Mosby: Forging The Hero


An important announcement.

Details to follow.

15 responses to “Mosby: Forging The Hero

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Extreme Heat.
    Holds an Edge.
    Bend, not break.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Nice pic. If reduced to edged weapons what is the choice of WRSA readers?

  4. spear, saber, willow Chinese saber.

  5. gunnyginalaska

    Frankish axe or heavy-duty tomahawk with a spike on the reverse side.

    • tomahicani (tomahawk) is a good one. I practice with that and the bolo, barong and Chinese war sword. Can’t find training partners, everybody is a one tool tool box (“just get a gun”) or a commercial kung fu phony.

      We need training partners…

  6. If you don’t have at least several put away – you are wrong.