quite a lot of conspiracy. Conspiracies exist, certainly – they are simply what happens when several people get together to try to make something happen without publicizing it – but their actual results and achievements are nowhere near this involved and controlling. The current worldwide political class is simply not intelligent enough and not competent enough to achieve the wide-scale manipulation Bracken is describing.

    The most notable characteristic of false prophets is that they never let themselves be tripped up by past predictions that turned out wrong, no matter how many there are. They just keep making more predictions and hoping nobody will notice.

      • Also, rather than kicking doors in, a general pattern seems to be that Muslims assigned to share quarters such as large apartments with German hosts have taken them over, terrorizing the natives, and ruling the roosts.

      • I care, because it is not what he actually predicted. I agree that these cases you have linked are extremely negative. However Bracken’s argument rested on the idea that the Muslims would take action themselves and in so doing overrule the existing society, thus demonstrating that it was incapable of self-defense. That is not what is happening in these cases: the government is still squarely in control, and is – at least nominally – representative of the people, benefits from their delegated authority, and has the power to continue or stop the invasion at will.

        Which is not what Bracken predicted.

        • Look, I wrote that in November, it’s now February, and you are calling BS on my entire idea because one aspect of it has not happened yet? OTOH, I’d say that pool rapes of little boys and the New Years Eve events outdid my predictions. There are ten more months in 2016.

          • “There are ten more months in 2016.”

            Lol…that’s an optimistic prediction right there!

    • I call bullshit on the “nobody has been breaking into houses’.
      I have read and watched numerous accounts of homes being broken into by the musloid in Europe.
      Fucking people up and taking their shit. Your confidence is mis-placed. Look at the videos of the people in Calais describing the behavior of the Musloid.
      Breaking into their homes and businesses and fucking up anyone in their way.
      Conspiracy is a buzz-word used extensively by people who cannot ,with facts ,break the argument.
      All you have to do is google Calais women and watch ten videos of horror stories of musloid behavior.
      Oh no…Bracken planted all those videos to support his conspiracy.
      He is a busy little beaver.

    • Rollory, I hope and pray every day that I’m wrong. I look forward to being proven wrong, even to being made a laughingstock. Only a maniac would want to see such horrible forecasts come true just for bragging rights. What good will bragging rights be in a grid-down hell? I’d much rather be considered an outrageous fool in a successfully self-correcting nation.

      • I wouldn’t claim the USA is in any way a successfully self-correcting nation at this point. I don’t expect positive outcomes for any of this in my lifetime. However unless your goal is short-term propaganda (and there’s valid reasons to engage in that, but I don’t think they apply here) making predictions and grand claims of this sort is very, very likely to turn out wrong and not particularly useful – even against a backdrop of continued worsening geopolitics.

        I do thank you for the CW2 cube.

        • no, making concrete predictions like Bracken does is extremely useful. If/when they don’t prove out, you then try to figure out why…which exposes actual dynamics of the situation. I think that B is in general correct, but the timing is too quick. Everything is spiraling downward, but there’s still a lot of water in the tub

        • “I don’t expect positive outcomes for any of this in my lifetime.”

          Then change your expectations. You know what a “self-fulfilling prophecy” is, yes? Virtually everything in your life is one of those.

          • You really are a gadfly busybody.

            Do you seriously propose that one’s personal expectations are unaffected by THE GREATER REALITY you’re always hawking as the ULTIMATE ARBITER?

            Gee, I guess I’ll just change the whole outcome by altering my “expectations” (analysis of the “facts” and “reality” you’re always claiming the rights to) and this whole site and all its intents and purposes can just go away, irrelevant as they have just become.

            Is there a mirror in your cave?

      • Even delaying the inevitable is okay. More stocking/fixing, and Brown truck stops.

    • I recall Bracken saying “expect the unexpected”, prior to a Supreme Court Justice’s death (murder, the man wasn’t cold before obama came off the golf course to threaten the senate republicans, ” my nominee will get a fair and timely hearing”). I wish he had been wrong, my heart sank, and all I could think was ” o my God, what next?”. In times like these it’s important to remember just how fast events can happen.

  10. A painful solution is that TPTB will just renounce the debt before losing control. you guys not see that?

  11. I am not one much for conspiracy when simple incompetence can explain the outcome. Conspiracy is hard to maintain for secrecy is required. The bigger that envelope gets linerally the risk of exposure increase geometrically.

