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Kathryn Johnston could not be reached for comment.


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  1. Yes, certainly, the consequences of being shot for a ‘victimless” crime are far worse than the toke.

    But to imply, even remotely, that there are no real consequences, ex legal, to using pot is fallacious. I speak from intimate first person knowledge, with a mixture of fondness for some of the memories and regret for the consequences. Moderation would seem to be key and, as with all indulgences, fraught with difficulties.

    Whether anyone should have the power to forbid another from its use is sooo last paradigm….

  2. kill the demand. No more supply

  3. As in all things except liberty and freedom, moderation indeed.

    Bill Buppert

  4. What really bothers me is that, for 45 years of my life, I just accepted that it was OK to punish people for their personal choices.

    I’m ashamed of that.

    • Only got one gear anyway, forward. One of my more insightful lines—“Your complicity in all of this will eat you from the inside out, to the exact degree it’s deserved. When that complicity becomes too unbearable for too many people, then it will end. Until then, it will only get worse.”

    • Reflection. You are lucky. Some people never get it.

  5. I think if you want to smoke weed or drink gasoline, for that matter, do it to your heart’s content. But, if you try to talk my kids into it? Well, get your affairs in order, pronto.
    I think people should be free to be as destructive as they like, to themselves.

    • Agreed.
      So let’s start with leaving the ones downed by the consequences of their choices right at the side of the road, that their whitening bones provide a signpost to others weighing their choices in life.

  6. RIP, Kathryn. Thanks for trying to defend yourself and your home from the armed thugs who were trying to break in to kill you. (See Solzhenitsyn’s comment on the thread below.)

  7. I have no problem with anyone who wants to kill themselves. As long as they do it responsibly. But from what I’ve seen, it’ll take a long lifetime to do it with pot. Chances are, they’ll be the healthiest cancer/stress free folks around, unless the scumcops murder them while they are busy “protecting and serving”. Try krokodil instead.

  8. Very complex. If someone only does weed and doesn’t drive, no problem. Weed is often used along with booze or other drugs. I really don’t care what drugs anybody uses, it’s their life. However, frequently, they use enough drugs on a daily basis that they can’t support themselves. Then they resort to crime. A large percentage of people on SSI are substance abusers. I worked at O’hare Airport in Chicago. Only one in six applicants to work there passed the drug test. At some point, doesn’t personal responsibility over rule one’s desire to get high? Can we be irresponsible and free?

    • Can we be irresponsible and free?

      Alot of modern day politicians think that is possible.

    • Exactly the reason I think we should bring back prohibition of alcohol. And while we are at it prohibit high levels of caffeine while behind the wheel as well.

  9. I live in a state with Medical MJ, may as well be legal. Cannabis is everywhere. Cops don’t take notice unless they have some other reason, which is rare not much violence in our town.

    Kid’s friends all use it at least once in a while. We hear about more kids smoking with their parents, lots of grandparents use it, wonderful drug for aches and pains. Death rate from od of pain pills drops with medical mj.

    It is easy to see the absolute worst effects of cannabis, it is all over Youtube. Compared to alcohol, for example, it is a wonderful drug with damn near no social effects beyond making people talk a lot and appreciate desserts.

    Go look at “Getting Doug with High”. Dumb show sometimes, but other times interesting conversations of intelligent people, not that much different than other talk shows of similar popularity, tho I don’t listen to many so maybe bad judgement.

    So the ultimate downside of cannabis being widespread does not seem to me very far down, and the tradeoff of fewer drunks on the road and lower policing costs because of less general idiocy is a good one for everyone.

    And we have all known that since our own college experiences with both.

  10. Smoking weed never killed anybody and I have 40 years experience to back it. Frankly, it’s nobody’s business if I smoke weed, or trash in the burn barrel. If I am affecting you directly, let’s talk, I’m reasonable most of the time. I get pretty unreasonable when people neglect their own business to pursue mine.

    The ASSumptions by some posters are appalling.

  11. The thing I forgot : I think that most of the weed smokers and vapers don’t drink alcohol. My kid’s friends look down on beer drinkers, not controlled people. Sharp divide, some do both, but kid’s friends do not, and not so many do.

    Part of that is the cost : alcohol is much more expensive than the equivalent high with cannabis. In our area, delivery companies will deliver medical prescriptions of $100 / oz cannabis. Field-grown, but otherwise tip top. Some of the ads say 31% cannabinoids, those are expensive and indoor grown, I think.

    So a heavy cannabis habit is less than a starbucks coffee per day, and you can feel OK the next day.

    50 years we believed the propaganda and did ourselves damage with the stupid drug laws.

    • God damn fucking coward losers. I hate ’em. I hate ’em all.

      The officer opened fire — in self-defense, police say — after the unarmed teen accelerated and drove toward the officer. He was then killed by police.

      “If not for Lt. Tiller’s quick reflexes and his ability to push off the car, Lt. Tiller would have easily been run over by Mr. Hammond,” Tiller’s attorney, John Mussetto, said in a statement.

      “In a letter from Hammond’s attorney to the FBI, a witness has recently come forward describing officers planting evidence under Hammond’s body and high-fiving his dead hand after the shooting. Although police found no weapon or drugs on Hammond”

      Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/breaking-dashcam-video-released-shows-cop-murder-zachary-hammond/#K9a7YTSK4C33Hf3A.99