No ‘Magic Soil’: You Can’t Have a Constitution Without a Nation to Go With It


Demographics, immigration, culture, and politics.

They seem to be related in some manner.

Who knew?

81 responses to “No ‘Magic Soil’: You Can’t Have a Constitution Without a Nation to Go With It

  1. skin color: the simplest IFF. And so it will be (once the urban Whites have been liquidated)

    • Wait all the Jews I know are white! HOW CAN YOU TELL HAXO!!!

      • He just nose…

      • My God, what is wrong with you? They are implacably hostile to Western Culture. They are against Trump – almost to the man.

        • Grenadier1

          So you have polled every Jewish person in America and they all tell you that they are against Trump?


          Trump nor any other pug is going to help you if they win the big dog show.
          You dont get out of this thing by voting.
          You dont get out of this thing by alienating potential allies.
          You dont get out of this thing by just arbitrarily shooting people who dont look like you.
          You CANT, repeat CAN NOT fight for and support LIBERTY if you advocate suppression of someone else based on their race.

          I am not telling you that you have to like people. I am not fond of a whole lot of people. I dont like people speaking another language around me. I find most hispanics to be hard working people but they do low quality work and tend to keep their homes looking like shit. I find most blacks to be consumed by ghetto culture and worthless when it comes to doing anything productive. That said however I also know plenty of whites that are completely worthless and consumed by ghetto culture as well. I dont want any of those people living in my neighborhood. I dont want to associat3e with those types of people, so I do not. I HAVE to interact with them at work and in public places, so I give them the same respect that they give me.
          You dont have to like them, hell you can flat out hate them, BUT you have to respect them as people and respect their rights and liberty.
          Otherwise your a collectivist prick and you are not on the right team.

      • Jews are “White”? LOL.

        The last obstacle for total world domination, for the ZIonists, other than the guns of the once Great Republic called America, would be WHITES. White Genocide has ALWAYS been in their crosshairs. Of course, it’s obvious now, but not so, 50 years ago.

        Jews, “White”? LOL

        • Grenadier1

          Pay attention dumbass. Haxo is talking about identifying people in your literal cross hairs. The only defining characteristic that matters at that point is physical. Jews in the US have white skin so therefore when looking through your scope they will look just like every other white guy.
          Now back to Storm front with you.

  2. I was never ever racist until I worked with them. Then I found out who was REALLY Racist…They HATED White people.

    I have so many tales to tell you about the first year Affirmative Action was implemented. Believe me, they are their own worst enemy. And, by the way, there were 57 people in the dept. Only 7 of us were white. Now! Tell me about Discrimination!!

    I trained them in their jobs. There was an opening in the Mayor’s office. She got in touch wit me to aply. I was walking to the stairwell tojust walk down to her office vs. riding the elevator. This huge Black Lady followed me. She slammed me against a blick wall. She held me in place with her elbow as she was tapping her “double acrylic fingernail between my eyes “Don’t you dare apply for that job!!” (Non oe them wanted to apply because you had to work at night sometimes without Over time).

    I did report her. I had already learned to keep a “hand held recorder” in my jacket pocket. Know what happened to her? She received an ENTIRE TWO HOURS OF COUNSELLING. That was it!

    All four of my tires had been slashed TWICE. I finally had to park at the back of City Hall so no one would find my car. It was dark back there with no lights. That was when I bought a gun and kept it in a hidden copatment in my purse.

    I wo’t tell you all of my experiences tonight. I will be back later


      I saw it for years as a cop. I came to the conclusion a long time ago: a blank is a blank, is a blank.

    • The one good thing about AA is that many of them are in “Law Enforcement”, and carry the same skill level into that profession as they do to any other.

  3. FrozenPatriot

    95.3% white in my AO according to census data. Mostly Scandinavian plus some German and Dutch. Multiculturism seems to whither and die in the subzero temperatures. We like to say that street gangs would freeze to death, and that drive-by shootings are thwarted because car windows simply won’t roll down at 40 below.

    Truth be told, 75% of cars are running and unlocked in the grocery store parking lot when it gets real cold. In a town of 10k, that says something…

    • FP
      It’s a big zone, and I dwell in it as well. Not much waciss problems outside of the big city but plenty meth, heroin thuggish behavior. The shtf ROE from what I can imagine happening is sss (shoots, shovels, shut up ).😊

      • How you gonna shovel at 40 below?

