GVDL: Make It Go Faster



Money quote:

…If you want to “reform” this government from within, get extra ammo, extra fuel for the wood-chipper, and pack a lunch…

Welcome to Consequence Land.

Population: You and your family.

Plus 100+ million collectivists who believe that you have whatever you have because you are a racist, sexist, Eurocentric, homophobic hater who, by virtue of those crimes against Duh Peepul, are exempt from any sort of moral consideration owed even to other species, let alone fellow humans.

Get it?

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  1. Well, okay then.

    Except that part of their plan is to confiscate everyone’s beans and bullets first, before they fully implement the domestic Holomodor. Don’t forget – we no longer have a Strategic Food Commodity Reserve.



    Hunger is one of the oldest weapons in the martial playbook.

  2. I just returned from the weekly trip to the local freak show AKA wally world, and what a show it was. EVERYTHING I have ever said about this population is 100% true. Right down to the dyed-blue haired, tatted up, fat ugly creatures who infest the entire countryside. Along with the unprecedented wanton corruption of the populace. I witnessed a very tan, very young “mother” of 3 nasty fingered urchins, swipe an EBT card, and as I followed her out, she approached and entered a brand-new $55K+ Chevy Tahoe. Just FUCK….

    100-200 million.

  3. …If you want to “reform” this government from within, get extra ammo, extra fuel for the wood-chipper, and pack a lunch…
    Sweating bullets for a bit- thought someone was watching a rerun of “Fargo”. Heck of a way to recycle waste.

  4. Link broken in original article. Book still available?

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Truth.

    And no, it’s not hyperbole, hysteria, demagoguery, wild imagination or anything other than the plain truth. Ignore and deny all you wish…

  7. …to your banner, I would add (if you can afford one), a back-hoe. Dig deeper and dig more (don’t need to pack a lunch)…….. just saying.
    Don’t think in the ‘hither lands’ that this has not been thought of …..

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  9. Most of us that fit into that handy-dandy catch all of excuses to hate us… At the same time, we are pretty much a live and let live sort of crowd. In many ways more Libertarian than anything else, but still folks who ascribe to our own views of culture, society, the role of government and the place of the individual in relation to those three items…

    Come for us, back us further into the corner your already doing and you’ll find that we’re capable, resourced and motivated. Force our hand at your own peril.

  10. Centurion_Cornelius

    Got it? Yep–I get it.

    and for the 100M collectivists who want what I got by my individual 50 years of backbreaking work:


    • Ouch! Keep the belt up out of the dirt…
      Ask me why I know this…
      And – I didn’t use the rear sight a lot, either.
      Loved my pig… except for the safety wire.
      ,,,, ’68 ,,,,,,

      • I carried that gun up and down and around Hells half acre myself. A love-hate relationship. But what a feeling of power at 18 years old. 🙂

    • Nubbin-Fingered Jake Rodell

      I stand proudly, as part of the Lion’s Gaurd, a racist, sexist, Eurocentric, homophobic hater who, by virtue of those genes bequethed to me by my Fathers, am exempt from any sort of moral consideration owed even to other species (races). I will answer the call to take my place with other like-minded volunteers who will make up the backbone of the soon to be forming Domestic Reunification Force (D.R.F.). A Force for good, ensuring the, as humane as possible, Repatriation of all foreign invaders and interlopers and their reunification with their kinsmen in their countries of origin. Nine months from now, we are going to begin to fundamentally transform America and restore her to her former place of Respect and Glory!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      100 Million collectivists vs. a couple thousand rounds of ammo?

      Not gonna end well for you without a lot more allies.

      • “….a couple thousand rounds of ammo?”

        Not even close, and times whatever number of “us” you care to posit.


        • Jimmy the Saint

          In the picture – for holding off 100 million, the guy is a bit undersupplied.

          • No one person is responsible for holding off, or more accurately killing, all 100 mil. Ferfck’s sake.

            • Jimmy the Saint

              It starts with one. But any and everyone who plan on taking on 100 million better be damn well supplied. And find an awful lot of allies.

    • Bystrom007

      I had a collectivist son of bitch down in Detroit, told me one day that their would be a day when farm land would be taken over and redistributed. I told him that my family had earned our 490 acres over the last 150 years, and it would not be near that easy for that to happen. What he didn’t know was how close he came, and how hard it was for me not to shank his ass right there on the spot.

  11. way too much translation necessary in that Cuck essay:

    “brownshirts”?? i.e., urban Judeo-communist and ethnic orcs

    “progressives”?? i.e., communists

    listened to Foxtard radio for awhile while making lunch. The “news” (Zionprop) came on, with a segment on the 3/15 primaries. Coverage consisted entirely of Bernie the Red attacking Trump; Cruz (Nixon) attacking Trump; and Kasich attacking Trump. Since Trump is a self-evident fraud, it must be the mere fact that he has raised “certain issues” that’s got the PTB’s panties all in a bunch

  12. I don’t think there will be much civilized behavior from any quarter, when things get going. Unless we are just going to turn into Argentina, which is also possible…

  13. The Usual Suspect

    It’s called servicing targets.

