An Open Letter To The FBI Agents Who Shot LaVoy Finicum


Old America confronts New America and its enforcers.

The FUSA is not at peace.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.


44 responses to “An Open Letter To The FBI Agents Who Shot LaVoy Finicum

  1. +1

  2. Uh, didn’t state troopers shoot him?

  3. outlawpatriot

    Uh, I thought it was the Oregon State Police. 🙂

  4. Was an autopsy report ever released? Did this get lost in the 3% stream of consciousness when everyone was wondering about one for Scalia. Or maybe I missed it.

  5. Asking a badged thug to “resign” is like urinating into the wind.

    The only solution does not include begging.

    • “The only solution does not include begging.”

      One of your best, Dan. Masthead good.

      Brevity is the soul of communication.

      • Mr. Oughtsix,

        I just posted a “comment” at another WRSA topic. I knowingly violated your tenet of brevity. You’ll know it when you see it. If you read it, better pack a lunch. Even I acknowledge, as I hit the comment button, that it was too long, not short. But I did it anyway. Sometimes I can’t help myself.

        “Brevity is the soul of communication”. Now THAT would be my nomination for a masthead quote. I would do well to try to abide by that remark.

        Thank you for your kind words.

  6. When I was in the Army, we were told at the very start, “you are World Class soldiers, and Ambassadors of this Country, act accordingly”

    My godfather is a retired chief of the Detroit PD. Another uncle was a county deputy, my brothers godfather was a local district judge, 1 cousin is a district judge in Ann Arbor, and 3 cousins are lawyers…

    Not long ago, I sat next to my former county sheriff once a month at county watch meetings and had a good rapport with him. It all changed one night when I had an encounter with two of his punk ass deputies. I now consider all leo scum of the earth. I have nothing but hate and disgust for them all. All it takes is 1 asshole to fuck up everything for everyone – and it did…Once a cop – always a cop. They deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

    I’ve said it before. When the cops have lost the confidence of people like me – it’s all over for them.

    • …………YES………they deserve every bad thing that happens to them……..
      everything !


      I’ll bet thanksgiving dinner gets a little uncomfortable.

      • When they see me, They are shamed by my financial success, are amazed that I never went to prison, and cannot believe I’m not only still alive, but in excellent physical shape at 53. Everything their own children failed at. 🙂

  7. Was not FBI, but OSP who did the back shooting. Their trying to keep the name of the shooter anonymous – cowards and quislings all.

    • The FBI was still running the show. OSP would not have had any involvement at all if it had not been for the feds.

      • Zip….your argument does not make the Bureau the trigger puller. The. Trigger. Puller.

        What taxpayer funded badge was he, they, carrying ?

        Oh….and why are you trying to relieve the Oregon State Police from responsibility and guilt in the murder of Mr. Finicum ?

    • OSP was the shooter….that was the report I read.

      However, in reality “what difference does it make” ? Staats Polizei or Feds….they’re all badged thugs enforcing the diktats of our ruling elites from a barrel of a gun.

      Oh….and the name(s) of the shooter(s) have not been released. Imagine that.

  8. I lost my illusion many years ago. When Federal agents and US Army personnel ran people over with tanks, set them on fire, shot those trying to escape the flames, and then called it a suicide, I knew the score. My illusion was forever gone. It is about force and subjugation, that is all. Catching “bad guys” is coincidental.

    Most still cling to their illusion that the Fed Law Imposement officers are there to be the good guys. They are not there to be the good guys. They are there to wield power over you. They care not for anything but your subjugation. Their job is to make cases and get convictions. They will kill you if dare to stand manfully and say no. The new rules of engagement dictate, (we are in the counter-terrorist era now) if a “subject” isn’t groveling before them, Law Imposement officers will see the “subject” as a legitimate target to be engaged at their whim.

    LaVoy Finicum didn’t grovel. So, he was killed.

  9. they will kill you on the side of the road or kill you slowly in the courts, either way they intend to kill you.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    Wow-the most concise and truthful declaration that I have read in a while. It is laid it out in comprehensive order with pithy language. Perfect!
    The country that most of us grew up with, are nostalgic for, and miss terribly is dead. Not lost, not misplaced, but dead. We have to rebuild from the ground up.
    Trump is winning delegates because he is the middle finger to everyone, and that is what frightens the Elites. They can’t believe Jeb Bush was soundly rejected. They can’t believe that young white people hate Hildabeast. It is all unraveling. Good!
    I love my country, I hate what this government has become.

