More Malheur Video

New Cell Phone Video Of LaVoy Finicum Shooting From Inside Vehicle

One caveat: No one should be surprised by these events.

The government forces will kill you and/or your family members with similar indifference.

Make no mistake.

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  1. military road blocks. murder.
    typical for military dictatorships.
    violent leeches, extracting their sustenance at gunpoint.

  2. I am a believer. For me to say the following should indicate my wrath:

    May G-d damn to eternal hell fire each and every one of those who murdered Lavoy, every apologist for the same, every tyranny enforcer, enabler, supporter or parasite and, especially, the power mad socio/psychopaths who organize and perpetrate the abomination of tyranny.

    To the bottomless pit with them all.


      oughtsix: The apologists are hard at work. On my way home yesterday, a local “conservative” radio talk-show guy named Lars Larson was blowing off the truth about the Finicum shooting and telling callers that: “…of course there are a few bad apples(cops)” And, anyone who called in and disagreed was cut off and told that their sources of information were dubious.
      I am sure Mr. Larson and his ilk will have no problem with the FCC or other organs of the Leviathan as long as they are on the Orc Cheer Leading Squad. Of course he did excoriate Barry for not going to Nancy the Astrologer’s funeral.

      • Liarson and his ilk are under the ctegory I listed as apologist and enabler.

        Eighth level of hell, then lake of fire.

    • Well said.

    • 0-6,
      LeVoy Finnicum, that Man right there, has one serious set of balls on him. Till my dying day he is my Hero. Nobody can compare.
      I only can hope I have a tiny fraction of the courage and indomitable will LeVoy had.

      That those scum who shot LeVoy Finnicum, I hope their souls rot in Hell and damnation for eternity and a day.

    • LeVoy saved his friends. He cared so much for others he went out that truck door to draw fire or die for them.
      What more can you say about a Man and his bravery.
      The ultimate, The Sacrifice.

      • He didn’t sacrifice himself so much as he committed suicide by cop. He could’ve lived to fight another day. In the end, he’s dead and nothing was changed. The whole episode was a disaster.

    • THEBigFatPanda

      Oughtsix, as a believer you should be familiar with Revelation 22:15. Let me refresh your memory: “Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying.”
      Rest assured, our creator Yahweh will deal with each and every one according to his deeds.
      It’s just a matter of time.

      • We are expected to do our part. Resistance to tyranny, and all.

        I ain’t waiting around for Armageddon.

  3. Holy. Fuck.

  4. The amazing thing is that the Feds let this video get out. It shows that they really think that there will be no reaction/action from other patriots. And they are probably right.

    • They want a reaction. They crave it . They are poking everyone from Putin to Joe six-pack. No one is taking the bait. The debt-bomb will hurt us all but will devour them.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The amazing thing is that the Feds let this video get out. ”

      Can’t stop the signal, Mal.
      -Zombie Mr. Universe

  5. Looking at the latest video gives an opportunity to understand what was really going on – its a neat juxtaposition of two angles of the same event. Before now, we’ve all only seen the officially released drone footage with no audio. Now we have commentary and know what was being said, along with insight into what choices were being made and by whom. This post is a not an indictment nor an endorsement of what took place at the Malheur Refuge. Instead, it is my attempt to learn whatever lessons can be learned.

    1. If you are going to enter the ring with a tactical solution to your problem, be prepared to carry it out. In this instance, they took the Malheur Refuge with arms and styled themselves as a military force prepared to fight. But when the militia-truck made contact with their enemy, they were not prepared to receive force – they were expecting a civil resolution to a situation that had already escalated beyond that. The government agents aren’t going to just ‘let you go’ so you can drive yourself to the sheriff – it doesn’t work that way, even when you aren’t in self-professed armed conflict with them. You can’t have it both ways – you are either willing to make it a fight, or you are not – there is no in-between. These guys tried to be in-between and they paid for it.