        Better have an ice auger, and do some “ice fishing”. You know what to use as chum…

        • FrozenPatriot

          As Mark points out, rivers are an option too, however the bodies are far more likely to be noticed…

          • Why worry about burying criminal lowlife savages who aren’t worth the diesel to do it?


            Because COPS.

            The first step in re-taking our country is removing the lice, fleas, and maggots that infest our lands. These soulless bastards aren’t any better than a gang of crack fiend niggers in detroit.

            Anyone remember Mr. Yantis? Mr. Finicum? Hello? Bueller?

            Treat the mange and the healing begins.

          • Heaviest rocks you can find placed above shoulders and between legs to form cylindrical shape. Rollemup in galv chicken wire. Sew it shut with fencing wire. Dumpeminthedeep.

            Just background info for that crime novel you’re writing…

    • 97.9% white with 17 people per sq mile in the county I’m from. Wiki say .08% black, .74% native american, .08% aisian, but I’ve never seen any of them in 11 years. Northern MI doesn’t have any diversity issues that won’t be solved in a jiffy.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Multiculturism seems to whither and die in the subzero temperatures.”

      Somalis are making inroads in the snowy areas.

      • Only because the scum cops protect them from being killed the minute they are forced upon communities. Fuck You cop. No matter what you think, the day is coming. Every negative encounter, every unwarranted intrusion, every wrongful arrest, every unpunished murder, you pigs earn hundreds of more enemies. It took awhile, but I finally had enough of your bullshit, and look what it did to my view of cops. I don’t have to kill any cop – ever, all I have to do is awaken as many people as I can. They will do it, and I will laugh the last laugh. tic toc tic toc tic toc tic toc

    • Duluth is begging Dayton to ship a trainload of muzzies to its community.
      The good thing about them being in Duluth is they’re a hundred miles south of me.
      The bad thing about them being in Duluth is they’re only a hundred miles away from me.
      I used to think the extreme temperatures we enjoy would be a wonderful deterrent to foreign invasion of this region, hence one reason for remaining here all these years.
      Now I make winter-fleck part of my cammo system for more than coyote hunting.

      • FrozenPatriot

        Good to see another northern Minnesotan around here. I’m in the other northern corner of the the Socialist Republik of Minnesotistan, where Grand Forks and Winnipeg pose the greatest threat. They seem to be a little more sane in the begging-for-ragheads category…

  4. All behavior is at least 50% genetic, check out JayMan or Greg Cochran for the details, so good luck with the Magic Dirt theory.

    • ^^^^this

      It’s more than culture, one must be genetically compatible with the host nation. If I’m a White guy born in Japan, does that make me Japanese? Nope. So how are Mestizos born into a White-European America ever “Americans”? They aren’t, nor will they ever be. Only Europeans are genetically compatible with White counties, deal with it.

    • So we are nothing more than chemical processes and random electrical activity coded and predefined by genetic markers?
      Thanks for making the same reductionist argument that the progressive eugenicist have been making for decades. If you are nothing more than the behavior that your genetic make up predestines then exterminating your genetic line will make things so much better for the greater good.

      I guess that’s all okay when the genetics you want to eradicate are Non White Anglo’s right?
      What happens when its you that they want to “face the gates”?

      • Big jump from accepting genetic relevance in cultural participation and suggesting genocide.

        Are you reading the same comment as me?

        • Grenadier1

          For the collectivist its actually not a big jump, history proves me correct.

  5. “Genetics is culture gone to seed.” – Edgar Steele.

  6. for those wanting to know who opened the gates that has allowed mass immigration into the US, please read this excerpt from the book “Culture of Critique” :

  7. Washington delenda est! They used “Weaponized Immigration” on us. It worked.

  8. Trump will save us”, im told!

    Then i ask them “go i to any trump property and tell me how many employees are actually amerikans”.

    • It is very, very unlikely that Trump will save anything.

      However, it is absolutely certain that none of the others will. A fraction of a percent chance is better than zero.

      Also, putting Trump into office is currently the most effective way to communicate “FUCK YOU” to the entire political class. Until widespread defaults, bounced paychecks, and lynch mobs, it’ll have to do.

  9. My Mom and Dad pulled up stakes in suburban St. Louis, and moved us out to a county away, across the Missouri River. The Catholic school we had been going to proved a little too diverse for both me, and them. I went to kindergarten thru 3rd grade there, and it filled up with blacks in those four years. In the 1st grade, I got involved in a controversy with another 1st grader, in that, when questioned by a nun, I admitted that yes, he was carrying a .22 Derringer with six spare cartridges, which he showed me during recess. In the 2nd grade, it was switchblades in the classroom,(different kid, the Gunner in 1st grade got bounced) and by third grade, I was treated to the spectacle of the black kids “capturing” a white girl and pulling up her skirt, and her panties down, on the playground. The cops gave the miscreants a slapping around that drew blood, the girl left school, never to be seen again, and a for sale sign sprang up on my front lawn the day after. Lessons in race relations I haven’t forgot, and this happened in 1956-1960. I got death threats from these animals before I was seven years old. There were cops at my First Communion. I know how that kid in the picture feels. Am I a racist? You bet. I was taught by the best.

    • You are racial but you are not racist. There is a huge misunderstanding of the word racist. The word was invented by Magnus Herschfeld, a Jewish Communist in Germany around 1930. He claims he was a “Sexologist” by trade. He wrote extensively about homosexuality. The word racist was meant to be a derogatory word for use during argument through intimidation. It was meant to only be used against white people. Why? To intimidate white people out of the debate about diversity and multiculturalism, the two weapons used to destroy the West. This policy was proposed by the head of the Italian Communist Party (Antonio Gramsci) a few years before Herschfeld invented the word. And now you know the rest of the story.

    • We are of an age and place, Sean. It took me a little longer than you to recognize/admit the reality, because all my folks bought into the kumbaya.

      We were told that race meant nothing, other than “prejudice” and disadvantage, that color was irrelevant. The history of slavery and Jim Crow supported it. I was told this by well meaning, compassionate people I knew and trusted who sincerely believed it and thought that time would heal and sort it all out.

      That might have been true had it not been for the predations of the demonrats and their vile Great Society Voter Plantation Plan-

      “We’ll have them nigras votin’ democrat for the next hunert years!” Lyndon, Imp o’Satan, Johnson, et al.

      Before the assassinations, the riots and the institutionalization of The Welfare State, Harlem was a going concern. Two parent families, small businesses, churches, people dressed up, a chance at the American Dream, all wrecked by an evil cold blooded political calculation.

      Having said all that, I do not doubt that, in general, blacks would never put a man on the Moon, invent calculus or cure sickle cell anemia.

      Never substitute genetics as an explanation for the results of power lust.

      Corollary: Never ignore genetics/cultural heritage as an explanation for behavior that’s just staring you in the face. As a boy, I also saw the ferocity and savagery that you describe, and in the Army as well.

  10. From a technology perspective assimilation is impossible now. Throw a dish up on the roof, or do internet subscriptions and the ‘immigrant’ never really ‘left’ his/her PoO.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    I received my introduction to racism while serving in a Marine infantry
    battalion in 1969. Black Marines were in proportion to demographics
    though they professed otherwise.
    On the rare occasions we were in base camp the black Marines I knew
    gravitated to the black shack where they received their allocation of
    rage from the malingerers and self proclaimed race hustler provocateurs.
    After returning to combat operations we questioned the black members
    of our squad about their behavior in the rear, and believe me Marines in
    the field are crudely direct and profane.
    To a man our blacks pleaded mea culpa as they felt they could not go
    against their own regardless of how they personally felt.
    Back in the United States race relations became further strained in the
    Marine Corps and political correctness became the norm and convinced
    me to separate at the end of my 2nd enlistment.
    American race relations have intensified since those days and we as a
    nation are thoroughly balkanized and on the cusp of violence.
    Here in Ice Box Canyon we watch the country devolve, assassinated
    by race traitors and marxist agitators, aided by the media who wish
    our destruction in all things.
    In my county we are 92.3 % white and in my small township we are 96.7%
    with a few American Indians, all other races are statistically insignificant.

