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For the good freedom-loving women out there, this ain’t aimed at you.

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  1. It might not be aimed at us, but it hits us anyway.

    • jessejames87

      So does the ensuing collapse. Call the rule the rule and let’s all be mature enough to realize words can’t kill you. People lump Gen X and Millenials (depending on which timeline you follow I’m one or the other) as failures and wastes of oxygen that aren’t worthy of carrying water for our forefathers. I don’t get bent out of shape because I realize that maybe .00001% aren’t that way, but the vast majority are commie-loving useless retards. It hurt my feelings is not a rational argument. If there exists a sufficiently compelling argument to refute the points made, then trot it out and I’m sure most of us would be glad to listen to it fairly. I’d venture to say I can make the same statements about all the people that call me racists (ironic because I’m not completely Caucasian), homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, nationalist, Fascist, masochist, and I’m sure I am leaving a few out. It’s whatever, I realize that words don’t have mass so they can’t kill me, and I’m not a big fan of ‘safe places.’ I’ve come to realize being the exception to the rule is its own reward, I don’t need other’s approval or knowledge of it in most cases.

      • Jesse, I teach at the college level, hard sciences, so I deal with The Millenials every day. Yes there are many that are not redeemable. Maybe 20%. The rest? You would be surprised just how jaded they are. Most are of the ‘screw authority’ mindset more than we are. What they lack is purpose to their life. Revolutionaries? Half of them are already there, they just lack the resources.

        • OK, so how do old freedom people connect with these proto freedom-fighters?

          Serious question.

          • It will be difficult. They don’t trust the boomers – so much. I have 20 something- nephews and nieces who happen to relate to me because “uncle jimmy still has game”(cars,boats,$). If you can’t fit in with their friends, you won’t connect with them so easy… That said, those freaks aren’t as dumb as they look, like drdog09 says.

          • You focus first on what they already see as a problem…
            “Drug Laws, Police State,Prisons for Profit, etc..
            GMO Food
            Health Risk, Monsanto, Big Agriculture, Self Sustainability etc..
            Forced Vaccinations, High Drug costs, Community Based Medical Care, Forced Health Card
            Education, Gun Rights, Jobs,etc
            If you focus first on that one thing they can see a problem with and then tie all the rest well then you will connect with them and have an advocate to start letting others know…JMHO since I’ve found out that it works on the young and the old…

  2. made sense to me……

    decadence destroyed Babylon, Rome, et al.


    I would also add the statement: “For all you Bible-believing Christian women out there, this does not apply to you.” I know this will ruffle the feathers of some, but there are women in America who do believe in their roles vis-a-vis the Good Book. It is contained in Proverbs 31.
    There are women such as writer Patrice Lewis and others who are wives, mothers, grandmothers, etc. who love their husbands, are in monogamous relationships, have raised or are raising their daughters and sons with moral and ethical values. Sadly, they are in a shrinking minority.
    The Unwin model that is explained in this video is spot on. It is interesting that in all my years in college and in post-graduate studies, I never heard of it. But, as we have all commented on this site many times, a “Free Press” is equally free to print the facts or ignore them.
    The other relevant factor in the deterioration of Western society and culture is abortion. Any culture or society which legally sanctions the homicide of the innocent unborn is headed to Hell. Say what you want about the Muzzies, they figured out women a long time ago and have put them in a place which best serves the advancement of their agenda. I only hope enough Amerikan Sheeple wake up soon to the cultural destruction going on in Eurabia. The turn-around window is closing fast.

    • “Say what you want about the Muzzies, they figured out women a long time ago and have put them in a place which best serves the advancement of their agenda”

      Wow! Truly profound and amazing.

      Now imagine you are a Christian woman who has read this blog, watched this video, and read the comments. Imagine you were blessed with being able to stay home and raise your children, working shoulder to shoulder with your husband on a farm, butchering hogs with him in the freezing rain because you are the only one he has who can help (running in the house to nurse your infant every few hours while your oldest, 7, baby sits, hoping your ice cold hands won’t make your baby cry). Or maybe you are no bimbo, but have several advanced engineering degrees, flew fighters in the military, including dropping bombs and shooting missiles and landing on aircraft carriers, then quit and stayed home to raise kids and home school them and keep a home for your husband in order to pass the torch of moral and intellectual education to the next generation quietly at home. Or maybe you are a woman medical doctor, working part time so that you can home school your five children and keep them unstained by the world because your husband ran off and joined Islam’s jihad. Imagine you are outraged at injustice, and lawlessness by the government, that you are being won over to this cause of restoring this nation to it’s constitutional roots and trying to revive godly culture, and you begin to throw your mind and will towards this as well, just as you have every other endeavor you have embarked upon. All three of these women are real life examples of Christian women in my local area; they are not make believe.