    2. There was no plan in place for when contact happens with opposing forces. The militia-truck occupants did not know where Ammon was, what happened to him, and didn’t know what to do if they were stopped. Prepare ahead of time with a compromise plan and contingencies. The government forces had a contingency, the milita-truck met the roadblock that was there in case the state trooper failed to stop them. The route and the plan should have been decided and briefed in advance – that is, what to do if stopped by flashing lights or flashing muzzles, and more… Having the plan and knowing the plan is more important than the plan being the perfect plan. They clearly had no plan.

    3. The militia choose to operate in a non-permissive environment (of their own creation) without adequate skill or tactics for such an environment. Long before they took over the refuge, they should have practiced together these simple and predicable events – defend the refuge against dismounts, defend the refuge against mounted assault (Bear Cat or MRAP…), actions on contact when in transit, etc. They had no comms between elements of their ‘convoy’ nor contact with their ‘help is on the way’ folks (other than cell phones that had no service); and they had no idea what action to take while they were stopped and then later when they were under fire. If you make the choice to travel 70 miles from your base of operation, have a plan for the route and how to contact help if you are hit along the way. Know what to do if you encounter opposition.

    4. They left no leadership at the refuge. Everyone who had control (I use the word lightly – no one was ‘in-control) of the operation was on the road, going to the meeting with the sheriff in the neighboring county. When they were hit, there was no contingency plan left behind and no one with authority/ability/will to carry it out (even if there had been one). Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and be sure you do let everyone on the team know what’s going to happen if something happens/things change. The whole operation folded within days of the leadership not making it back to the refuge.

    5. In sum: Everyone wants to be a gangster until its time to do gangster shit. The lesson from Malheur is, the opposition is playing for keeps. Do not let yourself get into that position unless you have the will and ability to be in that position. If you don’t have the ability, learn from those who do before hand (not during, not after) – and note: many (most) people think they have ability but really do not – be honest with your assessment (more than just your life is depending on it). If you do not have the will for the dirty business, don’t get in for the good times. Otherwise, you will fail and you will suffer while you are failing. Sometimes, fights come along that need to be fought whether or not you expect to win/survive. This wasn’t one of them – they created this one themselves without knowing what or how to do it. They failed and suffered while they failed. Let’s not make this mistake again.


  6. outlawpatriot

    Man, that was painful to watch. Sad on many levels. Certainly a primer on things not to do. If you will, please allow me.

    1. Don’t be telling anybody that they can shoot you if they want to. That’s something that crazy people do. Besides, the sons of bitches just might take you up on it.

    2. Leave the women back at camp. The idea of screaming females around while getting shot at would be distracting to say the least. It further bolsters my male chauvinist pig view that they have no business in such situations.

    3. Comms, comms, COMMS! Pretty self explanatory I think.

    4. Learn proper convoy technique. Going into town to see the Sheriff does not constitute a technique to use in a potentially hostile situation.

    5. Do the words vanguard or recon mean anything? Anything at all?

    6. Alludes to #3, but maybe, just maybe, if you were serious there would be a quick reaction force on standby. Flankers would be better if the situation and terrain allow for it.

    7. Leaders. You need leaders.

  7. Mr. Finicum made a request to the SP.
    When he exited the vehicle, they obliged them.

    What is most disturbing to me are the continued shots being fired into the vehicle.
    The gas grenades/flash bangs are sop.

    But the additional bullet rounds fired at the truck when those in the vehicle were clearly not resisting:threatening, even yelling stop is all I needed to see.

    • outlawpatriot

      Yeeeah, yelling stop.

      See my comment above. 🙂

      • Jimmy the Saint

        If yelling “stop” doesn’t work, be prepared to yell “stop” again.
        – Robin Williams

        • Or, lay down a barrage of full auto superior weight of fire until aggression ceases.

          Another chink in the “plan.”

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  10. This incident has been fisked to death.
    All this simultaneous video does is underline it:

    Clowns. Volkswagen. Some assembly required.