November 2016 Depends on One Man





I’m betting on evil.

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  1. danielkday

    > If Comey deep-sixes the findings, the political dance goes on.
    > Will he deep-six it? I don’t know. It depends on his sense of justice.
    It might also depend on his desire to see himself, his extended family and his friends continue living.

    • The answer to your question is another question. “Who signs his paychecks?”…… His allegiance, like most all .gov employees, is no longer in question. Avoid any interaction if possible, defend yourself if necessary but don’t expect any of them to feel any sense of responsibility to us “unwashed masses” types, nor pangs of conscience at ruining lives. They’re above all that in their own minds. Gawd help us all but we deserve what we allow.

      • Have mentioned this possibility to some friends privately when a discussion of the workings of the machine come up. One small point; look at his career & resume’. This is not a man who is concerned about keeping his .gov paycheck flowing (although a personal security det for he & family would be in order later). He’s shown he’s quite capable of swimming in the private sector & anything there would probably be a raise anyway (as would the $650K book advance he’d probably see from some publisher).

    • A member of the ruling class? He won’t bite the hand that feeds him. Two wings of the same bird of prey…

  2. Comey will do nothing. He, Loretta, and Obama swim in the same dirty water as all the others. There will be no indictment of Mrs. Clinton.; Ever

    do the words “700 missing FBI files” ring a bell?

    • Bill Harzia

      Damn, I wish you weren’t right so often.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Someone else told me that too. He may piss off a lot of people with his racist remarks, but they’re usually backed up with some good research also. Keep pounding away Haxo.
        After your brain has been filled with PC propaganda, it’s hard to face self evident truth. And folks don’t like that.

  3. Power. Tru dat.
    Maybe he’ll find the missing brass in Oregon instead.

  4. Well I a’int holding my breath.

  5. Nah. This is how it actually works. I’m upset too, and it’s understandable.

  6. This is how it will actually go.

  7. Gary north is probably one of the most insightful trustworthy writers alive today. Leave it to North to figure this FUBAR out.
    The fact one guy has so much political power over so much means the federal Leviathan is totally beyond redemption, an entity which absolutely in no uncertain terms can be trusted in any way shape or form.
    That despicable corruptocrat and her husband should have been perp walked years ago for the treason and malice they have committed.
    It is a farce of monumental proportions this bullshit has gone on long as it has, and in light this same lickspittle and his FBI executed LeVoy Finnicum in total cold blood. 2 sides of the same coin of functioning unquestionable tyranny. It is exactly what it is, proof of how utterly corrupt and arrogant these people all are.

    • Well said. The fact that 1 man holds so much of this country’s future in his hands is absolutely terrifying.

