Three Simple Questions For Trump Supporters

Fair questions.

There is a world of difference between “say” and “do”.

And there is this oldie but goodie:


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  1. I think the writer is losing sight of the fact that conservative values and fealty to our divinely inspired constitution are non negotiable, and are worth fighting (and killing) for.

    • Should that murderous loyalty be to the ideals supposedly protected by the USC/BoR, or to the flawed expressions therein?

      Serious question.

      • Capitalist Eric

        The ideals. Whether expressed perfectly or in a flawed way, natural rights are non-negotiable. They are- and have been- fought for, for millennia, because the fundamental nature of man remains the same.

        The SCOTUS has tried to strip us of our natural rights through a variety of means, big and small, under the color of authority. But those natural rights remain, despite the criminality of our government. Indeed, the coming Civil War will be fought over those natural rights; the most fundamental question being, “are you free to do whatever you wish, as long as your actions don’t diminish the rights of others to do as THEY wish?” More simply, are you beholden to the state, or vice versa?

  2. if trump will put gas in my tank and pay my mortgage he has my vote.

    • Trump will be robbing me … to put that gas in your tank.

      Does that influence your decision?

      • Not Cynical Enough

        Oh for pete’s sake you dufus. He is mocking the stupid black womanblabbering about Obozo.

        No wonder the “patriot” movement is its own worst enemy.

  3. Three fair questions ? What’s fair about them ? They are only questions because the writer of the hit piece on Trump put a question mark after each non-specific remark he claims to be a question.

    “….and who may not be an American!”. This is the closing sentence of the second paragraph following Jonescu’s alleged, 1st question. Basically, it is the old Saul Alinsky trick of Rule #5, Ridicule. Ridicule those you oppose and/or disagree with. Jonescu ridiculed every American who believes Trump is our only hope for what is left of Amerika.

    Jonescu makes a good effort to comply with Alinsky’s guidance. However, he lost me with his “….may not be an American” bullshit used to deviate from the Constitutional fact that although Cruz is an American CITIZEN, he is NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN per, I’ll repeat it again for the umpteenth time, per Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, USC….Cruz (like soetoro-obama and Rubio) is not a natural born citizen. Thus ineligible to be POTUS. But, who in the US Congress would ever call for a vote to dismiss a POTUS nominated individual who fails to meet the requirements of 2.1.5, USC ? Not a soul. Thus, the charade of the Constitution as the law will continue.

    Jonescu’s effort to belittle Trump supporters is minor league. He’s an establishment weasel who can’t bear the thought that Trump would be a POTUS who would tell the New World Order, the Kissingers and Bryzezinskis, to go fuck themselves ! God forbid that Jonescu would write a hit piece, and American Thinker publish such, attacking the criminal and Marxist Hillary Clinton !

    Three fair questions….not ! The entire American Thinker essay by Jonescu was nothing more than a hit piece against Trump by an establishment weasel. “American Thinker”, how appropriate he used that venue….it certainly led THIS angry, natural born American to think. To think what an asshole Jonescu is.

    Quite simply….

    GO TRUMP !

  4. Boss, your serious question is a little too complicated for me. Could you extrapolate a little? Do you mean the flawed expressions of conservatives, or flawed expressions of the USC/BoR?

    • What is a conservative? Serious question.

    • The preceding gent stated:

      “I think the writer is losing sight of the fact that conservative values and fealty to our divinely inspired constitution are non negotiable, and are worth fighting (and killing) for.”

      I replied:

      “Should that murderous loyalty be to the ideals supposedly protected by the USC/BoR, or to the flawed expressions therein?”

      Another (hopefully clearer) way to ask my question would be:

      “Is the Constitution/BoR worth killing over, or is it the ideals supposedly protected by that document that are worthy of taking others’ lives?”

      My premise for the question is that the USC/BoR does not and has not stood by itself for 200+ years. What we refer to as “the USC/BoR” is not just the words of the document themselves, but also all of the words of all of the ratified amendment, plus the accreted ‘interpretations’ of all of those words by courts (not just SCOTUS, but circuit courts of appeals and even district courts) for 200+ years.

      That interpretative process has created the following monster:

      (words of USC/BoR + words of every ratified amendment) + published words of every court that has ruled on USC/BoR/amendments since ratification of each = “the body of US constitutional law”

      Now, restating my question with that info, it reads:

      “Is the body of US constitutional law worth killing over, or is it the ideals supposedly protected by that document that are worthy of taking others’ lives?”

      I would argue that the body of US constitutional law, as a whole, is not worth a duck’s fart, in that along with ‘the good stuff’, that body of law includes statements of law such as:

      – the Feds can require private citizens to purchase health insurance
      – any level of government can seize private property for virtually any purpose so long as there is some nominal adjudication process
      – laws forbidding a woman from directing a doctor to murder her baby are unconstitutional
      – warrantless surveillance/seizure is acceptable in far more circumstances than a layman would believe reading the words of the 4A standing alone
      – anti-sodomy laws are unconstitutional
      – the $ taken by force by the Feds under the name of ‘social security’ ceases to belong to its original earner
      – public displays of Christian symbols are forbidden on government land
      – notwithstanding the ‘shall not be infringed’ language of the 2A, government at all levels can infringe upon RKBA in multiple ways as long as there are enough hoplophobes amongst the reviewing panels of judges for a particular controversy

      and so forth.

      This point is missed by most Constitutionalists, who without thought accept the “(words of USC/BoR + words of every ratified amendment) + published words of every court that has ruled on USC/BoR/amendments since ratification of each” reality of US constitutional law as worthy of bloodshed.

      More importantly, those same well-meaning folks also fail to see that, as long as “The Constitution” is defined as the prize, it is very easy for supporters of the past 80 years of collectivist judicial activism to claim that they are defending the Constitution as it is understood in reality by ~50%+ of the American people from evil white men who want to turn the clock back.

      Let me repeat:

      The people who will in the near future come to kill/imprison freedom-loving folks will say and believe that they are the ones defending the Constitution and the legitimate USG from those who would violently overthrow those democratic, 100% legal American institutions.

      It is a huge problem that I have not seen anyone in Freefor address.

      Is the USC/BoR/amendments/caselaw edifice worthy of our efforts?

      • outlawpatriot

        You could never have that discussion in an open forum such as this. Just too many idiots with positions, talking points, ideologies, hatreds, prejudices and a general ignorance towards anything to do with their country, history and Constitution. It could only be productive if the participants are in general of common mind. That said, it would no doubt result in still further division(s).

        • Amigo:

          The discussion is important.

          “Why we fight” is a central tenet of any serious endeavor.

          And only through open, animated, principled discussion can the ignorant be reconciled with reality.


          A recovering ignoramus

          • outlawpatriot

            You have way too much faith in the ignorant. 🙂
            Not saying that discussion isn’t a good thing, but to sit at the table, there has to be agreement in general. A good percentage here just aren’t qualified to sit at that table. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad people, it just means they would have nothing to lend to the discussion because they are against the topic at hand no matter what. They would contribute noise only. Their minds are made up as is mine. And they aren’t changing mine and I’m not changing theirs.

            Words have failed. The debate will have to be settled in another manner. 😉

            • Sir:

              You cannot possibly be suggesting a nationwide Malheur strategy, where the bulk of the population think you are dangerous racists who are endangering their children, can you?