    • Someone living in early 1930s USSR or the late 1930s Germany would likely agree with you.

      All great revolutions started with foundational work. Changing minds, dividing, demoralizing, and distracting people, breaking down the ability of counter-revolutionaries to respond, etc…

    • Secrecy is not required. The dim grasp of the sheeple is enough. Even a year ago many on here would have scoffed at talk of choreographed migrations, false flags , terrorism as a tool of western policy etc. It’s all in the open now. The Russians have been passing folders around to any governments who want the dirty details. Can’t see anything in Bracken’s piece that is incorrect – timing is the only variable now.

    • What secrecy is required?

      The sad reality is that all the evidence is out there in the open and but most people


        Wombat: You’re right. And, they won’t even begin to care until it is way too late and they are running around in tight little circles emitting high-pitched squeaking noises. Then they will be ready for any demagogue, liar, Marxist sycophant, or blackguard who pops up. Witness the surge for Bernie Sanders. This is another straw in the wind. WEalth confiscation is in our future.

  12. I didn’t take Matt’s predictions as “conspiracy”. He’s presenting some potentials and course correction for all. Connecting the dots. You can take it or leave I suppose. I tend to accept it because it’s more plausible than anything else out there. He’s not using a crystal ball. Look into what he’s saying… stay focused and don’t pay attention to the up/down because it’s only a distraction to what is really taking place behind the scenes…

    Doing away with the 500 euro and $100 bill isn’t Matt’s conspiracy, take it up with Larry Summers and his EU counterparts as to why they’re doing it. Take it up with Janet Yellen regarding the possibilities of NIRP that she floated recently. Japan tried NIRP and did nothing but dig a bigger hole. Why do we need these things done to our markets today? It’s insane and unprecedented in my lifetime.

    • That’s exactly right. It’s not a classic movie cliché smoke-filled-room conspiracy. It’s a confluence of trends leading to an outcome.

      “Don’t tell me about self-fulfilling prophecies. Some prophecies are self-fulfilling because they are destined to come true.” A character in Kratman’s “Caliphate.”

      I look at history like many wheels and gears and sprockets. Some are thousand year cycles on one axis, even, say, solar cycles and “little ice ages.” Also Kondratiev Wave type cycles, and so on down to election cycles. What cycle is the recurring theme of Muslim invasion attempts of Europe? Shoot, we even have the lunatics running ISIS publicly stating their goal is to usher in an end-times cataclysmic battle this year.

      All of these cycles, to my mind, are lining up in a very ominous way in 2016. A lot of powerful entities have reasons to clear off the bad books and start fresh. A war allows bad leaders to blame the hard times and austerity on an external enemy, instead of on their own terrible policies.

      • If everyone in a group reads the same book and they all do what it says, things will go that way regardless that hardly anyone knows each other. Plenty of examples.

  13. “The next great war, begun largely to vaporize the world’s irremediably corrupt financial ledgers and launch a new world economic order, will begin soon.” <—-this

    They all know it & have known it since 08 or earlier. It's why nothing seems to matter, they all know it's going to get vaporized as the world descends into madness. Stay local, stay focused. Protect innocent life where possible but do what you must.

    You are already dead. Make it count.

  14. There is no conspiracy involved in the larger picture in the sense that there is no massive hall where everybody shows up in the dark of night to plot the NWO. It is a “loose collection” of entities who are working off of the same or similar playbooks and taking advantage of situations created by themselves to achieve their own aims. To a certain extent they talk to each other and coordinate, but they will also run rough-shod over each other as necessary. They are all moving in the same general direction because they all come from similar roots and have been indoctrinated in the same ideology. Think lone wolf jihadis and the Koran.
    Will there be a war as described…probably. By inauguration day…wouldn’t surprise me. Nothing is set in stone because “plans” and “contact with the enemy” These guys are pretty good at “changing directions on the fly” but they are in a box canyon that is getting narrower all the time. Options are running out.

    • Please explain Davos then.

    • I agree with what you said 100%. And not only do I hope I’m wrong in general, I’ll even take being wrong on the timeline. I only THINK the events will commence in 2016. It’s a theory, based on balancing many intersecting trends, as I see them. Just my opinion. And I would MUCH rather be considered a big joke and a hack writer, conspiracy theorist etc, than to be proven right by events. I don’t want these events to happen. I want peace and prosperity. I just feel worse about this specific year than I ever have before, and I’m sharing my feelings. I hope sincerely to be proven wrong.