    • +1, about equivalent to much of my experience with the Corps. As much as was repeated the all green, all equal line of horsecrap; the sad truth was we were us, and they were them. There were, as always; and as work life later would show me – always a few exceptions to the rule; black guys who were to a great extent assimilated and would get along. But for each one like that, there were ten other incorrigible who were felt were ‘owed something’; or ‘oppressed’; or some other such ‘woe is me’ excuse for laziness, bad attitude, and often open hostility. Worse for them was/is my lack of laziness tolerance, even worse attitude, and unhidden hostility in response. I’ve dealt with “low stupidity tolerance threshold” my entire adult life. Stupid does indeed come in all races, but it predominates in one. It doesn’t have to – in most instances it is a choice… some just choose poorly.

      • +1, We lived the same slice of life. As for me, glad to be on the downhill slope. This shit is gonna get a lot worse before it gets…. nope……I aint seein’ better no way no how.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I had some of the same school problems as Sean, growing up in L.A. and Seattle, but for me, my biggest wakeup call was MCRD in 1972. Half the Plt. was from Chicago, the other half from Texas and 2 little white guys from Idaho (guess who?). Then off to 106 Plt.1/9 in Oki and we had many whites who slept with Kabars and E-tools because of all the night time crime in our own barracks. Off to the jungle for a week or two and return to find all our wall lockers looted. Most of the darker grunts would get sick bay/light duty chits and party like ghetto monkeys when we were gone, on our dollar too. Nothin ever happened, I transferred out to S-2 scout section after a few months. Stateside in Recon we had so few it wasn’t even an issue, somehow the UDT water work scared them off.
      Came home to Idaho and listened to my sister’s college friends calling me a racist, from people who had seen less than a handful of blacks in their whole life. I’ve tried to see things their way, lived with a black woman for 6 years, and have come full circle to where I now realize Ein Volk is the only way to our own survival. It is coming to where it will be about nothing else but racial survival, or extermination. People will form into bands of like kind, always have.

      • ” my sister’s college friends”
        A much more pressing enemy than the negro.

      • My sincere empathy, SF, for your situation.

        Where does she fit in with that? I hope that love and trust obviate all of the above.

        Common values ‘trump’ all.

        God Bless you both.

    • …”and believe me, Marines in the field are crudely direct and profane”….
      Carrying a full auto 16 in the bush…a man can afford to be “crudely direct and profane”. LMAO ‘bro. Delta/2/5 1970

  12. But but but this is totally collectivism and racism and antisemitism and horrible nazi talk! The mind is totally independent of the brain and we totally believe in evolution as long as it doesn’t apply above the neck! Putting a Nigerian or a Chinese in Smalltown, USA makes him just exactly the same as John Smith with five hundred years of English countryside in his ancestry! Moving people around changes what they are! WE’RE NOT INSANE, YOU ARE!


    Good men recognize the truth when they see it. When the histories of this era are written a couple centuries from now, they are going to be harsh.

    • Putting a White American in Germany does not make him a German either, Even if they were of German decent they would share only genetic markers, they would however be no more German than a Mexican.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Putting a White American in Germany does not make him a German either, Even if they were of German decent they would share only genetic markers, they would however be no more German than a Mexican.”

        The Volksdeutsche would be surprised to hear that.

      • Oh c’mon. They would be closer to that culture than a Mexican would be. And if they stayed and had a family, their kids would be German. The Mexican’s kids would always be different. A German Shepherd is different than a Chihuahua, both physically and mentally. Some of the programs are built into the hardware.

        • Grenadier1

          Yes you are correct he could more easily assimilate into German culture. Thats what we are talking about Assimilation.
          You are trying to have it both ways.
          You are telling me that race is the defining factor but then you insist that our transported man could assimilate.
          Why would he need to assimilate if all he had to be was white?

          Look I dont want to get into a long draw out discussion on this. You guys keep insisting race is so important and I am just telling you that its not that important. Its only 30% of the equation.
          A black guy will never be a white guy and vice versa but they absolutely can share the same values and cultural traits if one adopts the other.
          Why do you think we have so many young white guys trying to act like black dudes?

  13. A (social) contract must be agreed upon by all of the participants and signed and notarized accordingly. Contract addendums must be approved by all included parties.

    And for all the dikwipes, no I ain’t moving, until such time that I deem it appropriate.

    Welcome to Criminalville, USSA.

  14. “We cannot afford the negro equal status. For as surely as water seeks its own level, within the span of several generations we shall find that our culture has been dragged down to the level of theirs.”

