SLL: The Empire Will Strike Back


Pyschopaths gotta psychopath…

Read the whole thing, along with this related post from Robert’s always-worthwhile SLL operation.

Money (heh) quote from the second piece:

…37% of the government’s total reported assets are student loans, which is now considered one of the most precarious bubbles in finance…

What possibly could go wrong?

One response to “SLL: The Empire Will Strike Back

  1. Here’s a little secret, no one cares because they posess .gov immunity.
    No one from the gov is going to do time for nada.

    “Plus, it’s simply astonishing that so much of the federal government’s asset base is tantamount to indentured servitude as young people pay off expensive university degrees that barely land them jobs making coffee at Starbucks.” – that’s the whole point isn’t it?

    We are becoming Venezuela on a much larger scale and like them we will not “collapse suddenly” but rather descend into a lawless hell. See Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela for where we are headed.