How Tyrannies Fall


Wretchard looks at the regime collapse wave beginning 30 years ago.

Keep track of the checkboxes FUSA has already completed.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. How Tyrannies Fall:

    All the bullshit about the prelude, the run up, the preamble, the details…

    in The End

    it comes down to the Barbarians through the gates.

    This time, we get to be the Barbarians.

    Screw that “Indians” meme.

  2. judging from the thread @ PJ – and the relative infrequency of “but Ted Cruz!” nonsense – I’d say the neo-conz are beginning to get it. Evidence of this at Breitbart as well. The “conservative” upper echelon (NatRev and the like) don’t, won’t, can’t. Just too invested in their sinecures. Watching the Dead Elephant collapse at the Cleveland Con is going to be a genuine pleasure. And after that…the Deluge

  3. robroysimmons

    Revolutions occur when the everyday supporters of said regimes are literally going to be held accountable for their words and actions.

    A regime is safe when the debate is all abstractions and any opposing force directs its wrath to the leader which they cannot touch, but when they can touch the dumbshits who prop up said leader then the game is close to over.

    It is why the GOP is so important to propping up the empire because they direct people on the futile quests of calling the Prophet Obama a poopyhead and the everyday smucks who prop up the regime just laugh at you and collect their paychecks

  4. “The most dangerous lie is the one which you tell others, then wind up believing yourself.”


  5. There has been a consistent observation offered in the IT community that the development of the microchip ushered the destruction of the Soviet Union. The logic goes that the SU bosses were told that barring a massive effort $$ wise they would not be able to keep up with the rate of change necessary to maintain viable smart weapons systems. At that point, what was private became public in their eyes. Essentially the will to fight at that level was lost.

    Don’t know if it is true or not, I was not in the Kremlin at the time. 🙂 But this was the period when Reagan was pushing Star Wars defense systems and Gorby was at the helm. Coincidence? Your choice to believe or not.

  6. This is how tyrannies fall. Get rid of their thugs and then the politicians are easy pickins. These blue devils are the scourge of free men around the world. You cowardly Stockholm victim sheep better understand that these cops mean to be your masters -ALWAYS FOREVER.

    BRAVO ZULU SSG Hamilton.

    Those scumpigs killed your wife and then blamed it on you. May the ugly whore Guindon burn forever in hell fire. AMEN.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “You cowardly Stockholm victim sheep better understand that these cops mean to be your masters”

      How do you find time to post when you’re out killing police 24/7?

      • I don’t have to work to pay bills like you – loser.
        I spend my time waking up the “police protect us” dummies – and they are.
        The day is fast approaching when the masses are going to be doing just that – killing police 24/7. You won’t be so smug then pig lover.

      • The lice know their day is fast approaching. Try as they may, they cannot suppress the will of the people. They will regret the day they swore to “protect and serve” their masters will to dominate and terrorize the people. The people will have their revenge. May GOD have mercy on your evil wretched soulless shells – because the people will not.

        ENJOY! the fruits of your deeds- pigs.

        “Moreover those that were treated like criminals should be compensated by at least a million dollars apiece ­ so that events such as this one will never be repeated again—apologies from the courts or the government no longer have any meaning to the public they’ve been torturing, tasering, raping and killing by well over a hundred people a month now. It’s that or this situation will begin to spread like wildfire over the wider nation—because none of us is allowed to get away with MURDER ONE, yet every cop, every politician and especially every traitor to this country gets away with this or some variation of this, each and every day…”

        “spread like wildfire” HEH

        – See more at:

  7. We may very well be experiencing the private belief going public right here with the rise of Trump. He supposedly didn’t have a chance, and now, the main stream is frantically searching for a way to stop him. Large numbers of both republicans and democrats seem to be completely fed up with their own elected officials. In my conversations I find virtually no one who trusts our government at any level.

  8. That speech (and the actions of the audience) was creepy.

    This history of Ceausecu’s end is better I think:

    I like that the firing squad was not enough, and that his own soldiers started shooting him from the windows of the barracks. Classy way to go.

  9. Same idea : Gaidar said it was a combination of the USSR not making anything that could be exported for international currency and their farmers not being able to feed the country, meaning the USSR had to buy grain. Thus the military called off their coup against Yeltsin, they didn’t want to be stuck with that problem.