Failure As A Way Of Life


With reference to the long-term interests of the nation and its people, failure.

With reference to one’s own status and balance sheet – be you a pol, a K street bandit, or a .gov lifer?

Big casino, baby.

Go ahead and vote at it.

Vote it right between the eyes.

Get your friends to do the same.

And here we are.

America is dead.

Your community is your country.

21 responses to “Failure As A Way Of Life

  1. Kings and Queens and Guillotines.

  2. This is why everybody I know down here in Texas is voting for Trump. We want no more of the insider career politician types. The serial liars who do what’s best for them and the special interests has had its day and we are over it here. Our community has been over run! The toll on our hospital is enormous. The line is like the DMV! And the DMV now??? Holy FUK! Crime is rampant! Hell, even the Mexicans (law abiding) want the wall!

  3. These 3 city-states are the NWO control centers

    Washington D.C. = Military power
    Vatican City = Religious power
    City of London = Financial power

    The queen of England is the only person who owns countries.

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    Years ago, while studying tax code, I came to the understanding that D.C. was an entity separate from the rest of the country. That is how they exempt themselves from the national laws they heap on us.
    The masses refuse to see D.C. just like the Vatican and City of London, a nation within a nation. And it is also our undoing for worshipping such a place. Building all those nat’l monuments was a stroke of genius. Who could possibly bring themselves to blowing up Lee Greenwood Land?

    • Hey SemperFi, a neutron bomb over Mordor would exterminate the vermin but leave all the wonderful museums intact. Move a new national capital to Leavenworth, KS. Mordor becomes a national city, a museum city.

  5. A spot on article.

  6. “Your community is your country.” Amen.

    The Patriot/Liberty/ Freedomista “Movement” needs to get this thru their thick pseudo-intellectual heads. My Tribe is my country, my neighbors are my county, my county is my country. Anything else is a gravy. At least until the smoke clears.

  7. CA, Thank you helping to make this happen. My gratitude is unending. If I can ever do for you, let me know.

  8. Great read thank you. Reading it lead me to seek out ol 40 Second Boyd and there I found this:
    Incestuous amplification occurs when one’s preconceptions misshape the observations that one is sensing. These misshapen observations then blur the true connection between the individual and the environment because the brain begins to synthesize cues and preconceived responses. Viewed abstractly, incestuous amplification hijacks the orientation of an individual’s OODA loop by overriding actual observations to a point where the subsequent orientation induces the individual to perceive and act on what he or she wants to see rather than what actually is. First order effects of this disconnect may be initially too small to measure thanks in part to luck, chance, or ambiguity. However, if the cycle continues unabated, subsequent actions continue to induce dysfunctional behavior back into the entire OODA loop, which then folds back on itself to magnify the mismatch…the effect…is a little like placing a microphone next a speaker when recording, only much more dangerous….This kind of positive feedback loop essentially forms a closed system. Left uncorrected, the individual exhibiting an incestuously amplifying OODA loop becomes increasingly disconnected from his or her environment…Incestuous amplification has the effect of closing off the system from its environment…without a correction or change that opens the decider’s OODA loop to an effective communication with the real world, the only uncertainty in the outcome is how long an OODA loop driven mad by incestuous amplification can last before it degenerates into chaos, confusion, and disorder.

    ..the only uncertainty in the outcome is how long an OODA loop driven mad by incestuous amplification can last before it degenerates into chaos, confusion, and disorder.

    Washington DC and our .gov is one giant incestuously amplifying closed OODA loop.

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    Vote at it, but be ready to fight.

  10. This is all progress though. Ten years ago only ‘tin foil hatters’ were saying these things, the conveyor has started to move but whereto.. ?
    Nice touch mentioning Boyd and F-35. Bookends of the golden age of US aviation to total corruption. The same shop that gave US it’s first Mach 2 fighter ‘gave’ us this abomination known as ‘F’35. Read and weep ,-

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Frank Pinelander

    OK, now what? How many others have renounced consent? Forgone US citizenship to be an American? (Bhut, bhut, muh FLAG! Understand jingoism.)

    It is NOT an easy life. Therein is the problem. People want it both ways. It doesn’t work like that.

    Citizens are Subjects. Sovereign Citizen is a bullshit misnomer. A person can be one or the other, but not both.

    Oh, but then we get into the whole Controlled Opposition thing.

  13. rightwingterrorist

    Cognizant dissonance.

  14. Maryland and Virginia should take their land back.