      • You know Steve, at one time it seemed to me it would be a terrifying thing, a lot has changed in repeat to my perspective, or should say my attitude on that. I have to agree it is a terrifying reality in regards to the truth this government is so freakin’ far off the reservation that this one guy is in the singular position to do the wrong thing that gives him so much power, and giving the precedences over the last few decades, I’m brutally cynical about the prospects the course of doing the right thing will be taken. It is probably too late for that as such things go, as the right thing should have been done from the moment the reality of what the Clintons have done was discovered. You can’t take back acts of treason and complicity to treason, like you can’t take back a bullet, it has gone past the treason and political/financial crimes involved, it is now become an outright act of conspiracy to perpetuate treason by absence of legal and moral action by every one involved. The complicity between these government actors, the media, the judicial system, and the political class leaves no doubt this government has no resemblance to the definition a government. It is an organized crime syndicate in every way shape and form.
        The bread crumbs of criminal and wanton disregard of this woman and her accomplices is breath taking. From her being fired from the Watergate Commission for lying, to her cattle futures corruption, Blackwater scandal, running a secret star chamber to implement tyrannical regulation in the form of an early version of obama care, her associations with Saul Alynski, her radical red diaper baby associations at Wellesley College, the death of Vince Foster who was about to spill the beans on her and her husband, their Columbian money laundering operation, her outright daylight theft of 250 million dollars from the Childrens Fund to buy her NY Senate seat, her direct involvement in Operation Fast & Furious and all the deaths resulting, her avowed hatred of Constitutional Militias, the multitude of conflicts of interest between her positions held in government and the Clinton Foundation, George Soro’s associations and influence peddling, the proceeds from selling off US military missile technical secrets to foreign nationals in china and elsewhere, her arms trafficking through the state of Libya, deliberate stonewalling of standard security practices in Libya leading up to the deaths of an American Ambassador and those who defended themselves there, and now the most wonton disregard of security imaginable of the highest held secrets the US holds, and a litany of associated suspicious deaths of those who angered this witch, let alone the corruption crimes and felonies woven in and out of her career as a leading organized corruption criminal. And know, the same FBI, who executed a fucking rancher, shot LeVoy Finnicum in the back, because LeVoy and his fellow ranchers stood in the way of the corruption profits of slimy land deals and outright made the political class look like the fools they are, this cunt, and her cony’s put the hit out on LeVoy and the Bundy brothers. They Vince Foster’d LeVoy, and the head crime boss of the FBI is going to indict this foul cunt? Ya right.
        I’ll tell you, I was born in the 50’s, I can give you only my perspective, that upon the installation of the Clinton regime, I look upon history and it is clear as blue sky these crooks have almost single handedly transformed this Republic into a banana republic. No one else has had the level of influence and the corrosive effect upon our government as those two psychopaths.
        The on order consequences and effects of all these crooks now is taking on proportions even they, who grasp the levers of corruption with a death grip, which is realistically the governing power within the federal government, can not contain and control events that are taking on a life of its own. It is larger than them all combined and is increasing at a logarithmic scale. This juggling act of corruption was so fragile one man, Donald Trump, the effect of his outsider dynamics, the outlier of legitimacy he represents to millions of people, has become the straw that broke the camels back and the whole rotten thing is collapsing by the weight of its criminality. Nothing can stop this collapse. It is a beast unto itself and the more these sonsofabitches try to stop it our mitigate the unintended consequences, the more it becomes pouring gasoline on a fire. Because they are the Leviathan. They can’t stop themselves, and going after Trump and the dirt people who believe in him is incredibly and simply not the problem at hand. Stopping Trump, disenfranchising 15 million Americans doesn’t change the truth about the political class and the reaping they have sowed.
        Because the reality of how corrupted and irredeemable the regime it is is, the truth here is it has to Burn. Burn to the ground, every festering vile vestige of what it is, those involved literally to the man, will have to be eradicated from ever having anything to do with whatever comes out the other side. It is a cancer. And it has to be removed.

        I’m an optimist. I see this country I live in, and I know for all its warts, we got great things going for us, we outnumber the bastards millions to one in bodies, and blow these fuckers away in spirit and audacity. No matter how bleak it looks, there is a good side to all this. It is going to really ugly bloody and nasty before we get to the bright side, but we ain’t American’s for nothing, and that the first thing.
        I read all you guy’s comments, not just here either, and I read all the hidden hopes and whishes and dreams in the blogsphere, and you know what, folks like us, we are bigger than these scum, larger than their regime, we got motive power and audacity, we got guns too.
        The cracks in the armor of the political class’s protected status are developing faster than they can repair them and the motherfuckers are scared.
        Burn Baby Burn
        Burn it to the ground
        It is out of the ashes we create liberty.

        • Yes, and 9/11, the Pentagon’s $2,300,000,000,000 missing and never discussed, and Sandy Hoaxen are their weaknesses and reveal the massive corruption, lots of evidence so we should focus attention there, it is a mafia problem not a political problem and their MSM is COINTELPRO-II injecting hate and distrust into American souls faster than we have been able to control that.

          I am optimistic for the same reason you are, and we will win definitively.

          So the smart way seems to me to be sabotage. They can’t defend against it and they can’t catch people by more than random chance, and it is easy to make the authorities look like they can’t protect the oligarch’s sources of wealth, which they can’t. Airports are a very soft target for disruption, don’t need to hurt a person, we keep the moral high ground forever.

          Killing people is inefficient, and you can’t control the future for the side-effects except by doing a lot more. Bad strategy.

          Come on guys, there are people among us who know how the world works in detail, and how easy it would be to disrupt the parts we know about. Share your thoughts, put fear into our rulers.

          Every comment is a psyop, make them count.

  8. If the Clintons in the past 30 years have proven anything, no matter how many bodies are strewn behind them, how much filth and corruption is attached to them, they’re not going anywhere.