      Then imagine you read this whole line of thought, from the video to all the comments. All the degrading crap about women’s inability to compartmentalize, to make tough moral choices, etc. etc., and how this group considers you moral and spiritual garbage in general, will think it best to take away your vote and will put you and those like you in a place ‘which best serves the advancement of their agenda.’

      No offence to you nice Christians ladies; horse hockey!

      If you are a Christian woman reading this blog and carefully assessing the moral climate of this group, what will you do?

      A wise woman would see this branch of patriot/another-Jesus Christianity for what it is and get as far away from it as possible. Why on earth would any Christian woman who has done emergency surgery in the field to save a life and who fought or resisted Islam join a western version of it? Or why would a woman who actually proved herself in the military put up with degrading lies and slander about her performance by wanna bees who never did the hard thing but have a strong desire to be put above 50% of the population by default or by declaration? Why would a mother of four who works her backside off on the farm alongside her husband be part of a group that has such warped perspectives on women?

      The God of the Christians and Jews had Deborah; a wife and mother in Israel, a prophetess and judge who was a leader in Israel. Jesus never once raise His voice at women when He walked the earth, nor did He bully them into submission. Women follow Jesus because He is a strong, brave and good leader, and He is worthy of following. If you want your cause to succeed, you will have to lead like He leads, not by twisting Christianity into a western version of Islam. You become like the God you serve….who do you serve?

      • NightWatcher

        My dear lady, as I’m sure you realize, there is a distinction between groups and individuals. As much as it hurts, the group of educated, white, heterosexual males doesn’t represent me, but I do represent the group. Rather than defend the group, I am proud of my individual representation.

        As you are, and rightfully so.

      • Surely, Ma’am, you must realize just how very exceptional are the examples of good women you have given?

        Those are not within the experience of 90+ % of the men anywhere in this country, much less Europe.

        • Meant to add that not is not women like you and your exemplars we’re discussing. You all would not have perpetrated nor participated in the cultural/biological wreckage detailed here.

      • “If you are a Christian woman reading this blog and carefully assessing the moral climate of this group, what will you do?”

        I would hope, recognize feminism has created a boolean proposition for Western women. The video doesn’t matter. What people say here doesn’t matter. The hard reality presented to women (and all of us) are as follows…

        1. Continue allowing feminism/PC/group-think to push into a group suicide (genocide) where the strongest out-group wins. Where your knee is forced to bend to far worse than this discussion and you must ultimately forfeit your salvation or be destroyed. Same for your children.

        This choice feels good (maintain female self-esteem) but it will be temporary.

        2. Fight and build something better. Realize that the 100 year decline brining us to this inevitable reality was lead by women and understand that if there is to be a future (for men and women) that must change.

        This choice doesn’t feel so good but offers a superior reality to women than the Muslim/third world reality imposed by #1.

        You’ve won the right to choose, so choose carefully.


        Madam: Just because I made the observation about the Muzzies does not mean I agree or condone the way they think or they way they treat women. For their agenda to work, their women, being sentient human creatures, must go along with it. Witness SanBerdo.
        As far as the video presentation is concerned, you can take it for what it is worth. As someone who did thirty years as a sworn Peace Officer in SoCal, and taught criminal justice subjects part-time at two different police academies for over 20 years, I am absolutely appalled and angered at the conduct of police officers nationwide. They are nothing like me and i rebuke them at every opportunity on this website. But that is all a crippled old man can do for now.
        Remember, truth is its own defense. The tenets put forth in that You Tube video may cause the bile to rise in your throat, but those events happening all over Eurabia and will only get worse, because “Wimmen” like Merkel and her ilk will allow it and the emasculated white males of Eurabia will go along with it. We few here are not your Christian version of Islam. We are telling the truth as we see it and debating the truth, vis-a-vis our disintegrating culture and society. Remember the French Revolution. It was the “FISHWIVES WITH KNIVES” who stormed the Versailles Palace. I am still looking for some of the same type of women to do the same thing to the Muslim invaders of Germany, France, and Scandinavia. Let me know when you find some.