              • outlawpatriot

                Nope. Not a fucking chance. I gave up on that a while back. But I still do harbor the notion that a coordinated, nationwide action would be the quickest and least costly thing that could be done. I’ve been out-voted though. So on to Plan B. 😉

                Racist? Endangering children? Dunno. Have to wait and see how it plays out. 😉

            • “Words have failed. The debate will have to be settled in another manner. ;-)”

              I’ll bet $100,000. cash on the barrel-head you don’t have more skills, ammo, or determination as me. I’ll also bet I’m quicker, better equipped, leaner, and meaner than you. Good luck. 😉

              • The question would have to be tfat what are you fighting for? Do you have an ideal or do you just want to kill off all those drunken overweight drug users your surrounded by…We all know what OP stands for but still not sure about you…

        • I would have to agree with OP on this…The principled gets lost and the ignorant take the field in a forum like this…Sad that…


    It’s a thought-provoking article. Time will tell. Those of us who refuse to vote or participate any more can just keep silent and keep prepping. Most of us on this site have agreed we cannot vote our way out of this mess. So, the whole question of who is playing and who is being played becomes moot.
    I would have to agree with Haxo when he opines that it would be better to have the Hildabeast or even Bernie the Red at the helm when we crash into the debtberg. Amerika will most probably fracture along the lines of the former Yugoslavia. Read and re-read Selco on the SHTF website about what went on. It is also documented in A FAILURE OF CIVILITY.

    • Haxo also continues to agree with Haxo on this matter. But now it appears – based on turnout differential – that alphaMale Trump may crush Hiligula as easily as he is crushing the Republiscam party. No great matter. While a Prez Trump would likely keep post-crash Leviathan afloat awhile longer than Hiligula, it will still sink

      LOLZ piece @ NYT. “reacting to Romney’s demands that he make public his income tax returns, Trump responded with casual derision…”. Yup. Gotta admit I like this guy, scoundrel that he is

  6. I looked at the best rated comments at the linked article:
    1. Trump is the only candidate promising to build a fence and to deport illegals. THOSE are the only things that are going to save our country’s sovereignty AND protect us from foreign workers taking our jobs. If that’s not “conservative”, I really don’t care. If either Rubio OR Cruz wins the nomination, it’ll be game over for the country we love.

    2.If we don’t stop the government from replacing us then nothing else will matter. Ever.

    3. I think a lot of the media is just pretending not to understand the appeal of Trump. If they admit that most Americans of all political stripes want to close the border and deport illegals it would completely shred their narrative.

    4.Those facts have been pointed out to them time after time, but it goes against their “masters'” agenda, so they ignore it.

    5.The U.S. Senate voted in June 2015, to pass the TPA, giving Obama fast-track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
    TPA needed 60 votes for cloture to advance TPA to The Senate floor for debate. TPA received exactly 60 votes, one of which was Cruz. Had Cruz voted against cloture, 59 votes would have sent TPA into the dustbin of history to be heard of no more. When TPA hit The Senate for a vote, only 51 votes were required to pass. Then, Cruz voted against it because it was politically expedient. He gets to ‘claim’ he’s a constitutional conservative on the side of The People but it was all a carefully orchestrated political maneuver. He scammed his supporters and they cannot even see it.

    CtC (me): Can trump be trusted? No. Can any of them be trusted? No.

    We ain’t voting our way outta this. At best Trump might start to limit immigration. #immigrationisrapeculture #rapefugees #14words

  7. They’re all scumbags. I’m voting at the ammo store on November 8th. Not one of these dirtbags represent me and they never did.

  8. That guy at American Thinker brings up a lot of good points about gerrymandering the grass roots rejection of the stud quo and the possibility that Trump is their stalking horse, and we are all being manipulated and herded in the direction desired by TPTB.


    In a way he is putting the horse before the cart. The fact of the matter there is a grass roots uprising that exists is what is so very important. The powers that be, well they are the powers that be, they will always act as TPTB, but what really matters is there is a grass roots uprising, if Trump is a stalking horse, so what? What else is new. We are stalking horsed six ways to sunday. That only matters if there is no grass roots resistance. The fact grass roots resistance is true, that is the defining thing. Defining, because the grass roots resistance is a defining dynamic no matter how much the illusion of and corruption of power of TPTB, because TPTB are having to react, and have to resort to taking defensive measures to thwart resistance, that TPTB are indeed against legitimate resistance to TPTB to begin with.
    Grass roots resistance to TPTB has to have resistance to find out what to correctly resist, how to evolve its resistance, how to become an entity with a plurality of people who are cognitive they are powerful, that they are indeed a resistance movement, that they do define both sides of the resistance coin by resisting in the first instance, that they as legitimate resisters with legitimate cause and reason to resist is in itself a power all its own and a legitimizing truth of who they are as people and what they are as a movement.
    Does it really matter if Trump is genuine or a false flag?
    Yes it does matter, a great deal, in fact it may be the great defining moment in our present history, because if Trump is a stalking horse, lot of people who never would be otherwise are going to finally understand how awful and corrupt TPTB are, it is going to anger people in a way not seen since the 1860’s, maybe not since the 1770’s. It will arouse a cold anger and a rejection of TPTB that they will not be able to survive.
    If Trump is who he appears to be, if he is not an instrument of manipulation of TPTB, regardless if he is a proper President, or just another political class bullshit artist and self serving dickhead, or just a crummy choice for president, that in its own right does not constitute what matters. The fact grass roots rejection of the status quo happened possesses huge value, it gives creedence in the public forum grass roots resistance is effective in effecting change counter to what TPTB desire to take place.
    LeVoy Finnicum and Donald Trump represent the same thing, not who they are, but what is representative about representative government today, it does not exist long as people do not, can not, are prohibited from being properly represented as sovereign humans, and not slaves to the State and subjects of the States monopoly of federal power and denied peaceful methods of redress from the wrongs foisted on them by TPTB. Because as simple and stupid and obvious as it sounds, ONLY, only TPTB and their police state can make peaceful resistance impossible.
    Get that through your head and you get right with your liberty.
    And that is the dish TPTB are going to serve up as an unintended lesson to the grass roots population in this country. Prohibition of peaceful resistance to TPTB is their method of subjugating and limiting the ability of peaceful people from resting them and their tyranny. It is also their great weakness. Prohibiting peaceful redress, no matter its form, creates more resistance in people who understand grass roots resistance and its power. It is grass roots because it originates in the roots of our simplest most peaceful roots of our culture and the way of life most of us live. It is far far more powerful than the power of tyranny because it is born from legitimacy of live and let live, to be left alone to tend ones life and business peacefully and with basic consideration and care for ones brother, neighbor and community. It defines us, it is the roots of civil society. It has shaped and defined this country even before it’s founding.
    It is not to be denied either, because people ARE manifest in this reality of sovereignty and its brother Liberty.
    A plurality is a powerful entity. A plurality once it becomes aware of its grass roots nature can not be stopped, it becomes undeniable to any force of tyranny on Earth. It is why we are American’s and are born into Liberty to begin with.
    I believe that is what The Treepers are beginning to figure out. That Trump is only a symbol to them of something that is awakening in their spirits, so it really doesn’t matter who Trump is, he just happened to be the guy in the right place. Maybe Trump is a Treeper himself. Stranger things have happened. Hard to say, but time will tell the truth of it that is for sure. The great thing is The Treeper’s are beginning to eclipse Trump, they are becoming larger than the sum of themselves, it is the makings of the kind of resistance only happens once in an age. I think it is on the threshold of something we can fully understand only as it evolves and grows.

