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  1. just a quick scan so far, but couldn’t resist the item about the latest “diversity” scams at U. Mo…where assoc professor of “English, Women’s and Gender Studies Elissa Glick” (not to be confused with the late, great, “Melissa Click”) has announced the hiring of one Kevin McDonald to be the “1st Chief Officer of Diversity, Equity (sic), and Inclusion” @235K/year. I was hoping it was THIS Kevin McDonald, @

    but apparently not. At some point, during the Coming Event, we are going to have to burn down the campi, sparing only the hard sciences and the library; all the rest – faculty and associated student bodies – must be dealt with summarily. I fear there will be vast triggerings, macro-agressions, and nary a safe space to be found

  2. Thanks. Interesting link below his renderings to a piece on jury nullification.

  3. “Same people who drink 3 gallons of someone else’s tap water everyday”
    Had to laugh. Late ’90s I’m standing outside a Raley’s supermarket smoking a cigarette while my wife was grocery shopping. They had one of those “mountain spring water” machines where you pay a buck to fill your 1 or 5 gallon plastic jug. I’m watching a guy fill his and I noticed a glimpse of green and looking closely, saw it was about 2 inches of garden hose extending into the store’s wall.

  4. Let me get this right. Belgium invites scum-of-the-earth moslems into their country, starting thirty years ago, lets them fester and breed and do what ever in their filthy enclave, THEN, they want to have a memorial ceremony to grieve the dead these assholes produced, THEN the police shut down the grieving ceremony because, wait for it……… the fucking moslems who did it might use it for an opportunity for more bombings, etc. And their solution? MORE MOSLEMS. Worse than seppuku.