      • Bracken please share a solution that you actually think would work with what we have to work with…Something more than the current prep and train meme…

        • I suspect he might say you can’t. Sure, on an immediate tribe level with family and such, but as he’s said it’s a confluence of events so big you can barely wrap your head around it. Duct tape please.
          1. Muslim infiltration
          2. Southwest invasion, deliberate I might add
          3. Financial insolvency, globally
          4. Fabian socialist/communist(s) in most positions of power

          All of this is out there visible to see. Yet, I know friends and family that are clueless at to what we may face.

          There is no Calvary coming nor a John Wayne.

          • So you giving up then? I’m not and I have provided my solution here many times…It’s based on history and of it working to save and project outward what that group was striving for…I was asking Matt because I thought maybe he would have a different insight…

          • “There is no Calvary coming…”

            I know that’s probably a typo, but I feel compelled to point out that
            Calvary has already come and the Spiritual battle won, long ago.

            • Id say you just answered your earlier what more can I do question sir

              • Thanks, LF. That part of it does not concern me.

                It’s the day to day decisions as to how to spend the limited! time, money, energy… and how to convince, educate and prepare those I love and for whom I feel responsible- by far the more daunting task.

                Prayer is the easiest part.

                And on that note, I would remind one and all that the one thing a warrior cannot do without is:

                Belief… in something worth fighting and dying for, the deeper and more refined, the better.

                • outlawpatriot

                  Bang! Yeah, belief. What do you believe in? First step in the process. Second step? Who believes as you do? It gets easier from there. 😉

                  • “Who believes as you do?”

                    Just so. Around my AO? I wish I knew………….

                    Vacillatin’, wishful thinkin’, crawfishin’, obfuscatin’ sonsobitchez!

            • Ah. I saw what you did there. Thanks I needed that smile.

          • May as well be on the deck of the Titanic as the bow dips under the water asking “I’m ready to get serious about this. Please, give us a solution to save the day”.

            Save yourself. Save anyone else you can who’s worth saving. Teach your children well, and when the snakes rise again, no matter how comfortable you are and no matter how many generations it will take for their plans to come to fruition, you kill those bastards straight away.

            Seriously, when that scumbag turned up with free corn at the Okefenokee swamp the first thing the wild-and-free-pigs should have done was gore the tires on his pickup, starve him out of the vehicle and tear the mutherfucker limb from limb.

          • Add, both the Islamic State and the mullahs of Iran believe we are on the cusp of the end times, and it’s their duty to bring it on.

        • The Russians lived through a severe shortage of food and currency problems in the 1990’s; they grew food in pots in their shabby little apartments, and did whatever else they could; one little thing at a time. They didn’t panic or start attacking each other and everything worked out ok for them. It’s the little stuff that makes a difference. Have the wife grow spinach in crates filled with dirt near the window sills; trade stuff with your neighbors, etc. Common sense and decency are the best weapons.

        • I don’t see a way to save the economy without Von Mises’ “total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” I’d for sure not want to be in or near a city of millions. I’d want to someplace where a lot of food is grown, not the tundra or desert etc. If the grid goes down we’ll have riots and looting of supermarkets, and then things will go haywire for all of us. I always ask, “How much food do they grow in your zip code? Area code?”

          We could easily see an Argentina 2000 scenario where banks are closed for months. In that eventuality, our inner cities will explode.

          When The Music Stops: How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence

          I’m very partial to the houseboat concept in the South. Very cheap and available, no learning curve, no harder to figure out than an RV. You can live a normal life in a marina with shore power, or bug out to a million miles of creeks and rivers and bays, far from cities or even highways.

          If I didn’t have a sailboat, I’d be looking for a houseboat, but that’s just me. MD to TX to TN covers a lot of territory, if you live in the South.

        • “Bracken please share a solution that you actually think would work…”

          For whom?

          • What Jim you think the solution for everyone is so different that it wouldn’t have a common meme…I know I’m going to regret replying to you like I do every time but I won’t give up hope that the blind will one day will see…

            • outlawpatriot

              Uh, lineman. He’s an individual. 😉

              • Yea living in a bubble… Society doesn’t effect him at all…He has created everything he needs to survive himself…He is living in his perfect world and your a big meany if you try and pop his bubble…

            • “What Jim you think the solution for everyone is so different that it wouldn’t have a common meme.”

              No, it so happens I don’t believe that. That’s why I always look to broad principles, duh. The point of the question was that maybe you would change focus, but that ain’t never gonna happen. Pretty sure that leaves me the more foolish between us, at least this time, for whatever that’s worth.

              • Yea I know Jim you want me to be selfish and focus just on myself and not help or have care for my fellow man and your right Not going to happen…For someone that wants others to focus on themselves you sure like to stick your nose in others business… I ask Bracken for his perspective and look who jumps in and comments…Anytime you think your way of life is so much better we can compare finances, family, friends, and see which one comes out on top…

              • Here, let me return the favor you have done me so many times, by excerpting a single line and using it against you:

                “Pretty sure that leaves me the more foolish between us, at least this time, for whatever that’s worth.”

                As to the first- most assuredly, and for the second- for all time and as to the third- nothing.

                Worth nothing at all.

          • Respectfully Mr.Jim, from God born man and One that could have grasped the huevos from the crotch of his executioners with their own scrots strangled one at a time or all collectively 😊…Pray,hide,and/or prepare to be offensive while defending ourselves is IMHO the only answer to so many scenarios provided by MB.

            • outlawpatriot

              Uh, 33rd p, he’s an atheist. 😉

              • He’s worse than that.

                He’s an atheist who won’t admit it and an anarchist likewise.

                Slipperiest sumbitch I ever run acrost!

              • Heh, stupified me! I’m still putn my last few on the long haired sandaled One to help me strangle every last executioner with him own scrots! Amen

  15. Toss a deadly virus into this scenario and we’re on the same page.

    • On an honest note about the viruses, be it hemorrhagic fevers (Ebola, Marburg and other nasties), Spanish Influenza, the plague, and others, they usually have occurred on pandemic levels with susceptible populations. After World War One, troops who were malnutritioned were perfect Petri dishes for influenza to mutate and then get transported home to ravage societies. If you look at the populaces ravaged by Ebola, they were Africans who have little to no access to healthcare and basic nutrition (thanks mainly to corrupt African warlords), making a possibly survivable illness a death sentence. The mortality rate varies wildly by strain; Zaire, Reston, Sudan, Tai Forrest, Bundibugyo between 25-90 %, based on the case studies of patients in Africa, (minus the one who made it to Dallas). The human body when properly nutritioned, and immunized, stands a very good chance of beating any virus, but, illnesses like cancer or cardiovascular related are probably going to be most of our downfall. That is unless organizations fucking around in labs can create a zombie strain, (and yes that’s fucking possible to an extent). The dead will be just that and completely inanimate, (for the walking dead fans, the dead will not walk decomposing for years and decades retaining audiotory and visual senses with no bodily functions yet needing to eat flesh for a system that isn’t capable of metabolism). However Rabies becoming as virulent as the flu or cold should scare the shit out of you! Once symptomatic, it’s not 25-90% lethal, you die. Once the virus is symptomatic, it has reached your brain, and you will die. This is why people who are even suspected of being bitten by a rabid animal get painful shots, because once the window has closed for inoculation your fate is sealed. I am very passionate about the issue of Chem/Bio warfare, because a bullet and being in the vaporization zone of a nuke is usually fast. I’m not much in the foreign aid camp, but even I would advocate sending morphine to the poor souls dieing from the worst that Mother Nature kicks us in the nuts with. (Which most despots and socialists would not do, because it usually does not effect them). I guess that’s why if Hillary is elected, I’ll advocate SMOD impeach her, lol.

  16. Its coming like a frieght train. I pray i am ready for my family’s sake.

    Im one person and there is so much to do.

    • Amen brother. Find a friend at the same point in this thing that you are. Learn how to reload together is nice in my experience. It’s a great skill I never knew I had. Builds bonds and teamwork.

    • That’s why tribe is important and community of like minded will be an asset…

  17. Cruz, like both Rubio and soetoro-obama, is not a natural born citizen per Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of that “what does it matter”, dead, US Constitution.

    Ideology will trump (no pun intended) that piece of parchment every time.

