Mosby: Forging The Hero – What Is Your End-Game Goal?


Good question.

Read it all, especially why some standard answers are NFG.

Hint: other people get a vote on your plan, one way or another.

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  1. Wow. That’s anarchy. I hope you franchise your system so I can visit Mosby enclaves all over North America, like campgrounds.

  2. I wish i had his optimism for getting along all – peace, love, and harmony, with unemployed(unemployable)adult “kiddies” who showed up to the next door neighbors home along with their spawn and 2 barking dogs, let alone the asshole neighbor… they’re desperate, lazy, and mostly unskilled- unless you count video game player, dope slinger, drunk, slut, and tattoo artist a merchantable skill. Seriously, just look at them… Have a bit of respect for the rest your neighbors and send them on their way. Nothing but trouble and nuisance to follow when those adult failures start showing up.

    I’m keeping the boat gassed up along with buying a motor home for some walking-dead zombie road time. This should be fun – NOT.

  3. Bucephalus

    There will certainly be a lot of “Lost Colonies” (Roanoke Islands…..)

  4. The same goal Robert Heinlein described in one his short stories, when he was still trying to save the world.


    Enough said.

  5. Posted at MG as well:

    “Some will instantly latch on to the “I want a return to the Constitution!” argument. That’s cool. It’s completely ignorant of history and reality, but it’s cool. Who gets to define what the Constitution says? You? What if I—and the rest of America—don’t agree with your definitions? What if you and I agree, but no one else does?

    That’s the crux of desiring a return to constitutional government: Following the requirements it spells out as ‘The Supreme Law of the Land’ in both letter and spirit. If it needs changing, it can be through its included amending process. And while long, laborious, slow, and difficult, it ensures that whatever ‘definitions’ are adopted, every state and its elected representation have a say how the Constitution is defined. It’s not so much a desire, IMHO, for an advantage, but to have a return to the rule of law. Of course, it’d never work because too many people now believe as those in Chicago do (anti-Trump rally attended by Bill Ayers and his ‘friends’).

    Our culture, when it was definable as a single culture under a form of representative government based upon democratic values, was sustained by constitutional rule, in part. It was also sustained by a majority of the population that accepted and adopted the Judeo-Christian ethic, at least in its public behavior, adoption of law, and accepted conduct.

    If we are to keep our culture alive, it would seem we’d need the constitution and it’s method of governing, without manipulation, to succeed.

    “Quit trying to impose your beliefs and supposed moral superiority on other people, and teach the children of your community what you believe are superior moral values. If you’re right, it will prove out in the end, by the success of your community, and others nearby will start looking at why your community is successful, and will follow suit.

    I’d support and agree with the above statement completely, and add as well that a return to constitutional government ensures the above is given a chance to happen without interference from any level of government (village, town, city, county, state, federal) so long as the parameters that are clearly listed in the state’s and federal government’s Constitution are followed. The limitations on both the state and the federal government are key in allowing people to practice their own beliefs and have a community stand or fall on those alone. Especially if, while governing constitutionally, those ‘life lines’ taken from productive citizens working to increase their own wealth, are rescinded.

    “What is important, regardless of which side of the contemporary dialectic you fall on, are the values embodied in that document.”

    Again, yes, and what demonstrates the embedded values is how rigidly the constituents require their representative or senator to follow the tool that embodies those values. Examples: Nothing says the 17th Amendment can’t be rescinded and return election/appointment of a state’s senators to the state legislature, giving the state a voice in legislation as designed. Nothing says Congress must be in session as long as it is. Restricting regular legislative sessions would cause the elected representatives to reside in their home states and districts until and unless convened. Housing for them? Here’s a REAL heretical idea: Refurbish closed military housing in the local area up to 100 miles away, and they can commute to and from on weekends. During the week, they stay at a hotel that’s like your basic Hampton Inn. I could go on, but it would take that to get to an acceptable end state of government that did not infringe on or otherwise molest the citizen trying to build and maintain his culture within the limits of the state and federal constitutions in areas, say, like the education of children, which is not the state’s business, but the parents. Consider reading John Taylor Gatto’s, “The Underground History of American Education” if you haven’t done so.

    “If you want a “return to the Constitution,” politically, I suggest focusing on your local community government first. If you want a return of the values enshrined in the Constitution? Then start fucking living them. If you want “freedom of religion and expression?” Then practice your religion, and say what you want to say…but be ready to let others do the same. If you want the freedom to keep and bear arms? Then fucking keep and bear arms. If you don’t want people peering into your documents? Then use fucking encryption on your email, and quit posting your personal details all over fucking Facebook and social media. Etc, etc, etc”

    Well said, especially the sentiment of, “but be ready to let others do the same.”

    Sounds like an interesting book.

  6. stopped at “Judeo-Christian”. Proposition nation neo-conz just…don’t…get it, and never will: Christianity arose in an open revolt against Judaism, and stayed in violent opposition through WW II. Incidentally, Bill Ayers was at the Chicongo riot because his Jew-communist wife/control (Bernadine Ohrnstein, alias “Dohrn”) told him to

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Good essay. Boiled down, this statement remains:

    “Quit trying to impose your beliefs and supposed moral superiority on other people, and teach the children of your community what you believe are superior moral values. If you’re right, it will prove out in the end, by the success of your community, and others nearby will start looking at why your community is successful, and will follow suit.”

    • And if you’re wrong(and you are), you’ve wasted your time, energy, and effort on trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. You can take the kid/adult out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out out the kid/adult. I guess if you have nothing to lose like most murikins, it matters not, when(not if) one of these “children” revert back to their default setting and stab you in the back. I must be older, have more common sense, or just have seen more of what humans truly are, than most. Because feral humans are no different than feral dogs. They just need to be “put down” and the sooner, the better.
      They are not redeemable -PERIOD.
      Rid yourself on losers – after all, they’re losers, and know nothing other than losing. It’s in the genes and who and what they are.

      Go ahead and let them in your circle- fools.

      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

  9. Goal? Political secession (panarchy) or complete secession. Either will do. 50 Americas is better than one homogenized, fascist/socialist America.