Decisiveness When Considering History


JC urges study and wargaming of the worst case.

Wise counsel.

4 responses to “Decisiveness When Considering History

  1. I have indeed. First guy in the stack will have shield, so 5 .308’s low to knock the legs out from under him. He goes down onto nail boards…then 5 head high to discourage the next several. If I’m still alive, flip 10+10 magazine, grab pistola, and quickly out into the backyard jungle (and I do mean jungle) for some more discussion when/if the enforcers come around back

    • You know, a Brenneke 12 Gauge 3″ 1-3/8 oz Lead Rifled Slug has over 3000 foot pounds of energy, compared to that .308’s approximate 2600 Ft Lbs.. Light up the Regime Thugs with something you drop when empty, and have your primary on your back when you head out the door. Just sayin’.

  2. Just kill those god damn’d fucking pigs – they deserve every bullet you pump into them. Burn their fucking homes down to the ground. Hate them right into extinction. Not one of them give a fuck about anything but themselves. HATE HATE and HATE them some more. That’s the only way to rid ourselves of tyranny’s boots.

    • This is just the latest from the blue scum with badges. They laugh at the citizenry. You are nothing but targets to them. They high-five when they murder innocents because they know they will get away with it. There is nothing more evil than a pig cop. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK FUCKING HEADS.

      Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, February 26, 2016:

      U.S. Marshals Service (Albuquerque, New Mexico): A raid on the wrong trailer killed the occupant, 23-year-old Edgar Alvarado. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

      Newburyport, Massachusetts: An officer was allowed to resign without criminal charges after he was caught performing a lewd act in public.

      Update: Fairview, Tennessee (First reported 02-08-16): The chief retired amid an investigation into the questionable hire of a man who was soon after caught in a prostitution sting.

      Galveston, Texas: An officer was indicted on a criminal trespass charge for searching the vehicle of a man who was recording him.

      Goshen, Ohio: An investigation and audit revealed missing money from evidence. All of the affected cases involved the same officer.

      Lee County, Florida: An officer was arrested after a standoff with police. The officer allegedly fired his weapon while highly intoxicated during a family dispute.

      Update: Albany, New York (First reported 11-23-15): An officer who had been suspended for a Halloween altercation with a child has been hired by Schenectady County Sheriff’s

      Update: Del Rio, Texas (First reported 01-20-16): An officer who was suspended last month was arrested on assault charges.

      Benton County, Arkansas: A deputy was arrested and fired for having sex with a minor.