  18. Nostradamus and the Age of Dsolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 448
    So, here is the point where my book transitions from the past and present into the future. This period may see a confluence of many events: a NATO invasion of Syria, followed quickly by a nuclear attack on Iran by Israel, a global economic collapse, the sinking of the United States’ 5th Fleet, and a military coup d’état in the United States.

  19. Bracken mentions the removal of large denominations of currency. This country will be cashless soon. Right
    before your eyes IMO. The same way that cell phones are a necessary part of everyday life. Using those phones to pay without cash will be the NEW thing for everyday life. This whole situation it is like a mouse who doesn’t run away from a snake before it gets eaten. It just sits there right before it is too late. Sure the mouse thinks it has the ability to run and hide, and it does, even knows somethings afoot, but nope it becomes food and dead. The sociopaths are still using the Fabian socialist tactics of slow incremental steps to enslave us. It just looks faster because it is everywhere and depending on your age I’d say “Let us not confuse the old things that already existed with the things that are new.” Even though we are seeing more blatant heavy handedness by .gov to oil the squeaky wheels or to hammer the standing nail, or insert your own euphemism. This slow CONSTANT pace of the erosion of our freedom and enslavement of us, our kids and anyone lucky enough to be born post our corpses, drives men mad with a constant case of WTF’s. It is just slow enough to keep from generating a reaction from the majority of “the mouse” population to get some rope and turn that “snake” into a belt. Now take into consideration that Google is currently field testing its cashless payment system in my home in California. I have seen it in person at a local pizza franchise. You can go over the patent here:
    Years ago people probably had trouble conceptualizing the idea of a cashless society. “How?” “Impossible!” “Never happen.” “Get some meds will yeah….” “Hahaha!” Remember those conversations when you where wet behind the ears Americans in this fight that is now so over the top blatantly obvious you sometimes want to either A) self apply a brick to your own face or B)apply a brick to someone else’s so just to feel something in “meat space” that is real. So if these rumors in the news of removing cash denominations from circulation are true and the new Google Cashless Phone app or whatever you want to call this umbilical cord to Satan is true, then can you see where we will be in a few years? Seriously, the POTUS flies into my community, spending millions of our money, to have private meetings with Silicon Valleys CEO’s? At one of their homes no less. What could they possibly be discussing in not so many words or in exact words. Just follow the patents flow charts, see who is all interconnected? EVERYBODY. Who will make billions selling this and who’ll make trillions letting them sell this? Who gets leashed buying this? Sometimes I think all this historical evidence of tyranny is outdated for our current situation. This is a different situation wouldn’t you all agree? Did you pay your bills on line today? Buy ammo with your credit card? Send out for wheat berries with over night delivery? Swipe your ID for liquor at Target? I hope that all of us can take into consideration that we might have to seriously re-consider the new applications of all new technological advances and how they will be used to lock us into grids for easy disposal. Register guns? Guns, they don’t need no stinkin’ guns.They’ll just register people, there supplies, where their kids go to school, what porn they watch, shows they favor, sites they visit, people they talk to, what they talk about, what their wants are, fears, hopes, dreams, everything(doing it already right?). And when anybody/you get uppity, by the push of buttons miles away, well, they’ll freeze your accounts, freeze your travel, freeze your communications(definitely why I am thinking old school radio is the way to go, thanks comms guys!!!!) Next, come in for questioning please to free your locked up open air prison of a life.
    So will there be a fight? Not initiated by evil if you ask me. They don’t need one, they already are taking everything they need and want. They can let you be the bad guys, the crazy guys, the SCARY guys, in the eyes of sheep. Sheep will not help you. They sure will video your ass being dragged out of your car, office or house though.
    On a positive note: It sure will be nice to think how our great grand kids will laugh and tell stories about how we stomped the living fuck outta these collectivist shit eaters and won our freedom the old fashion way. “Keep at it men!”

    • Were I a drug lord I think I would change my focus. I would be hoarding USD notes for later use on the black market. I suspect $100 notes will become more valuable than their face value over time.

      • They already are more valuable. I was in Argentina last year and there are people all over the city looking to change money. I had to ask my host what the people were hawking in the streets and she said “they are looking to buy dollars”. And yes, they pay a premium for $100 bills.

        It’s quite organized, it’s a job they have, it’s not individuals changing their own money, it’s rich people hiring others to swap out their Pesos for Dollars.