  9. I feel as if I’m being taken on a journey that I didn’t sign up for. Representative government is an illusion.

    • Representative government is an illusion.
      This not the illusion. The illusion is the perp asking for your vote is representing you when in reality it is his donors.
      Governing should always be local, local, local. It is hard to say ‘they’ when you can look ‘they’ right in the eye on issues.

  10. (1) Don’t you get the strange feeling that this has all been suspiciously easy?

    Yep, not a single harsh word said about Trump. I mean Rubio had to deal with a national conservative magazine devoting an entire issue about his failings as a candidate and how he would be a disaster as president.

    (2) Don’t you find it odd that Trump, who habitually says the harshest, crudest, vilest things he can think of about anyone he perceives as an opponent or threat, never substantively criticizes the key players in the establishment at all?

    Jeb, Rubio, Rove and Trump. Not a harsh word said among the bunch, it is 4 peas in a pod. Am I right?

    (3) If you were Rove, McConnell, and the rest of the GOP elite, and you wanted to end the growing grassroots threat to your power and influence once and for all, how would you go about it?

    I will not steal Sundances excellent overview of how this was to be done. Read up ‘Tripwire Alerts’ on it over at TheConservativeTreehouse.

    The authors analysis is weak at best. At worst, perhaps he is doing Rove’s bidding by writing that Trump is some sort of stooge simply doing what the GOPe wants.

  11. It’s all made so much easier by the fact that there are NO other acceptable candidates out there, not one who will even attempt to turn American government in favor of the people who built the country.

  12. Those are fair questions posed in the article.

    I have been pondering the same issues myself over the past few months. I agree with Trump’s views on immigration and political correctness, but I increasingly feel that he is dangerously authoritarian and no friend to freedom or the Constitution.

    Here are a few thoughts:

    1. Making a few patriotic/pro-white speeches does not equal a track record of patriotic/pro-white action. Since he began running for POTUS, he has shifted the terms of the immigration debate to the right. But it seems more likely that he seized on that issue in order to gain attention and support, rather than any true commitment to limiting immigration or building a border wall. Prior to his run for president, his record of patriotic activity is practically zero.

    2. For someone who is supposedly a threat to The Powers That Be, Trump has been given a TON of media coverage, most of it relatively positive (even if the reporters themselves don’t like him, they report breathlessly and gushingly on how he is steamrolling toward the nomination). I expected leftists to be terrified by the prospect of a rising Trump, but they don’t seem all that concerned. Do they know something we don’t? If Trump was truly a threat to the Elites, the media would ignore him and starve him of attention, instead of reporting his every move.

    3. The Trump candidacy could be a ploy by The Powers That Be to achieve authoritarian measures (federalized national police force, Patriot Act On Sterioids, etc) by cloaking those measures in patriotism, in order to lull patriots into a false sense of security. After all, we can trust Trump to only use authoritarian powers against liberals, Muslims and illegal immigrants, right? Just like George Bush could be trusted to only use the Patriot Act against Al Qaeda?

    4. Trump appears to be a wannabe dictator. From his demands for a boycott of Apple to his plans to change libel laws so he can silence his critics, it is increasingly clear that Trump has no respect for freedom or the Constitution.

    5. While it is amusing to see Trump bully leftists and illegal immigrants (his current targets), he could at any point choose to turn against his supporters if it seemed expedient for him to do so. Additionally, any draconian laws or executive orders that he implements can (and will) be used either by him or future presidents not against illegal immigrants or Muslims, but against patriots.

    6. As mentioned above, I agree with Trump on immigration, but I don’t trust him. I think he is dangerously authoritarian, and would try to turn this country into even more of a police state than it already is. All of the other candidates are neocon shills, so I may not vote for anyone at all.

  13. Trump vows to change libel laws so he can silence the press (and anyone else who criticizes him):

    “Donald Trump has pledged to change the libel laws in a way that could undermine the first amendment and the freedom of the press…

    Since the American revolution, freedom of the press has been a key principle in American public life, with truth long established as an absolute defense to any accusation of libel…

    Trump seems intent on making US libel law more like the far more oppressive free-speech laws in the UK.”

    “Trump’s Assault on the First Amendment”:

    • Its the same thing with obama in 2008. They worshipped him despite all the frankly frightening things he said he wanted to do.

      Then again most trump voters have a seething hatred for the msm anyway.

      Its as if they want their own king to avenge all the wrongs done to them by the current king.

      Ive made the above comment to a group of trumpeteers and they baically said “so what”.

      • QUOTE:”Its the same thing with obama in 2008. They worshipped him despite all the frankly frightening things he said he wanted to do.”

        Yep. Trump’s supporters apparently are willing to support everything he does and ignore the many red flags and warning signs, simply because he has made a few pro-white/patriotic speeches. His supporters ignore the fact that before he started running for president, Trump had no track record of ANY pro-white or anti-immigration activity. There is no reason to believe that he will actually follow through on any of his promises (border wall, deportations, Muslim ban, etc).

        On the other hand, his track record provides PLENTY of warning signs that he will govern as an authoritarian, and support further restrictions of our freedoms, more NSA spying, more Patriot Act – style laws, etc.

        QUOTE: “Then again most trump voters have a seething hatred for the msm anyway.”

        Trump’s supporters should realize that 1) Trump can turn against his white base at any time, and probably will when it becomes convenient/expedient for him to do so, and 2) even if Trump doesn’t turn against his base, the authoritarian precedents he sets and laws he will likely implement, WILL be used against patriots and white people by future presidents, just like Obama has used Bush’s Patriot Act against patriots.

        QUOTE:”Its as if they want their own king to avenge all the wrongs done to them by the current king.”

        I used to be a Trump supporter until he revealed his authoritarian streak and complete disrespect for our freedoms and Constitutional rights. While Trump voices my views on immigration, Muslims, the border and political correctness, every indication is that he is a wannabe dictator. I won’t vote for this country to become a police state under the guise of a “patriotic” leader.

        QUOTE:”Ive made the above comment to a group of trumpeteers and they baically said “so what”.”

        Yeah, a lot of Trump supporters seem to have completely unmoored themselves from all of their previous values and beliefs. Freedom doesn’t matter, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t matter, Christianity doesn’t matter, nothing matters anymore. We must simply all support anything and everything Trump does simply because he has made a few speeches since last June about building a border wall and deporting illegal immigrants. There’s no indication he will actually do any of that, but since he has said he will in a few speeches, Trump cannot be criticized and we must blindly everything he does.

        Hell, some commenters on the Conservative Treehouse have even said that they don’t really care whether he builds a border wall or deports illegals. They brag about how Trump will “make great deals” with the Democrats and “get things done.”

        It truly seems that Trump’s supporters have abandoned their original raison d’être, and now simply support him blindly because he claims to be an outsider and has made a few good speeches.