    • “There are women such as writer Patrice Lewis and others who are wives, mothers, grandmothers, etc. who love their husbands, are in monogamous relationships, have raised or are raising their daughters and sons with moral and ethical values. Sadly, they are in a shrinking minority.”

      You show your age with that statement.

      Today’s murikin men are weak-minded and for the most part, intellectually and financially disadvantaged from the start. Early in life, they fail to use birth control while screwing some totally worthless Cosmo-reading c.u.n.t. who ultimately destroys what little chance they had for a future. They are then saddled with life-long debt, court-ordered, thug-enforced support payments funded by go-nowhere bullshit jobs. Then, they drink n piss away what little remaining $ they have with the multitudes of losers just like them down at the local bar. Some manage to squeeze out a luxury or two, but that’s about it. Very few actually hit life’s lottery these days. And so it goes….

  4. William Munny

    YUUGE common ground between Team BFYTY and Team Red Pill, and hats off to you Pete for recognizing this and spreading the wisdom of nuggets like this. Please keep it coming.
    For more of this kind of stuff, check in with the Manosphere once in a while, there’s something for every man there.

  5. Depressingly accurate. No disagreement from me whatsoever.

    Men are most certainly subject to a large share of the blame, but the motive power of women’s sexual attraction is primal. Things started to get loose, morally, in a big way in the twenties, the trend being accelerated through mass media, war, then affluence, and subtly manipulated and encouraged my cultural marxism all the way.

    And here we are.

    Just one more seemingly insurmountable obstacle to saving our culture, country, families and selves.

    I await your suggestions………..

  6. Women’s suffrage was the beginning of the end for America. Their first move was prohibition, and outs been downhill from there. Not too many elections between enfranchisement and FDR’s “New Deal” with its destruction of the Constitutional order.

    America or its successor state can not be fixed while enthralled with Feminism.

    One reason that libertarianism can’t build anything, even a winning political candidate, but the reactionary impulse can.

    • William Munny

      “Women’s suffrage was the beginning of the end for America. Their first move was prohibition, and outs been downhill from there. “
      This x 1000.
      Check out the first 30 minutes of “Prohibition” by Ken Burns, update the attire, add a hundred pounds to each busybody clam, put a placard in one hand a stroller in the other and you have Moms Demand and every other “for the chilluns” cause of the last 40 years.

  7. Women have just as much capacity for ordinary male levels of rational analysis and loyalty as males do. If men in the majority group accept irrational or destructive behavior from women or minorities because “they can’t help it”, then these sexist/racist men share a portion of the blame for the resulting destruction.

    • jessejames87

      Demonstrably false in combat and extreme stress. This doesn’t even pass the sniff test. You tell me women think at all like men, and are able to compartmentalize. You could fill libraries with the amount of information written on the differences in how the sexes collate information and rationalize decisions. This doesn’t make sense even in the most basic biological sense.

      • Jesse, you’re a remarkable, intelligent young man. I hope there a lot more like you but, sadly, I have serious doubts.

      • If women were that objectively unable to comprehend reality, they wouldn’t be so successful in altering that reality with policies you allow them to impose. The only way women could have gained political control is because they are better at politics than men.

        • Alternately providing sex v. screaming emotional blackmail wears anyone down.

          There’s your “better politics.”

  8. Absolutely excellent video, I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately we are all accountable for this, and if we don’t literally and physically fight then we will be wiped off the face of the earth. It has always been this way. It will always be this way.

  9. It has long been evident that giving women the vote was a catastrophe, the Welfare State being the obvious follow on…Not coincidentally, the accession of women to power has been noted as a sign of civilizational collapse…

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Jimmy the Saint

    Man, oh man, is that guy gonna get some hate-filled e-mails.

  12. “..give the reigns of the buggy to woman and it’ll go off the cliff every time…” At some point in our past that held true, today it doesn’t really matter. There are no men to take the reigns. I feel for you ladies, its not your fault.

    • It is the fault of men, bad men & evil men, that this is possible. Women “go with the flow” and benefit from the success of their men or the new men. Most have not figures out that they will yearn for a 1965-era alpha male, or even a slightly intoxicated after-work industrious working man who would be currently declared an “asshole”, once they get a taste of what comes without that protection.

  13. NightWatcher

    As an exercise, I looked up the gender disparity in recent elections:

    Not that there have been any “good” candidates in recent elections, the results weren’t surprising.

    In recent years, the disparity has become more pronounced:

    With growing differences in:
    Increased role of government
    U.S. military intervention
    Healthcare and welfare
    Firearms restrictions
    Affirmative action to achieve racial equality

    Bottom line, you rarely get the government you want, but you always get the government you deserve.

    • Military intervention? That is a man’s thing. I doubt the ladies are pushing for invading Syria. Probably the same is true of War on Drugs and similar things.

      But yeah, for the rest of it. Women are even bigger believers in the government religion than men are.

      • NightWatcher

        Paul, unfortunately you made a common error in assuming that the topics were supported. The statement is that there is a distinct gender disparity in the topic, not who is supporting what.

  14. Well, that was depressing. Accurate, prescient, and terrifyingly true as well. However, are we really past the point of no return? I hope not, but averting the logical denouement of this tragedy is a task that requires its undertaking in month or years, not decades or centuries. It took almost a century to arrive at where we are today, but successful retreat from this precipice must be accomplished at a far less leisurely pace.

  15. There is a lot of truth in this video, but I wonder at some of the conclusions drawn.

    Yes, women are attracted to powerful men. Is that wrong? The solution is for men to become more powerful. This is difficult when women are constantly acting to make their men less powerful, but the remedy for that is for men to ignore them when they are doing so.

    For example, it’s typically women who don’t like guns in the home, because (they say) it makes them feel less safe. Well, it’s a man’s job to defend a home, and how can he do that without a gun? Just tell the woman she’s going to have to put up with guns in the home, that’s all. Of course it doesn’t hurt to try getting her to go along through persuasion, but the end of the argument has to go the man’s way no matter what.

    Another thing that didn’t fly for me was the notion that men gave women political power. For that to be true you have to believe men had political power in the first place. The average Joe does not have political power. The power resides in the ruling class, not spread evenly through society. What women got, with sufferage, was the illusion of political power. One might say that feminism, and all its destructive results, is just another example of ruling class “divide and conquer” tactics. It’s in the interests of the ruling class to have submissive peons, not powerful peons. That is why the pressure is always to feminize men. That’s why the state seeks to displace men, by giving women welfare. Men are then no longer needed in the home, leading to a pointless existence for them. This all benefits the state.

    • All the above^^^^, Paul, but the final graf is golden.

      However, the last four sentences are strictly applicable in the contemporary… it was never that way before suffrage/feminism, and women did that, largely motivated by cultural marxists/agitators.

      • No, the rulers did it. Here’s my proof.

        Have you ever wondered about how sufferage was implemented? Why not give women equality by giving them a woman’s House of Women Representatives? And all bills now have to run the gantlet of Senate, Men’s House, and Women’s House? The inevitable result would be a reduction in the number of bills passed. Is that so bad? Haven’t we always been far too law-driven?

        There was more than one way to address the problem of political inequality between the sexes (a real problem). Some ways increased the power of the state, other ways decreased it. Which way was chosen?

  16. The question is why are we focused on issues that divide us instead of those which unite us…Why are we always looking for someone or some group to blame instead of looking for answers to problems we face…We stay in the state of agitation so much that we forget what really matters…Only the weak go around looking for someone to blame for their situation… The strong go around looking for solutions to the problem… Which one are you?

    • One who is interested in determining where we are and how we got here, so that as we move forward, we can learn from past mistakes.

      • As OP is fond of saying we have a war to win first…And since I haven’t come across any realistic solutions to that yet why should I focus on anything but that…

  17. Bill Clinton and Obama were elected overwhelmingly by the women of the the US.

    • Symptom of the problem and if those same women voted in a way that elected a candidate of your choice would you hold that same animosity toward them…This is just another divide and conquer piece even if the author didn’t mean it as such…Sad That…

  18. To say the problem stems from women’s suffrage is half right. The other half stems from men’s suffrage.
    The real problem is state power. If the state had little power, then I wouldn’t really care who voted or how. But since our whole lives are now subject to will of the majority, I have to pay attention to every “good idea” that comes from the well-meaning tyrannical idiots in power – from war (men) to prohibition (woman).
    I see our society’s growing decadence and immorality highlighted in the video, but bad ideas like this only spread when subsidized by the state.
    Now, any ideas on how to limit state power?