Three Simple Questions For Trump Supporters

Fair questions.

There is a world of difference between “say” and “do”.

And there is this oldie but goodie:


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  1. rightwingterrorist

    What’s odd to me is the thought that maybe, just maybe, we can vote in someone who can and/or will change things for the better. The Overton Window has been moved way too far. To move it back will take buckets of blood to grease the skids. Our course has been set, and no vote will change that.
    Collectively, we are the coyote strapped to a keg of TNT, frantically huffing and puffing on that sizzling fuse, trying to ineffectually blow it out.
    Ain’t going to happen.

    • If Trump does ANY of what he says, will NOTHING change for the better?

      Why are the Elite in such a panic over his ascendancy? Are they faking it? Do they REALLY want what’s best for the country, and are desperately trying to keep him from making things worse? Or could it be that he would upset their apple cart? Now that would not be an immediate cure for this country’s ills. And they would undoubtedly do their best to thwart him at every turn, and to stuff one of their own back in the office as soon as he left. But what is so bad about shoving it up their Gawd Dammed Fokking Azzes sideways?

  2. To the OP: You do know that Trump has been slammed with predominantly negative press for more than thirty years? That hasn’t changed at all either. Now he’s taking incoming from all directions!

    Fox, Limbaugh, Beck, Sowell, Levin, American Thinker, and many others of the big conservative establishment are in the court against Trump. Now the GOP is not only looking at a brokered convention, but if that doesn’t work they are researching running as third party with Romney as the possible candidate just in case. Seriously. Who’s side are they really on here? The establishment really doesn’t know what to do about him.

    Matt Drudge is a NY righty with a strong rebel streak. It makes sense that Trump is his man. He always had balls to go against the establishment. Drudge and Coulter have a very close relationship.

    Trump gets air time because he’s entertaining and draws viewership. He’s always had a knack for that. Even when confronted with all the negatives, he rolls with it! They show snippets of what they think will make him look bad, only it doesn’t work, because he owns it! They don’t show his crowds. They don’t point out his life long overwhelming support and interests for the conservative side of politics. Now, does he also play the game with all the players in his world that he needs to play with to win? Yes. He’s a smart businessman.

    Another thing. Trump, audited every year for the last 10-12 years? Yeah, that sounds friendly alright!

    The third question/theory actually points better to Cruz as being the Trojan horse in that regards. Besides the laughable part of him being a Canadian running on the idea of a US Constitutionalist, he has no accomplishments in the way of liberty that I know of. He’s about as establishment as they come. Calculative and with a well timed narrative, but still Ivy league, government career, judicial system, US Senator, Bush Administration, CFR, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, big oil, etc. You name it! He’s beholden to the establishment if there ever was anybody.

    I think people like Trump because he call it like he sees it. Whether it’s calling people out as liars, or making a point about the standard practice of rigged debates, or even the audience being nothing but specials interests/donors, he’s going to make it known. This Country is going to shit and he appears to want to do something about it. People are desperate as well. Immigration is our #1 threat. Political correctness is right up there too. Bogus wars, bad trade, and robbing the people with no end in sight! I can see why Trump has the support he does. How can he possibly be any worse than the standard crop?

    What it comes down to, is Who’s going to get something done different in DC? Probably Trump. That’s why he is #1 in the polls and has the best chance in the general.

    Is Trump some kind of messiah to our liberty? I doubt it, he’s quite scary to be honest, but that story has yet to be told. I don’t think he would want to be a failure. His idea of winning may not be for everybody though either.


    I think the Author misses a very important element, and thats the voter.. If you look at the blind support trump receives from the people, It’s very clear that people are pissed, and in no mood to be fucked with. We are at a point where we will prop up anyone who doesnt resemble a politician, if a candidate starts talking politics, and Trump counters it with anger, his numbers go up.. This is a clear unequivocal Don’t-fuck-with-me sign that no conspiracy minded group, party, organization can ignore..