  11. colddeadhandsdays

    What the hell was that? That wasn’t shit that laugh at that. Brandon Smith’s threat against all federal officials that would target the freedom movement was real. That’s on zero hedge. This was a joke.

  12. I would like to say I respect this story…….I want to be polite……but I can’t and I won’t…..

    Telling me you grew up with LEO’s and how much you love them is the same pathetic cowering in the face of the enemy that has been going on for far to long…be nice to them…let them know that you respect them…..tell them you trust them……..ya ! and maybe when it comes your turn at the ditch to catch that 40cal round in the back of the head they will remember your kind words……….HA HA Haaaa ha haa

    3 should resign and all will be right with the world ? why three , why not 7 or maybe every other one ?? ALL of these pigs are evil murdering corrupt thugs

    , have you forgotten about all the other Americans murdered on a daily basis ? What was the name of the rancher in Idaho that the punks gunned down on the side of the road while he was trying to take care of his livestock ? come on tell me what was his FUCKING name ????? you can’t remember can you….to much water under the bridge……..

    FBI Oregon state police who cares, they all support each other, all over the country.. remember 250 police cars with lights and sirens following a hearse with a police dog in a box……..your tax dollars at work …..but they will shoot your dog in a heartbeat and then shoot your wife and kids , every swinging dick wearing a badge that does not quit right now stands with their thin blue line buddy’s……….no courts no lawyers no legislators not one politician recognizes the American people, no honor nothing legal ….just POWER , control of the masses and they will not tolerate you stepping out of line……..POWER POWER POWER POWER !!!!!! they are mad and addicted to the power

    if we had even a hint of a legal system ALL of these miserable fucks would be in jail……ALL of them !

    Who is this Harvard professor demanding the ban of weapons in Mass., HARVARD ? can’t he read, it says shall not be infringed , not any POS liberal pussy that comes along can take away your rights….on and on I could write for days……but the attention span of the amerikan public is only about 10 rounds………so …………

    • His name was Jack Yantis. He was murdered in front of his wife in cold blood by evil scum who wore gubmint uniforms and shiny badges. Mrs. Yantis suffered a heart attack right in the road next to her dead husbands body and couldn’t even attend her husband funeral. These puddles of pig piss then allowed a 2000 lb bull to suffer in pain for hours without ending its misery. If this does not move you to hate these useless fucking cowards, nothing will.

      In the Army, if one troop fucked up – the whole bunch suffered for it. This ensured that all learned a lesson – not soon forgotten. It’s exactly what the PTB do to all of us daily. But they exempt themselves everytime, because the same rules do not apply to them.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. When a government fears its citizenry, there is freedom. When the citizenry fears their government, there is tyranny. This was a blatant attempt to instill fear in a segment of the citizenry that the government has decided is not fearful enough. The only upside is, if the truth can be gotten out, this has the potential to put a serious dent in the legitimacy of the government, something that is sorely needed.

    As others have said, we are where we are because people like those OSP officers, their Federal Agent enablers, and the politicians who are their masters are allowed to die in their beds of old age, surrounded by family. Thinking hypothetically, if that were no longer the case, and it was clear WHY that was no longer the case, events such as this one might not be so likely in the future.

    Additionally, as others have already pointed out, when things like the Malheur protest erupt, there shouldn’t be just one hotspot where the feds can easily focus their attention and resources. When one erupts, and they start to respond, ten more need to pop up in other areas of the country. Why travel to someplace far away when there are so many of the bastards right in your own AO?

  15. Government is force. That sums it up wholly. Get on the wrong side and you die if you don’t comply. If you’re even given that chance at all. With nothing in its way, it does what it pleases. Runs you over dead without a care in the world. It’s not going to get any better from here on out. Lavoy Finicum died standing with the big fuck you and it will not be forgotten.

    • Indeed, Og. And the Father of our Republic, George Washington, said it best: “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.”

  16. As I wrote earlier….the author of the piece linked above lost me with her begging the assailants to resign. She “asked” the shooters, supposedly FBI scum, to resign.

    Begging any .gov employee/agent, to do anything, will get one nowhere.

  17. its a WOMAN. not some wannabe HARD punk motherfucker on his keyboard. Sounds like one off the other team, A sheep becoming a sheep-dog, We are going to need everyone so applaud the fact she is coming around. She is begging for them to resign because in her mind, if they don’t, it cements what the last recourse of action is, and that, none of us want. But they make it necessary…Pray, brothers.