  14. Parchment under glass is no match for violence.

    • Masthead worthy right there.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong ghost but I thought you were only going to do violence when they came for you…How is that going to help the country get back on course…

  15. Serious questions all around, but having voted in more than one sElection, I think the futility of it, either losing outright or “winning” to end up still continuing to lose to the ProgreSSive NWO Tyranny starts to render my opinion meaningless, to even me.
    Trump is a Leader due to his discernment of the wrath of the people, but this wrath is kinetic tsunami at this point, how far it goes before expending it’s fury is also a serious question.
    I am along for the ride, it’s exciting and exhilarating to see the putrid political establishment in disarray. Trump may be another Andy Jackson, full of faults, contradictions, hubris, etc., But…….
    “He Killed the Bank” , and some backwoods boys had a hell of a party at the WH, for days. If Trump does as much, OK by me.
    My apology’s to the Cherokee who deserved much better than ethnic cleansing or the Trail of Tears slow massacre in 1830 sponsored by Jackson and his slave holding, gold grubbing Southerners.
    Karma is a bitch come around again in 1865.
    Ride or Reap the Whirlwind, sometimes a Buddhist monastery seems inviting.

  16. Less than 4 years ago, Trump was apparently in favor of amnesty of illegal immigrants, and was also echoing Bush’s “act of love” rhetoric, by describing immigrants as people who are “inspired to come to this country” and “people wanting to be wonderful productive citizens of this country.”

    Quote from the article:

    “Romney’s solution of “self deportation” for illegal aliens made no sense and suggested that Republicans do not care about Hispanics in general, Trump says.

    “He had a crazy policy of self deportation which was maniacal,” Trump says. “It sounded as bad as it was, and he lost all of the Latino vote,” Trump notes. “He lost the Asian vote. He lost everybody who is inspired to come into this country.”

    The GOP has to develop a comprehensive policy “to take care of this incredible problem that we have with respect to immigration, with respect to people wanting to be wonderful productive citizens of this country,” Trump says.”


    $10 says that Trump’s anti-immigrant shtick is all an act. As soon as he wins the presidency, he will shit on his former supporters, just like George W Bush.

    • AmPat,

      Gee, I’m still waiting for that fence that Republican Ronald Reagan promised would be built on the Mexican border. I continue to grab my ankles as the alleged conservative Ronald Reagan, attacked the right to defend myself and my family with his attack on the 2d Amendment, via the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986.

      Fast forward 15 years to 2001….the NYC World Trade Center comes down….Republican Bush II attacks my rights under the 4th & 5th Amendments, USC, courtesy the again ill-named Patriot Act. The Republican-controlled Congress complies and gives Bush his Freedom destroying Patriot Act on a platter. American serfs do nothing except give 10s of millions of dollars to the United Way which then refuses to disburse the donations to the families of the 9-11 facade.

      Oh, in my haste I almost forgot the Permanent Normal Trade Relations bill, HR 4444, introduced in May 2000 by another Republican “Patriot”, Republican William Archer of that oh-so-conservative state of (gag) Texas. It only had 3 co-sponsors but would fly through the legislative procedure. HR 4444 would allow Chinese Communist manufactured goods to come into this country with no tariffs; no protection for American manufacturing, it’s American workers, and national sovereignty. The Republican Congress pushed this nation-destroying legislation through in less than 5 months with the Philanderer-in-Chief Clinton signing the bill, gleefully, in October 2000.

      Look around you….can’t find a decent job ? Can’t find a product, even a paperclip not made in Red China ? You say your dollar is next to worthless as the cashier hands you your 25 cent quarter in change, from the 3 bucks you gave for a coffee ? This trade debacle, this attack on the American economy was orchestrated by Bill Clinton and supported by the Republican Congress. Nothing, NOTHING, has had as big an impact, a negative impact, on the American dream, as this attack on what once was a great country.

      All the above, and more, courtesy of the scum one knows as “Republicans” with the Democrats and the stupid, ignorant electorate cheering them on !

      I could go on and on using the current scum’s unconstitutional diktats and Republican Congress’s ankle-grabbing, to cite more attacks against our Freedom and Liberty. But, I’ve already ranted enough.

      So AmPat, while you bemoan Mr. Trump based on hypothetics, you dismiss the traitorous activities of the Republicans. You ignore Trump’s call to close the border, tariff the Chicoms, bring back manufacturing, terminate NAFTA, toss the Muslims and make Amerika great again. You attack the ONLY chance that we could have a return to American greatness and prosperity. You ignore the debacle that will ensue should that lying, treacherous, Marxist bitch Clinton gets elected. Instead you decry the man whose anger is representative of hundreds of millions of Americans.

      Life is a crapshoot. You may be dead tomorrow. President Trump may not deliver on all his efforts to restore greatness. We don’t know. But given Commie Clinton’s history and her recent statements to attack 2A, you, we, us, they, I, would do well to support Trump….because the alternative is disaster.

      The alternative to Trump is disaster.

      Anger is good.

      Let your conscience be your guide.


      GO TRUMP !

      • I’m not claiming that Ronald Reagan was a great or even good president.

        You are putting words in my mouth by claiming that I am defending other Republicans. I’m not.

        Unlike a lot of conservatives who worship Reagan, I think he was a globalist traitor.

        I feel the same way about Trump. He is a globalist oligarch who recently made a few patriotic/pro-white speeches. That doesn’t translate to a track record of patriotic/pro-white activity.

        If Trump cares so much about immigration, terminating NAFTA, etc, then why has he been inactive and silent all these years, until last June when he ran for president?

        I view Trump as an insincere charlatan who realized that we (American whites) are angry at the destruction of our country, and has made a few speeches in order to harness support.

        Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be a have concern, and it would be worthwhile to vote for Trump in the hope that he improves things.

        But any possible advantages that we might gain from a Trump presidency are negated by the damage that Trump would do by restricting freedom and turning this country into a police state.

        Do you think the Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security, TSA, etc would have been passed under a Democrat president?

        NO, because conservatives would be alert to the treason and would resist it, like we did during Obama’s presidency.

        But under a “trusted” Republican, it would be easy for the Powers That Be to pass such police state laws.

        Trump’s supporters seem willing to support absolutely anything he does. That will be extremely dangerous the next time there is a terrorist attack or mass shooting, and Trump demands more police state laws, or universal background checks, or increased NSA powers, or a federalized national police force.

        In that situation, Trump’s supporters will likely rabidly follow the lead of their Dear Leader by dismissing anyone who opposes such tyrannical laws as “dumb”, “stupid”, “losers” or other words from Trump’s repertoire.

        Never forget that we got DHS, Patriot Act, TSA, under a Republican president, because conservatives trusted their own leader and disparaged anyone who criticized Bush. The same will happen with Trump.

        I totally agree with Trump on Muslims, immigration, the border wall, trade and NAFTA.

        But he is a wannabe dictator who cannot be let anywhere near the presidency.

        I’ve responded to your post.

        Now how ’bout you reply to the points I raised.

    • Worse is better.

  17. My instinct that tells me that there really is nobody to vote for has been strengthened by this article.

    I’m going to pull down my copy of In The Garden Of Beasts, re-read it while mentally transposing the name “Hitler” with the name “Trump,” and see how it reads. I already know what it’s like using “Clinton” and “Sanders.”

    And then I’m going to hit the reloading bench, and the local big box discount store.