    South Carolinian Segregationist, August 6, 1965.
    The day Johnson signed the voting rights act.

    I used to think the man was a prophet. Then I decided any logical, analytical mind could have put it together and seen what was coming down the road.
    I keep hearing black lives matter. But apparently, black folks haven’t snapped to that yet.

    Fuck ’em.

  15. Most of you failed to read the link.
    The article makes an excellent point. See a related link that Brock posted at his place today. The assimilation of other races is not something that is impossible when it is undertaken with a societal effort. The slave born in the South by an large did not consider himself to be an African. He was a southerner just like his white owner. He was educated in the ways of the south and he knew very little of his ancestral home. His family might have maintained some cultural elements that they retained from those originally brought from Africa, but those were add on elements that did not drastically alter the cultural base that he existed in. Much like the other waves of people who came to America he was assimilated into the overall culture and while there will always be slight modifications to the over all culture as time advances the basics are retained.
    The Culture of the US is at its base Western European. Those that chose to come to the States must adopt that culture and while they may retain elements of their native culture they must at the basic level accept the prevailing state.
    Consider If a Black man from Africa comes to the US. Seeks education, learns English and applies his skills to meaningful employment. He purchases a home in a nice neighborhood and marries a good wife. He has two children and insists that they avoid thugs and gangster influences. He demands that they be educated and successful. He watches football on Sunday. He quotes Jefferson and Washington and loves individual liberty. He joins the local gun club and enjoys fishing with his friends.
    How the fuck is he NOT an American?

    • Real life examples also of people who left combloc countries to come here for freedom in the 70s and 80s who see the native born WASPS now throwing it away.

      So which states have planned secession or are we still stuck in the let’s bitch about it phase?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “How the fuck is he NOT an American?”
      Perhaps some blacks moving here from S. Afrika actually do wish to become Americans. But what you just asked is probably 1% of their number, perhaps even less. It’s less than irrelevant.
      How about all the blacks who’ve been here 200 yrs, they still see themselves as poor abused Africans, hating whitey and everything of our white culture. I know several highly educated blacks from S.C. who did exactly what you said, yet still loathe anything related to white culture or the mention of it. They love Obama like a savior. Bottom line-they fucking hate us with a passion like you can’t imagine. Even if we paid every single one of them $1 million each for our past sins, they’d piss it away and still want blood.
      Look at Oprah and her ilk, they never let one opportunity pass where they can keep blaming us for slavery, never mind that I’m a first born generation on this continent. They want us dead, period! When they’ve killed all the whites, they’ll look for more blood from someone else, maybe the Latinos, whom they also get along with so well. There is no end to this bloodlust from them, but maybe we’ll let you negotiate that for us, OK? I hope you’re not being sarcastic, because somehow I see a panja in the forehead in your future. Hugs and kisses isn’t the way to surviving this.

      • Grenadier1

        Yep a whole lot of them are completely lost to any efforts. The progressive magic has worked on them, and for those you should act accordingly.
        The point is dont throw out rhetoric that will alienate potential allies that we may have. Its about being consistent. You cant speak of Liberty for me but not for thee and be taken seriously.
        Of course that does not mean you throw caution to the wind. Trust but verify. Shake their hand but keep your other one on your sidearm.

    • In a sense what failed is the article itself, not the other commenters willingness to read it.

      The author never bothers to ask why it is that ghetto blacks who can trace their ancestry back to the slave ships defy Americanism and the Constitution more than their parents did, and their parents before them.

      But I suspect that your emotional response will shut off the logic of the issue. You seem to be afflicted with the “if we can save just one child” disorder. A disorder that invariably overcrowds the proverbial lifeboat and gets everyone killed.

      Will you bother to approach the hard question? IE What ratio of parasites immigrants to patriot immigrants is survivable, much less acceptable?

      • Grenadier1

        Uh, no…
        Actually what gets me rolling my eyes on this every time we have a discussion is that people fall right into the trap set by progressives.
        I see the bigger picture. I see each one of these articles and posts from the viewpoint of the first time reader.
        The first time reader who comes to this blog opens this post and completely dismisses the entire community here because a few guys insist on making comments that are the book definition of racist.
        The progressive left frame everything in the terms of
        Conservative =Right wing = fascist= racist = nazi =gun nut = militia whacko.
        All these terms are evocative in the minds of the uneducated. The average housefrau and cube dad, who knows very little of history
        does not understand the culture war that has been going on for near 100 years. They do not have a clue what power the progressives have been unleashing to shape the battle in their minds.

