Prairie Fire


Read and understand it all.

Start to know your enemy better.

And begin to hear your enemy’s words in the voices of your family members, co-workers, and community leaders – as well as your children.

Comprehend the scope of the work to be done.


38 responses to “Prairie Fire

  1. 100-200 million…


    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      That’s a reasonable estimate of how many will have to be killed in order to socio-politically ‘make America a better place’ which, interestingly, is a sentiment both Imperiumists/anti-Imperiumists express w/ some on the anti side not only furiously refusing to accept that horrific FACT but also viciously maligning those who’ve resigned themselves to the reality of that terrible option while fervently praying against having to use it.

  2. I remember the more leftist college kids at Kent State in the late ’70’s/early ’80’s passing out copies of Ayers’ bullshit at the May 4th protests held there every year since ’71.

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    Worth reading the whole thing-it’ll help you understand the marxists/leftists and their “plan”.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Assistance! linky-no-worky!

    me gots to read this!


  5. We don’t need to read anymore.

    Honestly, the 3% movement is a book – club now.

    • Bill Harzia

      And a marketing device, at times.

    • ……study not thy enemy’s ways to closely least they become yours….!

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        m rapp/11Mar2016@21:43,

        So you’d rather observe the Queensberry Rules when confronting an enemy who not only manifestly doesn’t acknowledge them but will also gleefully use your/similar’s ‘noble’ adherence to their ‘honorable’ restrictions to more easily destroy you/similar?

  6. That Ayers, with blood from murder on his hands and an emphatic hatred for this country walks free, is a stain on the soul of the patriots that gave us, and preserve, our freedom.

  7. Bucephalus

    As if Tom Hayden’s Port Huron Statement (1961-ish) wasn’t enough…..

  8. If Ayers is all that, go shoot the motherfucker in the head, right now.
    When he comes around here threatening or latching onto people he will be dispatched, otherwise he doesn’t exist.

    Enemies are easy to detect.
    Notice I said detect, not read about.
    There is no one I have read about that is my enemy even though others may say so. A person becomes my enemy when he is a direct physical threat to me or mine.
    That’s it.

    People at long distances are no threat to me.
    There are, however, people within a few miles that are a threat, and that is where my focus remains all the time.

    They wear various dark colored costumes and drive clandestine black vehicles and are heavily armed though woefully inexperienced.
    They are bulked up on mostly fructose, shave their fat heads and wear shades when it is cloudy outside.
    The padded gov’t enclosure they live in affords them limited knowledge of that which awaits them and their childish whims drive them toward their eventual demise.

    I understand them, they want to kill me.
    They don’t understand that I won’t let them.
    It’s that damn simple.

    Remove yourself from the system if you believe your life is important.
    Otherwise, keep supporting it like you have been all of your adult life and prepare for the boot and noose.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “When he comes around here threatening or latching onto people he will be dispatched”

      If it comes to that, Ayers will follow the example of Himmler, Beria, etc. He won’t be one of the ones taking doors – he’ll just be directing/cheerleading it. He’s an “idea man”. Implementation is for the expendable cogs.

    • You live in a naive bubble.

  9. Even among self-declared III%ers, there are very few willing to accept the plain reality implicit in the socio-demographic divisions to which fUSA is presently subject. They will claim the “moral high ground” in fifty shades of yellow, as to why we’re not obliged to kill (or strip of their alleged citizenship and forcefully deport, if you’d rather) 1. every last stinking Fed.Gov employee (except a few ATC folks, a fraction of the Postal Service, and some of the most knowledgeable staff of the Smithsonian); 2. 99.9% of “college professors”; 3. fully 3/4 of all ‘State Employees’; and 4. every other plainly elligible communist fuckwit at large.

    Proper and thorough service of said objective would require on the order of 120~150 million body bags for the loyalists, and probably another 50 million for FREEfor and those idiots who “choose not to take sides.”

    At best, it is a lifetime’s worth of gruesome work for several million skilled and well disciplined men, all of which must be done under the most logistically and economically problematic conditions imagineable. At worst, it rises to the obscenity of a multi-generational civil war, for which the only clcear portion of the outcome is that there will be *nothing* left – no functional economy, nearly all ‘public utilities’ destroyed beyond repair, and most semi-urban to urban areas resembling the aftermath of the second battle for Grozny.