  18. Three fair questions. They would be instrumental as well IF I thought the GOP was worth saving. They ARE not. My purposes are not to save the GOP but to burn it down. Trump is the perfect instrument to accomplish that task.

    Done with them, then we go after the DNC.

  19. I would also point out that ‘the others’ have been “saying” for years we need to ‘do this’ but have not. So their track record is already recorded as a no. So if a new guy shows up and says ‘I’ll do it’ might as well give’m the shot.

  20. I don’t believe that the Trumpet can make America great again. It’s remotely possible that he might slow the decline. He doesn’t seem to want to continue international adventurism, and has spoken of talking to or dealing somewhat amicably with Putin–as opposed to the “get tough” machismo.

    We have Sanders, who would lead us into a Venezuelan condition. All the rest are warhawks who’d get us into a major war as we continue into economic failure.

    More nose-holding, if I bother to go to the voting booth.

  21. Lucy’s got the football, and Charlie Brown is running full speed…

  22. “If I were the Washington establishment, I would be publicly tut-tutting Donald Trump about his rhetoric every day — and going to sleep with a big smile on my face every night.”

    If ever you doubted just how easily the sheeple are lead to believe ANY story that might let them imagine they are winners and not dupes, this your moment!

    Hope is a hell of a drug and if you take to much you end up just like a junkie, dead in an alley somewhere.

  23. Walter Mitty

    Does it really matter? Cruz (ineligible) plus his wife is a Goldman Sachs VP. She gave a speech on globalism at a CFR meeting. Rubio stabbed his
    constutuents in the back, pro illegal immigration. All the rest ,I know they will stab me in the back. Even Rand Paul bowing to the stone wall and the illegal immigrants. I’d rather vote for Satan than any of the rest.
    Maybe Donald will rise to the occasion.
    If He ends up being like all the rest , does it really matter?

    • Better a promise that might be broken than no promise at all.

      A broken promise keeps the fire in your veins if nothing else.

    • Oh it matters Walter. Because when the fuck you party that is going for Trump finally figures out they been duped again because there never was any voting their way out of this to begin with, they will be the I’m gonna get you sucka party.

      • BINGO!

        You, sir, have just won the Intardnets for the entire day.


        • Look at the happy suckers. They are giddy with delight over having an outsider to root and vote for that doesn’t give a flying fuck what anybody has to say about him. He is their man through and through. They are coming out of the woodwork to worship this heady political paradigm.
          What they are gonna find out is it is themselves who are the only one who can save themselves. Trump is inconsequential to the serious truth here. What has happened is Trump created a third party, the Dirt People Party, (the great ZMan’s term by the way). This 3rd party is going to find out the hard way, finally, the political elite see them as dirt people in no uncertain terms, and they have walked right into it eyes wide open. As spontaneous as it looks, it is evolution of a revolution in the making. I think Trump understands that, why he is having the time of his life, it is infectious, he is high on the dynamic, he and his dirt people are feeding off each other. Trump isn’t running for president, the guy is starting a revolution, I suspect he could care less if he win’s or looses.
          How do I say this, it is complicated, the guy is a stalking horse, not for the political elite or any faction of it, he is stalking and gas lighting the fucking morons who are running things because he is trying to get the Dirt People to wake up and fight back. I think Trump is something nobody has considered, I think the guy is trying to start a revolution and the farce of running for president is the perfect platform to do it from. Right in front of the political elites eyes and they are so isolated from the Dirt People they can’t see it. The fear and loathing they have for Trump as a threat blinds them to the real threat, causing them to react in such a fashion as to make easy for him to do what he is doing. I bet everyone here the political class doesn’t even suspect what is happening. It is too late anyways. Doesn’t matter.
          I said from the get go no matter what, Trump Is The Great Fuck You.
          He doesn’t have a plan as president because he really don’t care about being president. He has no political platform because he isn’t running for political office, he is running as commander in chief of Because Fuck You That’s Why. He has no ground game because The Dirt People, who are a grass roots ground swell are his ground game. He doesn’t need a war chest of money because TPTB are spending billions on defeating a guy whose intention isn’t running for president to begin with. It is why the guy can say whatever he wants, he doesn’t give a flying fuck about being president.
          It is all about payback. It is a vendetta. You know what this is all about right? What the guy is doing to the fuckers running things right?

          YOUR FIRED!

          • Could be. Al Sharpton says that Trump, from Queens and new money, was never really accepted by the Manhattan Elite. It’s by invitation and not just about having money but background, schools, outlook, a certain kind of sophistication, etc. So this may be his payback.

  24. “…I consider the rise of Donald Trump, and how he has sucked most of the air out of the constitutionalist movement…”

    What “constitutionalist movement?” There is no such thing. Ted Cruz was for the TPP until it got enough votes to pass without him. He flip-flopped on H1B visas after Trump pushed him to the right on immigration. He’s a globalist like all the rest of them. So who exactly is carrying the banner of this so-called “constitutionalist movement?”

    Screw any “constitutionalist movement” anyway. The constitution was a big government push in its day. For all of you constitutionalists, have you ever heard of the Whiskey Rebellion or the Alien and Sedition Acts? Funny how they happened within the first ten years of the ratification of our “divinely inspired constitution.” I wonder if those farmers in the Alleghenies thought it was divinely inspired?

    To get back to the article, I haven’t voted in 8 years, but I’ll vote for Trump in the primary. At this point, a big-government hack who wants to build a wall is better than a big-government hack who thinks a wall is “waycist.” Maybe it will help reduce the flow of replacement voters from Latin America.

    …But if you pin your hopes on a politician to get us out of this mess, you’re an idiot.

  25. The first thing one should do when posed a question by a “Writer” is find out what his motivation is. So, what is Daren Jonescu’s motive?
    To answer his questions:
    1. No
    2. No
    3. No.

    Conspiracy much bro? Or is Daren just part of the gravy train he’s claiming Rove runs? Could be he’s just a Trump hater from way back.

  26. “Trump just announces he’s going to partially repeal the 1st Amendment, “open up the libel laws”.

    Reminds me of this guy;

    “We have to put a stop to the idea that it is a part of everybody’s civil rights to say whatever he pleases.” Adolf Hitler

  27. 1. No,anangers not seem too easy. Trump has hustled and run a brilliant campaign. The idea is all a set up is as ridiculous as the Conspiracy theories the author ridicules in the article.

    2. No. The authors stalking horse, Cruz, really was born in Canada, has deep ties to Goldman, and has waffled on key issues repeatedly.

    If your number one issue is the nation-destroying levels of immigration Trump is the only guy taking to it. Cruz wanted to increase H-1b visas by 500%. Cause, you know another million Hindus in America will secure our gun rights and Constitution.

    If your number one issue is our retarded trade policy Trump is your only hope. Cruz voted to give Obama far track authority on TPP. Yeah, he’s really protecting the Constitution with that move. He did it in a rat-like manner too, sneaking his vote in at the last minute.

    3. Finally, we are not dupes, Rove et al are not strategic geniuses.

    Instead of imagining an improbable “what would you do to control the masses”, one need only ask the much more obvious recipricol: ” what would a mass of disgusted conservatives do when they have given up on establishment solutions, after having been fed a diet of fake, feckless and impotent leaders for decades who never address the existential threats, frequently demonize their own supporters, and seem anxious to capitulate on cultural issues.