    • Installing The Witch Queen of Agmar is a bridge too far even for the corrupt fuckers running things. Things are unraveling because of it. The Pavlov Republican’s have choked again on their own vomit. There is no stopping what Trump represents. The rise of the dirt people is ascendent
      The Witch Queen isn’t a puppet, she is a puppet master. A really nasty despicable one, and there is no ignoring that for a vast number of people. She is a vengeful shrew. The deep state screwed the pooch letting her get this far. Too much baggage, there is no way she can be the empty suit that provides the appearance of legitimacy of the state required to garner the numbers of consent of the governed to keep up the farce of legitimate government.
      She is a ruthless psychopath.
      Hillary Clinton is the black swan.

  9. Honestly. Comey is likely the most honest man in that entire sinkhole. (Which isn’t saying much.) and I doubt his personal code will allow him to just let this go under the rug.

    In my dreams we have a government full of such men of honor. Of course, in my dreams I also have a unicorn that poops Skittles. :/

  10. So, we are left with trusting the head of the FBI to display honor and courage. This is a bad position to be in.

  11. Uncle Larry

    The only true political power comes out the barrel of a rifle.


    It does not matter what this man’s experience and credentials are in the private sector. He will sit on this. Nothing will happen. The fact that this evil, diabolical Marxist couple has left a trail of dead bodies over the past 30 years speaks volumes about their power and influence. The legions of their minions who stand ready to do their criminal bidding, whatever it may be, also speaks volumes about the cancer of evil which infects every organ of the body politic, along with Amerikan society and culture.
    Hillary Clinton was a young lawyeress when Watergate unfolded. She saw the Nixon playbook of money, power and corrupt influence to obtain same. She and her lecher-in-chief “husband” refined it and improved on it. And, when the Dead Elephants staged a comeback in’94, their operatives were ready. OKC was the Clintons’ Reichstag Fire.
    This FBI Director will do nothing. All it will take is a phone call from some operative to him about how pretty his little daughter looked this morning in her school uniform, or what a beautiful BMW his wife drives around Georgetown, and he will roll over and wet himself like my dog when I show him the rolled-up newspaper. I will choke down the bile that is rising in my throat as I have been doing ever since ’92. This corrupt, syphilitic country indeed has the government and politicians it deserves. Keep prepping.

    • You got that right.
      That is how vile these people are. It is political sodomy. They are all so busy fucking each other up the ass, it is now the roots of their downfall.

  13. Comey is part of the decision cycle but that is not the only way that HRC can be deep sixed by the findings. Anyone from the FBI team members down to the server tech in the basement could arrange a leak of the documents. Sure whomever does it risks jail time. But the govt is a seive to the point that all it takes is a suggestion to Anonymous for the hack and the details will be in Beijing before (if they don’t have them already) morning.

    • Were the documents delivered to the various alphabet networks it would be the biggest test of their industry. If they don’t run with it, then we have absolute confirmation they nothing but Pravda. If they do run with it, how detailed they get will indicate how in-the-tank each of them are.

  14. Comey has to watch his six also, his FBI people all know people like Siebel Edmonds at Boiling Frog. This kind of stuff can leak, and then Comey looks bad and has lost any leverage.

    But great psyops Gary North is doing.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. Bucephalus

    Some people expected “Justice” Roberts to do the right thing too….

  17. Oregon Hobo

    I always figured from the beginning that for the FBI and post-Hillary State Dept to be making as much trouble for Hillary as they already have, the only conceivable possibility was that Obama was deliberately sandbagging her. It is well known that there is no love lost between the Obamas and the Clintons, and there is no way in the 9 hells that those two departments would have worked together to bring as much grief down upon Hillary as they already have without the blessing and direction of their Executive Officer.

    The problem with North’s elegantly war-gamed scenarios is that, as observed by earlier commenters, just because Comey can unleash political hell on earth across DC doesn’t mean he’d live to enjoy it. He has to know that even if he didn’t get assassinated, he’d still have rendered himself a political leper.

    No, I’m still pretty certain that it’s the Prez who’s calling the shots on this, and that Comey is not about to move out from under that cover. He didn’t get to where he is by making a hobby of tossing around 50-megaton shitbombs like this.

    Initially I figured screwing Hillary in favor of Biden was the game, but with a Biden candidacy having failed to materialize, the whole Hillary scandal circus seems to be rudderless in the water.

