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5 responses to “Banzai!

  1. what a hotbed of antisemitism this site has become. A virtual Der Sturmer

  2. Yup, ‘long as YOU slither here, Haxo. But, what the fuck, I’m not so keen on blacks and moslems, so there you go. Between us, we got the Progs covered, ja?

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Ms.Merkel has stated that she has no Plan B. Maybe she and JamIt Yeller should get together and see what other good stuff that they can cook up. After all, 2015 was such a bonus year………👀

  4. In the posterior, with a concertina wire festooned corner post.

    All of them.

  5. From the looks of things around here, THERE IS NO DEPRESSION. Everyone is driving new cars. Last week, I bookmarked 10 RVs to go look at when the snow stops and the weather breaks, and more than half of them are already sold. The parking lots are full when I go into town. Anyone who is hurting for money must be in the minority, I just don’t see it.