    Sure Donald Trump is a risk. And a scream of anger. And an amusing clown show. And also a slim hope, better than none.

    But more importantly he is an all American upraised middle digit of defiance to the people who think they run the GOP.

    “Fuck you, manage THIS, motherfucker.”. It is richly deserved and woefully over due.

    • “But more importantly he is an all American upraised middle digit of defiance to the people who think they run the GOP.

      “Fuck you, manage THIS, motherfucker.”. It is richly deserved and woefully over due.”


      Couldn’t have said it better, nor agree more.

      He isn’t Cruz, Rubio, Hillary, or Sanders…all of whom will do exactly what the theorists suppose Trump may or could do…erode freedoms. Sort of a damned for sure and damned, maybe.

      Mtnforge has keen insight as well. The “Dirt People Part”, huh? Never heard it in just that way, but that is exactly how voters are thought of, and its high time a candidate tapped that fury. Sure hope he knows what he has ahold of…there’s no telling what will happen if he’s lying.

  28. This “American thinker” article has a lot of “theory” and is damn short on facts or proof of assertions in this screed FOR Ted Cruz. This article is heavy on convoluted theory and light on facts. So let me get this straight, Rubio is the establishment guy but Trump is their “behind the scenes” default guy because they can work with him. Dude, you’re batshit crazy. Just wait til the brokered convention and THEN we will see who the real “behind the scenes” default candidate is.

    Is Trump a strict CONservative, hell NO. Has he given money to BOTH sides of the aisle to get business done? Yes and so do a lot of other businessmen. Is it the right way? No, but isn’t that the way the system is set up? Is Trump willing to Audit the Fed? Yes. What did Cruz do when the vote came to Audit the Fed in the Senate? How did we get Chief Justice Roberts on SCOTUS? Ted Cruz recommendation to W. What year did Ted Cruz denounce his Canadian citizenship? Does or did trusTED’s wife work for Goldman Sachs? Does she have a seat on the CFR? And remember Hush Bimbo at one point in his career said there was no such thing as the CFR and Trilateral Commission. Just a few questions for the Cruzers out there.

    As to 911, until the trusTED govt releases the CLASSIFIED 28 pages of the 911 commission that you and I with our SAP clearance can not even read, then don’t talk me about truth and conspiracy theories.

    I have no illusions about Trump. Is he perfect? Hardly. But he is the only candidate to carry concealed and have his own security detail in addition to the SS. I do believe he is sane and a real American on TWO very important issues facing the Republic.

    First, IMMIGRATION and deporting illegals. Either you have a rule of law or you don’t… they broke the law illegally coming here so I say deport their ass and I have been saying this since before the days of W. But then I’m a waaaaaaascist and a mean spirited man. The illegals have to go and I don’t GARA what Rubio, Cruz and the rest of Republicat party and chamber of commerce have to say. Ike deported several million in operation wetback if memory serves. We can do it today but should have done it long ago. Vincente Fox and his corrupt Mexican govt will pay for the wall, there is more than one way to skin that cat, but the R’s and CONservatives want you to believe it can’t be done. It won’t ever get done if you elect Rubio or Cruz. I want to thank the Pope for attacking Trump… especially since the Vatican has huge walls.

    Second, the U.S. economy is in shambles from decades of bad trade DEALS and I believe hanging by a thread. This Keynesian crap with the Federal Reserve has to f***ing stop, if not, your kids and grandkids will be living in a 10’x20′ box and loving it, because it’s green. I don’t believe any Demoncrap or Rubio or Cruz has enough business and economic knowledge or leadership to turn around the economy let alone fix it. You can’t have a strong Defense or even a “social safety net” if you believe in that, without an economy that is growing and providing wealth at all levels. And if you think that govt spending and intervention is the key to economic growth you are seriously out of your damn mind. If I am not mistaken Trump is a graduate of Wharton business school and made his “billions” in a tangible asset, real property and not by ripping off Americans in the stock market or the FINANCIAL DEBT slavery banking industry. He is not beholding to Wall Street, K Street or the donor class. Cruz voted to fast track the TPP/TTIP (now called Obamatrade) yet another bad trade DEAL and further loss of American sovereignty.

    Finally if Trump destroys the Republican party then I say GOOD, they need to be destroyed, if he destroys the Demoncrap Party, then I say GOOD, the Demoncrap Party needs to be destroyed too. If he looses to Hitlery, which is what the Rs and CONservatives want you to believe, then those who are wanting to vote for Hitlery to bring about “the change” will get their wish. IF Trump wins then we stand a small chance of “turning around” the Republic, otherwise Hitlery, Cruz or Rubio will be business as usual, gridlock or both. THEN when the US economy finally ruptures due to DEBT bubbles in the private and govt sectors, stock market margin calls, profligate money printing by the Federal Reserve, negative interest rates, and no cash, you WILL get your chance to start over again. Let’s hope someone has a grasp of Austrian economics the next time through.

    Hey a bunch of socialists and race baiters are saying they will leave the country if Trump is elected… now that is hope and change I can get behind.

    I’m still going to the gun store on election day in November to get some more ammo. Right now I have no intention of voting, but if I change my mind and decide to vote in November I’m voting for Trump.


    Grey Ghost

  29. 1. No it does not seem too easy. Trump has hustled and run a brilliant campaign. The idea is all a set up is as ridiculous as the Conspiracy theories the author ridicules in the article.

    2. No. The authors stalking horse, Cruz, really was born in Canada, has deep ties to Goldman, and has waffled on key issues repeatedly.

    If your number one issue is the nation-destroying levels of immigration Trump is the only guy taking to it. Cruz wanted to increase H-1b visas by 500%. Cause, you know another million Hindus in America will secure our gun rights and Constitution.

    If your number one issue is our retarded trade policy Trump is your only hope. Cruz voted to give Obama far track authority on TPP. Yeah, he’s really protecting the Constitution with that move. He did it in a rat-like manner too, sneaking his vote in at the last minute.

    3. Finally, we are not dupes, Rove et al are not strategic geniuses.

    Instead of imagining an improbable “what would you do to control the masses”, one need only ask the much more obvious recipricol: ” what would a mass of disgusted conservatives do when they have given up on establishment solutions, after having been fed a diet of fake, feckless and impotent leaders for decades who never address the existential threats, frequently demonize their own supporters, and seem anxious to capitulate on cultural issues.

    Sure Donald Trump is a risk. And a scream of anger. And an amusing clown show. And also a slim hope, better than none.

    But more importantly he is an all American upraised middle digit of defiance to the people who think they run the GOP.

    “Fuck you, manage THIS, motherfucker.”. It is richly deserved and woefully over due.

  30. So finally an anti establishment war horse…then we get buyers remorse. Go figure. Yes, go crawl back in bed with Rove. Nothing beats familiar pain.

  31. Colorado KnightOwl

    My oath, given freely 5 times is to defend the USC and the BOR against all comers. Until a few years ago, I thought I had been doing just that. I see now that I was clueless and used as cannon fodder.
    Of course the ultimate goal is to restore those docs to their original meaning. To treat as traitors those of either party or anyone who would tear them down further, or try and stop us from restoring the documents to their original meaning.
    That includes 99.7% of the asshats in DC and in most of the state capitals. Time will tell, but the people are fed up, and they will not stand for much more. Unfortunately most are too lazy, and/or too dumb to do what needs to be done, which is to refresh the roots of the Tree of Liberty.

    They have called the tune, it is time to pay the piper.

  32. If voting were ever anything other than a choice between the lesser of two evils, would things even change even then?

  33. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on MCS.

  34. The fix is in. Not that it will matter.

    Would the fix stay fixed if a candidate announced the end of 30% of top civil service jobs (long-term bureaucracy) and half of the remaining positions (all of the important ones) will be occupied by people not previously part of the Invisible Government? Bring back Civil Service testing that prohibits the stupid bottom 60% of people from most jobs. Add psychological profiling to prohibit advancement of sociopaths to supervisory positions. Add promise of orderly re-valuation of the US Dollar (reduce debt, increase trade, Moar Jobz, etc.), including splitting it to a “domestic dollar” and a commodity/SDR/pm-backed “trade Dollar”, as well as GAAP applied to banks (mark to market every day) of all sizes, and the assassins guild will be warming up the 3-d printers.

    Nothing changes as long as the masses in cities are getting food/beer/television. Grid up, Diesel trucks/trains running? All good, or at least “manageable”.
    Dollar gasoline? Gitten me a v-8 Camaro or a V-10 Ram 3500 Dually with zero-down. Woo hoo!

    A rational government would be pulling back the mobile parts of the empire that are valuable, selling the fixed assets to locals for 60% of value, and preparing to preserve that portion of the domestic population who can save themselves. How about pallets of refugee-kibble, insulating jumpsuits (think Gen.Ike-style outdoor POW camps in snow/mud for Germans), camp-scale clean water makers, instruction/propaganda showing urban people how to not die? Everything cheap/functional and in long-term quantities for hundreds of millions of people, regionally pre-positioned, with volunteer staff in-location to avoid the kind of bad that FEMA/Katrina was (and worse). The worse will be cities grid-down for more than a year because it’s not safe to go there to fix.

    But, the fix is in. More of this, as it must be. Behave appropriately.

  35. commiesdontsurf

    Its the same mechanism used to put Woodrow Wilson in. And all we got outta that was a this shitty Federal Reserve.

  36. Interesting conspiracy theory, but I don’t buy it. But I don’t vote either, so who cares either way?

  37. Steve Kristmann

    Those questions are ok as they go..but they’re not the most important 5 questions that must be asked of anyone who is considering/actively running for ‘public office’…let alone giving a thought to engaging in the act of ‘voting’.

    Here, they are:

    The Five Questions

    1. Is there any means by which any number of individuals can delegate to someone else the moral right to do something which none of the individuals have the moral right to do themselves?

    2. Do those who wield political power (presidents, legislators, etc.) have the moral right to do things which other people do not have the moral right to do? If so, from whom and how did they acquire such a right?

    3. Is there any process (e.g. constitutions, elections, legislation) by which human beings can transform an immoral act into a moral act (without changing the act itself)?

    4. When law-makers and law-enforcers use coercion and force in the name of law and government, do they bear the same responsibility for their actions that anyone else would who did the same thing on his own?

    5. When there is a conflict between an individual’s own moral conscience, and the commands of a political authority, is the individual morally obligated to do what he personally as wrong in order to “obey the law”?

    Here’s a link to the video, for the visually minded:

    Yours In Liberty!
    Northgunner III

  38. Capitalist Eric

    Utter excrement. If you want to understand someone, you find their interviews, writings and track record, and you’ll be able to grok what they really are.

    I’ve read three books by Trump over the years, read a LOT of his interviews going back 30 years (full length, not cherry – picked quotes taken out of context) and also read books from some of his industry connections. In other words I’ve done my homework, and while I won’t claim the ability to get inside Trump’s head, I have a decent understanding of how he works.

    Bottom line is quite simple: he got in the race because he doesn’t want to see the country go down the tubes. When he says he’ll build a wall and send the illegals back, that’s *exactly* what he’ll do. Same with trade, VA care, etc. When he makes a promise he keeps it, even if to his own detriment.

    He also refuses to lay ALL his cards on the table; it’s why he refuses to give details on trade, the budget and killing obamacare. You can also be certain that he’ll audit the Fed, indict shrillery, and possibly expose obama as a non-citizen, thus neatly and elegantly voiding every despicable law and EO by the kenyan.

    That Trump donated to a variety of politicians – of BOTH parties- literally means nothing. When you’re making $500M deals, $5000 donations to 20 politicians who could make life hard for you is a cost of doing business; better and cheaper to have them as friends (or at least friendly acquaintances) rather than enemies. But of course most people who are successful in large businesses know and understand this. Those who aren’t familiar with this reality automatically assume some nefarious motive or in this case, political motives, when the motives are far more pragmatic.

    I find it ironic- and actually a bit pathetic – that people have been clamoring for a true outsider to come in and burn down the corrupt machine. And then, when opportunity truly arrives, they go running back to Rubio (100% establishment ) or Cruz (married to establishment) and directly beholden to Goldman-Sachs.

    With one last chance to jam a thumb into the eye sockets of MSM, the oligarchical establishment and the banksters all at once, I get that opportunity with Trump. I will NOT waste it on another GOPe phony. I honestly cannot understand how anyone can vote for any of the other candidates; doing so would be quintessential example of insanity.

    • “That Trump donated to a variety of politicians – of BOTH parties- literally means nothing. When you’re making $500M deals, $5000 donations to 20 politicians who could make life hard for you is a cost of doing business; better and cheaper to have them as friends (or at least friendly acquaintances) rather than enemies. ”

      I believe you are correct in your assessment of motive, however your casual dismissal of the Donald’s participation in the vile corruption for monetary gain is suspect. That’s just how the game is played eh?

      Keep voting my friend, i’ll be working on my chicken coop.

    • Not a word wasted.
      Best comment in the thread.

    • QUOTE:”That Trump donated to a variety of politicians – of BOTH parties- literally means nothing.”

      Maybe it means nothing to a billionaire like Trump.

      For the New Yorkers who have to live under the SAFE Act gun ban, passed by Democrats that Trump’s $$$$ helped elect, it means a lot.

      The $584,000+ that Trump has donated to Democrats has funded elected officials who passed how many anti-freedom laws?

  39. Bill Cleveland

    Trump is not the only one with a past to hide.

    Cruz once proposed an immediate increase in the base H-1B cap from 65,000 to 325,000. Cruz offered the H-1B increase as an amendment in 2013 to the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill.

    The pro-amnesty Club For Growth (CfG) gave Cruz $705,657. It begs the question: Who is Cruz lying to; CFG who is for open borders, or the American people who don’t want open borders? There are too many obvious contradictions. Remember too, that CFG spent $3.3 million on attack ads against Donald Trump because he refused to donate $1 million to them, and for good reason.

    In fact, for every hard line in the sand that Cruz has said he won’t cross, he’s gleefully stepped over when the politics of the moment called for it. Defunding Planned Parenthood? Not so much now. Repealing Obamacare? It’s the law of the land. Stopping the Iran deal? The deal got done. The list of hard stances Cruz has earnestly taken and subsequently abandoned goes on and on, just as he earnestly supports everything that he’s saying at that very moment.