    Not to piss in everyone’s cornflakes, but unless you’re contemplating it at this scale, then whatever “solution” you have fixated on in your mind is more of a romantic notion than an order of battle.

  10. Waiting in Idaho

    I hope someone in the upper midwest has Billy on their special Christmas card list.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The guy hasn’t exactly been living underground. Anybody who wants to whack him just needs to drive to Hyde Park and start looking around. Old age or disease will likely get him before anything else, though.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. timely post. Couple hours ago, in Chicongo, a mob of several thousand Black racists and Judeo-communists stormed and shut down a Trump rally; Rahm the Jew Emmanuel’s PD stood and watched. Apparently there’s a number of Whites still trapped inside the venue; silly Whites forgot to bring their guns. Next time, some will remember. Hot weather coming

    • Thanks. Watching via Twitter.

      Kto kgo, indeed.

      • ….in fact you will notice this HAXO is the same HAXO who just yesterday berated us for our hatred of the cops and now tonight he is doing the very same thing……..3% 10% 20% are good cops ? in this venue at least it was a resounding O fucking percent%%%%%%%%% me thinks I smell a rat / troll………………what say you ?

    • …….well there you go again HAXO, your wonderful beloved FUCKWIT COPS that you adore, stood by……oh oh !!! what will we do with out the loyal moral ever present blue lodge boys to save us when the SHTF ???

      this is another example of these coward lying thieving MURDERING bastards doing their job…….HA HA Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

      • calm down, mRapp. There’s good cops, and bad cops. I have personally encountered both. Some big city PD’s are core-rotten. Chicongo’s, for instance. But even there, there’s a few good ones who will be on our side when events reach terminal velocity

        • OK ! I will respect your sincerity ….and we shall see, but you do have to admit that it is a shame “these good cops” can’t man up and turn their back on the bad and either do the job …or ……WALK ! I shall not abuse you further………………..mitch

        • You’ll be one of the first they shoot in the head 17 times.
          How in the world to people get this stupid?

  13. Didn’t Andrew Breitbart have dinner with him a week before he was killed? It couldn’t have been related, I’m sure.

  14. It’s beyond settling disagreements and getting along.
    Two countries are needed.
    They had all better leave mine.

    • Willy, you got it right. Take ownership.
      Let people know that it is yours.
      That is the first step in affirming a position.
      Most shitheads should feel uncomfortable around you because you can spot them a mile away.
      Taking ownership is a bold move.
      Do not be open to compromise on morals or values. If you compromise you lose.
      Be a nasty prick , when necessary. It is a universal language.
      Give no quarter and expect none in return.
      Any thing else is half-stepping.
      All that is required to take control is a couple million Willy’s.

      • “Let people know that it is yours.”

        Fuck that, I have better things to do.
        I am not obligated to let people know what I own.
        If it don’t belong to you leave it alone.

  15. Stealth Spaniel

    It is odd: I got home and turned on the tv to find the Chicago Shut Down in full bloom. The first thing that I thought of was Billy Ayers and his groomed disciple Barak Hussein Obama. If you are within 300 miles of this city please stock additional weapons and ammo, cuz surely you will need them.

  16. “It must also be realized that the Right views the world from a moral high ground; the Left sees no such thing. Their idea is to win at all cost, and morals can be recreated to fit the needs of the new state later, normally at heavy cost of life. ”

    From what I wrote just the other day; those concerned should keep that in mind.

    Marxism is in full bloom. Summer is coming.

    • In the Hegelian dialectic, when you venture from the finite to the infinite, you may create your own reality.
      Marx and Engels were big fans.
      Ayers firmly believes he can do whatever he wants.
      Seems he has gotten away with it so far.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Ayers firmly believes he can do whatever he wants.
        Seems he has gotten away with it so far.”

        In his own words: guilty as hell, free as a bird.

  17. Cassandra (of Troy)

    In addition to all the loving words about the ‘average American’ from the ‘caring, compassionate, freedom loving, open minded’ Left,:

    there’s the following from ‘our’ ‘friends’ of the Conservative & Libertarian persuasions.:
    (It wouldn’t be atall surprising to find that tfA-t/similar support the above sentiment)

    And then there’s the following bit of clarity from a Conservative,:

    & from someone on the Left.:

    And as much as it pains me to admit it, articles 1 & 6 contain some good points that’re VERY likely to be either vehemently disparaged or studiously ignored by many if not most on BOTH sides of the socio-political divide. More’s the pity.