    If there is some underlying sinister element to trump, other than what is being displayed, he will be drawn and quartered by the public, and the political parties trying to fill the vacuum won’t be spared… The public has had enough, there are groups on both sides ready to war over the direction the US is going…Even if trump does nothing at all, he will have fulfilled his role, and that is to give voters blood from the establishment by shutting them out ( Look what happened to the Bush empire and his hundreds of millions of dollars, he had to beg his audience to clap and even then we showed him the door )… However, if trump has an ulterior motive, The people will throw him out of office, and turn DC into an insignificant scab on the Country by contracting. The Oregon stand off will look like the lunchline at the local Jr High, compared to the public support the next little flap will receive.

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  5. What should be most obvious is that Donald Trump has not only read and studied Sun Tsu’s Art of War, he is IMPLEMENTING It, so far to the absolute envy of Sun Tsu’s spirit wherever it is now.. Trump has used the elite’s own strength and rules against them, and short of his “suicide” or assassination, he will win the repuke nomination.
    Then, he will turn the countries gaze on Hillary (goldman sachs) Klinton.
    That, friends is when the shit gets interesting, and the rats begin scurrying for the exits.

    For the whiners and naysayers, the raw evidence of primaries and polls speak volumes. Volumes you will probably re-read in November and marvel at the way you missed all the signs of the obvious.

    • Dang, now I have to dig out my old copy and reread….never looked at it from that angle!

    • Take Trumps 4th Gen warfare style politics to another level. The guy is inside the political elites OODA loop, he owns the sonsofabitches.
      But think about this, Trump isn’t running for president, the guys is fomenting a revolution. He has the Dirt People fired up. Nobody is ever seen the Dirt People majority come in from the cold like what’s happening.
      He created a third party, a viable third party, for the first time in American political history. It isn’t called a third party, because TPTB are terrified of a third party, they dare not even whisper it. A 3rd party of the Dirt People! That is apostasy, it is worse than a secession movement, worse than the south seceding. It would mean the end of the hegemony that passes for legitimate government.
      Trump played the idiots like a fiddle with his pledge to not create a third party, they can’t get away with a brokered convention, painted themselves right into a corner. But what is better, is he went ahead and created a stealth third party, right under the bastards nose. The Dirt people aren’t so much a third party, but a plurality, which is even better, it is upstream of their corrupt politics, it is infiltrating and getting on their flank. Trump is a brilliant natural political tactician. Never mind he is gas lighting the bastards like they only could dream about gas lighting the Dirt People Party.
      Think about it, the guy is trying to start a second revolution. He aint running to be president, he is running to destroy the fuckers. Actually, he is just feeding out the rope so they can hang themselves, because no matter what they do, as they will do everything possible to destroy Trump, they will seal their fates. Because there is no voting our way out of this. The only solution is for the Dirt People to revolt as a plurality.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    As a human person petitioning us for our support in his quest
    for national office, I could really care less about him.
    As a club used to batter the establishment republican party to
    death, I am a supporter.
    Otherwise I would be no different than the vast black population
    blindly supporting Hitlerey who despises then as the fools they are.

  7. If the enjoyment I received from watching Jeb! dismissed, it will only be an appetizer to seeing Hilarity defeated and/or frogmarched in a orange jumpsuit.
    then seeing the Chamberpot Repubs and DemocRats in Con-gress running for the exits must be the just desserts.
    Angry? No way….Cold Vengeance is more like it. Pinch me it must be a dream that this year, 2016 is it. One way or another, no more BS from these effete elitist DC putzes, not one more syllable.

  8. StateHateIsGreat

    People are really over-thinking this. To paraphrase the female Bilderberger who is running: “It’s the immigration, stupid.”

    The gov’t media and gov’t-approved GOP commentators continue to ignore that it all boils down to that single issue and Trump is literally the only one saying what “we” say in the privacy of our homes.

    Whether he can or will carry out his plans is beside the point, what matters is he is giving the People what they want to hear.

  9. “Oh, it matters, Walter. Because when the ‘fuck you’ party that is going for Trump finally figures out that they’ve been duped again because there never was any voting their way out of this to begin with, they will instantly become the ‘I’m gonna get you sucka’ party.” – WRSA Reader

    That right there is the good that comes out of Trump.

    • rightwingterrorist

      But I doubt it.
      My bet is, if there’s the chance, they’ll just simply vote for the next guy supplying empty promises.
      Been like that for a long time now.
      There’s no way to vote ourselves out of this mess.
      Populist demagogues or not.

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