    • anonanonanon

      “its a WOMAN. not some wannabe HARD punk motherfucker on his keyboard.”

      Not only that, but that one woman will achieve more with that one letter than all the hard punks put together, with their keyboards or their ARs. But hey, fantasy can be fun for some people; to each their own.

  18. I’m always amused by tough talking meat puppets, who hide behind some symbol or false name or cryptic gesture. I get it, you don’t like cops, you don’t like the govt. this is America, and you have that right.

    Just a thought but what do you think about waiting for the facts of the case, any all videos and witness statements to come out before you continue to make fools of yourselves, running your soup coolers.

    I’m a retired policeman, and I agree with most of your initial assessments. LaVoy was murdered.

    I didn’t know LaVoy, yet had a ton of respect for the man. In fact I drove to Kanab Utah for his funeral, out of respect.

    Your running on emotion, not logic, consider checking your shit at the door, until you have enough Intel to make informed observations.

    Dirk Williams

    • Well I have news for you Mr. my shit don’t stink former blue lodge buddy, we do not have “SHIT” to check at the door. What we have here is a lifetime of experience watching and dealing with thugs like you that were a toddy for the man, a ticket writing machine, a gun toten bully . This isn’t our first fellow patriot to fall to your friends……we don’t need no stinken investigation.

      We do not check our shit at the door because you say so…….you proved which side you are on when you “let us know” that we would get the truth from pigs investigating themselves and then all would be right because then we would see the error of our ways…….

      This is a good example of how I see the OATH KEEPERS , they strut around the patriot movement on the weekend screaming about the BILL OF RIGHTS and then go back to their 9 to 5 planting drugs , molesting detainees , looting cars in the impound, PLANTING GUNS ON DEAD GUYS in Oregon , lying through their nasty yellow teeth so they can get a prosecution and high five their buddies………………Don’t you FUCKING dare to tell us to wait for the INVESTIGATION……..

    • You agree Lavoy was murdered?

      Sounds like an informed decision to me.

      Jack Yantis.

      Branch Davidians.

      Vicky Weaver.

      And hundreds, if not thousands, of less famous individuals swatted or road killed across the country for decades.

      How much evidence do you require?

    • eatmyassbitch

      After someone kills you, I truly hope they rape and kill your family – pig.

  19. “what do you think about waiting for the facts of the case”

    Yes, I’m waiting. Waiting for photos of the truck, how hard is that? Waiting for videos showing more detail. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

    Or is all this evidence going to end up like the door at Waco, disappeared somehow, and with the bulldozers? All the waiting in vain?

    I’m waiting…

    • What truck?

      What videos?


    • For those of you who are unaware, OSP got its tit in a ringer about a year ago, for shoddy evidence gathering, false testimony, manufacturing evidence etc etc.

      If OSP were doing the investigations I would have grave concerns. That’s not how it works.

      Oregon’s DOJ, came out on record in the Orgonian news paper and stated in substance : OSP is a poorly lead poorly trained crime fighting unit.

      It is my understanding that Bend Police Department and the Deshutes County Sheriffs office are doing the investigations. Their major crimes are competent, I have faith in them to get it right.

      Lavoys truck is alledged to be in either Bend PD, or Deshutes county sheriffs secure parking lot, tarped. The truck will be held as evidence, until at least after the grand jury hearings.

      Understand this. There is a set procedure for these kinds of events, no amount of pissing and moaning is goi g to change how that procedural order is conducted.

      The name of the trooper will not be released until after the grand jury has heard the case. Again this will be deemed a good shoot, based on Lavoys movements.

      The civil side is where this will get interesting. Discovery should unlock a treasure trove of Intel. In Oregon police note books, carried by every officer, recordings, radio transmissions, video, any drone footage or plane footage is up for review.

      If the defense attorney does not ask for every specific item, they will not receive it. The PI’s doing the foot work for the Finicim family suit will have to be on their toes.

      An educated guess here, but I think OSP and the FBI, will settle quickly, for a large sum of cash, and a binding none disclosure claus attached.

      I hope the family drives this civil stuff thru to the finish, without excepting an ” up front” settlement. Patriots across the nation need to know this entire story.


      • Every item will not be received, regardless of what is asked.