    Cruz has no problem climbing in bed with the enemies of freedom to gain the presidency. He is a globalist, just as those he’s chosen as advisors are globalist elitists. Kissenger, Brehzenski, Elliot Abrams of the CFR, Cruz Foreign Policy advisor is James Woolsey- CIA Director under Bill Clinton. Those who are supporting Cruz with their monies are globalists as well.

    Jeez do the research.

  40. Trump is the only candidate at this point in time who MIGHT do at least a few of the things he says. The most important ones are build the wall and stop the mass migration from Mexico and Central America, and stop ALL muslim immigration. Unless these things are done, we will have no “America” amymore.

    ANY of the Republican candidates would be better than Hamrod or Bernie, both of whom are Communists. And it is also true that every Republican left in the race now are Establishment GOP/Uniparty. Rubio betrayed us as soon as he got to DC with his Gang of Eight attempt to legalize illegals and open the floodgates even more. Cruz, despite his supposed ‘conservative’ bonafides, has voted anything but. He voted FOR the TPP trade deal, which is a sellout of the American middle class. He is in favor of increasing H1-B visas 500% over what they already are. His wife is a CFR member, is a top executive with Goldman Sachs, and is an author of the proposed North American Union. Both of these candidates will tow the GOP establishment party line, which is to day that they will not govern much different than a Democrat would. Kasich is also GOP establishment, and has governed much like a Democrat in his home state. Carson, I suppose, is a true outsider, and might make a good president, but he has no real chance to win at this point.

    That leaves only Trump. Will he do what he promises? Who knows, maybe a 50/50 roll of the dice. But we absolutely know that with Rubio, Cruz, or Kasich, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. we KNOW this. with Trump, there is at least a possibility that a few key things would change. You have to understand that to the GOP establishment, constitutional conservatives like us are the enemy. Not the Democrats, but US. Let that sink in. OVer the last six years, the GOPe has systematically sabotaged, backstabbed, and defeated by any means necessary EVERY true constitutional/Tea Party candidate they possible could. So if an outsider like Trump horrifies them, then to me that is about the best endorsement of the man I can think of.

  41. Finally, an article that cuts past Trump’s armor. He also laid out a few of the many reasons that I have been a Cruz supporter since 2012

    • Actually the article was mostly a nasty hit piece attacking Trump and his supporters. He’s a dishonest hack who doesn’t get our so-called political system. Jeb was to be the heir apparent of the GOP nomination not Trump or Rubio. From the get go he doesn’t get much of anything..

      Look Trump’s supporters know Trump is far from perfect, the fact he makes the establishment squeal like stuck hogs across the political spectrum makes most of us quite happy.

      As opposed to globalist loving, open border supporters like Jeb, Rubio, Fiorina and the others who garnered tremendous insider accolades and Billionaire mega-donors for supporting agendas that are killing this country.

  42. Yes; the Trojan horse thesis; the final stage of grief and giving up on the GOPe.
    However, Trump ≠ U.S. CoC ≡ GOPe ≡ Wall Street globalists.
    Try another 8-15 paragraphs on that; specifically the notion of nationalism.
    Try a brokered convention with Romney or another TBA going to the big dance.
    Finally, try Hillary.

  43. Its interesting to make the say vs. do distinction pro-Cruz. Cruz’s resume is 100% establishment. So are his family (wife) and associations. The only thing Conservative about Cruz is his rhetoric. Sure, he’s voted Conservatively in Congress, but he’s done little else. At least Rand made noise about drones and surveillance. Cruz wasn’t even there for a vote on auditing the Fed.

    Cruz is polling so low because many conservatives (like myself) are tired of the whole lot of do-nothing conservative talkers. If Cruz had the conviction or balls to do anything anti-establishment, we’d have already known about it. Why would he start now?

    The only advantage, and its a major one, is Trump’s vocal support of American nationalism and oblique nods to white identity politics…something that has been decimated in America. There’s not going to be a conservative revolution if we keep putting down and marginalizing the only cultural group that gives a damn about it. If we aren’t conserving our people, our culture, and our borders, what are we conserving? Only our nostalgia. That’s it. A nation isn’t a set of laws or a Constitution. It is fundamentally soil and blood. Land that is to be defended and a people whose interests are to be protected and advanced. Daquan doesn’t give a damn about limited government, Ahmed wants a Medieval theocracy, and Pedro just wants out of the shithole his people and culture created.

    Cruz can’t even bring himself to say he’d deport the illegals. What conservative hero is this?

  44. The failed outsiders, Santorum et al, did not have the $$ to do stuff on their own nor the balls to say “bite me” and instead searched for all the right words to attract the little people and try to keep the $$ flowing from TPTB.
    A.T. is run by smarter people than me, but to badmouth the TEA (T.axed
    E.nough A.lready) party seems odd.
    And who can control who votes for you ? Neo-nazi’s gotz to vote for somebody as have commies, atheists, muslims, juice, Christians, anti-gunners etc. etc. What’s up with that ?
    They are saving all the bad stuff about Trump in case he gets the nod.
    It’s a jacked-up article.
    I’m still betting on a plane crash or cerebral hemorrhage/aneurysm.

    Disclaimer – The only reason I like what Trump is doing is because it flies in the face of the establishment and keep them awake at night.

  45. The absolute finest single piece I have ever read this election cycle. Thank you, WRSA, for posting it. Simply and incredibly spot-on.

  46. European American

    Who else is there? Trump maybe a 6.0, at the most, out of 10, but the rest of the Demublicans are all below 2.

  47. Anyone else notice in the past six weeks these two things:
    1) that only Trump supporters are asked to defend their choice? and
    2) Those people asking were not answering those same questions about their guy?

    It’d be a closer race, and we’d all be better off, if those vocal non-Trump types had attempted to persuade others to their side rather than put the other side on the defensive with demands for answers, or outright insults.

    I was a dis-interested Trump supporter in January. Now I’m a committed Trump supporter – and it had nothing to do with Trump.

    • Same here. It was the constant barrage of insults against Trump supporters by wannabe intellectuals like this Jonescu character along with the MSM clown posse, Silicon Valley tycoons and The New Republic that made it easy for me to support Trump.

  48. rightwingterrorist

    In my little spot in NE Texas just about everyone I talk to basically says the same thing I do, and it may just be the small circle (and our outliers) that I communicate with.
    We heartily enjoy how Trump stirs the pot, but we don’t trust him at all. Most here are Cruz supporters, but we all know and understand that voting is not going to get us out of the mess we’re in.
    It’s an odd thing, or maybe very human, to wish upon a star, knowing but trusting that that wish will come true.
    It’s not, and to believe otherwise is delusional.

  49. rightwingterrorist

    Personally, Trump is really starting to scare me.
    Demagogues are like that.
    Giving that man the power he so desires will be a mistake of monstrous proportions.
    Then again, I would wager that whatever “vote” we cast means just so much shit. The choice has already been made for us. If you believe otherwise, just you go ahead and try to count those legitimate votes.
    You’re not allowed.

  50. Do you REALLY think that if there were anything truly negative out there about Trump, that NONE of the other GOP candidates would have been able to find it, nor been willing to USE it?

    Trump is not the Messiah. But with so much of the sewage in this country despising him as much as they do, well…