        This may be way over your head or out of your yard so you dont care about it but if we are not doing what we can to counter that shaping operation then we are ceding a huge area of human terrain to the enemy.
        You can be completely critical of culture and pile on it but keep the race of the individual out of it. Like I have said thats only a small portion of the equation anyway.

        • “The first time reader who comes to this blog opens this post and completely dismisses the entire community…”

          That’s true, but it’s hardly the crux of the matter. You either believe in individual liberty and choose to adhere to the NAP, or you don’t. There is no middle ground. One exception means you don’t.

          How you pre-judge someone has nothing to do with anything. All that matters, at least socially, is what you do. A guy can be as racist or not as he wishes, but if he doesn’t keep his paws to himself unless attacked or threatened to be attacked, then he’s a thug. If he uses force only in defense of his life and property, no matter who he does it with, then he’s not. Easy peasy.

          Collectivists and racists and haters can hate to their heart’s content. The choice is, “Thugs gotta go” or not; that’s all. It doesn’t matter who the thug is, what he wears or what he believes…he’s either a thug or he’s not. If he’s not, then you either deal with him or not; your choice. If he is…well, you don’t really “deal” with a thug. Those who profess, “We deal in lead, my friend,” don’t understand what dealing is. The lead is for those times when dealing isn’t an option.

    • well said. Sadly – after 50 years of the Black community-destroying, values-destroying, family-destroying Judeo-welfare/illfare state – for every Tom Sowells and Star Parker there are 50,000 LeShawns and LaQuishas. Who in turn receive a daily hate-on-YT brainwash from the NY/Hollywood MSM. The Race War is already on…but, so far, only one side is fighting

    • What’s so great about being an ‘American’. WTF does that mean in 2016 A.D. Whites are the only race who strive in principle and usually in practice for fairness. All others when they approach or achieve majority status hate and stomp the ‘other’.

    • “Consider If a Black man from Africa comes to the US….” -Grenadier1 | February 29, 2016 at 14:10

      That man is trying to be an American. He probably does have the will and talent to do it, and is pretty-likely to be part of the “talented tenth” of Blacks (commonly referred to by Blacks). He has the advantage of not having been raised by the American Black Communist/Islamish Party. You should judge him by his works and his associates, not by his mis-behaving co-racialists. His kids are likely to be just like him and his wife (like your kids are like you ~70%), or if they aren’t good they will head for the big city where that’s acceptable/celebrated. No problem.

  16. Same arguments for sexual politics, you get the behaviors you tolerate.

    oughtsix writes: Alternately providing sex v. screaming emotional blackmail wears anyone down. / There’s your “better politics.”

    You’re right! You’re right! You’re right, and it works, doesn’t it? Women do it because it works. Now, stop participating, stop holding up your end, stop coming back to your own vomit, and leave this codependent relationship. They say on average a woman is murdered after the seventh domestic battery by a male. What’s the equivalent statistic for men? Impossible child support after seven sexual encounters? The conservative woman is as rare as the originalist constitution, because the present financial incentives run so hard against it. Stop obeying the family courts. There should be no mandatory child support after she rejects him because she’s bored. This doesn’t mean I’m a callous libertarian who doesn’t care if children are unsupported. On the contrary, I’m a caring libertarian who wants to see families work.

    The episodes of Dutch Survivor with men’s and women’s islands is artificial and silly. The women know perfectly well they are there to be eye candy, nobody tunes in to watch women do housework. If the lone man built a hut and then only shared fish and hut space with the women who did housework, the feminist female views would destroy the show for “patriarchy” and the whipped male viewers would not challenge that.

    • “You’re right! You’re right! You’re right, and it works, doesn’t it? Women do it because it works. Now, stop participating, stop holding up your end, stop coming back to your own vomit, and leave this codependent relationship.”

      And do without pussy, forever, which was kinda the point… y’know, “why it works.”

      “They say on average a woman is murdered after the seventh domestic battery by a male.”

      There, but for the Grace of God, I might have gone!