        I can’t believe there is not one single person to leak a photo of the truck. Oh, yes I can, never mind.

      • eatmyassbitch

        Hey dickbreath Dirk.

        “Their major crimes are competent, I have faith in them to get it right.”

        Read my comment above scumabg.

  20. About two years ago, I met a gentleman at a fairly large wedding reception here in Scottsdale AZ. The groom was from Iowa, an so were about half the guests, including this individual. He was a retired Iowa state trooper, 30 years on the job. As we got to talking about the state of law enforcement today, he volunteered with no real prompting from me that he was disgusted with law enforcement officers today. He told me a lot about how they dealt with different situations in his day.

    For example, if they pulled over somebody on the highway who was clearly DUI, what happened after was to a large extent dependent on how the encounter unfolded. If the citizen was respectful to them, did not try to lie or BS them, they would be respectful to him, more often than not they would tell him to lock his car, and give him a ride home (or at least a ride to a pay phone where he could call a family member or friend to come get him). If he was an asshole to them, then they would sometimes throw his car keys out into a cornfield, and tell him to walk home and come find his keys in the morning when he sobered up. If the individual was blitzed out of his mind, they would haul him in and let him sleep it off and be released on OR the next day. Rarely though would someone be hauled in and be required to post thousands of dollars bond and be faced with the financial rape and potential criminal charges and loss of job that happens today.

    He also said that is his day, they served warrants by knocking on the door. If they thought the subject was likely to be armed and/or dangerous, they would just stake out his place with plain clothes cops, and then quietly arrest him when he went out for cigarettes or beer. No middle of the night HIT (Home Invasion Team) needed……..EVER.

    He said that as cops today are tending more and more to be disrespectful thugs who escalate rather than de-escalate situations, it is because they are being TAUGHT to do that in their indoctrination and training. He summed it up by saying Officer Friendly is dead. There IS NO Officer Friendly anymore.

    Until we begin to hold accountable, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, those who train their cops to be thugs, and those who design and implement the thug training syllabus, those who write the thug policies, the chiefs and lieutenants who conspire to cover up murders-by-cop, and those judges who rubber stamp the boilerplate arrest warrants, nothing will change.

    Ultimately, it is not the thugs dressed as cops who show up at your door who are the problem. It is the ones who trained them and sent them to your door who must be sanctioned, one way or another, pour encourager les autres.

  21. Hey Dirk, the government will make sure we DON’T get the info we need to make intelligent decisions, so the best we can do is what we can with what we’ve got. Think about that.
    I like tfA-t’s comment above.. “In the Army, if one troop fucked up – the whole bunch suffered for it. This ensured that all learned a lesson – not soon forgotten.”

    When the citizenry start fighting back, ‘they’ will learn a lesson alright.

  22. In 25 years, I’ve never seen a case that the facts didn’t come out. What should and will happen is the interpretation of those facts. What you all need to understand is this. From a point of law, Lavoys shooting will get a pass. It will be deemed a good shoot.

    I don’t now, nor will I agree with that grand jury verdict.

    As for everybodies anger, I get it, and I can’t blame you for being angry, I’m pissed just like you guys. I will tell you this, many many police and deputies here in Oregon are privately saying the same thing, specific to LaVoy getting shot.

    I’ve had conversations with elected Sheriffs who are Comstitutionals Sheriffs, who are saying the same thing regarding the shooting.

    Like you,guys, I also need to see the truck, the alledged bullet holes, and see the footage, of the shooting.

    Gentleman like me or not, I could care less, I’m here for the exact same reasons you are. i see an awakening happening, I see an abuse of power having light shed on it.

    Some good folks here, even you tough guy trash talking folks amuse me, you bring joy to my life with the bravado. Hey when your done butt fucking my wife, I’ve got two dogs up for a roll in the hay.

    Hmm maybe you should start with them, my woman’s uglyyyyyyy to the bone.

    Dirk Williams

    • Dirk
      Oh, I don’t doubt it is going to happen as you say from your 25 years exp.,but your demeanor, no matter the comments of others is symptomatic of embedded disgusting attitude of a should have been servant of the people. Your failed humor as disrespect for your own family gives me this cause. As far as the other police, the BS in agreement with patriots types, they have sold their souls in their continued employment and morally indict themselves. May God have mercy on their souls, because the long time fear of the people for you ROL for us and not them types pendulum is likely if not already about to swing with unprecedented resolve.