Fjordman at GoV: War


A précis of the situation.

It will get worse.

There and here.

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  1. colddeadhandsdays

    Well then flight. Right in the streets. Seizure leaders and string them up. Use the guillotines again. Do something about it Europeans. I don’t feel even the tiniest bit of empathy for any of you as anyone with eyes could’ve seen the results.

    • I feel that way with special emphasis on the sexual assaults of European women. If a man won’t defend his wife and children, is that a man at all?

  2. In the EU, as here, there are two deadly enemies to be defeated. First, our own “government” ( as if you can define an institution dedicated to our destruction as “government”.) Second, the Islamofacists they have deliberately imported here to kill us and destroy our civilization. The first bunch are relying on the IF bunch to screw things up so bad that they’ll have a free hand in dealing with us, as in slave coffle, and the second bunch, the IF will be used to hamstring us into that slave coffle for them, and their enablers. If we don’t actually do anything about either of them, they get their wish. Remember, they’re both depending on us to be CIVILIZED. What’s that you say, a REASONED AND CIVILIZED DEBATE? That laughter you hear isn’t us.

  3. Bucephalus

    Non-attributional enemy; the burden to stop them falls squarely on the shoulders of those whom they are hiding amongst.

    Same difficulty difrenciating North Koreans from South Koreans, North Vietnamese from South Vietnamese, Japanese, etc.

    Military uniforms (attributes, honor, morality, laws, & discipline) do a lot towards keeping the blame and speculation off of military families and other civilians.

    Peaceful Muslims will continue to suffer (just like the rest of us) until the terrorists quit hiding amongst and dressing like civilians.

    Let the cards fall as they may.

    • Peaceful Muslims?

      You mean like the “peaceful, civilized Americans” who can’t be bothered to defend themselves, who can’t rouse themselves to actually OPERATE the system of self governance that, to date, has offered the best opportunity for a free people to organize themselves?

      Let the “terrorists” er, freedom fighters amongst us swim in a similarly friendly sea……

    • Virgil Kane

      The “peaceful Muslims” are supporters. Fjordman doesn’t get it and you don’t get it. Most Westerners don’t get it. That “peaceful” mosque and that “peaceful” business owner are sending money back east to be used in training the fighters and funding the attacks. Once you understand that, it all makes more sense.

      Jihad has different forms and only one of them will appear to you to be the enemy. Christianity teaches us the golden rule and don’t lie to anybody. The Cult of Islam teaches that it’s OK to lie to Infidels. They are like roaches or Orcs if you’ve read or watched LOTR. They destroy everything in their path.

      They don’t hate us because we have meddled in their countries. They hate us because we are not a part of their Cult of Pedophilia and Rape and Female Mutilation and Slavery, because we are not Muslim.

      There are no “peaceful Muslims.” They are all in Jihad to bring Sharia Law to the West. Until you accept that, you are part of the problem. Obama and the European “leaders” know and accept it and use it to further their agenda. Obama knows it real well, being raised a Muslim.

      • colddeadhandsdays

        Yes. Spot on. Why are the vast majority in denial?

      • Meanwhile, somewhere deep in the bowels of the DC Beltway:

        “Ahhh, Herr Goering’s ruse. Truly, the gift that keeps on giving.”
        “Indeed. If the proles were ever going to figure it out, they would have, a long time ago.”

    • SameNoKami

      There are no peaceful moslems. Only violent ones and the ones sitting on the sidelines hoping their side wins as the koran says.
      AKA jihadists and facilitators.


    As far as “here” goes, there is a third enemy. This enemy consists of all of the NGO’ s who have been importing “refugees” even as far back as 2014, with the “children” coming over our southern border. These NGO’s are the social service divisions of the various Amerikan religious denominations. They are Catholic, Lutheran, and Baptist.
    These traitors are sucking up our tax dollars to “settle” these vermin in various locations, mostly in flyover country. Why worry so much about a Muzzie with a bomb strapped to his/her chest when a wetback with Chagas, Smallpox, or antibiotic-resistant TB can kill hundreds more?

