New Official Tennessee State Rifle


Just revel in the howls from the WaPo crowd.

‘Commercial airliners’, hell.

How about newsrooms?

Vewy scawy.

And pwobabwy waaaaacisss.


50 cal ammo

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20 responses to “New Official Tennessee State Rifle

  1. I wrote him a letter.

    Mr. Ingraham,

    You have lied to your readership. The first line in your piece says that Barrett’s fifty caliber rifle was originally designed for the military. You obviously didn’t talk to Ronnie Barrett before you wrote the piece. If you had done so, he would have told you he designed it because he wanted one, and decided to market it to civilian long range shooters. The military took notice and started buying them ALSO.

    You Called the Violence Policy Center a “Gun Safety Group”. They are a gun prohibitionist group. They are not interested in teaching anyone how to handle firearms safely. They vigorously oppose gun safety training for young people. I have asked them in the past, wouldn’t it be better to have mandatory firearms familiarization and safety training, say, in public schools? That way any young person who comes across a firearm will know how to check to see if it is loaded, unload it and render it safe if it is, and find no fascination and mystery in it which would need to be explored. The response I received was a frantic and emphatic “No!” They demonstrably prefer ignorance and fear to knowledge and proficiency.

    You repeatedly quote the Violence Policy Center as some authority on firearms. They are mostly ignorant of firearms. None of them are firearm manufacturers. None of them are gun dealers. None of them are professional or even recreational shooters. None of them have exhaustive training in firearms of any kind.

    Finally, you say that .50 caliber rifles are unregulated at the Federal level. You sir, are lying. All firearms in the United States are regulated by Federal Law, including Ronnie Barrett’s .50 caliber rifle.

    You really don’t care about any of the above, do you? Because it isn’t about the truth. You are a shameless propagandist.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Ya, agreed! “…commercial airliners?” I call BS. Hell, a .22calRF poking a hole in a hydraulic line can make you a bad day.

    Me loves TN. Now with a simple incendiary .50cal BMG, my Vols can “kill and cook” any critter with one round. Sounds awful “green” and “environmentally fweindly” to me! Efficiency and long range is where it’s at. Reach out and really “touch someone.”

    He with the longest spear or rock always seems to make out best, nicht wahr?

    Ain’t seen such whooping and hollering ’bout Jihadis selling their CIA-Supplied “Hardware” on FaceBook by the WaPo chumps.

    …why…why… ain’t THAT error and omission way, way, waaaciss?


  3. Where can we get API .50 cal. ?

  4. The Raufoss round is a true wonder.

  5. Proud to have been born in Tennessee!

  6. Raufus, turn it up to 11!
    Kudos to Boston T. Party

  7. I’ve exceeded my allowed viewing of WaPo and I have no plan to subscribe, but I’ll take your word that the article is shit. I wouldn’t expect anything else from them about exercising freedom unless it’s freedom to kill unborn babies or for queers to shake their tallywhackers in the Christmas parade.

    • WaPo editorial with venomous attack on Trump t’other day. I don’t see much in DT, but there must be something…the way the Progs+Cucks keep hating on him

  8. FrozenPatriot

    I prefer API, as the “T” works both ways, as they say…

  9. I’m from Tennessee and I’m disappointed that this rifle was chosen. I’d rather have had a Tennessee Mountain Rifle picked over his.

  10. Jerry Miculek gives a demo on ballistic gel.
    750gr Hornady A-Max.

    And upon firing, will clear your sinuses right up.
    Poor little snowflake at WaPo.

    Good on TN.

  11. Winston Smith

    VK, just delete your cookies and you can read WP all you want.

    And a big 50cal +1 for Raufoss!!!

    • Actually, it’s like being banned from arfcom. I’m more productive at my day job without it. Ill try to forget you said that.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. You shouldn’t read such drivel. I’m convinced that stupidity is contagious, and you might just contract something you can’t get rid of.
    On the other hand, the level of fear out there is amusing….. and alarming.

  14. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Recall that the “powerful enough to bring down commercial aircraft” claim was also made about HANDGUN ammo during the debate over arming flight crew. Also remember that the effect of a .50 cal round on said “commercial aircraft” would generally be relatively minimal but would be QUITE discombobulative on sects 1-3 of the following which, serendipitously, are the kinds that Owah ‘Bettahs’ typically flit hither & yon in currently & thus are very likely to use to escape ‘widespread domestic unrest’.:

  15. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Note also that public shootings are increasing w/ LE among the targets.

    How ‘coincidental’ that such is occurring during an election cycle where the President, the entire House of Reps, & some in the Senate are up for election/re-election, & a pivotal Supreme Court seat’s vacant w/ an equally pivotal 2A case waiting that if decided wrong just might kick off a revolt that’ll VERY likely turn into a full-tilt politico-racial civil war given the mood of the electorate.

    Kismet, or, perhaps, karma.