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Herschel sends:

A Touching And Heartwarming Story Of Violence And Revolution

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  1. Inspiring. Educational. As the masthead often says, “Local, Local, Local.”
    It gives hope to the concept of “like-minded communities.”
    I hope Specialist First Class Steven Barry watches this. I don’t think I saw a single ‘professional’ in the Ronda’s in the town.

    • I’m glad people are waking up to the fact that we need to be forming those (likeminded community’s)…

      • I’m with you Lineman. I think it should be called WMBD: What Must Be Done.

        On another facet Bill Mollison put it a great way in – “The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens. If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone. Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter.”

        Herschel’s essay, and mighty fine one at that, is a most telling evidence that indeed in no uncertain terms Resistance is Fertile.

        It is more than as he puts it heart warming, it has a certain spiritual value, an invigorating spiritual uplifting. What is not to admire and discover ones defiant spirit as a handful of rural matron’s stand up to the most violent and lawless men and Win? And not only win but redefine the entire idea of sovereign rights of man and what it means to reject the state and its corrupt associations in entirety in this modern age of the Leviathan.
        Holy Cow!
        If these dirt people in one of the most corrupt and violent nations on Earth can do so, what is to stop us dirt people in this Constitutional Republic.

        • I like it (WMBD)…On the article I bet they will never let their means of defense be taken from them again… It was an uplifting article and I enjoyed reading about it…Did you happen to notice where Cheran was located and do you think that might of had a part in its ability to do what it did??? I think this would not of happened if it was in a place that was close to a large population center and/or the ability to easily block access…Something to ponder which is one of the many reasons I chose the place I did…

          • Believe in the state of Michocan. I used to do some copper business there close by in Santa Clara del Cobre before the cartels infested. Great people, beautiful forrested mountains.

            • There you go. Remind you of anyplace else?
              I can say I been to a number of places just like that across America. I live in one now in Appalachia. There is a latent greatness in these places.

          • Oh sure, it is allegory. I think it has a great deal to do with rural. A connection to the dirt, Dirt People. Lot of dignity in that, dignity of liberty. Lot to be said for being called provincial. Look at the history of who stuck it out, in the worst conditions and poverty possible among Washington’s Army, farmers, blacksmiths, coopers, cobblers, timberers, etc, rural folk. “Bitter Clingers” ring a bell?

            Why execute LeVoy Finnicum and make political prisoners out of everyone else involved in the defiance out west and create a kangaroo court system in order to assure locking them away to rot or impoverish them into poverty? Them are some hardcore Bitter Clingers.

            The Brits made great jest and deliberately at great effort humiliated in public Patriot Officers they captured, because to the British Officers and it’s army, it was absurd an “uneducated man from low society and class could have the ability and intelligence to possibly be an officer. Sound familiar? They underestimated not the poverty and lack of sufficient manpower and material, never mind support of the populace, in Washington’s rebel army, but the quality of it’s officers. Stark, Commee, Arnold, Morgan, even Washington himself, they lead from the front and by example against insurmountable odds regardless. Indomitable example of spirit, of will, is just that, indomitable, it has a quality in war and in acts of defiance all its own. Bitter clingers right there I reckon.

            I keep saying this because it is very important we see it for what it is, Trump is not running for president, he is creating a revolution. History is circular, Trump is instigating a rebellion, he is in effect John Adam’s. Don’t laugh, Trump is committing treason. They don’t know what to do with the guy. What you see down there in Michocan, is The Dirt People, they are defying, and defying it is. Defying leaves everything behind, it is the act that matters, because a plurality of people who decide they will not be denied is the most powerful weapon imaginable. You just saw how that is true, in Michocan. So it is with the Dirt People rebelling up here. It is absolutely provincial in nature. Grass Roots baby! What else is there?
            You is or you ain’t. Arguments suck. It is what it is. Trump is inconsequential to the outcome, it is the act that counts, the PTB are like the Brits underestimating the indomitable will and hardcore defiant acts of the patriots. No Compromise. No Compromise. No Compromise. Once a plurality of people get in their craw to defy there is no stopping that defiance they have in their blood short of literally killing everyone involved, once a plurality reaches a certain critical mass, there is no stopping that movement of people short of dropping a nuclear weapon on them, it is its own animal, it lives and dies on its own terms.
            It is that loss of control by tyrants that is the turning point. The crux of it.
            When The Dirt People who are coalescing into a plurality experience the coming blatant desperate acts of rejection of who they are becoming in this farce called an election, the fire Trump has lit in their spirits will become manifest. The Tea Party with a bone in it’s teeth. Like the people in Michocan, they become greater than the sum of their parts.
            These things take time and circumstances to evolve. It can only happen organically. There is no way to create it, it has to be abused and pushed, battered and repressed, like heading bread dough, the more the better, the more the greater the results. The political class, it is creating a monster, it’s it’s own worst enemy. They created Trump, The Dirt Party, the Bitter Clingers. Who the fuck else could? Who else would?
            These are the consequences, these days are the results, Michocan is coming. There is no stopping it. Michocan is a matter of the heart and the spirit. It lives within. You see it. It is all around. Comments others make. Little seeming acts, a consciousness, solidarity here and there, threads of cascade preference, they are all like little mountains springs, they run down stream into brooks and creeks, they begin to form into streams and become rivers.

        • Nothing will stop us, but the shackles in our own brains. Keep working on ’em…

    • Sergeant First Class (SFC). Please get it right.

      “When you try to talk away (negotiate, deliberate) the problem and the opposition does not listen, it is no longer a pacifist movement.” Paraphrased.

      Remember these words: ronda, communitaria, Cheran.

      • Specialist first class. Sergeants are Non-Commissioned Officers who teach, motivate, train, lead, and demonstratr teamwork. All specialist first class Barry does is demoralize, fracture, instigate, de-harmonize, and marginalize otherwise motivated, eager, and dedicated recruits that want to learn from, serve under, and then become, Leaders of Men. Even specialist Barry had people that taught him in his ignorance, focused his energy and enthusiasm, and molded him into a ‘professional.’
        Everyone has to start somewhere, No One just begins as a ‘professional,’ it is something you work at and achieve.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      There is a reason “professionals” work best together. We were trained in TEAMWORK, whether running with telephone poles or IBS’s on our shoulders, every man carries his share of the load, and when needed, that of another also.
      Over the last 35+ yrs I have hiked and hunted with many friends, and most have let me down. We have split up and agreed to meet at a specific point before dark, then walk back together to the vehicle for joint grizzly bear protection after dark. Numerous times, I’ve waited for an extra half hour, and walked back alone, alone in freezing blizzard conditions, to find my hunting buddy come in from another direction. When asked “where the fuck were you?” only to be told they decided to take another route back.
      Civilians just do not understand; they do as they please, whenever they want, and never give it a second thought that someone else was waiting on them as part of an agreement, teamwork of a sort.
      I hunt alone most of the time, it’s easier for me to depend on myself than some hot air promise from someone who is clueless to what teamwork should be.
      Even today, a bunch of vets can be formed up into platoons and get the job done, while you civilians stand around scratching your asses wondering what’s going on. And all the time, thinking you know it all more gooder.

      • “whether running with telephone poles or IBS’s on our shoulders”
        Acronymfinder: Irritable Bowel Syndrome
        SF0321, I take your point that professionals have training that the rest of us lack. Some of us out here in internet land respect that, even though it irritates the living fuck out of us when you pros use acronyms that are extremely time-consuming, when even possible, to pull out of a list.
        What the fuck is an IBS, and should I care? TIA (thanks in advance)

  2. Excellent, coming soon to a neighborhood near u. I am only 15 minutes in, but the parallels with the documentary Cartel Land are striking. There are many messages to be had here.

    Local, local & local.

    I also recommend Cartel Land and Narco Cultura to grok what has happened down there. Mexico is a failed Narco state. Period.

    FUSA is going there. Up to us to stop it.

    • Cartel Land is instructive. Especially the part where the head honcho starts using his position to get young women into his bed.

      Trafficante sin narcoticos, that’s all. Don’t be that guy.

  3. We need to relearn what these people are doing. Maybe we should start the campfires.

  4. That uneducated (uneducated, not stupid by any means) campesino has a better grasp of his region’s history than probably 90% of graduating high school students in America.

  5. Granddy Stillmike

    herchel says, “Anarchy is the mother of tyranny because you aren’t the baddest person around. There is always somebody badder than you are. Into the void will always step a ruler more despotic than the last one. Ideas that float away with the wind will tire and disappoint you.”

    Worst mistake this group will make. It’s the same mistake the commies make. Which is to think that our version of ‘archy’ will work with the right rulers. I know herchel gets his moral from the bible, and didn’t God tell the isrealites they shouldn’t have a king. Ever since then people are always sure the right king is still out there and will fix everything.

    Whether you realize it or not democracy, republicanism, socialism, facism, monarchy, and the tyranny you’re comparing to anarchy all have there own kings. All of those systems are made so that they all will work to take power away from the individual.

    Herchel even talks about the two-powers doctrine. So damned deadly that one was. True fact: serfs worked for an average of 3 days a year per family for their masters after the fall of Rome. Once the landed barons started to get their legitimacy from the church the serfs average time working for their masters went up closer to 6 days a week per family.

    The point is this: don’t be dumb and give your power to some other guy hoping he’ll give you power that he takes from someone else. All the ‘archies’ do that, except Anarchy, which is without a ruler. Of course you can accept God as your ruler, but that’s still volunterism. You can except your boss as your ruler… still voluterism… your wife… the feax-colonel in your larp group… oh sorry I mean militia.

    We’re all fortunate the path to salvation does not go through a poll booth. I’m doubly fortunate because I realize this.

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