    • There are a lot of wild cards an unknown X factors. The cashless economy means total control by the masters over the drones/slaves. Negative interest rates mean the .gov literally gets to punish and reward bad or good comrades instantly, since they basically will own your bank accounts, and only let you keep what they want you to keep. Ditto single-payer govt run health care. Been a bad comrade? Drop 3,000 down on the list for your hip operation, or your kid’s needed complex procedure.

      What the PTB cannot factor, and why I wrote “What I saw at the coup,” is what will Americans do if they have lost their income, there is no food, stores empty, etc. With nothing to lose, some might decide to go hunting their enemies, the cultural Marxist master-class. It’s impossible to put a thousand yard security perimeter around thousands of Stasi-crats.

      And millions of evangelicals have been studying up on end times, the anti-Christ, the mark of the beast etc, so a “cashless society” where every transaction must be govt approved, essentially, might send a lot of them right over the edge. What I mean is that for a fifty year old man who has spent 35 years swearing to himself that before he took the mark of the beast he’d become a tyrant killing machine, going cashless is going to seem like a very small degree of separation from taking the mark.

      Interesting times ahead, damn it. Too interesting.
      Of course, I hope I’m totally wrong. I’ll be real glad for everybody to laugh at me in five years here, the economy humming along, all of us free and happy….

      • Hope you are wrong, too, but you are likely right. Major Von Dach’s “Total Resistance” is an excellent place to start in the mean time for those who aren’t former Navy Seals or action heroes.

        If someone thinks disruption is likely, then it is best to act on it in sensible ways, like making sure you have food and water for you family if the grid is down, living in a sensible place, helping your neighbors, etc. etc. Interestingly, although I don’t buy into the Mormon stuff, Finicum’s book had some interesting insights on how to sensibly prepare for such situations.

      • In a genuinely cashless society you don’t need to steal from your political enemies.
        You just freeze their accounts on “suspicion of unlawful activity pending review”.
        Can’t pay rent. Can’t travel except by foot or hitching. Can’t work for cash. Can’t buy food. In a week they’ll be homeless with nothing more than they can carry. By the end of the fortnight their phone plan will be dropped.
        By the end of the month they will look like every other bum that pushes around a shopping cart and sleeps and the bridge.

      • I have suggested here previously, that should the push be to cashless, then there is no guarantee that it will be a govt run emoney system that wins in the marketplace. True even if BTCs were outlawed. Its like GM terminating the Pontiac division. They have no guarantee that GM buyers will move over to Buick or Chevrolet. Same with any cashless scheme. When druthers are counted many will just give the Fed emoney the finger and go elsewhere.

        By the way Mr. Bracken, one could take your piece “Muslim Behavior/Terrorism Correlated With Population Size” and apply it to digital cash utilization. When merchants see that 10% of their market is using a different system they will put the BTC (or whatever) under the counter but ready for use in an instant.

      • Correct. When you have nothing else to take, you have nothing left to lose. Look out.

    • “This whole situation it is like a mouse who doesn’t run away from a snake before it gets eaten.”

      Wow, very spot-on. Now if that mouse had a rifle or three, we’d all be going, “WTF??”

      ‘Course that’s cuz a mouse is smart enough to figure out what it’s fighting for; I guess the analogy breaks off there.

  20. Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 448
    So, here is the point where my book transitions from the past and present into the future. This period may see a confluence of many events: a NATO invasion of Syria, followed quickly by a nuclear attack on Iran by Israel, a global economic collapse, the sinking of the United States’ 5th Fleet, and a military coup d’état in the United States.

  21. Bracken is so right in many ways here but I don’t think this is a ‘conspiracy’. It is obvious that the ‘establishment’ has lost control and are flailing about. This ‘establishment’ didn’t think the end result of the ‘arab spring’, ie, the overthrow of Lybia, Egypt, Syria, on top of the insanity of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Ukraine, would result in this invasion of refugees into their EU. But weather it was planned or not, the end result will be the same. I don’t see the EU or Germany or Sweden surviving to our next election. The social, criminal and terrorist jihad that will explode in Europe this summer will blot out the sun.
    Bracken is right about ‘Fast and Furious’. There is a reason Obama withheld the majority of those documents from congress. No slub DEA agent in Phoenix would dare run perfectly good AK’s to El Chapo’s drug cartel. He would be facing hundreds of accessory to murder charges. He has a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Obama, Holder and Hillary would have to have known about this and ordered this and there is no statute of limitations on murder and Obama can’t give pardons to people who haven’t been convicted of anything. When you add this with the IRS scandal I’m guessing that there will be a frenzy of hard drive wiping in the final days of this administration if any Republican is elected. I mean hundreds of hard drives.
    Bracken and Remus are the brains and the soul of the Patriot movement. WRSA ain’t no slub either.

