SLL: The Quagmire To End All Quagmires

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And destroy what remains of the old America.

The FUSA is not at peace. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

36 responses to “SLL: The Quagmire To End All Quagmires

  1. This quagmire is purposeful by the Soetoro regime designed to further destroy the US economy, military and political landscape.

  2. jessejames87

    It’s interesting that the pointy heads on the Potomac would swap a moderately westernized, uniparty strongman for a similarly undemocratic regime, with the added detriment of being barbaric religious fanatics unable to function within the paradigm of civilization, let alone Western Civilization. How many degrees are required to make the causal leap from the inability to master toilet paper to the inability to form even the most basic of governments? A modest proposal. Leave them to their primordial ooze and let them herd their cattle. The only outside contact they would have is as a curious one stares skyward in wonderment at such “majick” the the kafir posses before grunting and going back to his child bride.

    • The USSA ruling class has no interest in the character of the regime it imposes, but only that it bend the knee. The cronies need access so they can plunder, with of course the required kickbacks to their installed regime. They don’t even seem to care much whether there is really that much loot to plunder; an independent Syria is just in the way, that’s all. Actually what passes for thought in Washington DC is just idiots running on autopilot.

  3. Let’s all meet in Meggido!

  4. For those who like to RTWT, regarding the omitted link in the article, Putin’s speech to the UN ref’d in the piece cited to the UN Gen’l Assembly. Initiative stolen from BHO; something it seems easily done at any rate.

    Happy rabbit trails. 🙂

  5. Very disturbing:

    The Virginia state legislature is considering an “unprecedented” law that would make the names of all police officers secret.

    If passed, it would mean that whenever police officers in Virginia shoot people in the future, the police department would not be required to make the names of those officers public.

    The law is being sponsored by a Republican state legislator. The State Senate has already passed the bill, which now goes to the VA State House.

    “Secret police? Virginia considers bill to withhold all officers’ names.”

    • Secret police.


      State secret police.


    • The americans deserve everything they get until they stop supporting the scumbag cops. How can so many people be so dumb? 100-200 million have to go – along with their beloved cop scum. There is no other way.

      You have been warned.

    • Just another of the inevitable steps toward revolution.

      Maybe we should get up a petition to Vladimir Putin: “Dear Vlad, if the Washington DC-inspired mess in Syria manages to trigger a nuclear war, please send your response only to that fetid swamp. If some of the mad dogs there should end up crispy, we don’t mind. The rest of us have no quarrel with you, and don’t care what goes on in Syria. None of our business. (signed) Your pals, the American people.”

      • Except that the hive-dwellers support the Muslim in Chief. Or his Rove Republican clone. Good ol’ Johnny McShame, hugging his ISIS buddies in Syria!

    • Itll pass and other states will follow suit.

      Republicans love the cops.

      • There you go again Stewed….attacking Americans who affiliate with the Republican political party. Democrat/Republican…..left wing/right wing, same bird. There are plenty Democrat party members who loves them some badged thugs.


          Dan III is correct. In my experience, the Democrat Party always courted the Police Unions in CA and promised more of the pie to get their support. The Dead Elephants were big on “law-and-order” issues, but very parsimonious when it came to union freebies. The Jackass Party always has played Bugs Bunny to the Dead Elephants Elmer Fudd.

          • “The Jackass Party always has played Bugs Bunny to the Dead Elephants Elmer Fudd.”



            • DWEEZIL THE WEASEL

              Thank you, sir. I cannot take credit for that observation. I read it somewhere, a long time ago.

    • Won’t matter given how much the state has out-sourced IT security. Out sourcing = cut corners, bad staffing, gripes, sloppiness, etc. Security breaches that would have been unheard of back in the 90’s are now common at the Federal level, same with corporations, At the state level, it’s worse with all the rampant cronyism and AA.

      The drug cartels won’t have a problem finding out who is wearing the badge and ware they live, along with judges and DA’s.

      Any competent resistance movement wouldn’t have any problems either of figuring out ways of getting that info. Wouldn’t hurt is they learned some social engineering skills or what PI’s do for info gathering.

      Remember that FBI breach about a month ago that got very little air time where hackers stole the names and address of something like 10,000 Feebs? Classic social engineering(that’s how Snowden did what he did). All it cost the hackers was a phone call and a bit of information gathering and planning.

    • Collectivise accountability to the organisation and the consequences of misdeed will in turn be collectivised upon that organisation.

      Moreover, it will take a lot more #numbers than :names to repay the debt of a loved one lost. #Numbers are the kind of thing you could shoot all day and still sleep like a baby.

    • Nameless, faceless. Expanding the scope of rightful justice?

  6. But…but…WE have to support our NATO musloid “allies”!Theres billions and billions at stake in munitions and hardware.Cmon war is great!Wave the flag harder,sing the anthem again,say the pledge 10x!YaY!’Murica!(anyone who thinks we will punk Putin and the Chinese are morons)

  7. colddeadhandsdays

    I’m sorry but fuck them. We got problems of our own at home nobody’s buying this crap.

  8. Then any uniforms will suffice if someone seeking revenge decides to act.

  9. Stasi-State Security Service, After the fall of the wall, all of the Stasi dirty bastards should have been executed..
    They became politicians and pillars of the EU elite.
    Russia. KGB becomes the “legitimate” government.
    When the purge takes place in the USA, I hope we do a better job of taking out the trash.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. SemperFi, 0321

    He keeps using the word “dragged” as opposed to the correct word “pushing”.
    These pajama clowns in D.C. have no idea what they are in the process of creating, a hostile takeover of untold proportions. They finally get to throw some manly terms around, not realizing this isn’t Wall St. metrosexual behavior. They’re dealing with real men this time,….. and it’s gonna fukn hurt.