      Yes, I stopped beating my wife /sarc.

      “The conservative woman is as rare as the originalist constitution,”

      Boy howdy.

      “Stop obeying the family courts.”

      And he rest of them sumbitchs too!

      “If the lone man built a hut and then only shared fish and hut space with the women who did housework, {and provided sex}”

      His product and his reward would smell the same.

      • And do without pussy, forever, which was kinda the point…

        I flat don’t believe that would happen. Call their bluff. Stop making excuses for bad behavior, from women or minorities or politicians or whoever. You will have to wear earplugs for all the squawking, but I believe all that will happen is squawking. If you stop offering the ecological niche to be a parasite, humans will find a better way to make a living.

        • You’re better man than I am, Gunga din.

          Yeah, all men, in our present emasculated (culturally speaking) condition, are going to suddenly tell ’em all to get back in the kitchen where they belong.

          There are no earplugs, or body armor, sufficient.

          Apres le Deluge, certainment.

          When they’re hungry and frightened and the biological division of labor is pragmatically re-established, they’ll be more tractable.

          If we’re men enough to feed and protect them

  17. M M, -40 plenty river dump sites if ever found it will be spring or summer and something will eat that mf’r, but when things are sporty, don’t matter and like to butcher only what I eat. Hoping nobody has to do that but heh, chum might work!

  18. What I want to know is, when are we going to get rid of those damned Papist Irish?

    OP is just the usual collectivist rant about brown people. Who knows what the author is prepared to do, to get his way? Government permission to work? Internal passports? Some Constitution-preserver. I guess it’s just the old ala carte Constitution as usual…

    I live in Hillsboro, Oregon (town also known as “Hillsburito”). Brown people do not bother me, and they do useful work. You know who harms me, every single day? The state and federal government.

    Some people need to get a clue, who their real enemies are. Divide and conquer…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You’re right, our biggest problem is fedgov, who with the media is stirring up this racial dividing shit.
      However, the next problem after that is the coming racial war, because you can’t cool off the hotheads who have a long standing blood vendetta to settle. Trying to tell a couple million ghetto monkeys they can’t chimp out at will isn’t going to set well with them, because they have something to prove to whitey. This problem will run it’s natural course, as history has proven.

      If Ein Volk is so bad, how come the Jews practice it without repercussions from the media? The rest of us are racists for even thinking such a thing.

    • What a crazy attitude. They’re doing the jobs Whites need now. Ike sent six million back. We can send 36 million back.

  19. Articles like this are like a piece of road kill. Just something for the flies to break up their monotonous diet of feces.

    • My Masters Feces just above….

      Courtesy of some very fine Ten Year Old Kentucky Bourbon.

      Compelled by the experiences of a long life, three wives, and a sincere quest for the truth, I echo Freud, who supposedly sat bolt upright upon his death bed and exclaimed,

      “Women! What do they want???”

  20. “Women! What do they want?” The reply, my good man, is, Who Cares?

    • Every married man who loves his wife and children, and intends to do his duty.

      But Freud’s comment is supposed to be ironic, indicative of the eternal puzzle (and conflict) inherent in the divide between women’s mysteries and the Mind of Man.

  21. That Bracken was such an optimist with his Reconquista book…….

    Fuck Chechen Isis leaders, we have destroyed our country by ignoring illegals.

  22. The Usual Suspect

    If Ein Volk is so bad, how come the Jews practice it without repercussions from the media? The rest of us are racists for even thinking such a thing.

    Because they are the media !!!

    My people wear the thistle, we are blood-bound to our clan, living and dead.
    I pity those who don’t, can’t or won’t recognize their clan, for they are alone
    in the world.

    “Redeat “

  23. Read “The Bell Curve” by Hernstein & Murray. Culture is a result of genetics, period. Certain select genes produce functioning cultures that might advance, while most other genes produce dysfunctional cultures that are static or that regress.

    Before you can rule, you must conquer. To that end, megalomaniacs now use the latter gene pool to destroy cultures built by the former. This, in order to bring about their coveted world currency and government.

    In your planning, there should be a generous allotment of ammo for the megalomaniacs.

    PS – Michael Savage has distilled this down to “Borders, Language, Culture”. Of everyone on the radio, he’s the one dancing closest to the arsonist’s flame…