  5. Whut if da king & all his menz created such a big problem in the Mid East they can’t contain. So, why not bring ’em home, let Bubba drill. Either way, same problem.

  6. It is likely we will see the rebirth of the eastern block of the old Soviet Union where the countries like Poland, Hungry will drop a ‘Muslim curtain’ 26 years after the raising of the ‘Iron curtain’ and ally themselves with Russia again. Those countries have a Muslim population of way less than 1% and have had zero Islamic terror problems. Poland, for instance, has reneged on its promise to Mad Merkel to take in thousands of Islamic refugees after seeing the horrors of Cologne and Brussels. They have seen Mad Merkel negotiate the worst deal ever negotiated, where in Turkey ( the main funder of ISIS by buying their oil) agrees to slow the refugee herds and take back some. This in exchange for Merkel accepting 70 MILLION ISIS-SUPPORTING TURKS WITH VISA FREE TRAVEL ALL THRU THE EU. With NATO ISIS-compromised by Turkeys membership, eastern Europe can’t trust any intelligence in which Erdogen has been privy. Putin will offer a astoundingly better offer. He is profoundly pro-capitalistic and pro-Christian (ask Pussy Riot). As proven by the Ukraine and Syria, he is very willing and capable of backing them up. And Putin will not take in any Muslims, period. With Brexit almost certain, western Europe will be the worst choice for the old eastern block.

  7. “peaceful Muslims”….there’s an oxymoron for you !

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    War? Huh! Inshallah!
    What is it good for?
    Expanding the Ummah!

  9. Gates of Strudel…always good for a horselaugh or 2…this time more like 4 or 5

    Fjordman sez, “Europe is becoming more like Israel…”. Not really. In Zionist-occupied Palestine (entirely on America’s dime), the long-term kill ratio is something like 50::1 in favor of the Jews. And despite the surrounding seas of nominally hostile Sunnis, Israhell continues to enjoy remarkably secure borders; but this should not surprise us, since ISIS itself was no more than a creation of Isramerica aimed at breaking the Shi’a Crescent by taking down Assad’s regime in Syria…a gambit now failed thanks to Russia’s timely intervention. Meanwhile, in western Europe the kill ratio continues to drastically favor the invasive Muslims…Muslims literally blown out of their own countries by the Zionist neo-con “War on Terror”; and this too should also not surprise us, since the borders have been taken down by a political class entirely controlled by debt-bombing Judeo-globalist banksters and oligarchs. And whose ultimate purpose – in North America as well – is the complete extirpation of the White populations and erasure of their Civilization. Needless to say – but I’ll say it anyway, contra Fjordman – replacing this or that politician, or this or that party, with some other politician or party, will not affect this tragic situation to the slightest degree. That will requite liquidating the Judeo-globalists and their universalist Tikkun Olam

  10. I see the problem being the leaders of these countries in europe and everywhere else in the world. We, here in the USA have an unvetted pResident that lies, destroys and dismantles the government with a democrat party behind him helping him do it. The attempt to dissolve the 2nd Amendment the harnessing of the first Amendment the ignoring of the states rights and the many other destructive things that have been done over the past 7 years and even farther back than this clown in the White House is our politicians play. We the People have elected these lying clowns because that’s who they put in front of us to elect. Europe has it’s own gun to it’s head by letting in the flood of rapeugees. Their government like ours is an elitist group of liars just like ours.
    I pray for the financial collapse of the world and the natural disasters that are coming. I pray for the end when Jesus will sit on the Judgment Throne and clean up this mess. I pray for all the souls that have been lost because of their nonbelief. I pray that the end comes soon like so many predictions in the headlines profess. Be ready for the thief that comes in the night to steal your goods. Lock and load, God- guns-country family or is it family – country?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And I think it would be nice to live in a world where folks aren’t relying on their invisible friends to do all their killing for them.
      The only soul you should be worrying about is your own, no one else’s.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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