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  23. If trump or cruz is the gop candidate, they hand the white house to hillary. the democrats can play the gop as haters well and with cruz or trump; it’s even easier.
    i dont know when the time the reset is but europe isnt making it another 4 years without multiple civil wars with its muslims. seems like that might work just fine to save europe and take everyone’s money at the same time. then, with europe saved in 2020, hillary has a walk thru election and by 2024 Texas goes purple and it doesn’t matter anymore what the patriotic, constitutional americans want; the country will never return to its foundings at that point.

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    Ready or not, here it comes!!!

  25. ……all of this is an exercise in vocabulary ..! that is it, I should stop right there but I won’t … ANYONE…and I mean anyone that actually thinks that trump or that miserable fucking commie pinko leftist Cuban cruz are going to follow the laws and the bill o’ rights is delirious or stupid…sorry Matt but I had to say it. None of this campaign rhetoric bravo sierra is worth the time , none of these fools is in support of this nation or it’s rules and laws or it’s people ….NONE , this is a controlled collapse , appease the voter soften the right wing , cuddle the left work the press, pass laws against being a true patriot so that later it is legal to arrest and charge people with so called crimes, HEY it’s the law right? nope , this article is a waste of time looking towards a brighter future with known criminals running for office ….FAIL

  26. How many times in world history has an executive been voted in, and saved or tried to save an empire from financial collapse? Never. This is pure unicorn skittles wishing. Therefore, I expect there are other important, central conclusions Bracken makes which are also just wishful thinking.

    • Surprisingly Adolf Hitler. Had he stopped at the Czech take over, he would be lauded as the greatest leader since Bismark, WWII may never have happened and Israel would not exist today. But that is for a different book I suspect. 🙂

    • Steve Kristmann

      I don’t know if Matt has ever had a chance to read Ken Royce’s “Goodbye April 15th!” (it was his first book ala ‘Boston Tea Party’) but I highly recommend it as Ken detailed in shorthand the nefarious history and motives of the ‘banksters’ (which is what they should be called).
      Another critical document to understand what happened is “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by Ed Griffin.

      Neither Trummpy or the Cruzer Loser are going to fix anything..they’re not doing what they’re doing to make things ‘better’. They’re nothing more than parasitic liver flukes wanting to attach themselves onto 300+ million people and feed for as long as they can. Remember what Plato warned about ‘protectors’ turning into tyrants:

      “Last of all comes…the tyrant…In the early days of his power, he is full of smiles, and he salutes every one whom he meets…making promises in public and also in private, liberating debtors, and distributing land to the people and his followers, and wanting to be so kind and good to every one…This…is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears above ground he is a protector…Hinting at the abolition of debts and partition of lands… he…begins to make a party against the rich…

      …that they may be impoverished by payment of taxes, and thus compelled to devote themselves to their daily wants and therefore less likely to conspire against him?…

      And when a man who is wealthy and is also accused of being an enemy of the people sees…he flees…and is not ashamed to be a coward…

      And the protector of the people…having a mob entirely at his disposal, he is not restrained from shedding the blood of kinsmen; by the favorite method of false accusation he brings them into court and murders them, making the life of man to disappear, and with unholy tongue and lips tasting the blood of his fellow citizen…

      And if any of them are suspected by him of having notions of freedom, and of resistance to his authority, he will have a good pretext for destroying them…

      How then does a protector begin to change into a tyrant?…

      He begins to grow unpopular…

      Then comes the famous request for a bodyguard, which is the device of all those who have got thus far in their tyrannical career -‘Let not the people’s friend,’ as they say, ‘be lost to them.’… The people readily assent; all their fears are for him –they have none for themselves…And…the protector of whom we spoke, is to be seen…the overthrower of many, standing up in the chariot of State with the reins in his hand, no longer protector, but tyrant absolute…

      The lion and serpent element in them disproportionately grows and gains strength…

      The tyrant must be always getting up a war…

      He is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader…”

      There are many who would say that “we need to get a republican back in
      the white house!!” or “we need to keep the democrats out!!”. Repelican…Demorrats…there’s absolutely no difference between the ‘two partys’…it’s all statism. There’s only ONE party that puts forth it’s putrid sock puppets to beguile and misdirect and seduce people to ‘stay in the domesticated sheep pasture’ called ‘American Politics’. Don’t take my word for it, here’s what Carrol Quigley had to say about it:

      “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy”
      (Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966.)

      What the statists are deathly afraid of is that people are starting to seriously ask themselves, “who owns ME?” and after people think about it and come to
      the only sane and rational answer possible, they then take the next logical step and declare, “I don’t NEED a ‘Master’..BHO and all the rest, you’re NOT the boss of me..I DON’T NEED YOU!!!!”

      The statists fear people freeing themselves from ‘the most dangerous superstition’ as Larken Rose detailed in his book by that title. Never forget that the banksters and the statists work hand in glove in desiring’s their ‘bread and butter’..their whole reason for being.

      Declare your independence with your mind and then make them further irrelevant in your life in any way you can!!

      Yours In Liberty!!!
      Northgunner III

  27. The Fourth Turning book / theory – predicted all this 20 years ago, all of it – 911, the econ crash, kids living in their parents basements, the rise of someone like Trump, the coming war right around 2020, ALL of it was predicted CORRECTLY.

    You just needed to read the right book, which no one seems willing to do.

    There are 80 year cycles of generations which lead to existential wars – based all on the length of long human life – all the people that remember things from the last time, die off and we get to repeat / rhyme history.

    Some math for you :


    See a pattern ?

    Are you smart enough to do simple math ?

    Then you know what is coming and when it will most likely commence.

    2016 ?

    It’s 1936.

    What was happening in 1936 and where did it lead ?

    Well now you know where things are now.

    Do yourself a huge favor – just read the book, don’t even need to read the whole thing, just the chapters they did the predictions on in 1996 and see how close they came.

    • somehow 1914 got skipped. Didn’t fit the paradigm, apparently. Also they conflate intra-national wars with inter-, and leave out all sorts of other violent stuff. In fact, history is volitional/linear…not automatic/cyclic. That’s why it’s so UN-predictable

  28. Alfred E. Neuman

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  29. Thx. Matt–Another good read.
    Thought candy for sure.
    One nightmare of a chess game, no?

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  31. You guys do realize that if our grid goes down, 99 nuclear power plants are likely to meltdown? One of the takeaways from Fukushima is all nuclear power plants need 6 months active cooling to go into cold shutdown. Then the spent fuel pool will need another 6 months to a decade least it boils dry. I think they have something like 2 weeks of diesel on hand for emergencies.


    • Yep. That would add a very ugly flavor to an already bad situation.
      If that happened, there would be long-lasting genetic damage, to the point that those who made it through the bottleneck would be very damaged, and would pass a lot of defects to any children they managed to reproduce.

    • Yep and I know how easily the grid can come down also…

  32. To the best of my knowledge a US company sacrificed the largest concrete pumps made, to cover Chernobyl in concrete.
    When finished, they were left in Chernobyl to glow for the next million years.
    Can’t the same thing be done with Fukipileofshit?

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  34. This stuff isn’t that hard. History is going to continue to happen whether you choose to be part of it or not. Draw your line in the sand, and when it gets crossed, start acting locally. You have been keeping a prioritized list of things to do, right? You’d better, your opposition has you on theirs.

  35. Even if Trump was a good guy, it’s a simple matter to assassinate him. No, Trump is no threat (let’s see who ends up VP). This show is going to play out to the ugly end, most likely revolution and burning cities.

  36. Reposted at – their security certificate is valid, but the warning still appears. They’re working on it.
    Keep a battery booster in you car/truck, and tools to disconnect/reconnect your battery. You [might] be able to restart it after an EMP to get home. Stay alert, and keep good walking shoes in your vehicle, just in case.

  37. For what it’s worth, this article was linked today on by a reader who acknowledged the value of the article, but claims he/she was disturbed by some of the racist comments…

    Apparently another social butterfly in need of a safe space.

    This article and it’s comments following it with Matt’s participation is gold.