  14. “exempt from any sort of moral consideration owed even to other species, let alone fellow humans.

    That’s a pretty powerful truth right there.

  15. I certainly do get it. Fuuck.them.all….
    Hips and heads kiddies. There’s worse things then death.

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    New quote of the year-hell of the century.

    …If you want to “reform” this government from within, get extra ammo, extra fuel for the wood-chipper, and pack a lunch…

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    To what end? We keep screaming faster when we resemble the myriads of historical examples (Scots and Greeks come to mind) where people could not come together even to confront an existential threat to their culture. As of yet we offer no viable alternative to Leviathan, and as much as I wish ‘leave me be and unto you the same’ would work, it hasn’t and won’t. The grifters that 70%+ of our nation has become will not be content to merely let us be. The window of opportunity for networking, skills and long-distance discussion will close. The #BLM retards managed to construct a rather effective agitprop organization in less time than most of us have been reading WRSA. Tell me we aren’t capable of more than they are.

    • Yup.

      I’ll bet Team Evil is further down the road using tools such as the below than 95% of most WRSA readers:


      For political canvassing purposes only.

      Remove shirt before ironing .

      • Looking at that site and that nightmare called gridlock, makes me feel real good about where I’m at. Hard to believe people choose to live like that.

        Hive indeed..

      • I was shocked at what I saw in D.C. People my age, educated whites 25-40 angry and motivated, median age likely right under 30. Not all from CONUS either. If AfD has shown anything it’s that the nationalist movement is building quite a head of steam. If the Millenials are too far gone to be reached, then how has the alt-right that isn’t funded by Soros, throwing down positions that make Trump look liberal on immigration, and has the same hate directed at them as we do, flourish? The guns are pointed in the same direction…hell they’ve even managed to work across the pond with Le Pen, Pegida and AfD. Lulz, it’s like they have this weird community mindset thing going on. I’m far from sold on it, but I’m smart enough to figure out if you want to have a say you kind of gotta go out there and take it from the regime. If we don’t, someone else will.

      • until Whites develop a savage racial consciousness, they are absolutely not in the same League as BLM…or 900 other coherent hardLeft/antiWhite Swarms. During the Chicongo Event, an urban Swarm of no more than 1,000 JudeoCommunists, selfLiquidating whiteCosmics, and ethnic Orcs totally routed an unconscious mass of 17,000 suburban Whites

        • I was referencing the NPI’s winter event that I attended a few weeks ago. I would posit that they are becoming more and more racially conscious by the day. The intellectual groundwork is being laid for a very real problem that the left did not anticipate.

          • I do hope you’re right. I have the same sense of it, but hardly dare to believe it after watching, wondering and waiting for so long.

            The kill zone Achilles heel of the left is their blind assurance, their arrogance, ignorance and hubris.

            Take heart, my friends… that is a recipe for disaster, for them.

            Evidently, Sun tzu “trumps” Gramsci, Alinsky and Ayers.

        • I have a “savage’ racial consciousness. It originates from my mother and father’s emigration. The Scottish and Irish/Welsh.ancestry is something I am very proud of.
          The history of Scotland, in particular, is a history of warfare and bloodshed.
          .This time the clans win. It is a clan of liberty and freedom minded people, who will bring down the thunder on the invading hordes. The dindu nuffins and other assorted shitheads are considered hostiles.

    • I’m trying Brother;) But it takes effort on more than just my part…

  18. Got Garden?

    • Yes. For the last 46 years.

      As for “the left outdoes “us” on the propaganda/community organizing/mobscene front…………..”

      Do you really want to be them? They can do that because of “ECHOCHAMBERGROUPTHINK!” youth antisocialmediathumbs, ignorance amenable to manipulation, rage against whatever threatens their snowflake….

      How’s that stack up against faith, food, skills, guns, Liberty and will power?

  19. Some Orcs aren’t waiting.

    Two decided to shoot up a Police Station.
    1 KIA 2 in custody

  20. I know I may get hated on for this one but, this whole thing is starting to sound like the plot summary of a rather infamous book: “The System begins by implementing many new repressive laws on various forms of hate; by repealing laws against rape as rape laws are often viewed as “racist” and also imply that gender exists on a biological level, by making it a “hate crime” for white people to defend themselves from crime by non-whites even after all weapons are confiscated, and pushing for new surveillance measures in order to monitor its citizens, such as a special passport which will be required at all times and at all places in order to identify where individuals are at any one time.”

    Please keep in mind I am no fan-boy of Mr. Pierce, but it makes one wonder what did he know then that we don’t now, or is it just shear coincidence…?

  21. The Beast that is the federal government has particular tastes. Which would it rather seize? —
    * $50k in a bank account? Or,
    * $1,000,000 of tomatoes sitting in a field?

    They will go for the bank account every time. Anything else takes work which they are loathe to stoop to.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Until they opt for Ranch Hand II. If you love what you do, it isn’t work.