    I considered one other possibility: maybe this is just mundane blackmailing and has all been a show of grand brinksmanship to demonstrate that he really can torpedo her ass into little bitty pieces if he so chooses. Maybe that was the plan all the time, or maybe he defaulted to it after Biden no-showed on the campaign trail. However I have a hard time coming up with anything she has that he wants. Power? Nope. Money? Maybe. Not really.

    I believe that his two driving motivations are, in increasing order of priority:
    a) his hatred, and
    b) the care & feeding of his own narcissism.

    If Hillary’s survival can serve b) then he will act accordingly. If not, then a) will be the default. …and I believe her usefulness will become clearer after the conventions.

    For now holding her fate in his hands and watching her squirm must certainly scratch his itchy ego in all the right spots, but like the dog who caught the car, I think he hasn’t much idea what he wants to actually do with it. Not yet anyway.

    Happy trails,


    • Can’t ignore the DOJ in all this, it is a nest of radicalization. It is an administrative tyranny of a different political animal, or maybe of rank, from the FBI or IRS, which are all three political tools, but the DOJ is a political bottle neck, purposely.
      Be surprised if the key players haven’t made deals with the devil. Nobody is going to take the heat, it is all prearranged. The money being lavished on cankels for her campaign belies, the common knowledge of how corrupt she is, the blackmail leverage she has on everyone involved in her corruption, almost guarantees she will not be indicted never mind prosecuted. Them guys are thick as thieves. You think she doesn’t know the dirt on obama, his associations and how he was installed as emperor? Hell, they both grew up with the same communist marxist mentor class, they are both red diaper babies, the whole regime is chock block full of the little radical chic bastards, they all know each other. It is part and parcel power struggle between the red diaper babies. Their fathers and mothers and mentors bred the little bastards for this, this is marxism 101, it has the ingredients of both Mao’s and Stalins inner circle of sycophants and dilettantes. They are having their red revolution. The FBI has to go along if it is to survive, its a huge entrenched entity in itself, with dirty secrets of its own.
      This is an internal war going down, a jockeying of position and power. Remember one faction of the red diaper babies is leaving. Hillary running for president has strained even this system of syndicated crime to the limit, she called in her markers, refused to take no for an answer, and is running, expecting she will be next to be installed.She has too much baggage even for these marxists. Hillary is a bridge too far.
      Me I think it is all window dressing we are seeing publicly. It is stone walling, and dangling the worm yanking it away at the last moment then dangling it again. They did it with Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and know the email server. When will us rubes ever learn. We are being played for suckers by the media.
      Ever ponder why no other insider candidates ever materialized other than her? The fix was in, but now they are stuck with her legacy of filth, and they have no choice but to install her no matter the risk. The oligarchs aren’t out to get Trump, they are out to install the Witch Queen of Agmar regardless of what it costs or takes. Soro’s and Ayers have publicly entered this three ring circus, that should tell you something, even the nude emperor has missed golf rounds getting into the fray.
      Consider the implications of this. All their eggs are in one basket. There is no fallback, they have to put her on the throne.
      The Red Queen.
      Off With Their Heads! she screamed

    • There is an old yarn about LBJ, while running for some mid-level state position early in his career, close to election day, he told his workers to spread the word that his opponent had carnal relations with barnyard animals.
      They said, “we can’t call him a pig-fucker, it ain’t proveable”.   LBJ said “I don’t care, I just want to hear him deny it in public.”   LBJ won.

      Then there is the outlier.
      The rise of the dirt people.

      Then there is this:
      Trump tweeted…

      Hillary Clinton has been involved in corruption for most of her professional life!
      — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 18, 2016

      It is the strategy of “So many dikes, so few fingers…”
      This is culture in action, Trump is culture in action, his constituency is culture in action, culture is the only thing short of bloody revolution and overthrow of the oligarchy by us dirt people that can beat the sonofabitches and destroy their crime syndicate. Romanian firing squads anyone? Trump lit the fuse on a powder keg. It is the human terrain which is always on top. It only needs to recognize it is, the rest follows naturally, spontaneously. Culture is always up stream of politics.
      It isn’t a presidential election, it is the opening act of a war of extermination.
      Woof! Woof!

  18. Cassandra (of Troy)

    For those who believe the Imperium security service will ‘do the right thing’ & expose Shrillary, here’s something to strengthen your faith.: